5 career lessons everyone should know about the job market

“Work hard and get those good grades so that you get that perfect career job,” are some of the words that we have all heard in our years of growing up.

However, as you get into that job space you realize that not everything is on a silver platter like they once said.

So here are 5 lessons that  you need to know in the career world.

1. Success takes time

Success takes a lot of hard work and simply just sticking to your plan is very important.

Being happy in your career doesn’t come as easily as you think or just with a blink of an eye, reaching success takes time  and accepting this requires patience.

One more thing, success doesn’t happen by taking one bold leap. Don’t forget the little steps you take along the way, they may not seem much now,they may even seem insignificant  but years from now, you will be glad you took them.


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2. Even your best career will have its down sides 

Even on your worst days, that carer is still worth the try, it may have some down sides to it like working long shifts, little or small pay but that does not necessarily mean you have to quit that job.

Looking at the positive side to that job will help you know your initial goal and that is to work hard  reaching for that success.


image-2019-04-12 (4)

3. Your idea of a dream job can change

In the job industry, the idea of what you have in mind as a dream job can easily change. The truth is everyone deserves to love their career, but more importantly everyone has the ability to do so.

It won’t happen immediately, and along the way you might find that you are good at another career than the one you thought you were good at.

You may have thought that your career path was writing but you may find that you are also really good at anchoring.


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4. Career happiness require work

Ever been in a work environment and you see people leaving their work stations everyday with a smile of their face? Do you wonder why? Do you wonder what their secret is ? You may even think they got a work promotion  or won the lottery 365 days of the year.

Well the real secret is that people work hard to get to where they are .

Some may not have even loved the job when they stared but they persevered during all those low days and low paying jobs just to get to where they are.

5. You can create your own opportunities

In every job career, when it comes to making moves in our career, we tend to wait for permission. We wait for someone to show us all the ropes instead of going to get the experience yourself.

We wait to get job promotions and increase in salaries instead of working hard to acquire you own job/firm so as to become less dependent of that place to begin with.

It’s a trap we so easily fall into when in reality, we are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to do something.  You can accomplish much more in a team than by yourself of course, but do not let the absence of help pull you down.

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Woman shares 10 red flags that the job your applying for is a scam


A Twitter user has pretty solid way of identifying if that kajobo you are excited about is fake.

Twitter user @CareerCoach @Miss Phiona shared 10 eye opening red flags you should be aware about and we love this thread.

She says there are job descriptions which outright tell that something isn’t right.

Here are the 10 signs that a job is probably a SCAM:

1. You are asked to pay money. This is the BIGGEST red flag, any job that requires you to pay money e.g. admin fees, background checks etc. is often a scam.

2. Dream jobs that sound too good to be true and have exaggerated salaries and benefits.

3. Very simple job requirements – everyone qualifies to apply.

4. Getting a job offer immediately after applying.

5. There is pressure for you to act quickly in accepting the offer. (This is so you don’t get adequate time to research the legitimacy of the job.)

6. Being asked for personal information upfront e.g. your banking details, identity documents.

7. Getting a job without an interview or proper screening.

8. Unprofessional communication and badly written emails.

9. Companies using free email addresses (e.g. yahoo and gmail) is usually a red flag though not always.

10. Little to no info about the company online.


Dear Classic 105 fam, have you found this thread useful and do you have additional things we should all look out for?

Drop your comments below.

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Kenyans narrate the worst financial decisions that affected their life


Let me just dive into this real quick by telling you my mistake.

In my twenties I invested my saving (Yes, at this age I had some cash) into the deci scheme, coz I figured everyone was making mad cash, well I lost it all and was broke.

No Money, nada. I kick myself upto this day having believed this garbage, now I’m adopting a frugal’er lifestyle. But on the real guys, how do you learn and grow? By making mistakes that becomes your life lesson. So no more stupid spending for me.

Anyho let’s get into some of the biggest and worst financial decision ever made by Kenyans according to the thread.

The thread was began by KOT @marigathoithi, who gave several examples of the mistakes he made.

money habits 2

I bought a phone worth a full month of my salary years back. A Nokia E5 Face with tears of joy

An old car that cost me more than half the sale price in repair costs. A few months was all I needed to learn my lesson. It was the financial equivalent of paying school fees in a small private school

His second mistake?
Working without a down payment had me lose 250,000 on a job last year. Contracts are sometimes just pieces of paper. Money is king

Here’s the third one. This one I wept for him.

