Have You See These Beautiful Photos Of Former Citizen TV Anchor Catherine Kasavuli?

Catherine Kasavuli is without a doubt one of the best TV anchors Kenya has ever produced.

She was among the clique of famous TV personalities who made the Kenyan media industry what it is today. Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air.

Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air. Her command of the Queen’s language, potentiality and of course her charming smile left many of us happy.

Kasavuli alongside Mwaura Njoroge her co-host made us proud. One would opt to miss a meal just to watch the two present news on KTN which was most favourite channel among Kenyans.

Catherine Kasavuli

The regal newscaster who worked in the media industry for over 30 years, retired a few years back and we really miss her. She was one of those female media personalities known for their work ethic and passionate about their jobs.

Kasavuli who likes to keep away from the limelight was also a great fashionista. She had a unique dressing style. Unlike most of the current TV girls who dress in clothes leaving little to the imagination; showing off their cleavage and curvy bodies, Kasavuli always dressed decently.  She always made fashion headlines whenever she stepped out.

The mother of one, Martin has been busy working so hard so as to maintain her brand and she is the CEO of Kasavuli media Group Company.


The veteran journalist is ageing like fine wine. She doesn’t look like her real age. Ladies and gentlemen.

Here are photos of Katherine Kasavuli you must see…


Catherine Kasavuli




Catherine Kasavuli



Catherine Kasavuli


Catherine Kasavuli



Catherine Kasavuli

Going Out? Let’s Rock The Right Outfit (Photos)

We all know there’s nothing more relaxing than a proper outing during the weekday to let off some steam and just chill. It could be dinner or a night out with the girls. Never the less, we ladies for some reason always have the same issue when it comes to picking out an outfit. You are probably wondering what to wear it being a week day. Well, wonder no more. Here are a few looks that you can rock.

Now remember, you might want to keep it casual but sexy or just go for a simple classy look. You most definitely do not want to walk in to a place over dressed or even worse, under dressed. Appearance is your ticket. Look gorgeous and you just might get away with a lot tonight.

Going out to dinner? You do not want to look indecent but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look sexy. Try on the long sleeve bodycon elastic dress. This body flattering dress is not too short but shows a bit of skin covered in lace just enough to tease, so flaunt it if you have it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:34:16 dress 5

For those that prefer to wear dresses that do not outline your curves, you might want to opt for the chiffon causal dress. With the right accessories, clutch and shoes, this dress will transform your look to simple and classy. Nothing too flashy but definitely sexy.

dress 3 Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:53:02

Partying with the girls and hanging out with friends is always fun. You will want to go for a look that is sexy, body flattering and yet still comfortable. If you are a jeans person, try on the faded jeans and throw on a sleeveless tank top or preferably a crop top. You can never go wrong with jeans if you know how to accessorize and have the right pair of shoes to go with it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:10:49 Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:11:41 top

For those that love wearing dresses, try on the sexy bodycon sleeveless dress that will make heads turn in awe.

dress 1Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:07:42


Going to a business dinner, try and keep it official. You do not want to send the wrong message or give mixed signals to whomever you are meeting. You might want to go for an outfit that is not revealing and yet still body flattering. Carry a purse and go for the pointy heels because they compliment the whole outfit.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:10:00


Akothee Finally Reveals Why She Refuses To Get Married

‘Kazi ya moyo ni kusukuma damu, kupenda ni kiherehere yako.”

This is a common saying amongst Kenyans and it simply means that the heart as an organ, is meant to pump blood and not to love.

Richest singer Akothee who has resorted to advising Kenyans especially women on matters pertaining love, says that nowadays most marriages don’t work.

Akothee Involved In A NASTY DRAMATIC Fight With One Of Her Mzungu Baby Daddies, Horrifying Details

Akothee has clearly revealed that she is not ready to go through crap and tolerate a man’s bullshit. She says that she would rather be single and lonely than be with him.

“I really wonder if there are still real men left out there, good enough to date, from my small research, women are still crying even in their wedding rings and you wonder why i refuse to get married! i just ask myself what that marriage will bring on the table! divorce papers?. because am too impatient to keep up with crap especially from men, i dump you like a hot pan. it’s better to be alone than being lonely in a relationship.

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TREAT HER LIKE A LADY! Akothee Urges Kenyan Men To Stop Treating Their Women Like Pieces Of Rugs

Akothee goes ahead to reveal how most men (she didn’t specify from which part of the world) who try dating her cannot settle down with her.

“Most men who tried to date me says am spoilt from my past abusive relationships! i laugh because it’s true, am over protected coz i already know you belong to my ex list even before you finish bending your neck, singing the normal chorus of ” i will never hurt you, i will never break your heart ) i wonder if there is any heart left. i only have a kidney with me. #Akothmyfirstwife nimeleft, my heart is meant to pump blood, it belongs to my children, wewe ng’ang’ana na kidney it’s the only organ meant for excretion & elimination of things that are harmful to the body,” concluded the sweet love singer.


Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband

Dear Kenyan men, do not generalise all women. Don’t call her promiscuous, lazy, immature, golddigger or stingy just because you dated someone who possessed all these characters at some point in your life. There are a few who are decent, loving, kind and faithful. They are ready to build an empire with you from scratch to something.


Well, a Kenyan woman has left Kenyans talking for days after she made certain confessions about her mpango wa kando (side dish). The woman, who didn’t want her identity revealed, claimed that her mpango wa kando is a wealthy man and they recently planned to celebrate her birthday in Mauritius, one of the beautiful countries in Africa. But she ‘pulled out’. The married woman further went ahead to confess how she loves her jobless husband and children and won’t ruin her marriage just because of money.


“Good morning mums
I need advice.. don’t bother running to my profile it’s protected.
So I met this guy sometimes last year.We’ve always been in touch just casual greetings until early this year he showed interest in me. He knows I’m married, he’s married too but still wanted us to have a relationship.

I refused but 1 week ago I gave in after looking at the bright side of it. This man was going to transform my life I felt it. He’s development conscious and not this kawa sponsors. We’ll we’d even planned a vacation to Mauritius, and I was to get a car from him on my birthday(BTW he’s very rich). But something behind has been telling me all this is wrong…. so last night. I looked at my beautiful children, my husband (who is jobless by the way) and decided wacha tuteseke but ain’t going on with the relationship. I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..

I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..Now tell me ,did I throw away an opportunity of a lifetime ama I did the right thing? NB I haven’t slept with him.

NB I haven’t slept with him.
No judging me please…..thank you,” she posted.

The post attracted a lot of comments with many fellow married women congratulating her for the brave decision. Check out some of the comments.

Lynn: You made a very wise decision dear, may God protect your marriage.

Ruth: Kudos dear, the money factor is very tempting, but never let it get into your head.God will reward you, just be patient Continue reading “Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband”

Have You Seen These Beautiful Photos Of Kawira And Her Hubby?

Joy Furaha popularly known as Kawira is one of the best and talented local actress around. Kawira who is commonly known for her naive character – a village girl from Gakoromoni, got married 2 years ago and since then, her life has completely changed. Continue reading “Have You Seen These Beautiful Photos Of Kawira And Her Hubby?”

Local Actress Celina Reveals That She Wants A Baby

It’s 2017 and many celebrities are already making big plans.

Some have thrown in the towel and resolved to walk down the aisle while some are resolving to improve on their garbage music (musicians, I’m talking about you) and others on how to settle down and have children.

Celebrated local actress Katherine Kamau popularly known as Celina is one of them. Continue reading “Local Actress Celina Reveals That She Wants A Baby”

7 Career Tips Every Young, Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs To Know

We all want to be successful and make it in life at a young age. Nahema Mehta, is a CEO of Absolut Art, an online platform that allows clients to discover and purchase limited-edition pieces from artists around the world at a groundbreaking low cost.

The depth and breadth of information she shared with Pop Sugar writer, was inspiring, especially for a young professionals. Read her invaluable advice and you’ll be on your way to CEO in no time.

1. On seeking advice:
“Take a chance and talk to people about what you’re thinking about doing. People love to help. You will be shocked by how many say ‘OK this is my advice, here’s two friends you should meet.’ So when you’re feeling ready, take the plunge and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

2. On starting young:

“I think there’s a real beauty in being young and a little bit bright-eyed and naive. If you’ve done your homework and you know enough to go into the field, the fact that you’re young is only giving you an advantage.”


3. On taking risks:
“I swear by the mantra, ‘in order to break the rules you must first master them.’ There’s something sexy about the word disruption, and people are so into it, and I think there’s a reason for that. You want to challenge the norm, but there also has to be a respect around why the norm happened.”

4. On taking risks:
“I swear by the mantra, ‘in order to break the rules you must first master them.’ There’s something sexy about the word disruption, and people are so into it, and I think there’s a reason for that. You want to challenge the norm, but there also has to be a respect around why the norm happened.”


5. On setting yourself apart:
“I feel like when people have an idea, they feel like they can’t talk about it because they’re worried someone else will steal it, but that’s the worst mentality to have. Ideas are a dime a dozen, and everything is in the execution. If you’re executing it in a unique way that’s individual to yourself, no one can replicate it.”

6.On becoming educated:
“It’s great to hire experts, but you should always know enough about any field that you’re hiring for to call bullsh*t. When I started out, I would trade French lessons for coding lessons. And it wasn’t because I wanted to become this master coder, but it was because I wanted to be knowledgeable in hiring and show respect for that field and the people who are working with me.”

7. On paying it forward:
“No matter where you are in your career, there are always people who are three, four years behind where you are. Everyone is always so focused on how they’re going to do the next thing, but always take a step back and think about how you can pay it forward. Once you do well for yourself, you have to do well for others.”






















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