#TBT Local Celebrities And Their Past Flames

They say everyone has a history and that does involve matters of the heart.

Most of us have past flames some of whom we may choose to keep as friends and others that we prefer to burn bridges with.

Local celebs are not left behind and have been caught up in previous relationships, some ended dramatically while others were cordial.

Here is a look at some of the celebs and their past flames.

1. Prezzo and Nicki

prezzo N nIKI

2. Abbas and Baby Gangsta

Abbas and Baby Gangsta – Photo/File

3. Mustapha and Marya

Mustapha and Marya – Photo/nairobinews

4. Lupita na K’naan

Lupita and K’naan – Photo/Brunchnews

5. Jackie Maribe and Oliver Mathenge

Jackie -Maribe and Oliver Mathenge- Photo/Hekaheka