First impressions! 6 main things women notice about men

It’s a proven fact that men and women both notice some traits in the opposite gender on their very first meeting.

First impressions matter and women seem to take this very seriously.

In fact, first impressions fall into place in the first few seconds of a conversation. So you only get one shot at at it and less than 30 seconds to impress.

Here are some of the things women notice on the first few minutes into a meet up.

1. Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is basically how you look. Do not go on a date with smelly socks, unkempt hair or dirty clothes.

This will send signals in the first few minutes into that date. Try to look good. It goes a long way.

If you do not put any effort in wanting to look good, neither will she try to impress you.

2. Attention focus/ personality

Your first few conversations with a lady will make a huge determinant in your personality traits.

Your sense of humor gives an impression of your attitude. Women like men who have the ability to laugh. Even better, when they make the woman laugh.

That instantly nets you points!

In the same sense, how he looks at you, gives compliments about how you look is a definite boost in the first impressions. If he is distracted by his phone then that is a red flag. Run to the hills.

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3. Attention to other people and how you treat them

All humans should be treated with respect and kindness. That is just how it should be until it is not.

How your partner treats other people is always important, is he self centered and not kind. All that makes an impression the first few minutes into knowing a person.

4. Grooming/ Appearance

Well, well, well.. If a lady tells you that your appearance does not matter, know that she is lying.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they said, but what goes together with it is how they dress, smell, how you keep your hair and everything in between.

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5. Manners

A man with no manners is highly unlikely to get any woman’s attention.

Small details like respect, greeting people, holding the elevator for her, letting ladies be first, are very likely to say more about you on a first date.

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 6. Level of confidence

Confidence is a definite plus for every woman. This is a character trait that every woman finds attractive in a man. In most cases a woman can gauge the level of confidence a man has in the first few minutes into a conversation.

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