Even if I don’t go home for a week, she shouldn’t call and ask where I am! Captain Kale

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic today. The enigmatic host was at a loss for words as to how men respond to their wives when they are asked uncomfortable questions.

The host said, “I learnt a lot yesterday. When a woman asks for something and you say no or nothing in response, why do you get upset when she asks for an explanation? She’s just asking a question. Doesn’t she deserve an explanation? Kwani she’s a baby?”

King’ang’i was of the school of thought that when men says no it should be enough. “When a man says no, its enough.”

Adding, “That is an investigation. DPP imeingia hao. Huyo ni Kinoti. It will end in premium tears. Wewe si mtoto. They are bullies. By the time she asks you a question, she has already done an investigation.

Listeners promptly chimed in with varying responses to the debate with most of the answers split along gender lines-The men insisting siding with King’ang’i’s thinking while the women sided with Maina’s thinking.

Those responses are below:

Whether its wrong or right, a polite response will not cost anyone anything-A lady said.

Whenever she asks you for anything, she knows she is on the wrong-A man said.

If you come to my house, you are under my care. I am not answerable to you. By saying no, I am trying to take care of her-A man said.

We know what’s good and bad for our women. Their fathers handed them over to us. We know what is good for them-Captain Kale said.

In my home I am senior Moi and Senior Kenyatta. My word is law-Wakanai said.

Once you give your wife freedom she will act well. Kwani ni mtoto? A man asked.

An explanation makes a difference-A lady said.

Women ask the question so they can start drama. The more you explain the more drama you will get-A man said.

You cannot argue with your wife and win. Even if you’re an advocate, you will lose-A man said.

What men don’t understand, is that when we ask them something we want the full explanation-A woman said.

The issue at hand has no compromise. A 2-year-old kid deserves an explanation over a man’s wife. The kid hasn’t experienced much so can be taught but a woman has more experience and a such shouldn’t deserve an explanation. A no should be enough-A man said.

I can never use the word sorry with my wife. When I tell her no, its enough and she should know why-A man said.

I am avoiding a lot of questions when I say no. You don’t need to question a man on a lot of things. When she asks a lot of questions she is trying to pima you-A man said.

A question from her will lead to another one and you will end up being rude-A man said.

Do we look like we are your fathers? Even if I don’t come home for a week, don’t call and ask where I am!-Captain Kale.

It hurts when men think that we need them more than they need us. It hurts. They should style up and give explanations.

In Islam you can’t do anything without your husband. Ni haram-A lady said.

Tell them we need an explanation for what we do. I need an explanation cause I have a mind of my own-A woman said.

Saying sorry will not stop you from being a man. My grandfather used to say that you shouldn’t say sorry if you’re right. Women are also human beings. Explanations are needed-A man said.

Mimi siwezi ishi na dictator like his words are final!-A woman proclaimed.

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‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale

Captain Kale has advised ladies not to help men pay their dowry as that is an act of desperation on their side and they may regret later.

According to Kale, men who allow women to pay their own dowry should call themselves for a ‘meeting’.

Ladies, I’ve said this and I’ll repeat again and again. Don’t ever help your man pay the dowry, yes don’t, never ever.

And to you men, what the hell are you thinking asking or allowing her to help you pay the dowry? Are you mad?

Captain Kale goes ahead to question men who allow their women to help pay dowry.

According to Kale one would rather be a bachelor than allow their girlfriend pay their own dowry.

Are you crazy? Also, as a man, if you can’t be able to pay the dowry, then don’t marry, better be a bachelor.

Yaani why should you organize for a fundraiser for your dowry or even for your ruracio or wedding?

Captain Kale adds

I swear mimi nikikuchangia lazima nikaonje your wife And to these people who help kuchanga, you’re just but fools, you’re wasted brains. Yes, I just said that.

Kale adds that there are only a few instances where harambees are allowed.

And the only point I advise people to do a mchango, is maybe ya kanisa, school fee or hospital bill.

So what is your opinion on ladies who pay their own dowry?

Would you? Put your answer in the comments section.

