“The nvde video was doctored” Bridget Achieng on claims she uses bodyshapers

It seems that this has been the week of popular public figures being exposed. Bridget Achieng is one of the celebrities who has had to suffer the ignominy of having her nvde video leaked online.

The short clip was released by a lady friend who had a vendetta with the mother of one prompting some to ask what had happened to the concept of the sisterhood in this case.

While some praised what they saw in the video, some weren’t as kind and shamed Bridget for how her body looked.

And as is the norm, the negative sentiment is what trended online with the former Nairobi Dairies star having to speak on the difference between the body we see of her on Instagram and what we saw of her in the video.

“Maybe he is destined for something else” Bridget Achieng sells sons IG

Bridget was put to task by one of her followers on her Instagram page asking her what type of corset she wears? “No shade bt I would love to know what type of shapewear you use.”

Bridget’s answer wasn’t what many expected with the socialite saying that the nude video had apparently been doctored since, in real life, she doesn’t look anything near the viral video.  “My dear if you see me in real life you won’t ask me that question. That was a doctored video of me,” she wrote.

Bridget Achieng screenshot

But was that response sufficient for all? Nope! It wasn’t for some who called Bridget out encouraging mothers to love their bodies especially after having kids.

Read some of the comments below;

Bridget Achieng screenshot 2

Bridget Achieng screenshot 3


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“Maybe he is destined for something else” Bridget Achieng sells sons IG

Bridget Achieng has been trending for the better part of last and this week.

So Edgar Obare got some tea from one of his sources who leaked to him some very personal videos of Bridget’s nVdes and this did not make her happy.

“I have been subjected to mental and psychological torture by the blackmailers who are working tirelessly to tarnish my name.” She responded to the videos

With all this going on, it weighed her down emotionally and she decided she does not want to make her son go through the same.

Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani
Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani

Taking to her Insta-stories, she said that she doesn’t want her son to be bullied and she wants to sell his Instagram account to protect her son.

“Good Morning guys I have been going through a lot and it made me think hard about a lot of things like if, one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been, I will not be able to forgive myself that’s why I will protect him at all cost.

I don’t want him to blame me for bringing him to the limelight and maybe he is destined for something else. When he is old enough to decide for himself if he wants to be on social media, I will allow him to do so, until then he is not going to have an IG account, so guys am selling his Instagram account that is at 33.8K followers. If interested send me a DM” Bridget Achieng said.

Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani
Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani

Akothee, who is an advocate for women and their boldness, came in full support of Bridget. More so against friends who want to bring other women down.

“By the way, I am very sad about how women handle their fellow women. I don’t trust any woman around me with her phone in her hands. Why would your fellow women record you secretly while dressing up? What’s their mission what the hell? Last week I had a friend in my room and all of a sudden, her flash camera was on, she player like she was typing something. Women/Woman.”  Akothee said

Throughout the week, Bridget has been all over emotionally. She has cried, she has called out, she has tried to defend herself to a point things get abusive. It has been a frustrating time for her.

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Bridget Achieng comes clean on claims she used witchcraft to get her money

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng is one of the few socialites who launched herself with the show and made a name for herself outside the show.

She parlayed the success by becoming an entrepreneur hosting the highly successful and controversial NaiFest that grabbed headlines the past few years.

Other than that, the mother of one also runs a real estate firm that rents out Airbnb. Her success has raised some eyebrows so much so that their claims swirling around that she practices witchcraft to get more and more money.

It all started when the socialite took to Instagram and asked her fans to tell her the craziest things they have ever heard about her in a Q&A session.

I became a millionaire at 19! Bridget Achieng finally discloses

That’s when one ventured to ask whether the word on the street that Bridget uses ”juju” to make money is true.

”That you use juju to get money?” the fan posed. In a quick rejoinder, Bridget said she is used to the accusations and that they no longer give her sleepless nights.

”If they do not say you are a h*e or you are using juju you haven’t made it yet. Nishazoea,” Bridget wrote.

This comes months after she was entangled in a nasty scandal in which she was accused of covering up the murder of a teen who had attended her NaiFest event at the Ngong Race Course.

