Madness as bride shows up for her wedding in a coffin (video)

It seems that more couples are aiming to make their weddings as unique as possible and thus more memorable. One bride made her wedding so bizarre that many on Twitter were left scratching their heads.

This scene is seen in an undated video, shared on Twitter by @ Postsubman with the caption,

“Bride arrives at her wedding in a coffin.”

The bride, who is clad in a shiny golden gown, finally makes her appearance when the white coffin is opened by an unknown man with guests cheering and clapping.

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The crowd keeps cheering at the bride who is clearly very happy. The identity of the bride and groom remains unclear. Watch the video below;

– Bride arrives her wedding in a

— Postsubman (@Postsubman) November 16, 2019

Below are some reactions from Kenyans about the video;

MAAZI ‘LyonS 🦁👑 At a point, I expected thunder to strike her so she could be dead for real. This is sick

R∀GNAR❍K “Till death do us part” ???Nah. “Even in death, we parteth not”

MRMAN 🔊 It’s a lie, I am done . I no marry again ooo

J Cole’s birthday mate😁 And they re screaming and clapping 🤦

Alhaji kez Mad

Ira She just put “over my dead body will I marry him ” into actions




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Tragic: Bride dies on honeymoon just six days after wedding

The devastated family of a bride who died six days after her wedding have revealed their pain at still not knowing what happened to her.

Nicola Spencer, 42, project coordinator for charity the Shelter Project Hounslow, left the UK for the Canary Islands on September 11 last year and died two days later.

Nicola on her wedding day. She dedicated her life to helping others and was a project coordinator for charity Shelter Project Hounslow, which looks after homeless men during the winter

She had been married to her childhood sweetheart Jason Nicholls, who she first met at school when she was 15, for just six days.

Her daughter Rebecca Jones, 23, from Hatton Cross, London, told MailOnline that Nicola was feeling under the weather the morning she left London for Fuerteventura, but assumed it was nothing serious.

Nicola Spemcer, 42, from London on her wedding day to Jason. The pair met when they were 15 and Nicola had once told a friend she would one day marry Jason. After being separated for a while, the couple reunited 10 years ago and got married on 8th September 2018

The assistant manager, who works for a jeweller, is still looking for answers as she copes with her grief and honours her mother’s memory.

On the morning of September 11, Nicola said she wasn’t feeling well but sent a picture to her children and went on with the trip.

‘That afternoon she started to bring up blood and visited the local clinic, where she was told she was dehydrated and had a urine infection,’ said Rebecca.

Nicola was put on an IV drip for a few hours and went home for the evening once she felt better.

On the morning of Wednesday 12th, Nicola felt better and told her family she would be getting some sun. But later in the afternoon, she felt poorly again.


Worst Wedding Photos Ever? Disappointed Bride Shares Her Hilarious Wedding Photo Album

Wedding albums showcase the most beautiful moments of the big day, with romantic and well-timed shots of the adoring couple and their guests and venue.

But one bride has taken to Facebook to share a selection of her disappointing yet highly amusing wedding snaps that prove there is a very fine line between candid and unprofessional.

‘So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?’ Bride Jaclyn Ying, from Singapore, wrote on Sunday.


‘Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!’

Mrs Ying and her husband purchased a wedding package that included photography from a ‘pretty reputable bridal shop’ and although they were told before they signed on that they couldn’t choose their photographer, were assured that the talent pool was consistent.


‘They looked alright, and so we signed on thinking, “okay la hor, how bad can they be” [sic],’ Mrs Ying wrote, adding that they were shown a portfolio beforehand.

The couple’s photographer then later posted an apology on Facebook, after being made aware of Jaclyn’s comments.






Check out the memes made out of the disappointing wedding photos;




Jilted Bride Hosts Homeless People At Her Reception

A woman named Dana Olsen whose wedding was set for January 16th treated homeless people to a lavish reception and a fun day after her fiancee cancelled their wedding six weeks to the date.

The lavish wedding was approximated to have cost $32,000 an equivalent to sh.3.2 Million according to a source as written by the Daily Mail.

