‘I believe he was a good man and I loved him…’ Radull narrates her marriage journey

Media personality Carol Radull has for the first time spoken about her failed marriage.

In a TV interview with Betty Kyallo, Radull spoke alot about her childhood, family, career, and relationships.

Radull says she divorced her husband a few years ago.

 “I was married for seven years and it wasn’t bad. It was a great six years and then one year was a bit rough. But having been in an institution of marriage is not something you easily jump into again.”

She went on saying;

“The lessons I learnt, I would never say anything negative publicly about my ex-husband. I believe he was a good man and I was in love with him when we were married but things just change and you grow apart for whichever reason maybe he is just not meant to be the one. By the time you’ve got there, how many people have you dated and it has not worked out? You can’t assume that maybe he just came along at a time when we were ready. I learnt alot in the institution of marriage and if it doesn’t work don’t force it.”

Radull then urged the society not to be judgemental on divorce cases.

“If you asked me this, four years ago when I was going through it, I would probably be in tears because people need to understand it is not an easy thing. You don’t wake up and decide this relationship is too hard I’m getting divorced. It’s not an easy decision you make. You give it a lot of thought, try seven times seven times and even after making the decision as you go through, it’s not easy even a year later. You always ask yourself if this is something I could have done?’ she said.

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She added that people need to understand that it actually hurts when somebody belittles divorce, she prays that people don’t have to go through it.

“It’s hard Betty you’ve been there but there’s life after it [divorce].”

Her advise to divorcees was;

“Beat yourself up and if you’re lucky enough to find happiness in somebody else maybe that’s what was meant to be.”

Carol Radull has been in the media industry for more than 20 years focusing mainly on sports.


‘I have so much love and respect for you’ Maina Kageni sweetly pens to Carol Radull on her birthday

Carol Radull celebrates her birthday today and among those who have wished her blessings is Maina Kageni.

Carol, who is a football fanatic, hosts the show #TheScoreKE on Classic 105 every Saturday alongside Roy Karuhize and Githinji Kieni.

While wishing her well, Maina reminisced how the two were the original hosts of the ScoreKE, and how much he enjoyed ‘eating’ her cash every time her team lost.

“Here’s something many people don’t know. The ORIGINAL #TheScoreKE was just you and I @carolradull and that was in May 2006. Yes, and I bullied you on the show way back when …and ate your money every time Man United beat Arsenal.
You are an amazing human being, a fantastic friend and colleague. I have so much love and respect for you.Happy Birthday to you!!!!”


‘Whatever has a beginning must have an end’ Nyce Wanjeri announces her decision to quit playing Shiro in Aunty Boss

Below are more birthday wishes from her colleagues and friends wishing her a blast on her big day. Bramwel Karamoja wrote

“It’s not every day that we have the privilege of sharing wonderful moments with someone special. Someone who makes the world brighter for so many folks. You are a gift of sunshine and today I celebrate you. Happy Birthday to this amazing sports personality, my teammate, my Shindu @carolradull More Life 😍😍”


Her Sister Florence Radull wrote

“Words always fail me when it comes to expressing my love for you @carolradull and especially today on your bday. To the most amazing human being in my life. If you weren’t my sister I would want you to be… bossy-ness and all… happy b-day 😍😍😍”


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Carol Radull Congratulates Olunga For Scoring Hat Trick In La Liga

Michael Olunga has made La Liga history for being the first ever Kenyan player to score a hat trick in the Spanish league.

The 23-year-old footballer helped his current club Girona FC beat Las Palmas 6-0 last Saturday, prompting President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to congratulate the player unreservedly.They both thanked him for representing the country so well on an international level.

The score also makes him the first ever Girona FC player to score a hat trick in La Liga.

