Kenyan Actors you didn’t know had quit TV forever (photos)

Quitting something does not mean it is the end of everything. But rather, it is a start of new wonderful beginnings.

These actors took the bold step of quitting some famous local shows because of personal reasons but we have seen them grow in their different fields and others even winning awards.

Below are the Kenyan actors you didn’t know quit TV shows,

  1. Timothy Kimaini aka Blessed Njugush

Njugush quit the Real househelps of Kawangware show after the writer and the director of the show, Abel Mutua quit, he said a lot changed and he was not comfortable with the new writing.

This however became a good turn for him as we have seen him grow his own comedic brand.

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2. Ian Wainana

Ian wainaina quit Machachari which airs on Citizen TV and moved to the UK for further studies.

3. Sarah Hassan

She quit Tahidi High which aired on Citizen TV and relocated to Los Angeles, USA for further studies but moved back to Kenya recently to work on a new project with Nigerian director Lowla dee.

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Team natural! Here are your favorite celebrities without makeup (photos)

Makeup is used to enhance a look, but these celebrities have proved to slay despite the extra layer of makeup. We do understand why once in a while, you need to stay away from makeup. It is very important to remind the world of the beautiful natural self you are.

Here are some of the celebrities who look good without makeup.

1. Teacher Wanjiku

Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

2. Catherine Kamau aka Celina

3. Betty Mutei Kyallo

Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

4. Pierra Makena

5. Vera Sidika

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Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

The world has moved to blended family situations.

Blended families are made up of parents and children or a child from previous relationships and these celebrity families have proved to be functioning quite well.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrity blended families.

1. The Kariuki’s

Fashionable Step mum as she likes to be called is married to Maj Kariuki and have created a beautiful blended family of 4 children with two biological ones.

2. Catherine Kamau(selina) who is married to Philip Karanja

Philip Karanja is the step father to Catherines son Leon. The two walked down the aisle last year in an invite only wedding.

Pregnant women who take fish oil supplements each day are ‘less likely to have a premature baby’

3. Joan Munyi aka Yummy Mummy and her husband Zach Munyi

Joan Munyi is a YouTube content creator and is famously known as Yummy Mummy. The two have been married for over a year now. Zach Munyi is the step son to Joan’s son.

4. Paul Ndichu and Maureen Momanyi

Maureen Momanyi is the step mother to Paul Ndichu’s twins, Zawadi and Raha whose biological mother is Grace Msalame.

5. Akothee

She has three daughters and two sons from different marriages. Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000. Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. She is currently in a relationship with her manager Nelly Oaks.

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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro


2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe

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Beast Mode: Kenyan celebrity dad’s and mum’s hitting the gym hard

The quest to live a healthy lifestyle is real and it’s amazing how celebrity parents are creating time out of their busy schedules to work out for a fit body.

While some people use the excuse of being busy so that they don’t work out, these mums and dads know too well taking care of your body is the only way you can be assured of kicking out lifestyle diseases.

Here’s my list of celebs in total beast mode at the gym;

‘I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive’ Otile Brown on selling chang’aa

1. Akothee

The mother of five who is not only a business woman but an artiste knows too well that she has to maintain a fit body to keep up with her performances. She enjoys the company of her daughters especially Rue who is a model36148639_411627826015376_4011859157975040000_n

2. Pitson

The father of two has been hitting the gym hard, given that he is an artiste who needs to be up on his feet every time he is on stage entertaining the crowd.

In an earlier post he wondered out loud if what he felt during his gym session was what people felt.

“Manze hivi ndio watu wa gym mnaskianga?”


Akothee shows photos of her first rented house after her men dumped her

3. Catherine Kamau

The mother of one has been making a great effort in bringing her sexy back. Inspite of the soreness, she knows too well that a hot body requires lots of sacrifice and commitment.


4. Tallia Oyando

The media personality is representing women in the gym. She has been able to shed of that’s posing a challenge to many Kenyan mums.