Captain Kale reveals ‘naming your wife in your will is a GRAVE mistake!’

Captain Kale has advised men against making their wives beneficiaries in their wills when death comes knocking.

He explains that it is not worth it and most of those women don’t deserve it.

According to Kale most women spend the money they inherit on other men and it is better to leave everything to your mother than to your wife.

As a man you should never will anthing to your woman. She is just a partner in bed and she will continue my lineage by giving me kids. In most cases she will use the money with Ben 10’s. As a wife just give her 10 % of your assets and let her sort herself out.

‘It ruins your self esteem’ Grace Msalame talks on her journey with fibroids

In conclusion, he adds,

If I am to write her name in my will she should also write my name in hers. The only thing I can write her in is my next of kin, will hapana.

On men being supported by women, Kale advises,

If a man is giving you a good orgasm you should provide for him, this work is very hard.

If he is a one minute man achana na yeye.

Men do you agree with Captain Kale that a man should not name his wife as a beneficiary in his will?

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‘Never lose appetite over a breakup,’ Captain Kale advises Kenyans

Break ups are bound to happen in every relationship but how to move on after that is the challenge most people grapple with. To cry or not to cry?

Well, self-proclaimed Dr Love and Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale thinks that crying over a break up is wastage of time.

Never lose appetite because of a heart break, never stop eating because someone has dumped you. Yes, I know you feel so bad at such a moment, yes that I know but you know what?

You will need that energy to walk away. In fact, when you get dumped, take care of yourself even more since that is the time you need yourself the most. Wrong decisions are often made when someone is hurting.

‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises


‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale

Kale goes on to advise that it is important to remain focused after a break up after all other relationships will come.

When someone walks away out of your life, try so much to remain focused, it might be hard, but be the captain of your own happiness and define who you are even better.

Remember, there was a time when that person was not in your life and you were living, so do not let your life come to a stand still because they left.

Treat it as a passing glance, a lesson learned and a season lived.

Black woman crying

In conclusion, Kale says

Also, you need to know, some people who walked away out of your life, should have literally run on their way out of your life since they were just there to block your blessings.
Take it positively.

Crazy as it may sound Captain Kale is very correct mambo ya kujiua juu ya mapenzi tuache, please.

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‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises

Classic 105 super fan Captain Kale has advised women to support their men once in a while instead of always being a nag and a source of their misery.

Kale who is know for his straight to the point approach to life also advises women against getting too comfortable over the fact that they have children with a man.

Exclusive: ‘It’s fun’ Rashid Abdallah opens up on working with his wife Lulu

He says,

What would make a man leave his wife and children, to go and live with another woman with 4 children which are not his? Few men do go because of their own stupidity. But let me tell you, men go where they feel loved, appreciated, honored etc. Getting married to him and getting babies for him is not enough.

Kale advises women to show some appreciation because it matters to men.

Show him love, appreciate him and his effort to be a husband. Treat him nicely, make him feel honored, praise his efforts to be a great man if he is hardworking, make him feel like a king in his small kingdom. That really matters to most men. 

‘Mpango wa kando beat me up after dumping him,’ Narrates city woman

Captain Kale goes on to add that women should be helpful to their men rather than nag them.

Nagging wives are number one reason why most men leave. Be a helpful wife to him. The woman was meant to be a helper of the man she got married to, not a dependent soul. Show effort you support his life goals. Whatever you deny your man, he will so easily look for in another woman. More so if he has told you several times but you won’t listen. 

Captain Kale

In conclusion Captain Kale advises,

Life is too short to live with someone who does not appreciate you. This is why a man will gladly go to a woman with 5 children and live with her all his life than a woman he has 2 children with.  Peace of mind is paramount to men.

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Classic 105’s biggest fan advises slay queens dating married men

Captain Kale who is Classic 105’s most vocal contributor and fan has a few lessons for slay queens who date married men.

The father of two is totally against young women dating married men and he said;

“Dating a man married man is like driving a government car: it shouldn’t give you any hope that it will be yours someday. Similarly, he will never be yours, you can’t take it to the bank, they are fake dollars,”

It doesn’t end there. In an interview seen by Classic 105, he explained further why young women are going to continue being miserable as long as they have affairs with married men.