Oh and financing a full week’s holiday with someone’s daughter while unemployed at the time Face with tears of joyGrimacing faceGrimacing faceGrimacing face

This someone’s daughter later, when I was broke asked me why I didn’t save and make better choices and how I would have kept my household going if we were married

Below are details of peoples decisions and how it impacted them. Drop your comments too. We would love to help you weep.

Bitcoins. Didn’t know when to exit when the bubble bursted. I lost 5m and went into depression


One day i bought Iphone 7+ pale OlX. Told the seller we meet at kfc ya tao. Asked to pay via mpesa, he said cash only. Went and withdrew 50k, gave me the phn went home. It was on bat low, Once home i charged it, kuwaka,it had the samsung open tune. Aki machosi tu! 50k gone hivo 2

I think spending 100,000 to just boost the car’s performance and the difference wasn’t that mind blowing.

Bought someone’s son a bracelet worth some shillings… He turned around and gave it to his other girlfriend…

Used to import cars to sell .. managed to get bank financed clientele and it all went smoothly until I got one client through a showroom (Timez Cars) next to Mater Hops sth B. Usually I’d give the logbook copy to the financier and they have to change transfer the logbook before..

Issuing payment. So I handed in the copy to the showroom who were facilitating the sale and left the vehicle at the showroom. Got a down payment for it and kept on following up for the balance. 2 months later I arrive at the showroom only to find nothing but the DCI guys there..

Taking a loan from a bank… two months later, i was fired from work. I saw fire! Moved back to my parents house. Started from zero again. Had to do odd jobs just to pay up my loan. To this day, i don’t know how i recovered. Wah.

Buying an apartment of plan afew years back a cool 900k “drank water”
Developer disappeared without a trace upto this day. I see houses being advertised of plan nakumbuka pesa yangu my diaphragm collapses

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Revealed: 6 best careers in Kenya to make millions fast and easily

Kenya is a booming economy, that is, for certain careers. If you are looking for careers that involve hard work and grit, then this isn’t the list for you.

This one is for the Kenyans who want to make a load of cash the easy way, and party at Kiza and B-Club with their fellow rich people.

Without much ado, let us begin:


Last year, the Star newspaper reported that one of the country’s five biggest banks lost Sh200 million to hackers in one month.

Last week, it was reported that Timothy Kang’arua of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) allegedly devised an intricate scheme to defraud the I&M bank of Sh41 million  using its login credentials in the Safaricom web portal.

How is that for quick money? Lakini usishikwe!

2. Wash wash

In 2016, The Star reported about how Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi confessed that he had lost more than Sh11 million to con groups. They told the MP they could multiply money.

Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

Sudi said:

I fell victim to the con groups f you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingf you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingf you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingand was left with the fake currency, which I just had to dispose of.

This profession is very lucrative, but can land you powerful enemies as you are mostly preying on the high and mighty.

3. Working as a receptionist

This one is the big Kahoona, with the most uplifting of prospects for those seeking the lavish living life. in 2018, many Kenyans were shocked when they found out that a receptionist, Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha who worked for the NHIF, had bought houses worth Sh160 million on a salary of 150k a month!

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha
Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha

Yep. Miracles do happen!

4. Mimicking top leaders’ voices

Last week, the story of how some crafty individuals were able to con Sameer billionaire Naushad Merali went viral. The band of thieves made a cool 80 million shillings in one huge con.

Let that sink in. Getting Sh80 million by just impersonating the president on a phone call!

5. Tenderpreneurs

This is usually a young person, mostly male, who has made an extraordinary amount of money from a government contract, mostly for supplying a product or service.

Often a tenderpreneur is a well-connected individual who can be found in the numerous bars along Kiambu Road. One wonders when they work as they are most often partying?

6. Become a pastor

Why not? No taxes are paid and you will have a gullible audience that will give you their money just because you invoke the name of God. And no oversight! What’s not to like? Think Pastor Kanyari of the Sh310 fame.

A disclaimer: do be ready to spend time behind bars if you get caught and if you aren’t, prepare yourself for a life of ‘catch me if you can’ games with the authorities.

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People call out CEO’s behavior that humiliated job applicants

6 people went in for an interview and were told to wait. And boy did they wait. Hours later most of them went running for the door.