TALIA OYANDO15. Habida Monroe

The mother of two knows that she has to be her own motivation thus everyday she finds her way to the gym to regain her sexy back.


‘Always know that you have a true partner in me’ Diana Marua to Bahati

6. Nazizi

The legendary singer inspires us to rethink our lifestyle choices.


8. Janet Mbugua

Janet who is expecting her second child with her husband Eddie Ndichu has been in the fore front proving to women that one can workout even when expectant, and her banging pregnancy body is a proof that hard work pays.


9. Lilian Muli

Lilian who recently welcomed her second born has been keeping an active lifestyle through out her pregnancy.

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Catherine Kamau lands lucrative nomination as a mentor for Blaze BYOB Mombasa edition

2018 seems to be a lucky year for Catherine Kamau known to many as Celina she has not only won awards but also made great career strides.

Just recently she was nominated as the stylish female personality by Swahili Fashion Week and thanx to the great support of her fans she took the award home.


She thanked her fans for their love and support in the message captioned below

“Hey I see you , I appreciate you , and thank you so much for voting for me #stylishfemalepersonality of the year #swahilifashionweek , Sasa sijui tutavaa nini Saturday #Awardsgala , suggestions?
You can vote by emailing my code SFW SFP 04 to [email protected]

Well things can only get better for Cate after she was nominated as a mentor for the next episode of Blaze Be Your Own Boss to be held in Mombasa.

She shared the exciting news on her page taking the chance to thank Blaze for choosing her for this,she wrote

“I have no words , this is going to be such a beautiful platform to inspire young actors / actresses , to show them the ropes , to guide them just like a big sister does. @blazekenya thank you for having me 🙏🏿
See you 27th July MOMBASA AM COMMING !! #Blaze”

Despite being excited her fans seem more excited for her and here are their messages
hauteczarina😍😍😍😍😍😍😍uuuiihh I just saw myself😂😂😂😂😂😂….
sasha_._njeri@hauteczarina 😂😂😂😂nimekuona pia swee
liz_actress@kate_actress 👏👏👏 girl on the move❤❤
jackissjacque_mdcEeeish congrats @kate_actress na hautaki mchezo this time round.

She is actually living up to her mantra which is”Life is about moments , Don’t wait for them , Create them ! good morning early bird 😊”.
The question is what are you doing to better your life?are you creating enough chances for you and for the people around?
If you answered no to the above question you should sit down and call yourself for a meeting.

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‘I wish I could ask them’ Celina to fan asking about baby number two

Catherine Kamau is a woman under pressure after fans questioned her on when she is planning on having other kids, to give her only son a companion.

The actress is married to Phillip Karanja known to many as Phil. The couple recently solemnized their union in a beautiful ceremony that saw the couple wind up the event by going for their honey moon in Seychelles.

In an earlier post, Kate had hinted that she wants four kids to add to her brood of one, but months after that we have seen no evidence to prove she was serious.


Here is the messages she wrote to her hubby Phil

Happy Father’s Day love , I could write a whole book here , but we would rather show you , you mean the world to Leon , you are God sent ! You are worlds greatest daddy! But Are you ready for the next 4 though 👶 👶👶👶😅.. happy Father’s Day we love you.”

Well, it seems that Kenyans are not yet satisfied and they are still questioning her on babies and here is the excuse that Kate is using to avoid this delicate topic.

She took to her Insta stories to engage her fans and here is the savage answer she had for a fan who couldn’t let the babies questions go unanswered.


Among other questions her fans had was why she was giving celebrated rapper Nicki Minaj competition with her big backside, while others were curious on how the actress keeps her body in shape.

Here are some of the Q and A’s by fans to Kate



image-2018-07-13(1)(1)   image-2018-07-13(4)(1)

Halle Berry shares her secret to looking youthful at 51



image-2018-07-13(9)(1)  image-2018-07-13(12)(1)

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From Janet Mbugua to Brenda Wairimu, here are celebrities who slayed at Disconnect movie premiere

The Kenyan film  Disconnect has been the talk of the town since it’s first trailer was brought to light and most Kenyans couldn’t wait to just have a glimpse of it.