After that, quite a number of people on social media claimed the socialite had sacrificed the teen using witchcraft so as to keep thriving in business and life.

Amber Ray is another socialite who was recently accused of practicing witchcraft in order to snare the affections of her current man, Jimal Rohosafi.

There were claims that she had used juju on the wealthy businessman to become his second wife, something she denied.

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I became a millionaire at 19! Bridget Achieng finally discloses

When someone thinks about Bridget Achieng right now, one cannot forget to inevitably add the name of gospel singer Ringtone.

That’s because of the storm that she raised a few weeks back after claiming that the “Pamela” singer had raped her and 6 other women.

6 more girls also suffered! Bridget Achieng ramps up allegations against Ringtone

But while that might predominate people’s thoughts when they think of her, Bridget herself is in a different mode-that of helping and guiding young ladies and girls.

In a recent Q and A, the mother of one let slip that she had become a millionaire at the age of 19, beating fellow socialite Amber Ray’s record by 7 whole years!

Bridget Achieng screenshot

The socialite who has in the past spoken about her humble upbringing in the slums of Kibera where she struggled to make ends meet as a house help, urged women to seek multiple streams of income.

Bridget Achieng screenshot 5

The curvy socialite used to live in a Ksh 1200 house before making it years later as an entrepreneur.

She has even started her own online school aimed at teaching women how to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence.

Bridget Achieng screenshot 2

After one fan asked whether she had a sugar daddy, the canny plus-size former Nairobi Diaries star said that she was the one who was the sugar daddy!

Bridget Achieng screenshot 4

And was she dating, one fan asked? Her response is still a mystery to me. She wrote back;

Bridget Achieng screenshot 3


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Video emerges of barefoot and handcuffed Ringtone being arrested

A video clip has emerged allegedly showing the arrest of musician Ringtone Apoko by the police. In the video that has trended online, 3 policemen can be seen arresting Mr. Apoko who tries to resist. The cops are unrelenting and end up carrying the unwilling participant to the back of their car.

A handcuffed and barefoot Ringtone can be seen lying in the boot of the car after the cops are done with him. Kenyans on social media were divided on whether the video was authentic or was another publicity stunt by the “Kula Mawe” who is well-known for loving the theatrics.

The ones who were convinced of the video’s validity questioned how a man could be arrested on the basis of hearsay and word of mouth alone?

This sentiment is of course directed at the recent war of words between Ringtone and Bridget Achieng. The past week Bridget has been alleging that the singer not only raped her but that he had a case to answer to 6 more women that she knew of.

As I was on the couch waiting for the producer he closed the door and grabbed me and pinned me down and that is how the assault happened. I went to Westland’s police station and tried to report just the way I was, So there was no money involved I was just a young girl chasing her dream,” Bridget recalled.

The singer has maintained his innocence calling out the former socilaite for clout-chasing.

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6 more girls also suffered! Bridget Achieng ramps up allegations against Ringtone

The war of words between socialite Bridget Achieng and Ringtone doesn’t seem to be abetting any time soon. First off, a little back story.

Bridget had earlier in the week claimed that she had been raped by gospel artist Ringtone a few years ago, something that the singer quickly shut down, saying that she was clout-chasing.

His viewpoint was echoed by some people online who asked how she had been able to keep quiet with the news for the past 7 years?

Ringtone even insulted Miss Achieng by calling her a “fat cow” while dismissing the claims of raping her and says that this was just a means of spoiling his name.

Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

But the mother of one is tenacious and has refused to be relegated to mere clout-chaser.

In fact, she came out with more information concerning the particular date when the alleged assault occurred.

She claims she met him in church after he approached her and praised her for her good singing.

He later invited her to his house to record there; claiming he had a recording studio in his house.

”We were seated on the couch. We were waiting for the producer… And he locked the door, went with the key. All of a sudden the man came back and was just talking to me. All of a sudden he just grabbed me. The next thing I knew I was down and the rest is history…”

That wasn’t the worst part. She also alleged that he had done the same to 6 more girls! And guess what Ringtone’s response has been to the new allegation?

