10 Kenyan celebrities who have experienced cyber bullying and trolling

Cyber bullying is on the rise and more local celebrities are becoming victims of these acts perpetuated by unknown people.

The impact of cyber bullying is massive, with victims sometimes committing suicide. From Larry Madowo to Victoria Rubadiri, here is a list of 10 Kenyan celebrities who have not been spared from trollying by social media bullies.

1. Pierra Makena

The beautiful damsel has been on  the receiving end of trolls due to her weight gain after the birth of her daughter. She has spoken out about it, admitting that a woman’s body goes through a lot of transformation after child bearing and it only takes a courageous woman to accept the changes.


Pierra indicated she would only lose the weight when she felt the time is right and her daughter is big enough.

2. Carol Odero

Citizen TV’S fashion watch analyst Carol Odero came under a lot of criticism a few weeks ago after criticizing Meghan Markle’s dress and make up saying it came short of her expectations.

Carol Odero

Kenyans who would hear none of it trolled her telling her that her make up and code of dressing is what needed an upgrade given that she wears alot of make up, with most questioning if she has something to hide.

3. Size 8

Mama Wambo has also not been spared by trolls and on countless occassions. Her performance during a recent public holiday did not please many who termed it ‘poor’.

Image result for size 8 photos
Size 8


She has also been dragged for makeup gone wrong.

4. Kambua

The soft spoken beauty has not been spared. During a New Years performance in Nakuru, she snatched a microphone from her colleague and the internet went in on her.


On different occasions cyber bullies  have attacked her for not bearing a child, Kambua  responded to her haters that it is not good to judge some one since you do not know what they are going through.

5. Cathy Kiuna

‘Mum’ as she is fondly known by her followers has not been spared from cyber bullying. Most noteably was when it was alleged she told girls not to marry poor men.

Cathy Kiuna

6. Nyota Ndogo

‘Kuna Watu Na Viatu ‘ songstress has been under attack for her poor make up during her wedding. the photos went viral and  she blamed her photographer for using poor lighting.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota always responds to trolls.

8. Dk Kwenye Beat

The Kayole talent has come under heavy criticism for his weight. Meme’s and jokes were made to get the message to him.

DK Kwenye Beat

Even though Dk has not lost his weight, we sure hope he does at some point.

9. Jimmy Gait

Gospel artiste Jimmy came under the harsh attack of  cyber bullies after releasing a mash up of ‘Hello’ by Adelle, which left many Kenyans with more questions than answers.


The bullying caused him to cry on air during a live Tv interview on the The Trend. Since that episode he says things have never really been the same.

10. Khaligraph Jones

He came under attack for people saying that he had ‘bleached’ his skin something he refuted completely.




WCW: Fashion Journalist Carol Odero

Carol Odero is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion journalist and former editor of Drum magazine. She is currently one of the panelists on Citizen TVs fashion watch and a fashion columnist for the Nation newspaper. She was recognized at the fashion awards 2014 as the Media Fashion Personality of 2014.

Carol is recognized for being one of the pioneers of fashion journalism in Kenya. Red hair is her trademark topped with a crazy sense of style. Odero is our WCW today, you got to admire her brains, wit, well-toned and athletic body.

Check out her photos below

carol odero
Carol Odero





Why is Citizen TVs Fashion Watch Panel Under ‘Attack’?

Citizen Tvs fashion segment hosted by Lilian Muli is facing a lot of backlash for what the audience considers bad dress choice from the panelists. Some say that the Fashion Watch panelists should not be giving any tips if their dressing is anything to go by.

The panel comprised  of Annabel Onyango, Carol Odero, Robert Burale and Ian Mbugua may push the bar when it comes to dressing in a society where dress choice is synonymous with your fashion knowledge. Is the validity of the fashion tips the panelists give really defined by what they wear?

According to fashion writer Paul Omondi, creatives have a right to kill fashion. Fashion stylist, Annabel Onyango even responded to those attacking the panelists dress choice saying, Screenshot from 2015-04-14 09:30:58 Screenshot from 2015-04-14 09:31:27

We have compiled a list of 10 outfits that the panelists were wearing on the show. How true is Annabels statement, “Creative people cannot be constrained by mass market fashion ”dos and don’ts”?  Check out the photos





fashion watch5






-Photos courtesy (Annabel Onyango Instagram)