‘You have such ugly jaws,’ Papa Shirandula actress Awinja talks on bullying

Kenyan comedian Jacky Vike alias Awinja has opened up about being bullied over her looks with some trolls even calling her ugly.

Awinja who is best known for her role in the local show ‘Papa Shirandula’ now says that she has overcome the trauma and accepted that she is beautiful.

So wacheni niwapatie ka story, You would never have seen a close up picture of myself because I was always told ‘Ukona JAWS MBAYA! JAWS ZA WABABA, JAWS ZINAKAA MBAO IMECHONGWA , JAWS ZA KANYE WEST, JAWS ZA MTU HAJAKULA MIEZI KADHAA, JAWS UGLY!!! Etc etc… 😳

Awinja of Papa Shirandula unveils her son’s face on his birthday


I would only show a close up on video since I knew how to maneuver and hide them, I would always have long braids/wigs to hide, some make up artist used to tell me “you have a beautiful jawline” I used to ignore because I thought ni chocha tu to make me feel good.

Hotness Galore: Photos of Awinja looking like she is worth a million bucks

Awinja goes on to add,

I later realised this is something I cannot change, and therefore I chose to Embrace them, by donning short hair or show them more.

Clearly people may make you hate some part of yourself so you grow up knowing, your forehead is ugly or Arms or legs etc, what I can say is, DO NOT ALLOW!

Those comments to get to you because they will be affecting you as you carry them, so here Iam accepting each and every “Flaw” Pole pole❤️ #wcw

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‘They wished I was the one who had died in the accident’ Mwanyigha

Sheila Mwayigha has opened up on being a victim of online trolls and bullies to an extent of some wishing her death.

Mwanyigha in an interview with BBC says that at some point there were rumors that she was seeing a certain CEO yet it was not true.

‘I remember one particular article about a CEO who was spotted sneaking into my house. If you come to where I live you know there is no way you are sneaking in.

It was mean, it was awful.

You go for meetings and people are looking at you thinking you have what you have because you are having a relationship with this person.

‘Stop settling for just any man’ Kathy Kiuna advises single women

sheila mwanyigha

Mwanyigha also adds that she was also attacked online by someone she did not know.

There was a time there was an attack in Egypt and I sent my condolences and one person attacked me saying that I should have been among those who died.

Adding that people like me did not deserve to live.

I felt so vulnerable. I met my friends after that because I did not know if the person who had said that might be in the place we were at.

It can be tiring to keep proving yourself to people because it is a waste of time.

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“They Said I Looked Like a Frog” Stunning TV Presenter Reveals How She Was Bullied For Speaking ‘Sheng’ In High School

Teen Republik TV host Tracy Wanjiru is turning out to be one of the most sought after female celebrities in the local music scene, and she’s also undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous in the game, but things have not always been rosy for her.

Recently, cases of cyber bullying have been highlighted after a young woman by the name Brenda Akinyi Maone threw herself onto oncoming traffic on Waiyaki Way after she was attacked online when she shared her grievances.

Victoria Rubadiri Speaks Out After Being Trolled For Addressing CYBER BULLYING Which Led To The DEATH Of a Young Girl

But now, Tracy Wanjiru has come out to reveal that she went through bullying in high school because of her ghetto accent. Yes, the sassy lady once lived in the slums, exposing her to sheng.


The humble media personality confessed that she was bullied many times while at Loreto Kiambu High School because of her tomboy personality and for speaking Swahili and Sheng.

A few weeks ago Tracy had shared a post after Timaya’s performance in Kenya, sharing her joy and appreciation for how far she has come and the joy of hearing people calling out her name, despite the fact that some ladies once said she was too ghetto;

“Here I was hearing people scream my name! I remember back then when people made fun of me because I had a weird accent, some even saying I was too ‘ghetto’ and being bullied in high school. But here I was”

‘They Made Fun Of Me, Look At Me Now,’ Beautiful TV Personality Cries

This time, she went on reveal that at some point she almost had acid poured on her face because of her tomboy nature and speaking sheng, with haters calling her a frog. Sad!

Here’s the confession:

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture after the Timaya concert (which I MC’d) saying how I used to get bullied when I was younger because I was a tomboy. I spoke a lot of sheng’ and some people thought I didn’t behave how I looked which is actually an insult coming to think of it now. “In my first year of High School, I remember people threatening to pour acid on my face, saying I looked like a frog, others saying I am recruiting guys into some demonic stuff… There was a lot that was said.




She Gets The Last Laugh! Teenager Bullied For Having a Big Forehead Gets Crowned a Beauty Queen

A female student who was taunted by bullies who called her ugly for having a large forehead has had the last laugh – after being crowned a beauty queen.