A job interview is an interview consisting of a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer which is conducted to assess whether the applicant should be hired. Interviews are one of the most popularly used devices for employee selection, according to Wikipedia.

However that doesn’t seem to be the case for a job interview so bad that most applicants walked out.

Someone has shared a job interview that was so horrible it has revived memories of some of the things employers ask candidate to do. SEE BELOW

employee test

A screenshot of the job has gone viral, getting worldwide attraction and tons of empathetic comments, that suggested the prospective boss in this workplace is the worst.

Many said it’s an experience they can relate to while others offered advice as to what applicants should do faced with a similar situation.
That job wasn’t for me. Period.

Sounds like a test to how much disrespect you can take. That is not respecting the interviewees time. People have kids, family and other obligations to attend to. Hopefully no one ever has to work for an Org that is this disrespectful to them!! ☝🏾

Wait a minute…6 people came and 3 left but then 2 got the job so…isn’t there somebody missing?? What happened to that person?

What happen to the last person 😳…was he the boss!? Is this a test? Is this an interview 😫🤦🏽‍♂️


I would have been gone. That’s a test of accepting inconsiderate, irresponsible and abusive behavior. It certainly not a sign of a professional organization. What if the person had other responsibilities like children to attend to?

First of all without a logical explanation I would’ve been gone by 7:45. Interviews are a 2way street I know my worth + if you can’t offer me professionalism + respect my time goodjollybye!! For you to now be coming to do “test of patience” on payday ?? People have bills to pay + things to do PERIODT Pooh.

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you heard of or experienced a job interview so horrible that the applicants had to walk out?

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Rufftone praises wife’s decision to sacrifice career for family


Krystal, wife of gospel artist Rufftone, is back to making music.The singer took a break from after her wedding to focus on her marriage and family.

Speaking to Word Is on Monday, Rufftone said he is thrilled at his wife’s decision.

“My wife had stopped singing because of family engagements. We were newlywed and children and spending time with each other took a chunk of our career,” he said.

Rufftone and wife Krystal


“She sacrificed and chose to concentrate on our marriage.

Once a singer always a singer. Once you have been bitten by [the] music bug you cannot avoid it and it has been burning in her since then.

Just because the family came does not mean her career entirely stopped.”

Rufftone said his wife has been longing to go back to producing music.

“I am the one who told her to come back but she also had wanted to. I am 1000 percent behind her because of the sacrifice she made for us and our family.

The guilt on my side was overwhelming. Nowadays women focus most on career and not family.”

Rufftone said nowadays it’s hard to find a wife who puts family before career, so when you find such a one you cherish her.

“When you get a wife who focuses on her family and not her career, it would be the most dishonourable thing not to support her,” he said.

Because of that, I am behind her. We are working on a project and it will be ready by 2020. Her fans have been committed to her and tell her [they’re glad] she is back.”

The two were in Dubai, where Krystal recorded the video of her new song.

The comeback video was shot at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel after the two attended a praise night hosted by Pastor Dill Kumar at Alnoor Centre.

The couple is blessed with two kids.

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10 things new mum’s worry about at workplaces that don’t offer lactation rooms

When new working moms return to work, they expect to continue breastfeeding their babies for several more months, but workplaces in Kenya make it difficult to do this.

That’s all about to change if your leaders get their act together.

Employers with 50 or more employees must provide a private space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their babies, or face steep fines.

8 Things couples do everyday to build a successful marriage

That’s according to a new bill proposed by Muranga Women Rep Sabisn Chege who says

The Breastfeeding Mothers Bill of 2019 I tabled makes it compulsory for all persons who own, lease or rent buildings holding at least 50 people to provide a lactation room.


She adds that

Those fined (Ksh.1M) for failure to provide lactation rooms will also pay Sh10,000 each day during which the offence continues until they put up the facilities.

Many breast feeding mums I spoke to revealed the challenges they go through with companies in Kenya that don’t provide these support services, yet expect new mums to work.

  • There is no private room allocated for new mums.
  • There is no sink with dish soap, hand soap, drying rack, paper towels and a storage cabinet to clean up pump accessories and bottles.o-BLACK-BABY-facebook


  • No comfortable chairs specifically suited for nursing mothers
  • A flat surface for a breast pump to rest, like a long countertop
  • No access to electrical outlets
  • No locks on the door that warns passers-by that the room is in use
  • No tissues and anti-bacterial wipes to clean up the flat surface
  • There is no small refrigerator for storing breast milk.
  • No microwave is allocated for steam-cleaning pump pieces (the mom will have a bag she places the pump parts into to steam clean)

Girls, what’s your horror story and how did you manage to breastfeed your child beyond the six months without facilities? Do share below this post.