The bride could not get the money back from the caterers, interior designers and other suppliers so she decided to hold the reception for 150 homeless women and children from a nearby shelter.

As the news of her generosity spread, a few people decided to make the night more memorable.

A makeup and hair stylist came to glamour up the women, while others donated dresses and jewelry. The homeless were entertained by a live band as they were served sumptuous meals by caterers.

The bride was quoted saying “I wish I knew more myself, I just wanted to marry him. I didn’t care about the wedding stuff,” she told Kiro7’s Monique Ming Laven. Pretty much immediately I thought about the fact that my family had paid for almost the entire wedding, and I knew we wouldn’t be able to get most of it back,

“So after the shock of what had happened wore off, I started to think about what to do. It just felt really terrible and wasteful and awful to just have all that money and this beautiful event that wasn’t going to happen. I just couldn’t stand the thought of it being wasted,” she told KING5.

Though Dana still wished it was her wedding day, she doesn’t regret the decision she made.

“I wish it were going to be my wedding, but if I’m going to have a really bad weekend, at least I want to help someone else have a really good day. “In some small way, I can take this horrible thing and try to turn it into something positive,” Dana added.

Groomsmen Hijack The Bride’s First Dance And Give An Epic Performance (Video)

During weddings the dance floor is usually opened by the newly weds who dance to a tune of their own choice as the guests watch on.

However in this wedding the first dance was “rudely” interrupted by the groomsmen and they gave an epic performance.

The groomsmen took the bride away from her groom and turned the dancefloor around with different tunes.

The songs ranged from classcs tunes to Psys  gangnam style and they  finished with Bruno Mars I want to marry you as he held the bride for another dance.

Watch the video here:


Syria Couple Spend Wedding Day Feeding Refugees

Many couples celebrate their wedding day with family and friends eating, dancing and dining together ad it’s the way it has always been.

However a couple in Syria chose to celebrate their nuptials by inviting 4,000 refugees to share their big day with them.

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat married in the southern Turkish city of Kilis and offered all the food intended for their wedding party to displaced families living in poverty nearby.

Traditionally Turkish weddings last about three days culminating in a huge banquet on the final night.

The newlyweds chose to donate all their families savings for the party to share their celebrations with refugees living on the Syrian border.

The generous idea came from groom’s father, Ali Üzümcüoğlu who shared it with his son.

He says that he’s happy his son accepted it and that they started their new happy journey with such a selfless action.

In total, there are four million Syrian refugees who had fled the country in what the UN described as the worst crisis of its kind in a generation.

Almost eight million people are displaced within the country, according to the UN.

Bride Esra was delighted to be able to share her special day with those in need and says that she was shocked  by the idea but afterwards I was won over by it and had such a wonderful experience sharing with people in need.

Bride Helps Plan Her Friend’s Engagement During Her Wedding (Video)

What are the chances that a bride would want to share the happiest day in her life with someone else? It’s highly unlikely right?

In a rare occurrence a bride helped one of her friends who happened to be on her line up get engaged.

The wedding ceremony had been completed and as usual the bride was to  throw the bouquet, but she walked straight up handed it over to her friend and then turned her around to meet her boyfriend who was ready with a ring.

Watch the video here:

5 Wedding Gown Shopping Tips From Wambui Mukenyi

Wambui Mukenyi is one of Kenya’s best designers and she recently launched her 2015 bridal collection and it is definitely something to write home about. One lucky bride got a chance to walk away with a bridal package of Sh300,000, perfect opportunity to be getting married.

Wambui is sharing tips on wedding gown shopping on her official Instagram page, and what better way to get advice than from the expert herself. Below are 5 wedding gown shopping tips.

1.Set The Budget
First things first – set your wedding dress budget. Try not to look at dresses that are out of your price range, unless you plan on going over budget, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Wambui Mukenyi Bridal

2.Pick a Partner
Go for your first appointment with an open mind and a helpful friend or your mum. Just take one person with you – any more and the experience can be a little overwhelming and confusing because of so many different opinions!

