‘Help me give my mum an honorable send off!’ Bridget Achieng pleads after losing mother

It was with a heavy heart that Bridget Achieng broke the news to her fans about the loss of her mother and only parent.

Bridget expressed her pain and wrote on her Instagram account how she did not expect her mum to die as she was very hopeful. She wrote;

“It is with deep sorrow and extensive heart ache that i must accept the will of God. Dear Mama, Rest in Power. Truly heavy news to me and my family. Love you Mama Queen of my Heart
It is well… mum is like you where waiting to just see sekani?😭😭😭😭😭😭’

Bridget Achieng's mum

Bridget achieng’s late mum

“Thank you for everyone willing to help me. My mom really fought this sickness as hard as she could. We financed every hospital bill to our capacity. For all those asking why I didn’t put it out there, I knew she would get better and at times I saw hope and opted to do everything I could within my means and pocket. I was also carrying Sekani and gave birth by CS but somehow I managed by God’s grace. In short, I was caught up in so much and just kept it between me and my close friends and family. now am just asking for everyone who can help me give her an honourable send off, I’ll be delighted because the death was so sudden, I was not prepared honestly.”- bridget achieng

Our deepest an most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends.