Nairobi reps blow Sh47 million in 90 days

The Nairobi government has spent Sh103.3 million on travel alone in three months.

Some Sh63.5 million was spent on domestic trips and Sh39.8 million on foreign travel. Nairobi MCAs have spent Sh47 million on foreign and domestic trips in three months.

According to the revenue and expenditure returns tabled in the county assembly, the MCAs have spent Sh13.8 million on domestic travel and Sh33.9 million on foreign trips. The MCAs have netted Sh35.3 million in sitting allowances in three months.

The MCAs have spent Sh7.3 million on training. Governor Evans Kidero’s office has spent Sh5.2 million on foreign travel and Sh4 million on domestic trips bringing the total sum to Sh9.2 million in three months.

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