Different times Eric Omondi and Chantelle served some couple goals

“You should know that we love our wives so so much, we’re just lying to you. We’ll even tell you how our wives are awful, tell you the marriage is falling apart, that it’s beyond saving, we’ll try to make you believe that you’re the best, but deep down, we can’t leave our wives for you.”

He added that for the slay queens who are unable to keep off older men, they should look for the rich ones so that they invest before things get bad.

” Keep off and if you can’t keep off, then at least make it an investment, since he will never be yours and he doesn’t love you, milk him, mummy, make it a business, come out of it a rich woman. Don’t date a broke married man, go for the rich ones. And don’t stay for too long in that relationship, use your brains, milk him as fast as you can then run, and never ever get pregnant for a married man, even if he promises to marry you, even if he promises you heaven, play safe mummy, because utalilia kwa choo.”

Ladies, there you have it. From a married man to young slay queens who want sponsors.

‘Never leave your man whether he is cheating or not’ Shouts Captain Kale

Captain Kale has stated that it’s time single women get married so that they can pick up a man’s name as it is important, regardless of whether he is a drunk.

The debate was elicited by a female caller from yesterday’s conversation who started that she is almost 50 and is happy without a man in her life.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni


She gets to wine and dine with whoever she wants but Captain Kale is not impressed. He says

Even if your man cheats on you stick to that man and even if he has 5 women.

Look at Waiguru why is she getting married at 50? because being called by a man’s name is important.

Even if your man is a drunkard whom you constantly have to pick from the gutter he is your husband.

Mwalimu King’ang’i to start a committee to help Maina Kageni find a wife

Captain Kale

Don’t go away because one day he will  change and if you leave him depression might end up killing you.

To women out there do not let Maina lie to you that you do not need a man’s name to be important in the society.

If you have no man look for a man and propose to him.

A time for sadness is coming. Your children will not make you happy only a man can.

As if to emphasize his point Captain Kale goes on to quote a bible verse Isaiah 4:1

And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach.”

What is your opinion. Do you think carrying a man’s name is an automatic ticket to being respected in the society?

Put your feedback in the comment section.

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‘Be your man’s prostitute and he will never cheat’ advises Captain Kale

Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale has been trolled after he advised women to act like prostitutes so that their men don’t cheat.

Kale who is a ‘self appointed men’s advocate’ bit more than he could chew after sharing his thoughts below.

“Most women, after a year or so in marriage, get bored with their husbands and that’s why some of these guys chase after side chics.

Side chics are slowly taking over marriages. They treat you like a small baby and spice up bedroom matters.”

Exclusive: Women who lighten their skin have low self-esteem – Jemutai

black couple flirt


“Ukienda kwa side chic anavaa lingerie showing off her sexy figure but when you go back home, your wife is dressed like a firefighter.

Some even go to bed smelling onions making it hard for the husband to make moves.

Dear married women, be your man’s prostitute and he will never go out there to get the services he can get from you. “

Aaaw! Women Maina Kageni is celebrating this International Women’s Day

Captain Kale

Although Captain Kale approves of men having side chicks, he cautions the women not to feel so comfortable, saying;

“No man will ever leave his legally married wife for you. All these men want is to have fun and nothing much.

Also, do not get pregnant for married men, you will have yourself to blame because many [are] already done with taking care of children.”

Below are some of the reaction comments from Kenyans

Wa Sherry J Swtval: Mnabebesha mabibi mizigo ya mwili na roho na stress chungu nzima kama punda wa Lamu hadi hajui tofauti ya usiku na mchana and you still complain???’
Take good care of your wives and expect to see a difference…the grass is green where it’s watered…hellooo..mpo??
Fiona Jambi Rhodes: Shame on you.wives are busy managing big projects .assisting kids to do home work making sure there is food on the table.
A wife is too busy she actually forgets herself . A side dish all she wants is easy access to your wallet. A side dish doesn’t care abt your future. bure kabisa.
Mercie Aceline: Hallo …ata uvae lingerie ,umfingerie kiside …kama ni wa kucheat atacheat …na ata uvae kitenge kama nyt dress ,ulala na gunia if ni wa kukaa ataona tu uko sawa …

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Meet Maina Kageni’s biggest fans on Classic 105

They are his most loyal fans who call in diligently every morning to respond to topics discussed on air by Maina Kageni and we can’t help but appreciate them.

