From mwakenya to being broke, here’s a TBT of campus life

If you studied in USIU and universities of that caliber, you might not understand what I’m talking about but you still can read along. Everyone desires to join campus upon completing high school but few have an idea of what awaits them other than the studying.

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Here are some of the flashback to our campus life:

1. Mwakenya

“Degree ni harambee” as the common saying goes. With the freedom that comes with studying in campus, few students actually study. During exams, we adopt a style of sitting arrangement called “formation.” If you know you know. Lakini for USIU fellas, let me break it down for you. Formation is where you sit in a certain section of the exam hall with your friends and with the use of a mwakenya you can copy all you can but the golden rule is that everyone writes the answers in their own way to avoid plagiarism.



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2. Being broke

Ever had ugali with water? Or better still with salt. Ever wanted to get drunk and full at the same and only have 100 shilling? Order a cup of keg with ugali. Going broke is part of the drill. Sleeping hungry and skipping meals is always in the menu.You can always bet to survive.




3. Twa twa escapades

During the orientation, you’re taught how to put on a cd. The administration is aware that the majority of the students are up to no good all day any day. Didn’t a brother exile his roommate for a night of lungula? feelings

4. Striking

Students rioted over anything from inflated tuition fee, bad, or death of a comrade under unclear circumstances. The scene is a mess with broken chairs and tables, and don’t forget motorists getting targeted. You had to be fast because of running battles with police, while taunting them with stones was mad fun.

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Vices that most campus students get lured into

These are some of the vices that students adopt once they join campus. After all, they find a different kind of lifestyle from the one they are used to.

Dress code

Most dress codes of the students tend to change. This is mostly done by a way of copying what they see other students wearing which is different from theirs. Some of these students come from well brought up families but live two different kinds of life. Parents may not be actually aware of this because the children they see at home and the ones that they send to school are two very different people. When at home they will be at their best behaviour but when they go back to school, they unleash their wild side.

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Drug abuse

This is mostly done to peer pressure. They will see others doing the same hence they would not want to be seen as outcasts. They will always want to be on the same level as others so as to dine at the same table.


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When you get to campus you get to learn new things and this is one of them. Many young youths tend to engage themselves without any knowledge on what they are getting themselves into. At times when with friends one can notice that all of them are in relationships. They finally get into relationships without any knowledge and some end up being parents at an earlier age or even contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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Hunk Nick Mutuma to study at UCLA

Nick Mutuma is one guy many people admire because of his hardwork and whatever he does to grow as an actor. Most of us have witnessed his growth in the entertainment industry from when he tried being a rapper to venturing fully in the acting scene.
Well, his hardwork is paying off and he’s now taking things further as he has landed a scholarship to study at UCLA, pursuing Acting and Film Production. You will not be seeing a lot of him on the streets or events because he will be concentrating on school work.
His recent series, This Is It, has been well received as its currently showing season two.
We wish Nick all the best as he starts a new chapter in his life.

Guard arrested for sexually assaulting female student in hostel at Moi University

A security guard has been arrested for sexually assaulting a female student in a hostel at Moi University in Eldoret.

The suspect is being held at Kesses police station following a complaint filed by the affected student who recorded a statement at the police station and with the university security officials.

The University Dean of Students J.S Ayieko says the incident occurred on Friday at Hostel J and further investigations are going on.

Courtesy Mathews Ndanyi

Types Of Friends You Are Likely To Make in Campus

Bye high school life hello campus life. Joining campus is a major milestone for most young people as it marks a journey towards adulthood but what most people don’t know is that joining campus comes with its own challenges.

Campus is more like a pool that attracts people from all walks of life. With all the freedom that comes with joining campus, one is free to make friends whenever and with whomever they want away from the watchful eyes f the parents. Below are some of the friends you are likely to meet in campus.

1. The Book Worm

This is the kind of friend no one wants to keep. She is considered boring due to the fact that she is always on her books. She finds even the most weird spots just so that she doesn’t interact with other people. If you are looking forward to having a vibrant campus life then this is not the type of friend to keep.


2. The Shopaholic

Shop till you drop is the mantra this kind of friend lives by. A friend like this would rather miss classes than miss a trip to the nearest mall. She always keeps tabs on which malls are offering low discounts on their products and  the irony of it all is that everyone in campus wants to be her friend. Hata mimi siezi mind.



3. The Fashionista

Fashion si ya kila mtu, for most who lack a strong sense of fashion this is the kind of friend to go to. She is always in fashionable clothing and never forgets to do her hair. She does not know what it means to have a bad hair day. Her make up is always in place and she is the envy of many.



4. The Party Animal

What would campus life be without parties? Boring. At least every one in campus has such kind of a friend. She  is always in the know when it comes to partying matters, she never misses any party and is always ready to go for another regardless of weather she’s nursing a hangover or not.



5. The Lone Ranger

This is the kind of friend who doesn’t know anyone in campus. H/she always reject offers to go out with buddies and would rather just sleep or grab a movie. Such a friend is very boring to hang around with. If they have to go to a party/function you literally have to drag her and be sure that they will be very bored.


6. The Funny Guy

Who wouldn’t want a friend that makes them laugh? Campus comes with its own pressures and a good laugh is all we need sometimes. The funny guy brings energy wherever he goes and he is a favourite  to many. Due to his cheeky nature he has a tendency of getting himself out of trouble.


7. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

This is the kind of friend you love to hate. They always have your back no matter what happens. Without BFF’s there would be no one to tell your dirty little secretes thus this kind of friend comes in handy. Such friendships mostly extend beyond campus thus should be nurtured.


8. The Gossiper

This kind of friend is more like human newspaper, they always know what is happening before any one else knows. Always sitting in groups. You would think that they are the sharpest kids on the block but duh, they may be good in gossiping but get nothing when it comes to book matters. If you want to make something meaningful out of your life stay away from such friends. Udaku itawaua