Businessman dies after undergoing hair transplant in India

An Indian man has died after reportedly suffering an allergic reaction during a hair transplant.

Shrawan Kumar Choudhary underwent the procedure at a private clinic in Mumbai, according to local reports.

The 43-year-old, who ran a logistics firm, died the day after the 12-hour procedure, The Times of India reports.

Mr Choudhary, who allegedly had not told his family about the procedure, paid 500,000 rupees (£5,400) for the hair transplant.

The doctor who treated him told police he asked for 9,000 grafts in one sitting – three times more than recommended.

It is currently unclear whether Dr Vikas Halwai, the dermatologist who treated Mr Choudhary, agreed to the request.

However, Dr Halwai did admit to police that Mr Choudhary began to develop his complications after 3,700 grafts.

The hair transplant began last Thursday evening, after Mr Choudhary underwent checks. It is thought these were standard safety tests.

By 2.30am on the Friday, he started to suffer from neck pain. Dr Halwai claimed he dished out painkillers and antibiotics.

Mr Choudhary was then whisked away to Global Hospital, Parel, when he began having breathing difficulties.

He died on Saturday at Hiranandani Hospital, after his friend took him there on Friday.

Mr Choudhary’s death has been listed as accidental by the local police force, however a probe has been launched to get to the bottom of it.


A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure to move hair from an unaffected area to another that is thinning or bald.

The procedure – carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation – are not available on the NHS and can cost between £1,000 and £30,000 privately.

There are two main types of hair transplants, and both transplants usually take a full day.

The procedure involves removing individual grafts of hair one-by-one and then placing them into tiny cuts in the scalp.

One hair clinic in the UK states the maximum daily yield of grafts is up to 3,000.

If a large area is being treated, patients may need to have two or more sessions a few months apart.

It can take up to 18 months for patients to see the full results of the transplant.

The NHS Choices website states the procedure itself is safe – but, like any, carries some small risks.

These include: excessive bleeding, infection or an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic or sedation.


Businessman left in shock after his date turns out to be a man

The night escapades of one Nairobi businessman will forever remain etched in his mind, going by the events of his night out in Kisumu city.

An article published in SDE says that the man, who appears to have an insatiable appetite for ‘one-night-stands’ was relieved of all his belongings after falling prey to the tricks of a twilight girl.

The businessman was on his first trip ever to the lake side city, where after enjoying some nyama choma and pombe, he noticed a bevy of beauties, and manged to land the company of one of them who turned out to be a man in disguise.

Sadly this was where his problems began.

A man in a new town will somehow look for people to keep him entertained throughout the night, and this is exactly what the lonely man did. After digging generously in his pocket to quench the thirst of the ‘woman’ who later violently robbed him with a knife.


The he/she was dressed to the nine’s (as Kenyans refer to anyone dressed really well) complete with glossy lips, a weave and padded underwear that made him/her look like a curvy female. The prostitute robbed the man of Sh50, 000 and an expensive mobile phone.

The Standard reports that this incident went down in a famous joint in Kisumu where revelers frequent, as the establishment is known for its good music, nyama choma and kaswallow.

And as happens in any club or bar, there is always a bunch of girls sitting around hoping to and a sponsor for the night. Luckily or unluckily for the businessman, he was able to land one of them after being inebriated.

He summoned her to his table where they sort of hit it off.


What follows next is also fairly common in clubs. He asked her to order whatever she wanted lest another sponsor beckons her. She of course ‘chafuad’ the table.

The ‘woman’ had a real feast, thanking the man. “A real man,” she praised him. “A stranger, with a kind heart,” she said.

He too, thought that the rounds of beer, roasted meat and ugali were enough to help him have a good time with the ‘woman’.

After flirting with the ‘woman’ severally and getting a positive response, he didn’t squander the chance to ask ‘her’ to spend a night with him. Interestingly, she agreed to have a good time with him, but there was a catch; he had to pay ‘her’ well.

Considering the man was new in Kisumu, he asked ‘her’ to pick a place of ‘her’ choice.


The ‘woman’ took advantage and took the man to a dingy lodging, claiming it was cheaper. Drama began while the two were in a dark alley where the ‘woman’ began cuddling the man. Just when the man began enjoying, the ‘woman’ revealed ‘her’ true colours — she was a robber!

Before the man could sober up and fathom what was going on, the ‘woman’ held him by the neck as if to strangle him. Before he could scream for help, she removed a knife and threatened him to keep quiet and hand over all the money he had.

“The he-she robbed me as I watched. I could not believe that all this time I was entertaining a fellow man while thinking he was a woman.

The curvy hips and breasts that attracted me to her were nothing but padded underwear,” lamented the man, as he explained the ordeal to a watchman who came to rescue him.

Businessman charged with murder after killing wife

Businessman who allegedly shot his wife at Buruburu area Nairobi County, has been formally charged with murder.  The accused Erastus Ngura Odhiambo alias Baba Billy was arraigned before high judge Justice Jessie Lesiit where he denied the criminal charge.

The court said that the accused be remanded at Industrial area prison, pending the hearing of his case which will start on 11th of October 2015.

The prosecution told the that accused on 11 December 2014 at Waihuria court, Buruburu phase five extension he murdered Linda Wanjiku Irungu.

However his lawyer Samson Nyaberi applied, that the accused be released on bond pending trial. The court directed that the lawyer to do file a formal application and the same be served upon the prosecution and hearing date be issued by the criminal registry.

Wanjiku, a lawyer, was allegedly shot by her husband. The mother of one was rushed to Jamaa Hospital where she succumbed to the bullet wound.

A postmortem conducted on the body showed she had a gunshot wound to her chest and bruises on her body. “Some of her hair had been plucked out,” the report reads in parts.

The Law Society of Kenya has gave indication that it will assign a lawyer to assist in the case.

Businessman kills a police officer

Mombasa businessman who allegedly involved in the murder of police officer and seriously wounding his colleague has been disarmed and transferred to Malaba Busia to face murder charges .

Police says the man murder a CID officer near the Malaba border on Tuesday night under unclear circumstance before he sped off in his vehicle towards Mombasa.

Busia police commander Halima Salat said he shot and killed a CID officer and seriously wounding his colleague who were on patrol after the officers impounded his two trucks at the border.

The man was arrested at Mariakani weighbridge last night.