You have probably heard their contributions, some give fans a reason to laugh each day while others leave fans fuming.

Like Harmonize says we will post their photos na wasiopenda itawacosti.

1. James Baragu


2. Masha Wa Taxify


3. Kush  Zuma


‘ I wished they could tell me they want to kill me’Emmy Simwoto woman stalked for 1 year emotionally says

4. Jamo Wa Matunda


5. Robyn Wa Kitengela


‘My heart just broke ‘Jahmby Koikai opens up on recently suffering a Lung infection .

6. Kipleting Manuela


7. Wakanai


8. Mary Kibe


9. Douglas Kiplagat

Douglas Kiplagat

Here is the best way for Betty Kyallo to get over her break up with 001

10. Captain Kale


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‘Stick to your ugali managu in 2019’ Captain Kale to slay queens when taken out on a date (Audio)

Maina Kageni was left flabbergasted during today’s morning conversation after a majority of men confessed that they prefer cost sharing bills.

He could not understand why men want to date a woman, yet they do not want to spoil her.

Who even goes out with a woman to Kempinsky with only sh2000 in his pocket?Maina posed.

Stinky mouths,broke men here are things that turn off women (List)


Here is what the listeners had to say

“When I reached an age where I was allowed to go mingle with the opposite s3x, my mother advised me to always have some cash in my pockets.

She further advised me to always order for something I can afford to pay for in case the man bails out on me, that’s the mantra I leave on up to date.

I have also advised my nieces to do the same, slay queens just want to eat what they do not know how to get.”

A couple on a date


Beauty with brains: Photos of the new Nairobi health CEC Stella Bosire

Captain Kale adds

“Are there women who still go for dates without carrying cash in 2019? Personally when I go out whether with a woman or with my boys we cost share.

Whatever we order the bills are written individually so that we don’t have ‘issues’ when it comes to paying.This is 2019 even if you are my wife, kucost share is a MUST.

Some ladies just want to eat things they have never seen in their life, kama umezoea ugali managu stick with that, this is 2019.”

Another adds

“If I am going out on a date I must have a backup, these men are not to be trusted anymore.”

Listen more on the audio below

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‘No man will ever leave his legally married wife for you’ says Captain Kale as he advices women to be submissive

Classic 105’s fan Captain Kale, who is known for his harsh criticism, has urged women to submit to their husbands, just like it is written in the Bible.

“Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.”

The man who is loved and hated in equal measures for his controversial contribution especially on topics regarding women, adds that his wife is very submissive.

‘Amenitumia akanitema’ Vera Sidika cries foul after being dumped by Otile Brown

captain kale
Maina Kageni and Captain Kale

Speaking to Word is, Captain Kale says

“My wife is very submissive. There is no day I have reached home before her. Any woman who got into marriage for the right reasons is very submissive not those women who get married because of money or unwanted pregnancy.”

Kale, who is known for commenting on various topics on Classic 105’s morning breakfast show, is an advocate of men’s issues.

He says

“Most women, after a year or so in marriage, get bored with their husbands and that’s why some of these guys chase after side chics. Side chics are slowly taking over marriages. They treat you like a small baby and spice up bedroom matters.”


Rare spectacle in Muranga as 60-year-old first time bride walks down the aisle to marry her 78-year-old sweetheart

Although Captain Kale approves of men having side chics, he cautions the women not to feel so comfortable, saying;

“No man will ever leave his legally married wife for you. All these men want is to have fun and nothing much. Also, do not get pregnant for married men, you will have yourself to blame because many [are] already done with taking care of children.”

