Have You See These Beautiful Photos Of Former Citizen TV Anchor Catherine Kasavuli?

Catherine Kasavuli is without a doubt one of the best TV anchors Kenya has ever produced.

She was among the clique of famous TV personalities who made the Kenyan media industry what it is today. Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air.

Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air. Her command of the Queen’s language, potentiality and of course her charming smile left many of us happy.

Kasavuli alongside Mwaura Njoroge her co-host made us proud. One would opt to miss a meal just to watch the two present news on KTN which was most favourite channel among Kenyans.

Catherine Kasavuli

The regal newscaster who worked in the media industry for over 30 years, retired a few years back and we really miss her. She was one of those female media personalities known for their work ethic and passionate about their jobs.

Kasavuli who likes to keep away from the limelight was also a great fashionista. She had a unique dressing style. Unlike most of the current TV girls who dress in clothes leaving little to the imagination; showing off their cleavage and curvy bodies, Kasavuli always dressed decently.  She always made fashion headlines whenever she stepped out.

The mother of one, Martin has been busy working so hard so as to maintain her brand and she is the CEO of Kasavuli media Group Company.


The veteran journalist is ageing like fine wine. She doesn’t look like her real age. Ladies and gentlemen.

Here are photos of Katherine Kasavuli you must see…


Catherine Kasavuli




Catherine Kasavuli



Catherine Kasavuli


Catherine Kasavuli



Catherine Kasavuli

Meet the media Personalities who left TV

This media personalities blessed us with their presence on TV for a long time and when they all suddenly left, TV has not been the same. As much as we don’t see this media personalities on TV they have all gone to great levels in their careers and are doing big things.

Below are media personalities we miss;

1. Janet Mbugua

As a news anchor Janet is known to have served at KTN in the earlier years of her career. She worked for Citizen TV for several years as the leading anchor at Citizen prime time news, alongside Hussein Mohammed. She later announced her exit from TV. She is however very active through the digital media through her YoTube channel.


Officially taken: Here are photos of how Maureen Kunga’s ruracio went down

2. Terryanne Chebet

The business news reporter was one of the employees whose contracts were terminated by Royal Media Services, a move which according to the company, was as a result of the changes witnessed in the broadcasting industry. She however did not let that define her as she started her own media production by the name Fanaka TV.


3. Raphael Tuju

He worked in the media industry for a while as the lead news anchor and TV producer at KTN. In 2002, he left media and ventured into politics after he was elected to parliament. He has served the Government of Kenya in various capacities since that time.

In 2018, Tuju was named by President Uhuru Kenyatta as cabinet secretary without portfolio.

4. Kobi Kihara

She has been in the media Industry for a long time. Before she left TV, she was the producer for NTV morning show, AM live and the host of Better living. She moved back to the USA to pursue her passion in shoe design. She however has not been on social media after a recent scandal when she was caught using fake peoples photos as her own.


5. Catherine Kasavuli

Her journey in the media began as early as 1980 as a radio continuity announcer. She later Moved to TV where she worked as the lead anchor for KTN news and later moved to Citizen TV where she also worked as the lead anchor for the 9 pm news.

She however left TV and is now working as the corporate affairs manager at Royal Media Services.

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Check out how graceful Catherine Kasavuli has aged years after retirement

Years after Catherine Kasavuli retired from her job as a presenter, she is still looking as beautiful as she did almost 37 years ago at her first job.

She is among the first female presenters in Kenya and as she retired from the job she loved, she left behind a legacy not many people will be able to break.

Despite being away from the limelight, the mother of one was present at a ceremony arranged by NISSAN in celebration of the late South African President Nelson Mandela as the world marked his 100th birthday.

Like fine wine, Catherine is only getting better as she ages. She is a true definition of black is beautiful given the fact that she almost looks like she looked almost three decades ago.

World celebrates Mandela’s 100th birthday five years after his death

In a time where the media is filled with fake news, corruption with ‘envelope under the carpet’ mentality being the order of the day, Catherine set the pace for a clear and constructive journalism something local media houses should borrow.

Well here is a current photo of Catherine Kasavuli.

Don’t you think she looks beautiful?

Jeff Koinange wishes Nelson Mandela a happy birthday in a meaningful post on social media

Well if you think that she is not the same woman who captivated our screens with her charisma and mastery for news delivery, check this photos of her since back in the day.


Recently it is not news to see TV and Radio presenters shift jobs at the slightest offer of a salary increase throwing the morality question out of the window.

Its also common knowledge that people no longer mind what they put out there. For them what matters is that they sell come rain come sunshine. It would shred Catherine Kasavuli’s heart to see the media she was proud of, going to the dogs.

The government is also doing a bad job protecting journalists, something that should be worked on. After all, one would feel much safer if they knew they had someone to watch their back.


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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 6 Former TV Queens We Would Love To See Back On Our Local Screens (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan media fraternity has over the years grown to become one of the  most influential in East Africa.

But you have to agree with me that what makes a good media house or showbiz company is not just a name or content, but also the personalities and the faces gracing our screens.

Everyone would want to tune into a TV station to look at a beautiful news anchor or TV host, basically, one who’s appealing to the eye.

BEAUTY ON ANOTHER LEVEL! Top 13 Most Photogenic Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

Some of the most reputable and gorgeous female media personalities in Kenya at the moment include; Lilian Muli, Janet Mbugua, Sophia Wanuna, Betty Kyallo, Lulu Hassan, Victoria Rubadiri just to mention a few.


But before all these new anchors came to the limelight, there were other personalities, who were dearly loved but are nowhere to be seen now.

KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

How about we list down some of these former female TV queens, whom I’m sure people miss dearly and wouldn’t mind having the back on our screens.

1. Tero Mdee
Namtero Mdee a.k.a Tero Mdee was one of the first TV hosts for a popular entertainment show, Straight Up, and no doubt, one of the most stunning and classy media personalities back then. She got married to a pastor after moving back to her home country Tanzania. She’s sister to renowned Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee.


2. Esther Arunga
Her warm smile and breathtaking beauty made her a favourite of many during her TV days on KTN. Sadly, she quit and got married,eventually making her way into the political scene after being swayed by one Quincy Timberlake. She later moved to Australia with him and gave birth to two kids, but sadly, one son passed away.


3. Catherine Kasavuli
Every woman wants to age gracefully like this renowned media personality, who worked until her retirement dayto without looking a day older. Kasavuli was known for her mellow and magnificent voice and stellar presentation skills that saw her become the top female personality in the TV industry.


4. Beatrice Marshall
She was one of the faces that resonated well with the Kenyan media scene during her news anchoring days at KTN, giving it an edge over the rest with a very admirable profile and approach to news and features. Beatrice Marshall is still a prominent news anchor and last I checked she was hosting political shows at CCTV.


5. Sophie Ikenye
Looking at her was a breath of fresh air and there’s no doubt that Sophie Ikenye was one of the most budding TV personalities in Kenya. When Sophie walked into the studio, one found it hard to look away and had one of the most impeccable voices on TV. The lovely Sophie Ikenye is currently working at BBC, London.


6. Winnie Mukami
You probably remember her from her signature Bob haircut, which was a big deal back in the day. Winnie Mukami was a news anchor at NTV & KBC but she’s currently working at a PR firm, Winners Frontiers International as a director after being retrenched from NTV. Mukami always exuded courage and confidence during her live broadcasts and was an ever smiling presenter.