Meet Maureen Kunga’s sister. Her beauty will leave team mafisi drooling

Maureen Kunga is known by many for her singing prowess and her beautiful looks which leave many dying to have a piece of her, something that will remain a dream.

The law graduate is a member of the Kenyan group Elani, together with Bryan Cheya and Wambui Ngugi.

The curvaceous Maureen is a true definition of beauty and brains given the fact that despite being in the limelight she has managed to create a  different career for herself as an advocate.


‘I was turned down from a job for being dark skinned’ – Cindy Ogana

She recently introduced her beautiful sister, in a TBT photo posted on her Instagram page, and we can’t help but notice how beautiful she is, an indication that beauty runs in her family.


Her fans could not believe it as well and were full praises on the two.


private19_ent..Double daamn! 🍾


mrnkinge…🔥 🔥 slay on queens!!

lsimbi…OMG.. Dang!! the sister!

You are about to get dumped if he/she does this…

lushmarasport…@maureenkunga ❤️❤️

beatricenjoroge…Wueh!!! Faya!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

pjumbo4…Naona tumaithoo tunafanana…supuu sanaa

jmavhaty…You are the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in years.

lastiefrank…R you twins ????lovly

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