Some of the company’s doing good at this end are Facebook, Deloitte, Pricewater Cooper, Unilever USA among others.


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Is it petty for a woman to remind a man she pays the bills? KOT share thoughts



People have shared their thoughts on being married to someone without a job, and the financial burden placed on them

Many resented their partner for putting more financical pressure on them.

Others revealed they gave their partner ultimatums.

Married women on Classic 105 shared their honest views on having an unemployed spouse, with many admitting they resent their partner.


Here are some sample views from classic fans:

If she pay rent of one month it would be the talk of the Town for the whole year
We men take care of the pills in the house for decades but nobody would not know.

We are not that petty, maina we carry our responsibility and we don’t go back and count because if we do there is nothing women will have of their own

God is great I was waiting for such a topic kama yule alisema anaoshewa gari na bwana wake why don’t she ever thought of opening a business for him to do or even empower him in one way if she is okay upstars #MainaAndKingangi


most of these primary school teachers were educated by their men, if a lady buys you a Trouser that will be the talk in their meetings, ata bibilia inasema what the right hand gives the left hand should not know

#MainaAndKingangiMen are like a cow which gives milk which feeds entire village and keeps quiet Women are like Hen which lays one egg and makes noise in the entire village. The egg can’t even feed two people

@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya A Real Woman NEVER utters such from Her mouth, thoughts & deep in Her. It shows disrespect, demean & immaturity.. That’s how women throw Blessings thinking they’re making themselves look better.


Kwanza nani anawaambia au kuwalazimisha wanawake kununua hayo magari au sijui rent? They do it willingly bila gun on their heads. Quit paying if you dont want otherwise shutter up, mnatupigia kelele hapa. Y’all gullible

So what? You loved him and you had sworn to be with him for better and worse. Why leave him anyway? It means that wasn’t true love. True love conquers all #MainaAndKingangi


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My husband of 8 years is lazy and won’t get a job


People go through rough patches in their lives sometimes. But how can you deal with a partner who doesn’t want to do anything about it?

On the Thursday conversation on Classic 105, a woman spoke about how she works and pays the bills while her jobless husband stays at home. She does all this without complaining, and insists they respect and love one another.

I supported my man for four years and we are still together, I understand if he has not had a job for four years, I give him transport money because he doesn’t have a job.

However this isn’t the case for another woman Keziah, who spoke of her untold suffering with a jobless man

The woman whose unemployed husband hasn’t attempted to return to the workforce took some drastic action.


She kicked him to the curb saying

let me tell you these guys you don’t need to show him any peace, the man should be the provider, I kicked him out

I’ve been with my man for eight years, he was supportive and helping me until the day he lost this job, so I supported the guy and now it’s been two years and he does is cheat on me in the neighborhood.

She tried to stay positive and upbeat however tiem took it’s toll on her. She said

I believe for three years I also supported him. Let me tell you something about guys once you show them the comfortableness, they will take advantage of you, my husband used to be so hardworking now he has become lazy and sits at home all day, then goes to be with other women out there, he leaves home at 4pm and comes back past midnight, what is he doing, women should wake up.


She has tried broaching the subject of his returning to work and the response ?

This bugger the only thing he knows how to do is go around roam outside with women, these guys you don’t need to show them any peace, I told him out nija (get out)

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Leave your accomplishments at the gate when you go home – Kingangi tells women


Women must constantly hide their achievements from their fragile husbands, according to Mwalimu Kingangi.

Mwalimu this morning wanted to discuss the responsibilities of successful women to their families. He felt that rich women are making their men feel like less of a man.

the husband to the late Joyce Laboso at her funeral said when Laboso came home to him, she used to leave all the titles and power trappings at the gate and would be his wife at home. Now tell me how many  powerful women can do that? I won’t mention names, you know them  and when she goes home she should be a wife and mother, make sure your husband is happy and make sure you do homework with the kids,

Here is his list of conditions for successful women to do at home

  • Be submisive
  • Hand over your salary
  • Cook for him

Just like Size 8, these women give their entire salaries to their husbands

One of the women on the show pointed out that a successful woman must remain humble in front of her husband so that he never feels threatened by her success. According to her, a woman shouldn’t gloat of her achievements, because it will belittle her husband. Instead, a woman must make her husband feel powerful by showing him how inferior she is.