Carol Radull, arguably Kenya’s most vocal voice on football was not left behind in congratulating Olunga. She took to Instagram, posted a photo of herself posing with the player and showered him with praise:


Congrats @ogadaolunga First Kenyan to score in #LaLiga and you make it a HATRICK! Because you can!!! Plus an assist. Well done! Girona beat Las Palmas 6-0. Olunga came on as a second half sub and scored on 57″ 70″ 79″. #Girona #LasPalmas #FootballKE #TheScoreKE

We do wish Olunga all the best in future games!

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Classic 105’s Carol Radull Spends Time With Her Adorable Mum For The Holidays [Photo]

Classic 105 Presenter Carol Radull is spending the holiday with her loving mum and the two seem to be having great time. The two drove upcountry to visit and watch a football match with the rest of the family.

Radull has had incredible this year as she was one of the nominees in the SOMA awards, graced the Africa Football Extravaganza in Dubai with Chipukeezy and DJ Kris Darlin as well as championing for several social missions.

Maina Kageni Loses Bet To Carol Radull

There could not be a better way to wind up the holiday season than spend time with her family.

carol radull

“My Momma and I. Just before leaving Bondo this morning. Long drive but here in time to catch Arsenal schooling Crystal Palace 😀😀😀 Love you Ma And #COYG 😉😉😉”

Oh and just before she went upcountry, Carol did something that she rarely does; looking “chic-ish”. This happened at a recent wedding that she attended at Karen Blixen:

carol radulls

“As my sister @floradull would say… I actually looked chic-ish today 😀 Had a grand ol time #PatrickwedsJudy”

All in all, she looked amazing! Here’s what her fans had to say:

ishmael.opiyo You were awesomely chic-da, beautiful dress to cap it all
damienhcruze Presentable
rajabmwanzia Cute always
joshuababoo In a dress? Wow you looked foxy
makumiwamaten Cute
erickouma8357 Always smart&beautiful na hiyo mbanya yawa,,,
jim_wonda I’ve never seen you in dress.. I guess you felt uncomfortable

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Who Knew She Could Bust a Move? Carol Radull Shows Off Her Dancing Skills

Celebrated sportswoman Carol Radull is one of the biggest media personalities in the country and her love for sports, more so football, is on another level.

Carol Radull hosts her popular and number one sports show in the country, The Score Kenya with the humorous and talkative Roy Karuhize and Kieni Githinji, which is aired on Classic 105 every Saturday.

“I’ve Supported Arsenal For Almost 15 Years” Says Carol Radull

The celebrated sports presenter is a force to reckon with and is never shy to speaks her mind in terms of football matters and any trending issues in the country.


Carol Radull and her crew decided to do The Score KE show different this time round, by taking it outdoors unlike the other days where they present and interact with their fans and listeners from the walls of the studio.

The presenters took the popular football show to show to Choices, along Baricho road so that they would interact with the listeners and thereafter an after party.

PHOTOS: TheScoreKE was live at Choices, Baricho Road

During the celebrations, Carol Radull took the time to get on stage and show off her dancing skills, a side of her she rarely shows to the public.


From the pictures, you can tell that she was very thrilled to engage with her fans, one on one, and what a better way to appreciate them than showing a side of her we never knew.

Check out the photos below as Carol Radull proves that she doesn’t have two left feet.


PHOTOS: TheScoreKE was live at Choices, Baricho Road

Popular sports presenters Carol Radul,Roy Karuhize and Githinji Kieni today took their show to Choices, along Baricho road.

The trio host the #ScoreKE, the most listened to sports how in the country. If you missed out, here are photos of what went down, this Saturday February 25th.

thescoreke8 thescoreke6 thescoreke4 thescoreke2 thescoreke1 thescoreke  thescoreke5  thescoreke7

Maina Kageni Loses Bet To Carol Radull

Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Carol Radull placed a bet worth Sh 5,000 on the outcome of Sunday’s match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Carol supports Arsenal while Maina supports Manchester United, the amount was to be donated to Eddahs’ Hope cancer organisation.

Manchester United went on to lose to Arsenal and so Maina had to settle his part of the bargain. He sent the money as required to Eddah’s Hope to settle the bet.