He posted a video clip of himself singing his popular 2020 song, “Zoea Mawe”.

The gist of the song is about how the Christian life is tough and one should be ready for mud-slinging as the Lord promotes them.

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Ringtone finally responds to Bridget Achieng after she accused him of s3xual assault

Singer Ringtone Apoko is in under the kosh at the moment. The reason for that is the accusations that former socialite Bridget Achieng accused him of sexual assault.

Bridget dropped the bombshell allegation this past Monday stating that he had s3xually harassed her a few years ago, but she didn’t have the courage to talk about the ordeal until this week.

Achieng alleged at that the time, Ringtone had invited her to his house in Westlands and took advantage of her, saying nothing could be done to him.

“I travel around the world and I don’t see other countries justifying rape the way our men go out there and they start justifying rape. It’s not funny… Right now someone’s daughter is lying critically ill in the hospital but men are going live to spit nonsense… I’m coming in as somebody who has been in the same situation in my life.”


“I went out to meet this man Ringtone. And I put my life in Ringtone’s arm, thinking this man is going to help in my career as a musician and as a choir girl. He told me, come to my house. And this man took advantage of me. I’ve never talked about it…” said Bridget Achieng.

But as many of you know, Mr. Apoko isn’t a man scared of meeting any accusation or insinuation head-on, in fact he loves starting fights.

In his response, Ringtone called out Bridget and asked her to stop chasing clout using his name. He said that in his time in the industry, a lot of people cancelled him in the music industry on different grounds, but he has remained relevant by the grace of the God he serves.

“…Kijana wa Yesu nimsafi, Kijana wa Yesu ako na class. Kijana wa Yesu niko na standard, sometimes msinilinganishe na vitu sijui zinakaa aje. Mimi ni Kijan wa Yesu, ingekuwa ni kwa sababu yenu nyinyi ambapo mnaniongea ningekuwa nilikufa nikasahaulika. Lakini Mungu amewazidi akili…hamnigusi niko na Baba” said Ringtone in part.

Watch his sarcastic response that is full of bravado and chest-thumping below:

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Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

Bridget Achieng is one woman who will not allow negativity or trolling to take her down. Her last Naifest event opened the floodgates of criticism after a boy died at the event.

In a recent interview with me, Bridget explained how tough it was to be in the events industry as a woman and how she was being treated differently to how violent political rallies are viewed.

“That kid dying on my event was not even on me. Like it was an event, I can’t be able to take care of 15k people all by myself, even people coming to my event have to take the initiative to take care of themselves.”


“Not to drink too much for your phone to get lost, we are all grown-ups. If this was a rally with the political bigwigs and somebody died nobody would have spoken about it. It wouldn’t even have reached TV but a young woman who is trying to make ends meet, everyone is trying to pull her down, her name is so easy to mention that everybody would mention my name.”

She then went on to confirm the bias that she has faced as a trailblazing lady in the events industry,

“Something like that never gets to the limelight. No one will talk about it cause men have power over women in Africa and these people dominate the industry, I am just the one percent that is there. I have suffered a lot in this industry. Like this past week, some people lied to my new marketers that I pay peanuts and they should go and tell a tabloid about it. If you read the conversations that have been put on this tabloid and you are a smart person you will know that this is a lie.”

Bridget complained that people tended to focus more on the negative than on the positive.

“People don’t talk about the transition I took from being a socialite to being a mother to being one of the top entrepreneurs in Kenya. They don’t know that transition isn’t easy and I am a single mother. As much as me and my baby daddy are cool, we buddies, he takes care of his son, I take care of my end. Still, I am a single mother,  I am not married to that guy.”

Finishing off by saying that she perseveres because she owes alot to those people who depend on her, “There are so many things that I have to do. I am mother and dad to my son, I have to be a sister, auntie to other people and I still have to be out here and be an artist to my fan base. And still have to be an entrepreneur. It’s not easy.”

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I am not lucky with friends – Bridget Achieng speaks on her support system

Bridget Achieng has faced a lot since she branched into the events organizing side of the entertainment scene. One does wonder how such a popular figure is able to handle the press and the stress of public life?

