I would sweat every time the baby cried-Selina actress says

Award-winning Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi, has opened up about the challenges she has been going through as a new mum.

Selina who is dating gospel artiste Phil Kimemia welcomed a baby girl, almost three weeks ago.

Through her YouTube channel, Selina says motherhood comes with no manual.

“I stayed in the hospital for a few days after the baby came. I didn’t know that a baby is supposed to be given jabs. I couldn’t understand why, I felt like my heart would pop out.”

Selina says when they were told to go home, she felt helpless given she and her baby daddy are first-time parents.

I was like what happens now that we are home? That night I couldn’t sleep properly. At the hospital, I wasn’t producing any milk, so I had to take supplements. When I got home my baby wasn’t breastfeeding. I used to sleep like an unsettled person. I would wake up very shocked once the baby cried or if she made some noise, nilikuwa naruka karibu nianguke.”


“I used to sleep with the lights on because I was so paranoid that something might happen. At the hospital, I woke up and there were no lights the baby was crying and I was so shocked. I would sweat every time the baby cried.”

Selina says she had trouble washing the baby as she felt she was too tiny.

“I decided to sponge the baby until the cord fell off. I was very excited when the baby’s umbilical cord fell.”

The new mum says she is happy with the progress the baby has made.

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Why Milly Wa Jesus wanted to escape from the labour ward

Kabi Wa Jesus has revealed his wife Milly wa Jesus had wanted to ‘escape’ from the hospital despite being in active labor.

Through their YouTube channel, Kabi says they had not planned on being admitted that day.

“We left home and then decided to pass by the hospital.

She said she was hungry so we went to the Java within the hospital compound. She started saying she was not feeling very OK. She even started limping.

The nurse we met called the doctor and upon examination, the doctor said she was already in labor and was dilated to 4Cms,” Kabi recalled.

Milly says she had felt some contractions but ignored them because, in her mind, she knew it was not yet time.

” I had planned on going to the salon the next day. Plus we had not carried a proper bag for the baby. We were still taking it as a joke.”

Kabi says Milly wanted them to escape so that they could go and bring the baby’s items. The doctor was however adamant and insisted that they cannot go home.

The doctor had considered giving them 2 hours to organize themselves but the hospital could not allow them as the labor would have progressed further.

Kabi had earlier called out people criticizing him for sharing the video of his wife in the delivery room. .

When you get to experience labor and delivery it changes your perception of life and women. 

For me the first time I saw her deliver I respected women more, women are strong, and delivering a human being is crazy. How can someone say that hio ilikuwa kipindi (scripted show)?” Kabi possed.

Reacting to people bashing Milly wa Jesus for bouncing back so soon after her delivery, Kabi responded,

“For people saying that it was quick who told you my wife was stitched? Did you stitch her? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Pushing is not a simple journey, you only realize that once you get to the delivery room. We share to encourage people that there is life after delivery. Some people feel like their life has come to an end once they become parents.”

Milly Wa Jesus and her husband Kabi wa Jesus went on an Easter vacation in Nanyuki, and were accompanied by ‘power couple’ Sarah and Simon Kabu. 

After sharing their travel details on social media, a section of fans questioned how fast the Wa Jesus hit the road yet Milly gave birth just two weeks ago. 

“Is the baby old enough to travel? Is Milly fit to travel?” the critics asked. 

In a comeback to the critics, Milly said she has a baby with her, just in a different location. 

Adding that she went on vacation with her sisters, who were helping her look after the newborn.

“Why are people mad when I go out with my baby to breastfeed in a different location? As you can see I am drinking, eating and enjoying,” Milly said.