Carol wished they had placed a bigger bet but was grateful that the amount went towards a good cause.

Here’s What Carol Radull Got For Her Birthday

Sports enthusiast and Classic 105’s The Score presenter Carol Radull turns a year older today Sep 18.

Besides being wished a happy birthday by Arsenal forward Theo Walcott, Carol Radull Njiru woke up to a fantastic surprise – a Swiss watch from her husband Mike Njiru.

Carol who says she has just turned ’18 years old’ was exhilarated by the gift and thanked the love of her life for it.

If you are planning to get her cake or high heels it’s probably not a good idea as she is not a fan of either. So what would the birthday girl prefer? How about a signed Arsenal Jersey and an interview from Thierry Henry would be great for a start although nothing could beat her husband’s gift.

We wish her many more birthdays to come , she is officially an adult and will pick up her I.D today from Huduma Centre in town.

Happy Birthday to me from @mikenjiru Thank you love of my life. A Swiss watch will get you anything and everything Lol

A photo posted by Carol Radull (@carolradull) on

“I’ve Supported Arsenal For Almost 15 Years” Says Carol Radull

When I called her ‘the queen of sport’, many of you thought it’s probably because she’s my boss and I’m just being “nice” right? Wrong!! I called her so because she is and it’s now seen her nominated for the best use of social media (sports award).

Unknown to many Carol Radull-Njiru started supporting Arsenal back in the year 2000, but, she admits, that before that she was a Liverpool supporter. How many women do you know, that can mention the history of the teams they support? Plus, did I mention that her knowledge of local sports is also on point? You should listen to her show “The Score” on Classic 105 on Saturday from 3pm. That aside, I got a chance to have a one one one interview with her and got to ask her a few questions.

Q: If you were stranded in a desert with Roy Karuhize and Kieni Githinji and your only way out was to kill one and survive with the other, who would you beat? who would you stay with? why? 
Carol: Even though Roy annoys me more, they are like my brothers. I wouldn’t be able to choose so I’d leave them both to motivate each other and die together and rescue myself. Is that mean?

Q:If you were to choose a perfect line up for Arsenal, which players would you choose?
Carol: Unfortunately my line up would only have nine players because Arsenal doesn’t have a perfect starting 11.

Q: Pick one perfect coach for the team you mentioned above. Jose Mourinho? Loius van Gal? Pep Guardiola? Carlo Anceloti? Rafael Benitez? (Wenger is not an option) 
Carol: Even if Wenger was an option I wouldn’t choose him. I’d go with Pep. Classy football, intelligent manager with a winning mentality. 

Q: Who is the one person you would like to interview? And why? 
Carol: Thierry Henry. Could you arrange the interview? Although I think I would be too nervous to even open my mouth. As for why? He’s a superstar!


Q: If you had a chance to take one arsenal player on a date, Who would it be? Where would you go?

Carol: Let me play it safe here and say I would rather take an Arsenal fan on a date. His name is Mike Njiru and we would go somewhere where there’s a lot of steak. 

Q: If you were to switch to either Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea for one season only, for one million bob, which team would you pick? why? 
Carol: When I was seven I was a Liverpool supporter and for 10 million shillings, I could go back there. But not even Liverpool can have the privilege of having me as a fan for one million shillings. 

Q: Who do you think is your toughest competitor among the SOMA award nominees? 
Carol: Toughest? Gor Mahia; but I also have mad respect for Kenya Rugby 24/7. They both do a fantastic job. Many guys who have voted for me have said I owe them big because they ditched Gor Mahia for me. 

Q: What made you fall in love with sports and most importantly why Arsenal? (Why not Liverpool?)

Carol: Asking me why I fell in love with sports is like me asking you why you love good shoes. I played a lot of sport in school but watching football is just exciting. All the makings of a good soap opera exist in a 90 minute football game! Anger, betrayal and love when a goal is scored! Arsenal used to play the most exciting football in the English Premier League about 15 years ago. That’s why I fell in love with them. I can’t betray them now just because times are a little tough. Liverpool were unlucky in that I stopped watching football when I was in High School and when I resumed, I had lost my passion for them. 