I asked that question recently and she revealed that she had an extensive support system that helped whenever things were thick and she was under attack.

She said, “My personal assistant is one of the people I turn to, we might fight a lot but she will be with me even if I don’t have a shilling.”

Adding that she had not been lucky in life getting friends. “I am not lucky with friends. The friends I get, either they want to be me, they want to ‘know’ me or they want what I have. But I am very lucky that the workers I have been my strong support system and not because I pay them.”

She said that even the lady who took care of her son is part of her support system. “Even the person who takes care of my kid is part of my support system. My sister Catherine Otieno, my grandparents and my aunties are part of that support system. You know that we are orphans but they are always there for me. My family and workers stand by me and they believe in my dream.”

And does she believe in God in her day-to-day life?

“Of course at the end of the day, I am all about GOD. Even check the way I write my captions on Instagram. Without God I can’t do anything. Sometimes all I can do is pray. I don’t have the money but I know that with God I don’t have to go with money, you just go with you needs to him. With human beings, you need to have money but with God you don’t need money.”

Going further she said that it was easy to go to the Most-High. “I just go with my voice and with my cry, my pressure and he will be able to take it. I also think that when you are an orphan that there is more grace that God gives and extra angels to protect you. We have lost two parents who were like angels to us, so I think that God gave us back real angels for the ones that left us.”

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It will be the first event with CCTV! Lessons Bridget Achieng learnt from previous Naifest

Bridget Achieng suffered a lot in 2020, especially as far as her reputation goes. This happened after the now-infamous Naifest event that was noted because of the death of a certain young man.

The event earned her a lot of controversial press and could have killed any future Naifest concerts were it not for the indomitable Bridget.

Miss Achieng will be hosting another one this August and said that she has learnt a lot from the previous event. She told me;

“This time I have already known that security is one of the most important things. I have people who will be on standby if the numbers are big. I also have CIDs who will be on the ground to check out on the kids and whatever goes on during the event.”

I spend 100k every month on his insurance – Bridget Achieng says about son (exclusive)


“I have paid the best security company in Kenya. I have ordered for cameras from China and they are already here. I think that is the most I can do to protect Kenyans. I think that this will be the first event in Kenya with CCTV cameras. Because if we saw what happened to Shanty from the beginning we would have known what happened to him.”

She said that because the previous event lacked CCTV cameras, it was hard to find out what exactly had happened. “Because there were no CCTV cameras it was so quick for my bouncers to be charged after they kicked him out.”

She said that she had also learnt how to deal with artistes, saying that she now pays them long before the concert and makes sure that contracts are signed.

“I get artists, who might not speak to me in a week’s time. So I make sure I pay them and that contracts are signed. The reason Reekado Banks didn’t perform is that someone lied to him that I would pay him with fake money.”

She finished off by promising that this concert will be bigger and better than before.

“This is my phase 3, everything will be bigger and better. It will be in the first week of August and I am bringing a very big artiste. In fact, it will be two international acts on one stage, something that hasn’t been done in Kenya.”

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“I have a baby to feed!” Bridget Achieng on her never-give-up attitude since Naifest controversy

Bridget Achieng was one of the few celebrities who had a rough and tough end of 2020 and all because of a sad and mysterious death that took place at her Naifest event.

The mother of one was vilified online with nary a word of support for the Nairobi Diaries actress. But it seems that despite the vitriol and hate online, Bridget is rising like the proverbial phoenix.

So how did she do it? This writer asked her “You are running Naifest again. What type of mental energy did you use to go back to a project that has caused you so much stress in the past? What is your secret?

She replied, “Just because your business burnt down it doesn’t mean you stop working. There are things that happen that are beyond your capabilities as a human being. I am those people who don’t give up. At the end of the day, I have a baby to feed, I have bills to pay, I have workers pay. According to Kenyan law or how the story unfolded, I wasn’t found guilty.”

She also spoke about how the media treats her since the news came out. “I am not going to go deep in that topic and I don’t speak to tabloids anymore cause many are quick to post without confirming whether it is true or false.”

Adding, “For me as an entrepreneur you can’t afford to give up or look down upon yourself, you take the bad and you turn it into good.”