 I earn more than him, he has all my ATM cards, some I have. I bought the house I educate the kids, once in awhile I cook, and this is my second marriage. why is she educating the kids? Because I’m in a better position, his salary wont allow the kids to go to the school I want, na pesa yake ananunua chakula

Maina Kageni rolled his eyes as far back as he could saying

ladies please listen to me if you let your husband get used to such situations of you paying all the bills, aki you have shown him bad manners

Meet The Kenyan Men Who Are Thriving After Parting Ways With Their Wives

Since financial situations and relationships are hugely personal, what has been your experience? Drop your comments below

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I expect my husband to wash my car before I go to work

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially in the era of breadwinner wives.

Women are far out earning their men, proving to be a problem in some relationships.

Yes, men and women react to money differently. Yes, they have different scripts. And yes, I think it’s important to talk about it, instead of pretending money is the same for everybody.

So what happens to the social norms when a woman earns more than her man?

A woman who bragged that she earns half a million shillings a month, narrated how she lives life happily with her jobless husband.

She spoke on the Maina and Kingangi show

I work earning half a million a month, he is jobless and wakes up to wash my car, and I expect to find house chores done when I come back home from work


She added

We have been together for three years and I provide everything without complaining, He does house chores and it makes me happy, even when we go out I pay the bills without complaining, and he is ok with that and I respect him, he has never cheated on me and neither have I. I am a happy woman maina

Dear Classic fam, I want to hear your stories. If you earn more than your partner, does it affect your relationship? How does gender play a role in your finances?

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Sports journalist Mukami Wambora’s college degree might just surprise you


The Citizen TV anchor is fondly remembering having studied law 8 years ago.

Mukami revealed she studied law in a hearty post.

She wrote

Facebook just reminded me that this happened 8 years ago 😳.. I’m no longer practising law but I am glad I studied it. Also at least I can still fit in the skirt

if you’re looking for some degree inspiration, you could do worse than finding out what your favourite celeb studied at uni – it might just surprise you. And it just goes to show, you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Other Kenyan celebrities who studied law but are now doing something different include:

  •  Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers
  • Sanaipei Tande
  • Sarah Hassan
  • Nameless
  • Wahu
  • Frasha
  • Brian Chweya (Elani)

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Tips: 10 Best ways to safeguard your ambitions

We all have ambitions, the difference is the degree and level to which we are willing to go to be successful.

These can be easily killed especially when surrounded by negative people. However there are various ways of protecting them.

They include;

Be kind

Always be ready to learn and be corrected in case you are wrong. Ambitious people are always kind and humble.

Stay focused

Always avoid people that will drain your energy towards your goals. You have to be positive minded and focused to achieve your ambitions.

This is how much Governor Joho loves wearing Versace

Avoid comparison

Never compare yourself with other people because people are never the same. Never strive to be like someone who is much more qualified than you. This might kill your dreams and hopes hence may kill your dreams.

Have a you time

Create time for yourself once in a while. This will help you have a preview on how far you are fairing on with life and make amends in case of mistakes.


Have faith in yourself and believe in all the efforts you make towards achieving your goals. You are the first source of motivation before anyone else in your life.

Things successful people do before 8 A.M that you didn’t know

Do not backbite people

If you want great things to happen to you, then you should wish the same for others. Never talk about other people behind their backs or judge them because it might also happen to you. Use other people’s challenges as a lesson in your life to make something better.

Make wise decisions

Take time when making your decisions to prevent cases of regretting your actions. Never make decisions when you are either so excited or angry.

‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

Set attainable goals

Set goals that are reasonable and can be achieved. When you set goals that are far much your standards, chances are that you will eventually quit.

Have a watch 

Always be time conscious. Manage your time well and spend all your time in doing constructive work that brings positive impact to you.

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Things successful people do before 8 A.M that you didn’t know

Studies show that human beings are more productive in the morning. The way you spend your first hours when you wake up predicts the rest of your day. These are some of the things successful people do before 8am:

Tokeo la picha la meditating


This helps your muscles and mind to relax. When you have a relaxed mind, it will be easier for you to be productive in anything that you will be doing in the course of the day.