Wambui Mukenyi Bridal

3. Consider your venue/ setting
This will help a lot in shortlisting the type of silhouettes that will work for your venue. If you are doing a beach wedding and entertaining the thought of having a princess style ball gown, hunnay STOP! Not gonna work. Talk to an expert to help you make a decision that will compliment your venue/setting.

Wambui Mukenyi Bridal

4. Have the right undergarment.
Wear a proper bra when fitting your wedding gown.who hasn’t experienced the transformative power of the right shapewear or bra?.

In my experience most brides have a little bitty problem when it comes to having that perfect bra that holds everything in place, trust me, it changes a whole lot when you have the right one!

wedding gown shopping


5. Choose a Silhouette that is flattering.
choose a gown that accentuates your assets and camouflages any challenging areas of your body

Wambui Mukenyi Bridal


Photos courtesy: Wambui Mukenyi

Janet Mbugua Set To Tie The Knot In May

Janet Mbugua is set to tie the knot next month on 30th May to her fiance Eddie Ndichu. The TV personality and her fiance held their traditional wedding late last year at the Janet’s home in Nyali Mombasa.

The wedding will take place at the prestigious Chaka Ranch in Nyeri. According to entertainment website SDE guests will be required to pay for their own accommodation which may cost in the excess of sh20,000.

Janet and her fiance Eddie


Bride walks out of nuptials after groom failed a math test

 An Indian bride walked out of her wedding ceremony after the groom failed to solve a simple math problem, police said Friday.

The bride tested the groom on his math skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.

The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six? His reply: 17

The incident took place late Wednesday in Rasoolabad village near the industrial town of Kanpur in northern Uttar Pradesh state, local police officer Rakesh Kumar said Friday.

The groom’s family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused. She said the groom had misled them about his education.

The bride’s father said groom’s family kept them in the dark about their sons poor education.

Local police mediated between the families and both sides returned all the gifts and jewelry that had been exchanged before the wedding, Kumar said.

Bride marries wedding guest after groom gets an epileptic attack

A bride decided to change her groom and picked a guest to marry her instead after her husband to be had a seizure before they exchanged vows.

Jugal Kishore, 25, reportedly fell to the ground during the traditional exchange of “varmala” flower garlands in the northern town of Rampur.

His illness was a shock to his wife-to-be, 23-year-old Indira, who was apparently furious that she and her family had not been told of Mr Kishore’s epilepsy.

Instead of calling the wedding off, she quickly chose wedding guest Harpal Singh, her sister’s brother-in-law, to replace him.

Casually dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, he accepted, the Times of India reported.

After the swap, the wedding ceremony continued as planned until Mr Kishore returned from hospital.

Shocked at returning to his own wedding to find his fiancée celebrating her marriage to someone else, he and his relatives reportedly pleaded with Indira to reverse her decision.

When diplomacy failed, the family allegedly resorted to violence and entered into a brawl involving plates and cutlery.

Mr Kishore’s family later filed a complaint at the local police station but withdrew it after older relatives intervened.

An official at the station, told the Times of India two wedding guests were briefly arrested.

Both families have amicably resolved the matter and the complaints have since been withdrawn.




Paralyzed Bride Stuns Wedding Guests by Walking Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day can be one of the most emotional moments of a bride’s life. But for Gina Giaffoglione, it also represented months of work and a resolve beyond anyone’s imagination.

Giaffoglione was paralyzed in a car accident, but still wanted to walk down the aisle with her dad on her wedding day.

So she worked with physical therapists for several months to teach her body, which was used to sitting in a wheelchair, to stand tall once again. She then used a custom brace and crutches to actually walk.

By the time her wedding day came around, she was able to achieve her goal something she kept secret from nearly all of her guests, who were stunned into silence as she walked proudly to the altar.

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Bride heckled on wedding day loses 70kg

A woman lost 70kg after passers-by teased her for being fat as she posed for her wedding photos.

Chloe Dodds, of Seaham, Durham, walked down the aisle in a size 30 gown after ballooning to 21st 8lb on a diet of Sugar Puffs, pizza and chips.

She was reduced to tears as by-standers heckled her with comments such as ‘you look so fat in that dress!’ as she posed for pictures beside her wedding car.