The former socialite then went on to explain some of the unknown intricacies that affected the controversial Naifest event late last year.

“All I know is that last time there was a bigger crowd than we all expected. 5k tickets were bought online, 10k tickets were bought at the gate. And there were still people we locked out the gate as our security couldn’t handle. At 6 or 7 there is no way you can hire security to come and do reinforcements.

She said that it was funny that people will never praise her even when she does good.

“The funny thing is that people don’t talk about the good things a person has done. They just wait for something bad to happen. I have never seen bloggers speak about the good initiatives I am doing, like I have a children’s home in Kibera of about 50-80 kids. No one talks about that.”

She ended by saying that she had learnt to deal with all the negative press, saying, “I am now used to the negative press. Also being a woman in a male-dominated industry, it’s not easy for me.  I am fought from all corners.”

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I spend 100k every month on his insurance – Bridget Achieng says about son (exclusive)

Bridget Achieng was blessed with a baby boy in February 2019. The former socialite has been over the moon since the birth of her pride and joy Sekani Rich.

In a recent interview with the curvaceous business-lady spoke about her son and the influence he had had on her since his birth.

He has changed me. Before I do anything I have to think about him. I am mom and dad at the same time. You know I am an orphan at the moment. I lost my mom when I was giving birth to Sekani.

He had also influenced how she used her money.

“Right now I am controlling the money I make better. I didn’t know I would be able to hold a festival that held 10,000 people. This boy has made me become a better version of myself.”


“I spend a thousand dollars a month on his cover. If I die today and God forbid, my son is taken care of for the rest of his life. That is how you show as a parent that you love your kid. You secure their future. My son was been rated one of the best-dressed kids in East Africa.”

And what did she think of getting other siblings for Sekani?

You don’t know how strong you are until strong is all you have left. For me, if I get 2 or 3 more kids, I will be able to handle it well. Even if it from different fathers, I will take care of them and make sure that they know their fathers. I can’t tame a man and I also don’t want a man I can seat on.

View this post on Instagram

@sekani_rich_ , my son, You are indeed a blessing, You are my sun, That brightens the dullest of my days, I know I have curves, But you add to my life a special curve, That set’s my heart straight, That’s a smile, That will live stretching from year to year, Its true I carried you physically for nine months in me, But you will live forever in my heart, You are the sole reminder, that my soul is not alone, Your joy will be mine too, Your well being will be mine too, As you always move me by the look in your eyes, So son, shine while its still your time to. ©Toonhood MUA @s_potless Dressed by @africanfabricanddesignske Lens @alekograph_ Birthday countdown start today february was one of my blessed month, 4 days to my most treasured gift in the world #kente #ghanaculture #africanculture#motherandsun#birthdayloading#ourroots #babymodel#febbabies #asoebi #ourrichafricanculture #ghanahopewedidjustice #kentevibes

A post shared by Lucy Achieng Okoth (@bridgetachieng) on

And how was her baby daddy’s relationship with his son? She said that while she might not be on the best of terms with him, that that didn’t influence her decision to allow him to be in Sekani’s life.

Even if Sekani’s dad was trying to come back it just didn’t work out, I still felt the trauma. I just felt that he could leave the same way he did the first time. Yes, he is trying but we aren’t there yet. When someone is trying you have to give them credit. He wants to be in his son’s life. I don’t want any drama.

Finishing by adding, “That’s what single mom’s forget-that your child deserves to have a relationship with their father, especially if he is a bad boy. Cause when he is older he will want to know his roots. It’s not about me at the moment but for the boy.”

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Oh Really? Tanasha blasts Bridget Achieng amidst flopped press briefing

Things are not good for Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna. Socialite Bridget has touched a raw nerve in Tanasha after suggesting that the reason Diamond Platnumz dumped her was because she was difficult.

Weuh, and who is Miss Donna to keep quiet? She swiftly reacted to the insane rumor, taking a dig at Bridget and other tabloid rumors about her.

She addressed haters in a short mocking paragraph, denying the rumors made by Bridget about a last minute cancellation to perform at the Naifest, a concert Bridget organized. According to Bridget, this threw plans for a successful event into disarray.