Eat and drink 

You have to be healthy to be successful. These are the basic needs that can help you accomplish what you had planned for. When you are hungry it will become a challenge for you to concentrate in whatever you will be doing.

Our eating habits have caught the attention of Jamaican Jah Cure


Spend the first 30 mins of your waking hours to engage your body in exercises and make it a routine. This will freshen you up before starting to tackle your daily duties. It will help you stay active for the rest of the day.

Tokeo la picha la exercise

Stay positive

Always have a positive mind on what you are doing no matter how hard it may be. When you become positive about everything you you will have that motivation to push through the day and will have positive results at the end of it all.

#Bottlecapchallenge has a Kenyan spin that’s a must see (Video)


This is what every person should be doing before starting your day. It is most important to give thanks to God and praise him for everything that you got. When you place your work, business and life unto to God then you will receive abundant blessings and become successful in all that you do.

Create a ritual

When you create a routine to follow on a daily basis, it makes work easier for you. This makes you to be a more responsible person who can work under no supervision but your own goals that you are to accomplish.

6 Top tips to writing the perfect emails 

Wake up early

It is better to always wake up much earlier than the expected time. This gives you time to relax for some time before embarking on your daily duties. Waking up earlier also gives you time to prepare yourself and mind on how you are going to start your day.

Plan the day

When you have a planned routine on how the day is going to be spent, it makes work easier for you. Plan on how you are going to accomplish what you have planned earlier before getting ready to work on the same.

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People who work long hours are more likely to suffer a stroke

People who work long hours are significantly more likely to suffer a stroke, research suggests.

A study found employees who juggle a demanding 10 hour work schedule every day for at least a decade are 45 per cent more likely to develop the life-threatening condition.

And, in a result that baffled the French researchers, the under 50s were more at risk than their older colleagues.

The research was carried out by Paris Hospital, Versailles, and led by Professor Alexis Descatha, of the occupational health unit.

Britons have been found to have the longest working days of anywhere in Europe.

Irregular shifts, night work and the strain of a high-pressure job have all been blamed for poor health among employees.


To uncover how the working day may affect the risk of stroke, the researchers started analysing the hours of 143,592 French workers in 2012.

Of these volunteers, 42,542 (29 per cent) reported having long hours, which was defined as working more than 10 hours at a time for at least 50 days a year.

Around one in ten of the study’s hard grafters claimed they had worked these hours for at least a decade.

Over the next seven years, 1,224 of the volunteers suffered a stroke.

Results – published in the journal Stroke – revealed those who reported working long hours had a 29 per cent greater risk of the life-threatening condition.

And the odds rose to 45 per cent for the 14,481 (10 per cent) who had done this for a decade or more.

This remained true even after the researchers adjusted for any other heart-related risk factors or previous strokes.

Surprisingly, the participants, who were aged between 18 and 69, were more at risk if they were younger.

‘The association between 10 years of long-work hours and stroke seemed stronger for people under the age of 50,’ Professor Descatha said.

‘This was unexpected. Further research is needed to explore this finding.’

The scientists particularly worry about the wellbeing of healthcare workers, who are typically forced to endure long shifts.

‘I would also emphasise many healthcare providers work much more than the definition of long working hours and may also be at higher risk of stroke,’ Professor Descatha said.

‘As a clinician, I will advise my patients to work more efficiently and plan to follow my own advice.’

Business owners, CEOs, farmers, professionals and managers have previously been found to suffer the effects of a long-working day.

Lack of sleep linked to mental health problems like depression

However, the French researchers argue these employees may have more control over their hours.

The researchers did not speculate as to why people who work long shifts are more likely to suffer a stroke.

But sitting down for too long – a problem rife among office workers – can lead to obesity and raise blood pressure, which the NHS warns can raise the risk of strokes.

Other studies have also suggested a similar danger for those who work long hours.

A two-year study of more than 85,500 British and Scandinavian employees found those who worked at least 55 hours a week were 40 per cent more likely to develop atrial fibrillation over the next decade than those who put in the ‘normal’ 35-to-40.

Atrial fibrillation is defined as an abnormally fast, irregular heart rate. The condition affects around one million people in the UK, and can lead to stroke, heart failure or even dementia.

A 2015 international study of more than 600,000 people found the risk of developing stroke increased by a third in those who worked more than 55 hours a week compared to those who stuck to the traditional ‘9-to-5’ day.

