Hell No!! Kenyan men reveal why they would never marry a socialite

For most socialites their racy photos online earned them likes, and followers on social media but for some the regrets are painful reminders of the life they lived.

Vera Sidika would be considered the ‘mother’ of socialites. She came to the limelight in 2012 after featuring in the song ‘You Guy’ by P-Unit.

After Vera came Huddah Monroe, Bridget Achieng, Risper Faith, Judy Anyango aka Jubolicious whose attempts at being a socialite failed miserably.

Vera however changed from being the dark-skinned girl next door to light skin, voluptuous lady thanks to surgery.



Apart from lightening her skin Vera did a boob job and a butt job. Speaking in a past interview Vera revealed that she regrets doing a boob job.

“I have had boob surgery before, years ago in Beverly Hills, California.

I paid a lot for the procedure.

Yes, it’s more expensive but worth it because you get qualified and certified surgeons with over 20 years’ experience.

Still, I am not proud of that decision anymore. Today, I regret the boob job.

Vera Sidika - Mpasho
Vera Sidika

In fact, I even want to get rid of them, all of you ladies rushing to Miami for surgery should learn to love yourselves.

If you must, Miami is not the place.

Hustle harder and go to Beverly Hills,”

Huddah has also in the past made her regrets clear, one of them being going for a boob job.”

The socialite recalled how she went into depression after being ridiculed for her small chest during her participation in the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2013.

‘I slept with my mother’s corpse for money, I now feel very bad’ Confesses Nigerian man

The videos of her breasts in a shower scene at the show went viral.

Huddah said she ended up going under the knife to transfer fat from her behind to her boobs so as to increase them in size.

“This is when I didn’t have tits, I succumbed to the pressure of society because I was under depression due to the videos of me in Big brother shower hour. 

Soooo I ended up getting fat transfer by reducing my butt to get fuller boobs ……………………………….

I wouldn’t tell anyone to do the same!

It’s still natural coz it’s my own fat, NO silicone but I will never advice anyone to go under the knife coz of what people think about their bodies.

Never make irrational decisions, wait until you are mature enough.

I was naive , young and stupid at that time. Love yourself! Experience is the best teacher! Learn some of these things from me…#THROWback “

Huddah Monroe
The socialite posing

Speaking in a past interview Huddah revealed that she regrets doing a boob job. I’m generally a nice person.

I regret all the nonsense.

All the social media drama and that is why I don’t do it anymore,”

Huddah  however is not the only socialite who has ever done things she regrets.

Former Nairobi D actress  Bridget Achieng has had her fair share of regrets with the major one being the fear that her son might grow up and see her nudes.

Bridget had in an interview with BBC said that she used to sleep with older men for money something she greatly regrets.

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At 25 years old, Bridget decided to try being a socialite and her life changed. Rich men would slide into her DM for her services and at the right price she would give in.

“I tried (the trade), I wouldn’t say I didn’t try.

You are a desperate girl looking for money and you are getting a guy who wants to give you like ten thousand dollar just to go visit him Dubai or wherever and he is willing to dash you 10,000$ (Ksh 1,000,000).


Ten thousand dollars some people have never seen 10 thousand dollars in their life man.

You just need to look pretty and get your 10,000 dollars and get on that flight and do what you have to do,’’ she narrated.

Bridget said she did because she was desperate

It’s something I tried when I was at my desperate moment. I had to do it to just get back up. It’s not something any woman should be proud of doing,’

Noti Flow

Noti Flow may not be a socialite but she is forever sharing nude photos on her social media platform.

Noti Flow
The rapper posing

Sasha Diva

The Nairobi D actress may not be a socialite but she has on a few occasions posted nudes on her social media.

Sasha Diva

Sasha may not have regrets but going by her caption she actually feels like her body is goals for other women hence the need to flaunt it.


We talked to a few men on whether they would date such a woman and below are their responses

*Tom said

I cannot marry such a woman.

