Kenyan celebrities who gave birth in 2018 (photos)

2018 came with blessings as some of the Kenyan celebrities were blessed with beautiful babies. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and as some mothers are experiencing it for the first time, others are adding to their brood.

Below are some of the celebrities who gave birth this year,

1. Janet Mbugua

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2. Maureen Waititu

3. Lilian Muli

4. Lulu Hassan

5. Mwanaisha Chidzuga

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6. Bridget Shighadi

7. Celestine Ndinda aka ‘wakavinye’

8. Diana Marua

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These are the Kenyan celebrities who have children together

It is a norm for celebrities to show off their spouse and children on social media, but these Kenyan celebrities like to keep it low when it comes to their relationship and extends to even posting their children.

1. Nick Mutuma and Bridget

Nick Mutuma is an actor who was part of the movie series shuga and the new movie disconnect, while Bridget Shigadi who is a fashion designer, model and an influencer. They are blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

2. Brenda Wairimu and Juliani

Brenda Wairimu is an actor and producer while Juliani is an artist. The two have been blessed with a baby girl.

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3. Amina Abdi Rabar and DJ John

Amina Abdi Rabar wears many hats in the entertainment industry, she is TV/Radio Presenter, Talk show host, Singer, MC  and Voice over artist. While her husband John Rabar better known to Kenyan youth as DJ John, is the CEO of Homeboyz Radio and one of the co-owners of this media empire. They have been blessed by a handsome baby boy.

4. Anne Kiguta and Jomo Gecaga
Anne Kiguta is a multi media producer & host famously seen on Citizen TV News while Jomo is the son of Udi and Jeni Wambui Gecaga (Uhuru’s older sister) making him the president’s nephew. The two have been blessed with twins.
Back in June for Fathers day, Ann surprised the world when she wished Jomo a happy fathers day, and he responded in a cheeky manner

annekigutaLol @jomogecaga I don’t think @mosesambani2 can be helped ???? ????but Kenyan parents we are to blame for calling each other mummy and daddy… ????????lizmaasai?

jomogecaga@annekiguta sorry then whose your Daddy ????

annekiguta@jomogecaga ????

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Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter

Recently Nick Mutuma sadly  narrated how he feel like a stranger to her daughter for the fact that she can’t seem to recognize him.

Dua is Mutuma’s daughter with his beautiful ex Bridget Shighadi and it is clear on why the cute little girl can’t seem to recognize daddy.

Nick Mutuma with his ex Bridget Shighadi

Here is his previous post

“Its been almost 4 months since I last saw Dua, and how I imagined our reunion was very different from the reality. I thought she’d see me, and think ‘hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’ and we would both smile and hug it out…


But I picked her up , and we had a little stare down which was followed by a complete breakdown…by her. I was/ am a stranger to her 😕 BUT we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. S/o all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present.”

Well it seems that his ex is doing a good job bringing up the little girl and here is her latest photo .

He  posted this beautiful photo with the caption and fans couldn’t help but compliment the girl.

“My little Eskimo is 5 months old today ❤️ God is good🙏🏿 #daddysgirl”


sand_drahWhy so beautiful😩😍😍😍😍😍
shilljshillOh my ovaries❤❤❤….She is beyond adorbs!
misskithinjiShe is too beautiful 😍😍 It was expected tho 😀kisses to the angel xoxo
kate_actressOmg 😍😍😍😍😍 hapo @bridgetshighadi alisaidia aki , waaah such a cutie congrats @nickmutuma
sharon_oojaOmggggg ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 im in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 omg @nickmutuma i want her😩😩😍
wlatnahcAdorable!!! @nickmutuma our munchkins are agemates! She’s such a gem.
nancyg_thegoldenbutterflyWow ..I had no idea,, she is cute!!
senayaaureliaShe is so cute,God is good
qharohAwww too cute for this unforgiving world

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