Exclusive: Orphaned Kisii man selling kidney to pay off Sh90,000 Sacco loan

The regular contributor in the Maina and King’ang’i show says he cannot spend money on any woman who’s not his wife or relative. “The only woman I can spend money on is my wife, my mother, and sister. But I cannot spend my money on a side chic.”

Relationships between young women and old men (popularly known as sponsors) have been the talk of the town. Speaking on the issue Kale says

 “Greed for money is the root of sponsors. Nowadays, some women don’t want to work hard but date old men to foot their bills.”


Kale is against such relationships and he says,

“Sponsors are done with life and all they’re waiting for is death. Most of them will never marry you! Even if he marries you at 60, while you’re 30, he won’t live for long. Stop wasting your precious time and go for a partner who’s slightly older than you!. In short, you’ll never be happy dating an old man or woman.”

He urged parents and father figures to provide for their daughters so they are not swayed by worldly

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Read Captain Kale’s special message to Maina Kageni as he turns a year older

Maina Kageni is a favorite to many, having been in the industry for more than a decade, even from his TV days years back, to becoming one of the most popular and biggest radio presenters in Kenya.

Today being his birthday, his listeners are celebrating his birthday despite him not being at work.

Maina wrote on his instagram page;

“Hello there birthday!!! #ThankYouGod #ThankYouEveryone

Pesa Otas! Maina Kageni Receives a Birthday GIFT Worth Sh19,000 From Mwalimu Kingangi (PHOTOS)

Picha Clear roadtrip
Maina Kageni. photo credit:courtesy

Well, his fans have been wondering where their favorite presenter is, because yes he is a wonderful human.

Mike Mondo, who is standing in for him, has made it known to Maina’s fans that he is enjoying his holiday at the Mara.

King’angi said;

“Happy Birthday Maina, wherever you are know that, We love you so much. Enjoy your birthday.” Wishing my co-presenter and my day one ninja the best of birthdays. Many returns brother!

Well, Captain Kale, being a frequent caller on Classic 105’s morning show who contributes to Maina’s morning conversation, bashing women and the choices they make in life, the two are buddies and he has sent a heartwarming message to Maina;

“Maina Kageni, I remember the first time we met, you treated me so well as if you had known me before. You’ve always believed in me. You’re so kind my brother.
Thank you.”

captain kaleAdding;

“Your heart is so clean, you’re not boastful, you don’t have pride, you’re so humble, you don’t brag!
Now this is your day, Happy Happy Birthday bro, may you live long and may you never lack. Have a blast!
One love bro!
God bless!”


Nameless lso sent his best wishes recalling how Maina was the MC during his wedding to Wahu.

“My day one ninja!!! This my big brother has always always supported me throughout my career from Day one!!! You are a blessing to our industry bro. And you a a special friend yo me and my famo!! You are a magician and i still cant understand how you have managed to be number one in radio all these years!! Happy birthday my brother, more life to you! Cheers to many more impactfull years in the industry.. We celebrate you.!! Fam, please help me wish a happy blessed birthday today!!!”



Read more wishes here;

paulata_paul… Happy birthday Maina. We celebrate you.. Our mornings would be boring without you and Kingangi

kennethchege… Happy Birthday Super Host! More life, Blessings & Of Course, keep doing you 👏👏👏👌👌👌

tinakaggia …Happy birthday sweetheart! May this year be your best thus far!Have a blast.Love you!

gidiogidi ..To the man I have always looked up to in this Radio Career, Happy Birthday Enjoy your day brothe

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Who knew he can be this sweet? Read Captain Kale’s romantic message to his lovely wife

Captain Kale is a loyal Listener of Classic 105.

Most of his calls are always based on harassing women and even abusing them.

I mean he is known to have problems with women who call on air their grievances to Maina Kageni during the Classic 105 breakfast. His hate for women is too much and this left many women hating him as well. From calling them gold diggers to rumor mongers.

Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale on why he won’t allow his two son’s to marry

In one conversation he said;

“Women are just in these marriages because of money and even if they get hurt by anyone that comes from Karen or Runda, they will stick around just because of money kama kupe. I wonder when this women will start living their own lives and start providing for their children without their men’s support. Where did the rain start beating them? A man cannot take you if he does not love you.”