There is an excitement that comes with undressing a woman yourself and that excitement is taken away when she posts nudes on social media.

*Jerry also added that he would never marry such a woman

I can never marry such a woman, I want my goods to be private only mine. There is no pride in marrying a woman who constantly posts nude photos.

Every one knows how she looks from the inside so she is no longer private but public property.

One man however said he would not mind marrying such a woman if the nudes or lifestyle she lives puts food on the table.

Another added provided she is not posting him he is good with whatever she posts.

‘If she has the qualities I am looking for in a woman, I would marry her provided she does not post photos of me or the kids.’

Would you marry a socialite or a woman who constantly posts photos on social media?

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Female celebs whose curves deserve an Oscar Award – List

More and more woman are striving to be skinny through workouts ,we take a look at Kenyan celebs who have learnt to embrace their curves.

1.Bridget Achieng

Bridget is an actress, a business woman and a mother but that has not stopped the damsel from looking like the perfect example of an ‘African queen’.

She has embraced her curves and is not shy to flaunt them whenever she gets a chance.

Bridget Achieng

2.Vera Sidika

Haters might be tempted to say that Vera’s curves are ‘fake’ but the fact remains that she looks damn good and most ladies wish they were in her.

wigs vera

Shock as the amputated body of a missing 6-year-old girl is found in a sack

3.Nica the Queen

Nicah  is a gospel artiste ,she is proof that

“A  woman without curves is like a road without bends.You may get to your destination quicker but your ride is boring as hell.”


Nicah the Queen

4.Sheila Mwanyigha

The TV host has proven that

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.It’s much sexier than any body part.

Sheila Mwanyigha

5.Joy Kendi

Joy is a Fashion/Beauty/Foodie/Lifestyle Content Creator.

Joy Kendi

6.Grace Msalame

Grace is a TV host and a mother of two (twin girls),So curvy is she that her photo was recently used in Uganda for their campaign #MissCurvyUganda.

Grace Msalame

7.Sheila Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka

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Here are the worst celebrity breakups in the year 2018

2018 has seen many celebrity relationships end for one reason or the other.

We take a look at some of the worst breakups we have seen in 2018.

People break up everyday but the list below has been termed the worst due to the publicity they attracted:

1. Zari

The mother of five broke up with Diamond Platnumz over what she termed as constant disrespect. She wrote


“Understand this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around In ALL SORTS of media in regards. Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond.

As my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY 8, WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made Individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.


I  continue to build as a mogul, I will Inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self respect means,unlike many.

I’ve been in the industry for 12 years and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner,and so are all of you Zari supporters.HAPPY VALENTINES.”

2. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The two broke up in what has been the most publicized relationship in the recent past.Vera opened up saying that Otile was using her for his own gains.

The last few weeks have seen the public entertained after the damsel leaked their conversations online even airing Otile’s wanting bedroom performance.

‘His ex sent me her photos full of bruises,’ Vera Sidika opens up about the red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown

verah and Otile Brown

3. Chipukeezy

He recently broke up with his fiancée of 3 years saying that they had both agreed it was the best for both of them. Talking to Classic 105, he said

“People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out.

We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata Mamba’, Chipukeezy opens up on why his relationship hit rock bottom

4. Bridget Achieng

The damsel, who is expectant with her first child, recently opened up on being left high and dry by her boyfriend while heavy with child, adding that he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

In an interview with SDE, she says

“He left when I was two months pregnant but God has been faithful. Rejection is one thing I can never wish for my worst enemies.
I can never harbour bitterness or hard felling on him. Everything happens for a reason. My baby will be great that’s for sure. It’s said that when you are with God the rest is a peanut.”

Bridget Achieng

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

5. Corazon Kwamboka

The curvaceous lady parted ways with her mzungu bae this year. Taking to her instagram she posted a long post on the reason for their breakup.

