‘Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag’ Huddah advises

We are living in a world where women would rather bring children into the world without fathers and be okay with it. In today’s era, most women would rather seduce a rich man, get impregnated by them in order to get financial support from the acclaimed baby daddy.

Thinking its the easiest way out of poverty, many women have opted for this type of arrangement, only for them to be left high and dry. Take the incidence of Bridget Achieng, Nairobi’s socialite who was dumped by her Nigerian boyfriend after she told him she was carrying her child. The man, threatened her with abortion or he would walk away from her life for good. Thinking that she could out smart a Nigerian man, by keeping the baby and ask for child support from the man, that’s where she failed the test.



The man disappeared on her in thin air. There was a point the socialite went to Nigeria and stayed for weeks in the search of her baby daddy for support in bringing up the baby, knowing how having a baby in this tough economic times isn’t easy but her efforts bore no fruits.

Angered and left with no choice, she flew back home to face the reality that she will be a single mother, fending for her baby without the help of her baby daddy.

‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months’ – Huddah claims

Hence, why Huddah Monroe advises the ladies, that these days, getting a baby to secure the bag is utter nonsense. She asks, what if the first bag is empty? Will you go out to get 10 children with 10 different men just to get that coin without working for it? Later on, you have 10 children that you can barely take care of only because sweet words were whispered into your ears by these men. Women it’s time you open your eyes and shine them bright.


Huddah Monroes Instagram posts
Huddah Monroes Instagram posts

The petite lass goes on to say that, such reasons is why she is not ready to get kids without a fatherly figure in their lives. She adds and says that the society is messed if you think that bringing up children without a fatherly figure in their lives is a good deed. Ladies, it doesn’t matter whether your man is a cheat or not but your children need a fatherly figure present in the household.

IMG-8841Ladies, do not sell your selves short. As Huddah advises and I conquer with her as a man that y’all are the bag, secure yourselves first!

She writes, ” Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag.”

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