In another conversation, he said;

“Its better to tell someone that you have fallen out of love than cheating on her. He described women as dogs who can ‘chochea’ you to believe something. “Women should draw the line and change themselves”

Well, in a recent post, he seemed to be a different man at home after writing a long birthday message to his wife during her birthday.


Check out;

“Now, today is the birthday of my better half, the love of my life, the mother of my children!
Here is my message to her;

Darling, I will never forget the cute and lovely smile on your face which made me fall in love with you. You entered my life with a smile and lightened my dark life with sunshine. During our first meeting, I knew nothing except you are beautiful. My world is useless without a caring person like you in my life.
I promise that I will always try to put a smile on your face because you are indispensable for me throughout my life.
The times I spent with you are obviously the most memorable and best parts of my life. Whenever or wherever I will be, I get to fall in love with you every second in my life.
Every piece of my soul belongs to you. I can never live without you because you are the most adorable person of my life. I heartfully thank you for beautifying my dark and boring world.
I never accepted the saying “the best days are still to come. But, I agreed that saying is true after I witnessed the happiness and most memorable moments spent with you.”

kale3Adding that;

“Not only me, you made our whole family proud with your presence in each and every special occasion including family gatherings.
I always thank God for his kindness to give me the most adorable, kind and caring friend as a life partner.
I wait for this day every year to wish a very happy birthday to the woman who always stays with me to share not only the happy but also the sorrows
My love and respect towards you will never fade and I shall be yours forever and ever come what may! Why? Because my life and world will be empty without a wonderful wife like you.
Instead of thinking that you are getting older, remember that we had another year of a most auspicious journey in our life.
The only woman after my mother who has always been there through the cuddly, thick, busy and quiet times of my life deserves a standing ovation
Without your support, I can’t handle the tough times. Without your presence, I can’t stay even a minute anywhere. Without your love, I can’t live in this world happily.
I’m always well groomed, I’m always handsome, I’m always well dressed, I’m always smart, thanks to you!
They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, ooh babe you’re a good cook, I always enjoy your meals!
Most people say we won’t even remember our names when we will be old and gray. But, I can confidently say that I will remember that you are my fantastic wife.
From the way your sparkle your beautiful eyes to the way you share your happiness with a smile, there are many more reasons I can say to the question why I love you a lot.
Every day I fall in love with you again and again.”
I love you!

Your husband,

Watch this video;


Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale on why he won’t allow his two son’s to marry

Captain Kale is well known as the frequent caller on Classic 105’s morning show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i where he holds nothing back.

The very vocal man is a frequent caller to our station, where he contributes to Maina’s morning conversation, bashing women and the choices they make in life.

Why does he choose to be so controversial on matters women? He revealed this during an interview with Mpasho. Read on below



I am captain Vincent Kale I work at barracks, the name captain is my title. I’m married to one wife and I have two sons. I don’t hate women, the problem with current women – these slay queens want to take their pettiness in marriage. Marriage is not where jokers should be, it’s a real business. You want to mold your kids and as a wife, your husband is your second god and a king. So it is not all about hate, it is just that I want ladies to treat their husbands the way their mothers treated their husbands.

Like now days you find ladies drink like their fathers, they don’t cook like their mothers. There are cases whereby a lady will drink a whole Jameson alone and she is not drunk yet she stills asks for another mzinga. That’s why now marriages are not successful and that is the reason I normally call in to Classic105 to advise these young generation.”

He is completely against slay queens for the following reason.


I have never dated a slay queen and I will never. Slay queens should change because they are horrible. I have two boys and if at all life will continue this way, I don’t think I will allow my boys to marry because who are they going to marry? it is better they get kids and bring them up and I will help them out.”

The captain made it clear that single mothers are the main problem in Kenyan society.

Single women are the problem in our society because the single woman is not all grounded, so their children are not brought up well. The father figure is very important in life because there are those values that they will impose on a child. So without a father there is a problem although there are some men who impregnate a woman and run away”.

He concluded by saying.”A woman should not bring up a child alone.”

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