Shola Harriman, 18, from Braunstone, Leicester, lost all her confidence after cruel classmates began tormenting her when she started secondary school seven years ago.

One lunchtime evil bullies even threw a bowl of pasta in her face and pulled her hair and as well as mocking her for having a ‘big forehead’.

Shola moved to Bosworth College after a year, where things got a lot better. She made new friends and her confidence slowly came back

Shola was left depressed and skipped school for two months because she says teachers did nothing to help her during her 12 months of torment.

But two years later she was given a confidence boost when she was scouted to enter Miss Teen UK in 2014. And after entering the regional legs of Miss Great Britain this March she was stunned to be crowned Miss Leicestershire on May 20.

Shola, who lives with beautician mum Tarnya Parrott, 39, and sisters said: ‘I was just over the moon: ‘I was so excited with all my family and friends around me, but I really didn’t expect to win it.’

Shola Harriman, 18, from Braunstone, Leicester, lost all her confidence after cruel classmates began tormenting her when she started secondary school seven years ago

It just shows how self-confident I am now. I was really depressed when I was 13, but I want this to prove to everyone you can get through it.’

Shola, who is doing her A levels and looking to study law at Leicester University next year, was picked on when she moved to Fullhurst School in Braunstone.

She said: ‘I think it’s because I was the new girl in school. Nobody really knew me so I was on my own all the time and an easy target. At first I was just excluded from everything, then it was mainly verbal abuse.’

One lunchtime evil bullies even threw a bowl of pasta in her face and pulled her hair and as well as mocking her for having a 'big forehead' (Shola is pictured here at the time she was at school)

‘One lunchtime a girl threw pasta in my face and pulled my hair. But other than that it was just calling me names, like ugly and stupid. They used to say I have a big forehead and it really affected me because I was so young.

‘It went on for about a year, but the school did nothing. A lot of people were getting bullied there and I just don’t think they knew how to deal with it.

She continues: ‘I didn’t want to go to school. I wouldn’t get out of bed and skipped classes for about two months. Mum would drop me off at the school gates and I’d pretend to go, but sneak off into town. I didn’t want to make friends for so long after.

Shola, pictured here after being crowned a beauty queen, who is doing her A levels and looking to study law at Leicester University next year, was picked on when she moved to Fullhurst School in Braunstone 

Now after winning the competition held in Leicester, last week, Shola will now compete with 80 other beauty queens for Miss Great Britain.

Shola said: ‘I only entered Miss Leicestershire for a laugh. But now I’ve won it I want to help other people who went through what I went through. I’m very shocked, and I just hope I can be a good role model.’

Shola struts her stuff on the catwalk as she competes for the Miss Leicestershire crown

Cheryl Cole lookalike Shola, shoes off her stunning looks that clinched the Miss Leicestershire title for her













Daily Mail

Heartbroken Mom Says Bullies Who Drove Son to Suicide ‘Won’

In most cases of bullying, parents feel powerless. Powerless to stop the torment. Powerless to help their kids feels safe. That is the pain that Florida mom Shaniqua Hawkins felt in the weeks and days leading up to her son’s death. She says that her 14-year-old son Lamar killed himself because of the merciless torment of school bullies. “They won because he took his life,” she said.

It’s a chilling thought, to be sure. They reportedly picked on Lamar for years because of one reason — his small frame due to medical issues early in life. Hawkins says her boy was physically and emotionally abused at school. “Many students would just be downright cruel to him,” she told reporters.

In a few of the many attacks, he was allegedly pushed down the stairs, knocked out of his chair, and mocked at lunch.

It’s heartbreaking to know that your child is enduring this kind of treatment. Bullying is one of the biggest problems school children face. I know a lot of parents still find that hard to believe. In their mind, how could it be as bad as people say? But stories like that of Lamar are far too common to dismiss this as anything but a tragic epidemic.

Read more: http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/177241/teen_shot_himself_school_bullies

Five students in court for gouging colleague’s eye

Five form four students from Terige High School in Nandi were on Monday charged with gouging out the eye of their colleague.

Abednego Kipnyango, Abdiburhan Abdikadir, Denis Kipkemboi, Michael Kibet and David Kibet are accused for assaulting Collins Kiprop, a form one student, and causing actual bodily harm.

They appeared before Kapsabet senior principal magistrate Beatrice Mosiria and were charged that on June 19 at Terige High school, they assaulted Kiprob using a water pipe.

Witnesses narrated to the court how they were forced to kneel and whipped by the five. Kiprop, 16, lost his left eye as a result of the beating.