Carol Radull narrates the pain of losing her two family members to cancer

Carol Radull has thrived in the male-dominated sports scene and her weekly sports segment on Classic 105  called the The Score KE is seen as one of the premier shows on radio.

The lady who always exudes confidence, class and expertise in her field has had some tough periods in his life.  Away from the light, she nurses wounds, some she might have recovered from, others she might still be battling with.

Caroll Radull
Caroll Radull

In an interview with Betty Kyallo, Carol revealed some of the travails she had experienced like her dad losing a job and seeking a lucrative one away, only for it to backfire soon as it started. Later on her younger brother fell ill, battling cancer of the blood barely a teenager.

Here my dad was, he was out of a job but had started businesses and he was dealing with the first case of cancer in the family. My brother had Hodgkin’s disease. It is a form of Leukemia. It was hard. We were teens, he was fourteen and I was fifteen.

‘I believe he was a good man and I loved him…’ Radull narrates her marriage journey

She said that as a result, her family tried to marshal all the resources they could to help give their brother a fighting chance but it was for naught as he passed on shortly afterwards. “By the time you are thinking about how to deal with the disease, it is already over. You are like, nobody dies in my family and I was in Form Four when he dies so it messed up my education. It was hard…”

The death hit her family hard with her mother taking the brunt of it having walked with her late son all through until the very last moments.

Carol Radull
Carol Radull

My mom took it the hardest. She is the one who would stay up with him throughout the night when he was not eating and was throwing up. She was also there for him when he rapidly lost weight and mark you, he was already a thin child. You know, all these things that happen with cancer.

As if that wasn’t enough, cancer hit the family again, this time, the breadwinner – their dad. “His was slightly better in that he had ten years of it. It was caught early and he underwent surgery, did the radiotherapy, made us all broke again… Oh, I have friends who came through for me…”

Caroll Radull
Caroll Radull

In May 2013, the disease robbed them of another family member, with their dad succumbing to prostate cancer adding to the other brother Radull had already lost in the late eighties to a stabbing incident.

Despite all this, the strong woman still gives us joy when we hear her voice on radio.

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‘I believe he was a good man and I loved him…’ Radull narrates her marriage journey

Media personality Carol Radull has for the first time spoken about her failed marriage.

In a TV interview with Betty Kyallo, Radull spoke alot about her childhood, family, career, and relationships.

Radull says she divorced her husband a few years ago.

 “I was married for seven years and it wasn’t bad. It was a great six years and then one year was a bit rough. But having been in an institution of marriage is not something you easily jump into again.”

She went on saying;

“The lessons I learnt, I would never say anything negative publicly about my ex-husband. I believe he was a good man and I was in love with him when we were married but things just change and you grow apart for whichever reason maybe he is just not meant to be the one. By the time you’ve got there, how many people have you dated and it has not worked out? You can’t assume that maybe he just came along at a time when we were ready. I learnt alot in the institution of marriage and if it doesn’t work don’t force it.”

Radull then urged the society not to be judgemental on divorce cases.

“If you asked me this, four years ago when I was going through it, I would probably be in tears because people need to understand it is not an easy thing. You don’t wake up and decide this relationship is too hard I’m getting divorced. It’s not an easy decision you make. You give it a lot of thought, try seven times seven times and even after making the decision as you go through, it’s not easy even a year later. You always ask yourself if this is something I could have done?’ she said.

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She added that people need to understand that it actually hurts when somebody belittles divorce, she prays that people don’t have to go through it.

“It’s hard Betty you’ve been there but there’s life after it [divorce].”

Her advise to divorcees was;

“Beat yourself up and if you’re lucky enough to find happiness in somebody else maybe that’s what was meant to be.”

Carol Radull has been in the media industry for more than 20 years focusing mainly on sports.


“Dear Timo…” Carol Radull responds to fan’s marriage proposal

Radio personality Carol Radull has responded to one Timo Sem, a fan who asked for her hand in marriage on social media. Timo shock the internet when he poured his heart out to Radull.

Well, Radull declined Timo’s proposal in the most romantic way ever. She wrote;

Other celebrities have applauded Radull’s post; Check them out;


Done so Gracefully😊👏🏾

jackyvike’s Woooow❤️

theavieway’s  and that is why you stay incredible 🙌🏼🙌🏼

alex_mwakideu @carolradull what a beautiful love letter… I see why Timo is in love… But it would be nice to also explain why you have decline Timo’s proposal? 🙈🙈🙈 Just want the story to go on woiyee… Usiimalize haraka sana… 😂🤣😂


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