Take a moment and vote for her Best use of social media (Sports)

The Kenya Heart Foundation Recognises Carol Radull

The Kenya Heart Foundation has recognized the queen of football and classic 105’s The Score presenter Carol Radull for her effort in helping create awareness about heart disease.

Carol who has championed other health initiatives also happens to be a member of the Eddah’s Hope organisation that supports cancer patients, a course that is so close to her heart as she lost a brother and father to the disease.

She posted a photo of the award on her instagram page and thanked the KHF team for recognizing her efforts which she says was because of “organizing a few interviews”.

Carol Radull celebrates her mother

In the spirit of Mothers day, the football queen Carol Radull shared a photo of her mother on her Instagram page.

She wished her a happy mother’s day and thanked her for her love and support.

We would also like to wish Mama Radull and all other mothers out there a Happy and blessed mother’s day.


Inspiring: Check Out How Carol Radull Spent Her Thursday

Arsenal fanatic and The score presenter Carol Radull spent the better part of the day at Nairobi Hospice with the Eddahs hope family. Accompanied by other cancer soldiers Radull delivered food stuff, toiletries and donations to the hospice.

Nairobi Hospice which an NGO cares for and supports patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses such as cancer. Carol Radull is part of the Cancer Soldier volunteers who empower young adults to educate their peers on how to treat, manage and treat cancer.

“We promote a preventative culture involving a change of lifestyle and frequent checkups leading to early detection and reduction of mortality cases. To this end, the foundation therefore incorporates young adult’s friendly activities,”  reads the Eddahs hope family website.

Anyone interested to volunteer or fundraise may visit the website http://eddahs-hope.org/volunteer/ for more information on their next activities. The next visit will be in Kijabe and anyone who wants to join the fight against cancer may contribute through the till number 920841.


Check out the photo below





TBT: Carol Radull’s Beautiful Wedding (photos)

Carol Radull celebrated her fifth year anniversary last year after wedding the love of her life, Mike Njiru in 2009 at a beautiful beach wedding in Diani. She had the ultimate fairy tale and with valentine’s day just a day away what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful love story.  Guess who caught the bridal bouquet? Here are throwback photos from the wedding;

Carol walks down the aisle with Dad Alex Radull

beach wedding set up

The almost newly weds say thier vows

Newly weds Mr and Mrs Njiru

CM Bouquet

Most Famous Personalities on Facebook in Kenya

As at Thursday 18th December Classic 105 presenters topped the list of 78 of the most popular pages on Facebook. The numbers have since changed with some gaining additional considerable numbers. Classic 105 veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni is among the top 20 garnering 442,381 likes.


Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i,  who co-hosts Classic 105 breakfast show with Maina Kageni is at 1,208,691 likes at number 7.



Carol Radull, who is also a veteran radio presenter hosting the weekend sports show The Kick Off on classic 105  is at 145,759 likes at number 68.



The Star Newspaper, Kenyan (publication) is at number 40 with 250,882 likes.



Queen of radio Caroline Mutoko and former Kiss 100 breakfast show is also top with a record 654,271 likes at number 11.



The date was  May 30th 2007, Carol Radull and Maina Kageni had met up to settle a debt. During  that season Arsenal had dominated their fixtures against Manchester  United  by beating them both home and away.

At the start of the season, Carol, an avid Arsenal fan, was sure that her team would win the league and therefore she put her money where her mouth was.

Since Manchester United had a quite a good run in the previous season but were under pressure to win the league, Maina Kageni was sure that they would take away the Barclays Premier League trophy.

A bet was then agreed and thus, the sum of  KES 5,000/= was up for grabs.

at the end of the season, Manchester United won it and Carol Radull had to part with the money.

Maina was however generous enough to spend his win on drinks for both of them – Carol drowned her sorrows as Maina toasted to his joy.