“I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy,”

After endless struggle and fights for little things because we were both agitated about everything coz we missed each other, we finally decided to quit.”she wrote.


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Bridget Achieng’s bodyguard Ericsson Likhanga is possibly the world’s scariest human being

Bridget Achieng is the voluptuous cast member in Nairobi who causes as many fights and drama as either Pendo or Mishi Dorah.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng. photo credit: instagram/Bridget Achieng

And when you tend to get into so many altercations, then you should have adequate security to take care of you, which she does.

And who might be the man responsible for such an arduous and risky venture as this? His name is Ericsson Likhanga. A huge man with a commitment to his job that is both admirable and commendable.

Bridget bodyguard
Bridget bodyguard

Ericsson is a former administration police officer who might look and be intimidating, but he is still a humble giant. he has been watching over Bridget Achieng the last 4 years. And they must have been dramatic, to say the least.

Ericsson on the left
Ericsson on the left

But Bridget isn’t the only star who has a committed bodyguard by her side. The one and the only Akothee has a fierce guard around her too.

Akothee bodyguard
Akothee bodyguard

Unlike many female celebrities who find it hard to control perverts at events and concerts, Akothee’s security detail is just as tight as that of Diamond Platnumz.

Akothee bodyguard
Akothee bodyguard

A requirement it seems of guarding one of this celebs is being BIG!

Akothee bodyguard

So for those aspiring to become a celeb bodyguard, chapa gym!

Ericsson in the gym
Ericsson in the gym

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng calls out fake people in EPIC rant

Bridgett Achieng, socialite and reality TV actress might just be going through a discovery phase or she just has a strong belief system. This is the part she discovers who’s real and who’s not. On Tuesday morning, the socialite took her feud online and ranted towards fake people.




Bridget is another socialite who has gone trough scrutiny for bleaching her skin. With claims that she spent roughly over three million shillings for it to be that ‘perfect’. It is still unknown whom she was talking about and what they did. However, the Nairobi diaries star is always involved in different scandals.

Bridget Achieng is still enjoying her holiday in Dubai and I’m guessing drama knows no boundaries.

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Random thoughts everyone has when watching Nairobi Diaries

Watching reality shows can be addictive and Kenyan reality shows are no different. Are you a Nairobi diaries fan? Last night our eyes were glued on k24 for Nairobi Diaries.

While the cast engaged in the usual beef, fans of the show were on social media, jotting down their thoughts. Find below random things everyone thinks when watching the girls do their thing.



Wololo! Kenyan Socialite Bridget Achieng Takes A HIV Test. The Results Totally Shocked Her (PHOTOS)

Kenyan socialite and reality TV show star Bridget Achieng has gone ahead to reveal her HIV status to the world.

The bootylicious lass is known for her dramatic and violent character on Nairobi Diaries, which also includes a lot of other female casts like rapper Notiflow, Risper Faith, Mishy Dora, Pendo and former Deux Vultures rapper, Mustafa.


Bridget Achieng was recently spotted with Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson in Dubai, where she had gone to celebrate her 28th birthday with other lady friends, and rumours started swirling around that she was sleeping with him.

She Ain’t Playing! Vera Sidika Brags About Her KSh 520,000 Handbag As She Takes Shots At Her Ex And Female Haters

Yommy Johnson and Vera broke up about 4 months ago, and a few weeks later, he allegedly leaked her nude photos, claims he denied, and later on, Vera revealed that he was actually violent and insecure when they dated.


When asked whether they have a thing, Yommy insisted that they were just good friends with Bridget, adding that he’s currently dating Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee.

“So I cannot have friends just because?? Please let this girl enjoy her birthday in peace, there are so many people who came to my party it’s only yommi you people can see?GOD take control.nothing is always Good in human beings eyes ….I don’t know what is wrong with people here,” Bridget ranted as she denied claims about hooking up with Yommy.


