Things You Need To Know About C-section

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing for many mothers despite the struggles with morning sickness and weight gain, then comes the time to give birth. While some prefer natural birth, circumstances don’t allow them to do so and as such a C-section is necessary. However not many are prepared for the aftermath of the procedure, though it may vary as people handle things differently;

The ridge Even years after giving birth, many women notice a slight bump on their skin above their C-section scar.


Pitocin Many women are surprised that while in recovery, they are given Pitocin (a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin) to help contract the uterus post delivery.

Bowel Regardless of what people say, one is never prepared for the pain and fear that comes with that first postpartum bowel movement.

Walking Considering that a C-section is major abdominal surgery, it’s amazing that a woman can get out of bed and go for a short walk within hours of the procedure.

SexEven if you haven’t had a vaginal birth, postpartum sex can be painful due to the aftermath of surgery.

Shaking In the immediate hours following surgery, as the body rids itself of the anesthesia and calms down from the procedure, many women find themselves shaking uncontrollably

Bleeding As with a vaginal delivery, C-section recipients bleed for several days or weeks following delivery.


Demerits of Caesarian section

Many young women of today prefer giving birth through caesarian section as opposed to having the normal birth.

Doctors say that the young women are “too posh to push” but many are not aware of the health risks that come with caesarian section.

This procedure can ruin your sex life as it is more risky and takes a longer time for one to heal.

According to the Telegraph, A gynaecologist by the name Dr. Arun Ghosh says that C-section will help you retain vaginal tightness, which is great for your partner, but there’s nothing about the procedure which is great for you as a woman.

He then gives these reasons:

1. Caesarean sections can actually make vaginal intercourse more painful.

2. There’s a greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus, and you’re much more vulnerable to infection.

3. There’s also the hormone issue to consider. With a vaginal birth, your body gets to release all the hormones that have been built up over the course of the pregnancy which doesn’t happen during a C-section.

4. Dramatic hormone changes can cause anorgasmia, which means that you can’t orgasm regardless of what’s happening in the vaginal area. There’s a greater chance of this happening following a c-section as your hormonal balance isn’t naturally restored.

5. Vaginal birth is generally best for the baby, too. According to him, babies are more likely to have breathing difficulties if they come out before they’re ready.

Dr. Arun advices that unless its an emergency or in cases where the baby is too big it is advisable for one to have a normal vaginal birth as opposed to Caesarian section, he says “why have an operation when you don’t need one?”