 The series is about Nairobi’s absurd dating scene is set to expose celeb’s cheating ways and how sex is rampant among the youth in urban Kenya.

The official trailer of the movie happened on Saturday and people were amazingly dressed for the event.

Disconnect features a who’s who of some of the biggest names in film and television, including Brenda Wairimu, Catherine Kamau, Bridget Shighadi, Nick Mutuma, Patricia Kihoro and Pascal Tokodi.

The casts and their supporters were elegantly dressed and if you went with just a t-shirt and jeans well that still wasn’t a bad look.

Here is a glimpse of how some of the cast stunned.


“Parking lot photo but who’s checking 🙄 Just watched #DisconnectTheMovie and just so damn proud of the entire cast and crew. I have too many good things to say about it so look out for a video I’ll be putting up next week! Meanwhile more pics and vids tomorrow coz this girl needs to”


“Another magical night!!! I want to say a warm thank you, to everyone who made these last two nights possible…especially you guys, who came through to watch our labour of love.#DisconnectThemovie”

Screenshot from 2018-04-23 08_24_34

“About last night. 🤗 I have never had the experience of attending a red carpet premiere of a film that I was in, so last night was a first time for me with #DisconnectTheMovie.”

“Rocked up in a @sewe-kenya creation for the #DisconnectTheMovie premier. Loooooved the movie!”

Screenshot from 2018-04-23 08_27_56

“Am really looking forward to meeting you this evening at the #Disconnectfilm screening .. this was our Hollywood like weekend.”

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‘Imma Stay Thick’ Kate The Actress assures fans after concern over weight loss

Celina has been a familiar face for many especially after her long stint on the hit Tv series Mother-In-Law. She has a rigorous life which she carefully documents about on her social media pages.

Many of her snaps feature her lithe and curvaceous figure. Many of her followers are not there merely to get inspirational quotes from the actress but to get inspiration from her body.

And that fact was made apparent when these “attentive” followers castigated her for trying to lose her curves in the gym. Celina, whose real name is Catherine Kamau, took to social media to quell any fears that she might be willing to lose her sultry figure.

The actress, who stars in the comedy Sue and Johnie, has been winning hearts of fans and other bodily parts of many a fan. For this reason, fans were thrown into panic when she recently shared a post that strongly suggested she could be on her way to cutting down on weight.

Kate actress

Her followers were almost instantly on her case, begging her not to go on with her fitness plans. What they did not understand at the time, perhaps, was that the actress merely meant that she was intending on working out not to lose weight, but simply to stay fit. And she later on clarified to her fans that she was not losing her curves anytime soon. Kate actress

“Guys, the comments on my page, I swear I’m still thick!” Kate hilariously hit back.

Check out more of her inspirational photos below:

Kate actress  Kate actress


Are you inspired? I know I am.

Philip Karanja Reveals He Was Warned About Kate That He’s Taking A Big Risk

They tied the knot last year in a colourful wedding ceremony, but Kate and Phil didn’t want it to look like a celebrity wedding, hence inviting only close friends and family.

The public didn’t even know they had tied the knot, only to see photos of the wedding going viral on social media.

But before they finally became husband and wife, Phil had to first approach this beautiful lady, hoping she’d be interested in him.

Phil and Kate actually met while working together but “I did not really notice her in the way that I do now, even though we spent a lot of time together on set,” he told True Love magazine.

It was in 2012 that Phil started noticing Kate and by 2013, he was sure that he wanted to be with her.

It was actually on the same day that Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for his first term as president, then I approached her. I told her that I was making it official, I wanted to take a risk with her,” he told the magazine.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Kate went ahead to reveal that Phil had once told him that “many people were warning him about me but that he was still going ahead and taking a very big risk with me.”

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Kate The Actress makes a beautiful video wishing her husband a happy birthday

They recently described themselves as a normal couple with personalities worlds apart but willing to make a love commitment to each other everyday.