And their odds of developing heart disease rose 13 per cent.

-Daily mail

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5 Ways to strategically plan for a new week effectively

Planning for a new week is very important. What is more important is knowing what to do every day for the entire week without much hustle.

We have highlighted how you can do this as you plan for the week.

1. Schedule everything in your calendar

This will be like your savior into the week.

Planning and arranging your week and scheduling all that into the calendar is everything that you need for that week.

This simplifies your work flow and and helps you to keep tabs on what you ought to do.


planner (1)

2. Manage your weekly schedule before the start of the week

Prioritize your tasks before hand to manage the rest of the week.

Take advantage of the weekend to plan for your week in order to prioritize for all the plans you have made.



3. Update meetings before the week starts

Again, take advantage of the weekend and plan the duties, meetings and assignments for that week.

This helps you to be focused and manage your week without much hustle.

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4. Review your previous weeks 

This allows you to set goals for the next week by knowing what happened in the previous week,

If there were any losses, un attended meetings, less sales, and all that, by reviewing what happened in the previous week, you get to know what adjustments and changes you need to make.


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5. Do it after and the week after that ….and so on

Making this a habit and doing it on a weekly basis makes weekly planning manageable.

It helps you not to strain your time and to manage your weekly events successfully


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How a lady should appear for interviews to score that job

When going for an interview you must look presentable, that goes without saying.

The panel judges you by how you look, so it will be of benefit to you to step out in your finest.

The following are ways to enhance your look;

You should wear suits with a skirt or pants. Suits portray seriousness so when you appear in one you make a good impression of being ready to work. They should be simple and dark in color, neat and well pressed.

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Avoid wearing tight, bright or short clothes. Knee length skirts are recommended,  and the waistbands should not be cutting you half. Wear a blouse that matches the suit and avoid bright color or anything that is not official. Dress in a professional way that matches the position you are seeking for. It will make people to take you more seriously and treat you with respect.


Tokeo la picha la professional interview female outfits

Try as much as possible to be natural. Avoid wearing too much make up. In case of nail polish it should be understated and not with long nails. Wear minimal jewelry and hair accessories that are not flashy, distracting or shiny.

The shoes worn should be fairly low-heeled and not noisy when walking. Avoid wearing shoes with open toes or back. They should not be of bright colors and should match the full outfit. You can carry a pair if need be.

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Take a shower in the morning and avoid wearing very strong perfumes. In this case deodorants are advisable to avoid allergic reactions. Make sure you have fresh breathe and avoid smoking or eating before interviews. This is to avoid cases of bad breath during the session.

Your hair should be thoroughly cleaned and professionally styled. Plaited hair should be well tied to avoid instances of hair covering your face. Short hairs should be neatly cut and combed. Avoid dying hair with bright dyes.

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6 Important things you need to know about working abroad

Have you ever been interested in working abroad? Well we have put a list on what you need to do when you take that new job in a foreign country.

Here are some of the things you might need to take into account when take that abroad role.

1. Laws

Understanding the laws of a foreign country is very important.

This helps you understand how to get your credit cards, your bank statements, how to file your returns, criminal offences not to commit and so forth.

It also helps you understand your rights as a foreigner in that country.

Understanding this helps  you to live  with no fear of if you are committing a crime or not.

2. Language barrier

Language barrier is simply not communicating the same language thus information being slow to process.

For instance if you go to a country like China, you get to understand that that most of the citizens there only speak Chinese.

This may be a language barrier as both parties may not understand each other.

Therefore when going to such countries, try to at least know the basic communications skills to ease communication.

3. Culture shock

I have seen people go to countries and come back sooner than expected due to culture shock.

Different countries have different cultures and beliefs and it is experienced mostly after leaving a familiar place or home.

Therefore to avoid this learn as much as you can about the new location before you go. This means the good, the bad, and the simply different.

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4. Understand your visa

This is very important and we will tell you why.

In cases where you are working in a different country it is important to understand your working visa operates

For instance if you decide to quit your job or worse get fired, it is important to know how your working visa works in such situations.

5. Create a bucket list

Don dull your moments when working in a new location or country.

Try out new things, go for road trips, try out new foods, network, make new friends and so on.

This will make your work more bearable in your new location.


6. If not now the then when?

If you get that new job in a foreign country, go for it.

If not now then when?