Colonel Mustapha Is Caught In Another Love Triangle

Colonel Mustapha is not a new name in the entertainment industry, he is popularly known for his hit song ‘Lenga stress’. He was a member¬† of Deux Vultures, a music group that comprised of him and Nasty Thomas.



Apart from singing, Colonel features in a a reality show that airs weekly in a local TV station, and was rumored to be dating not one but two of the cast members. He is said to be giving rapper CMB Prezzo sleepless nights.

Moustapha is said to be stealing Prezzo’s girlfriends. This is months after he claimed to be in a relationship with Mitchell Yolla, who bitterly parted ways with Prezzo.



The Showbiz bad boy Mustapha is caught up yet in another love triangle, this time with another cast member Bridgit Achieng. Bridgit recently returned from Nigeria and announced that she was getting into music professionally. She choose Mustapha as her mentor and the two seem to be having a close relationship.

Mustapha is caught up in this love triangle considering the fact that he has a girlfriend who is not known to the public and has indicated he plans to settle down with. I guess we just have to wait and see because with Mustapha you don’t ask who is who, instead you ask who will be next to be added in his long list of girlfriends.