This was for their Parents magazine interview in this months cover. Catherine Kamau and Philip Karanja have been setting couples goals and to mark his turning a year older, Kate sent him a warm beautiful message while creating a montage of their best moments together.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life , my best friend, my husband ,my authority, my king. Thank you for giving me heaven, it sure doesn’t seem far away anymore, Leon and I are blessed to have you may God keep you and protect you, may he give you wisdom and bestow favor upon you may they call you blessed. I love you Karanja HBD phil_director.”

Check out the cute photo below


The happy couple recently got married and it is evident that they are still in the honeymoon mood.

The talented couple are also working together on the series Sue and Johnnie where Phil is the director and Catherin is the leading actress in the show.

She won the best actress in the Kalasha awards 2017. Cate is known for her role in the TV series Mother in law as Celina and Phil who acted in Tahidi High.

Pastor Kathy Kiuna trolled by unhappy fans

The couple has also been hinting at the possibility of adding a new member to the family as she posted a picture on instagram and her caption was.

“But here we had bathed (tulikuwa tumeoga mbaya) phil_director. The baby that will come out here issa fire.”

We can only wish them a beautiful journey as newly weds and a successful path in their career.

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‘Good Bye To Tummy Swallowing And Corsets’ Catherine Kamau Set To Lose Those Extra Pounds

Losing weight has always been a problem for many people and it has even lowered many people’s self esteem.

Anerlisa gave most of us hope that with hardwork and determination, one can lose weight and live a healthy life. Last year was definitely her year as she lost more that 70kgs.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Well it seems Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina, is ready to follow that route as she has decided to join the weight lose wagon. She took to social media to explain how easy it is to let go of your body and end up gaining so much weight without realizing it.

She shared a photo of when she lost weight a while back and the current photo that shows she’s actually gained a couple of pounds.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

She wrote, “The picture on the right 😅😅 weeee it’s prove to show no matter how awesome your body is, if you let go, definitely the results will show. Good bye to tummy swallowing and corsets, 😂😂😂 I will be back with that @serenawilliams toned body 😋💪.”

Celina has beautiful curves and we just can’t wait to see how snatched she’ll look after losing those extra kilos.

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Fashion At The Kalasha Awards Was Iconic And Breathtaking, See How Your Celebs Faired

The Kenya Film Commission hosted this year’s Kalasha Awards at Crown Plaza.

The celebrities stepped out in their best attires complete with their face beat. The organisers also pulled all the stops to ensure it was a night to remember. There was a performance of the national anthem by Afro Benga star Dan Aceda. He also performed some of his popular hits.

Dubbed the Kenyan Oscars a slew of celebrities were awarded for their efforts in various productions.

This year, the awards registered the highest number of entries ever received since the inception of Kalasha, with the submission of 237 films, an affirmation of the credibility of the Kalasha over the last 7 years!

Kalasha International brought under one roof a film festival, a film & TV Awards and a film & TV market.

Filmmaker Mbithi Masya said, “I am grateful for this award,” as he walked away with the best director gong for his award winning Kenyan film, Katikati. It also bagged the best DOP award that was presented to Andrew Mungai and the best special effects award.

Other winners were Best original screenplay award that went to John Kararahe of Kidnapped, the best feature by a student award was Detox and Catherine Kamau bagged the  best actress award.

Uyu ni Mwariguo bagged the best short film award, Louiza Wanjiku walked away with the best editor, the lifetime achievement award was given to Joseph Kioni while Gifted Soul won the best documentary by a student.

Best lead actress in a tv drama award was bagged by Catherine Kamau for her role in the TV drama Sue Na Johnnie. While, Martin Githinji cast  bagged the best lead actor in a TV drama.

Neomi Nganga who was nominated posted a message after the glamourous gala saying, “Hey hey hey 😊😊… What a night at the Kalasha Awards Gala night. Special thanks to everyone that voted for me in the awards. Sad that we didn’t manage to win but we will definitely come back stronger. Congratulations to all the winners. 👏👏👏. We keep rising!! #Kalasha2017.”