The TV girl is now back to Kenya, and to start off, she decided to go and get a HIV test. Bridget would, later on, reveal the results to the world, with a caption alongside a video that read;Let’s get married already.”

“So I just did my HIV test. I’m so happy I’m done with this, I was so scared. I’m good, good, good. These are my results, I am negative. Yeah. So now I’m going to be a good girl, and wait for my husband until death do us part, yes,” she revealed in a video she posted.

Check out the photos of Bridget’s results below.




She Ain’t Playing! Vera Sidika Brags About Her KSh 520,000 Handbag As She Takes Shots At Her Ex And Female Haters

Vera Sidika is not done with attacking his Nigerian ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson after she came out to reveal that he was physically abusing her when they were dating a few months back.

But now, 4 months after their nasty break up, the two are still on each other’s neck more so after Yommy was accused of leaking her nude photos, claims he has vehemently denied.


Recently, Yommy Johns came out to reveal that Vera had aborted his child and had even been unfaithful to him with other Nigerian men, claims that Vera couldn’t help but laugh about, confessing that she can’t get pregnant because she has a family planning implant.

Who’s Fooling Who? Vera Sidika’s Ex Boyfriend Claims She ABORTED His Child And CHEATED With Other Nigerian Men

Vera’s ex also denied rumours that he’s sleeping with Kenyan socialite Bridget Achieng, after they were spotted together in Dubai during her birthday, getting cozy.

kizayomi2 (1)

However, he made it clear that he’s happily dating Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee.

But Vera Sidika still insists that the man was violent and is still obsessed with her, that’s why he can’t stop talking about her, and now, she has decided to throw shade on her female haters too.

Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)


She shared a photo of a new Gucci bag, which costs a whopping KSh 520,000 and she has no apologies, as she attacked girls who hate on her, with this post;

My Chanel bag cost me £3,990 – $5,200 Ksh 520,00 10 Million Tanzania shillings, about 1.8 Million Naira – and ul come and tell me some girls r hating. Why won’t they? I’d hate on me too if I were them. 

Who could she be talking about? Huddah, Bridget Achieng or just those who have been attacking her online. Check out the costly bag below.




Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)

It looks like Vera Sidika’s woes with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yommy Johns, are not over, as the two are still going after each other’s necks.

This time around, the bootylicious socialite is accusing the former lover of trying to use her name for fame, after she was tipped off that he was trying to get an interview with a Kenyan journalist, to give dirt about her.


Vera Sidika has been globe trotting in the last couple of weeks, after she exposed the violent Nigerian man, accusing him of beating her up, claims he vehemently denied.

‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims That She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

This came about after Nude photos of Vera were leaked online and from her side of the story, Yommy was the only one who was in possession of the pictures, allegations he still denied, saying that he never had her nudes.

Well, a few weeks on, and the two are back at their drama. Recently, Yommy was spotted with another Kenyan socialite by the name Bridget Achieng, while she was in Dubai for her birthday.


The Nairobi Diaries cast however made it clear that there’s nothing going on between them, after fans came out to attack her for sleeping with Vera’s ex.

Now, Vera has come to take shots and insult her ex-boyfriend after she found out that he tried to give a scoop about her to a Kenyan media personality but her friends informed her in advance.

We all know you want fame so bad you gotta dig it out by all means possible. Carry on! Don’t worry 1 day you’ll have your own name instead of walking in someone else’s shadow, carry on, continue lying.


Vera was so pissed off and went on to blast the flamboyant man; “I swear I’m just at the mall laughing so hard at all these lies and media is my friend, they will definitely call me and tell me coz I’m their Kenyan sister. Fame desperation in s real. I’m out here living lavish, catching flights, not feelings.”

‘He Insisted I Should Abort The Baby’ Vera Sidika Emotionally Narrates How HEARTLESS Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend Was (SCREENSHOTS)

Check out the screenshots below as Vera goes in on her ex Nigerian boo.