Jowie lied about our breakup – Jacque Maribe slams ex fiancé

There were also allegations that Miss Donna’s Kenyan press conference on Thursday flopped after only three reporters showed up for the much hyped affair.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

According to Bridget, their oral agreement was that Tanasha would perform at the show on the condition that Miss Achieng would pay her airfare to Nigeria while also introducing her to some of the big people she knows.

But things started to unravel a few days to the concert with Bridget claiming that Tanasha demanded for a down payment going against their original sentiment of helping each other as women.

Read the full story below

…this is why Diamond isn’t with you…Bridget Achieng on what she wanted to tell Tanasha

Tanasha’s response was an emphatic “Oh Really” comment.

She added that “When my die hards who truly know me read the BS they see online”.

Whew chile, vuteni stools.

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…this is why Diamond isn’t with you…Bridget Achieng on what she wanted to tell Tanasha

Bridget Achieng has been under the cosh the past two weeks after the death of a 17-year-old teen during the Naifest concert, a show that she organized.

Speaking last week after being accused of the murder of 17-year-old Shanty; Bridget held a candid interview on Jalang’o TV with Ngina – where she distanced herself from the rumours as she insists that the boy passed on while at the hospital.


But that wasn’t the biggest bombshell that she dropped during the interview-that she didn’t want Tanasha Donna in the line-up of the show but agreed to it as they both had a lot in common.

I spend 100k every month on his insurance – Bridget Achieng says about son (exclusive)

She also explained why one of the top-billed performers hadn’t taken the stage on that fateful day, saying that Tanasha had just changed her mind about performing at Naifest just a few days prior to the event: despite the two having had an agreement.

According to Bridget, their oral agreement was that Tanasha would perform at the show on the condition that Miss Achieng would pay her airfare to Nigeria while also introducing her to some of the big people she knows.

But things started to unravel a few days to the concert with Bridget claiming that Tanasha demanded for a down payment going against their original sentiment of helping each other as women.


This incident has so upset Bridget that she nearly threw shade at Tanasha using her failed relationship with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

‘It got so bad that I nearly told her, “Maybe this is why Diamond left you” but I didn’t. I respect Tanasha,’ Bridget told the interviewer.

Watch her speak about Tanasha below;

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Bridget Achieng speaks candidly about Risper Faith’s liposuction (Exclusive)

Bridget Achieng is not a lady who is a shrinking violet. The popular socialite-cum-business lady recently spoke to me about one of her great friends, Risper Faith.

Risper for those of you who aren’t aware underwent liposuction to deal with the excessive weight in her abdomen, something she revealed last week.

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Wacheni nikaringe manake nimeteseka kunona siku mingi Pictures by @paulpichaz Body by @bodybydesignkenya

A post shared by Risper Faith -Njunge (@ladyrisper) on

Bridget said that she understood where her friend’s motivations were coming from and was happy for her. But she stated that she herself wouldn’t do it as she answers only to herself.

She called me the other day about it. You know we are very tight, you know motherhood and all. We talk, if she doesn’t know something she will ask me as I am a single mom who makes decisions for herself. For her she is in a partnership with her husband and so all her decisions have to be made with him. When you are married you can’t make a decision by yourself. Risper can’t just wake up and go.

She added,

Me I can leave the house at 12 midnight and no one will ask me sh!t. She called me about what was going on a few days ago…Risper is my girl but at the moment I am not in that place in my life. Me I am yoloing, nobody is asking me why have you added weight. 

But Bridget was quick to give support her homegirl saying,

But I am happy for her. At least she is comfortable. Brian is a nice guy. He has changed Risper a lot. I understand the risk she went through going for that procedure. There are potential side-effects that people don’t tell you about, that you will forever have and you know that she is a CS mom like me. So at any point, there is no time she will 100%. But I understand. She wants to be sexy mama milf. Hahaha!

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Foto Moto was shot in one of my houses – Bridget Achieng reveals successful hustles (exclusive)

Bridget Achieng made her name on the infamous but popular show, Nairobi Diaries. She has since become a reputable member of Kenyan society with the loud and proud lady showing a new side of herself since she was blessed with a baby boy nearly two years ago.

Since then, she has grown in leaps and bounds with one of the most fascinating aspects of her being her business nous. Just last year, Bridget launched the highly successful Nairobifest, a concert which will be running again this weekend.

I recently interviewed the opinionated light-skinned lady on how her 2020 had been. She answered that she was doing OK since she had multiple businesses that were supporting her.

“I know that it has been a rollercoaster for most people but for me I am just thanking God that I had 5 businesses going and I was able to survive. I have 0ver 50 workers in the various businesses that I am running. For Naifest, this is the second edition and we have sold over 6k tickets!” she enthused.

She went on to add, “One of my businesses is in operating furnished apartments. When things weren’t working out on my events business, at least I was able to survive. With this Corona many men were tired of staying with their wives and stayed at the apartments that I rent.”

Bridget Achieng checks herself into hospital after exhaustion

She did so well during the pandemic that she was fully booked during the period. “I was fully booked during corona. In fact, the popular song, Foto Moto was filmed at one of my houses. Every time I furnish a new house I call a celeb to come and film there.”

View this post on Instagram

Happy MASHUJAA day Dial a ticket *229*89# @mticketsofficial Tickets are on sale, #mashujaaday #twendenaifest

A post shared by Lucy Achieng Okoth (@bridgetachieng) on

She finished by explaining why she had had to diversify in such a way. “This celeb life doesn’t pay and so a person has to be very smart with their businesses. Right now I am focusing on my son and my businesses.”

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Bridget Achieng speaks for the first time on her relationship with her baby daddy (exclusive)

Bridget Achieng has lived a life that would make great memoir material if she ever decides to write one in the future. The mother of one has seen a lot and one of those areas is in her relationships.

In a recent interview I had with her, the voluptuous lady spoke about how she views relationships at the moment, saying;

When I was last in a relationship my heart was torn into pieces.  I don’t want to be in an entanglement. I have accepted the way the world works. I have accepted if I get it then fine. That if there is that one guy that maybe God has for me, maybe but I don’t want to kill myself for that.

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She also explained that dating today is very different from how it was in the past;

This era isn’t the same as one of our parents. People don’t sacrifice together anymore. People are getting tired of each other so quickly. The relationships aren’t like the one my mom and dad had in the past. Relationships are scam. Love is overrated.


You want a relationship like the one your parents had but your partner might not want that. I decided that God has blessed me, I have a few things here and there, I get a good guy, I like him, we get a kid and I move on. 

Bridget also explained how her relationship with her baby daddy was going on at the moment;

Even if Sekani’s dad was trying to come back it just didn’t work out, I still felt the trauma. I just felt that he could leave the same way he did the first time. Yes, he is trying but we aren’t there yet. When someone is trying you have to give them credit. He wants to be in his son’s life. I don’t want any drama.

She finished off by explaining what it would take to date her, telling me; ‘I am a strong woman, the man has to be twice. Getting that isn’t easy. The other day my friend told me, “This guy likes you but he is scared.” Like why is he scared. Because he can’t handle me. I am at a peaceful place.’

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Bridget Achieng checks herself into hospital after exhaustion


Bridget Achieng is being treated for fatigue, according to a confession she admitted to recently.

She hinted that things are not okay with her body, after overworking, leading to fatigue and hospitalization.


“Enyewe mwili haina spare parts now it’s when its dawned on me…..but life can be unfair” Bridget posted

She indicated that she will take a break from work and will handover to her PA. She is praying and asking fans and followers to pray for her during her recovery period.

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Motherhood has taught Bridget it is not a walk in the park but she is slowly managing it.

“Been overworking to make sure bills are paid any baby got the life I want for him as his mum and dad pray for me. Fatigue is nothing to joke with will be checking my self in hospital I pray I get better for the ones who love and support me. My PA will take it from here till I get enough bed rest. One thing is for sure motherhood ain’t a Walk in the park. my kids at the home…God will” Bridget posted.


She is planning to host the next NaiFest concert soon.

From Classic 105 is get well soon Bridget.

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