Naomi may not have won on stage but she won many hearts on the red carpet. See how the other stars performed on the fashion front.

Check Out These Beautiful Photos From Celina’s Glamorous Wedding

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina, said I Do to the love of her life of many years, Philip Karanja. The wedding was done on the down low and many people didn’t even know it took place.

The ceremony took place at Windsor Golf Club on Friday and was attended by close family and friends, Comedian Njugush, Neomi Nganga, Abel Mutua and Dr Ofweneke are among those who graced the black and white themed wedding.

Only a few photos were going viral from the ceremony, but Celina has decided to shower us with more photos from the wedding.

Check out the beautiful photos below;

celina 4

celina 3

celina 2

celina 1

celina 5

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Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Catherine Kamau aka Celina, is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses in the Kenyan showbiz industry.

Other than that, she is also a renowned TV host, an ambassador for a top toilet cleaning detergent, and also a TV show creator, but in all those things, nothing beats her role of being a mother.

Celina is a mother to a cute son by the name Leon Kamau, who is now 11 years old. The actress gave birth at a tender age, but has no regrets about her decision, and is now one of the sexiest mums in Kenya.


The curvy lass is currently dating former Tahidi High actor and producer Philip Karanja. The two have invested in TV production company, Phillit Production, which has come up with some of the top TV shows and series.

The Sue and Johnie main cast is a proud mother and has done a good job with her dear son. Her boyfriend has also been a great support despite dating Celina as a single mum, and has been an amazing father to Leon.

During Leon’s birthday, Phill had these sweet words for him; “Its the Kings birthday. Happy birthday Leon…Daddy loves you to the moon and [email protected]_actress kazi fiti raising this one.”


Well, Catherine Kamau can’t get over how fast her baby boy is growing, as she recently revealed how he’s so big now that he doesn’t like being kissed or hugged in public and how he just wants to pick his own clothes;

So he is at that ka age where he wants no hugs and kisses in public, wants to dress himself, all over sudden am not that cool , how now 😳??? I want my little baby back ! He must need me! MUST

If you are a mother with a kid at that age, you know what she’s talking about.



Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina from her days in Mother-In-Law, where she played the role of Charlie’s wife and a daughter-in-law to the Mwamba’s.

Though she quit the show, to focus on other projects and TV hosting, Celina has been able to build a niche for herself in the Kenyan entertainment and showbiz industry, not forgetting her ambassadorial deal with a top toilet bowl cleaner.


Celina aka Kate is currently dating former Tahidi High actor Phillip Karanja who is now a director and producer and the CEO of Phil It Productions, one of the biggest productions houses in Kenya.

The two have been together for years now and despite being in the limelight, they have been able to keep their private and relationship life under wraps, and only sharing what they want fans to see.


The hard-working showbiz celebrity is also a mother of one child, a handsome young boy, who she got from a previous relationship, but that did not deter the media guru from pursuing the elegant actress.

Celina has worked hard to be at the top of the Kenyan entertainment and film industry and always encourages young, single mothers not to give up on love, and finding a good man because there are still good men out there, and she’s proof of that.

On Father’s Day, Phillip Karanja shared a loving message, appreciating the woman in his life

Being a father is so far my greatest achievement in life….my sons success will be my legacy, my greatest achievement overall, and with you [email protected]_actress by my side, I know everyday I get closer to perfection. I love you both to bits
Ion thanks bae for the extra calories you ongezead me today. fathers day should be every weekend


‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

There’s no doubt that this couple is happy and content with their love and relationship. Check them out as they cuddled up in a recent post. Aren’t they just adorable?





CURVES FOR DAYS! 7 Of The Most Stunning And Beautiful Curvy Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

When it comes to professional modeling, a beautiful woman has always been associated with being slender or having a petite figure, but not anymore.

Over the years, plus size models have become bolder and are now equally appreciated and celebrated like their slim supermodel counterparts and even clothing and cosmetics brands are using plus size women to market their products.

In Kenya, some female celebrities who have lost immense weight in the last couple of years include; Mwalimu Rachel, Kobi Kihara, Bishop Allan Kiuna and wife Kathy Kiuna, Nazizi among others.


But gone are the days when women would shy off from the public because of their sexy curves. Lately more ladies are flaunting their plus-size bodies in beautiful outfits and even clothing companies are now making outfits for such types of bodies.

KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

How about we take a look at stunning Kenyan female celebrities who are never afraid to flaunt their curvy bodies. Check them out below.

1. Caroline Mutoko
Though she rarely takes full photos, the celebrated media personality is a curvy woman who dresses well for her body, and other than that, she is beautiful and flawless for her age.


2. Grace Msalame
The TV personality has always been a sight to behold and after giving birth to twins, her curves became more visible. She is the brand ambassador for Vivo Activewear which makes clothes for plus size women.


3. Neomi Nganga
She is a celebrated actress and plus-size model who is known for showing off her curves and has severally confessed that she loves her body just the way it is. She also works out once in a while to stay healthy.


4. Catherine Kamau
The former Mother-In-Law actress is never shy to show off her curvy body in figure-hugging outfits. Though she was once a slender lady, she has embraced her figure over the years and is a mother of one.


5. Vera Sidika
The Kenyan socialite and video vixen is best known for her curvy body all around Africa and is never shy to flaunt it. The bootylicious celebrity, however, revealed that she regrets enlarging her breasts and advised women not to do it.


6. Pierra Makena
The celebrated deejay is not only beautiful but is one of the curvy female celebrities in Kenya. The mother of one is, however, trying to shed off the baby fat but she still looks fabulous either way.


7. Sheila Mwanyigha
The former radio and TV presenter has always been a curvy woman and at some point, she tried to lose weight but it didn’t work out, and has learned to embrace her curves. She still looks incredible for her age.





Beauty Beyond Measure! 7 Kenyan Celebrities Dating Beautiful And Elegant Dark-Skinned Ladies

For some reason, men seem to consider a lady’s skin complexion before dating her, and if you check most of the Kenyan celebrities who have girlfriends and wives, most of them are light skinned.

But there are still those who see beauty in a dark skinned lady because at the end of the day, it’s more than just the physical appearance.

In regards to this, how about we take a look at some Kenyan celebrities who are dating or are married to dark skinned ladies.

Check them out;

1. Waihiga Mwaura And Joyce Omondi
The two, who have been married for a year plus, do make a wonderful couple. After a relationship which was well kept from the public eye, the two later wedded at an invites only wedding which was graced by the big names in the media industry.


2. Actor Philip Karanja And Celina (Kate)
The two have been dating for the longest time now and they do look adorable. Philip is an actor and Kate is an actress who met in the film industry.


3. Rapper Timmy Tdat And Dela
Even though the two decided to go private in their relationship, it is evident that rapper Timmy has that African taste when it comes to ladies. Nevertheless, all the lasses he has dated before are dark.


4. Pastor Allan Kiuna And Kathy Kiuna
They are one of the celebrity religious leaders in town and without a doubt these two are trendsetters. Their work in the ministry is well recognized.


5. Dj Soxxy And Anne Wanjiku
After dating for almost four years, Dj Soxxy decided to make it official by walking Anne down the aisle. Since then, the two are blessed with two adorable children.


6. Dj Krowbar And Joy
They have been married for some time now with two daughters, not to mention the inspiration they have been giving to other couples.


7. John Allan Namu
The former KTN news anchor and investigative journalist is married to the love of his life, Sheena Makena. The two walked down the aisle back in September 2010.
“My wife and I were very good friends even before I fell in love with her. She wouldn’t judge me even with a high-flying career. She took the time to understand my flaws, weaknesses, and strengths,” Allan said about his wife in an interview a few years back.