4 signs that your ex still loves you

Breaking up is hard, especially if you were madly in love with the person.

Well, the harsh truth is that things don’t always work the way we expect them to. Also, it is worth noting that the first relationship barely works. If he/she was your first, it is okay to look for someone else who can understand you better.

Don’t cry because it’s over, there still may be a chance that your ex still loves you.

Here are 4 signs that your ex still loves you:

  • Your ex tries to maintain regular contact with you

Well, I know this is a no brainer. If your ex tries to still keep contact with you then that means that feelings are still there. If you have tried ignoring your ex, but they constantly try to reach out, then that’s a clear indication that he/she still loves you.

The longer this happens, after your breakup the more it suggests that your ex wants you back. He/she may not be happy with the single life and may be wanting you back.

  • Reminiscing about the happy times

If he/she still remembering the good old days together, then that’s a clear indication that they still love you despite the breakup. He/se may be reconsidering to taking you back.

  • Your ex remains angry, emotional or upset for weeks or months after breakup

I know this may seem somewhat controversial. But often this is a great sign that your ex still loves you. If you didn’t do anything drastic to hurt your ex like cheating on them, then your ex is holding feelings of resentment and stays being angry then that is a positive sign showing emotion investments and feelings towards you.

If you want to win your ex back, you will have to make them let go of these feelings.

  • Your ex tends to send mixed signals, where one minute they say they miss you then the next they’re cold and distant

This is the strongest indicator that they still in love with you and cannot seem to let go. I have a feeling that most of ya’ll breakups lead to these mixed feelings because of conflicted emotions. Keep your options open, to getting back into the relationship. If your, ex is doing this, then that means they are not fully ready to let go.

5 Reasons why are relationships are failing in this millennial era

Good luck in taking back your ex after you have identified with these signs after the breakup. I would strongly advise not to take the friendzone avenue.

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Singer Adele files for divorce from husband

Months after separating from husband Simon Konecki, singer Adele has made it official.

Singer Adele has officially divorced husband  of 7 years Simon Konecki.

The award-winning singer, who gave birth to their son Angelo in 2012, married charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki in a secret ceremony in 2016 after five years of dating.

The rolling in the deep singer is a very private person, something she has come to confirm over the recent years. She officially confirmed their marriage during her acceptance speech at the 2017 Grammys after thanking her “husband”.

The couple has been separated for 5 months, but they have been jointly taking care of their 7-year-old son Angelo.

No one knows the real reason why the two love birds chose to go their separate ways after being together for a very long while and having a son together.

‘Love Is But A Dream’ Ciku Muiruri comments on Billionaire Cohens death

Assumptions may be, that both were in different stages in their lives. Simon is 14 years older than Adele, and being older than her, he already had his life figured out when she was trying to figure out hers. Perhaps the person she went to become did not become a match for the fully-formed man who had another child from a previous marriage. In 2016, she told Vanity fair magazine, that it was the most serious relationship she’d ever been in.

Perhaps living in two separate worlds may have ignited the breakup. It is said that Adele loved living in Los Angeles while Simon enjoyed England. She hated the cold Winters of England and that’s why she would always love LA and party with her famous friends. Most of the times, Simon was always MIA due to the demanding philanthropic nature of his charity job.

Adele did not sign a prenup when they got married, making Simon Konecki entitled to half of her earnings. The singer is worth $180M.

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‘He promised me heaven and gave me hell’ narrates hurt girl



A young lady has opened up about her painful relationship with a lover.

The relationship became he worst nightmare according to the open letter she wrote;

‘I met this guy at mall on evening as I was doing some shopping. He was such a kind and handsome man that caught my eye the moment I saw him. When I look at him I just have too many questions in mind. Is he the same man at the mall? Does he have a twin that he has never told?’

Tokeo la picha la violence

The lady fell in love with this guy at their first encounter and he really treated her right.

They exchanged contacts and after some time they went on a date and later on started dating.

The guy was so rich that he even asked her to quit the job she was doing. She basically became a house wife and she lacked nothing.

This fancy lifestyle came to an end after she delivered her first child. The man became so hostile and abusive to her that he even beat her up with her child.

Man writes public breakup letter to his ex who loves s3x more than life. Read it below

‘I never got to marry him as he kept postponing the marriage. So I was expectant and delivered a baby boy whom he later denied saying he was not the father. My king turned to a demon himself. He used to beat me and his only son who he now referred to as a bastard. In less than 6 months of the relationship I saw different types of girls in our house. At times I could sleep at the living room and his mistresses could sleep in my matrimonial bed.’

‘I learnt later I was dating a lesbian’ reveals Kenyan guy

The lady had no choice but to persevere all that because she was an orphan, had no job and place to go. ‘I had lost everything I had thanks to him. I had to stay and face all that brutality and violence. My own husband threatened to kill me and my child. I had to leave to save our lives and start over again.’

Ways to maintain a positive social relationship with people

 These are some of the challenges most women face in marriage. Some do this because they want to keep their families together. Is it worth it? Does it have to get to death before someone decides to leave?

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‘I learnt later I was dating a lesbian’ reveals Kenyan guy

It’s been said that one never really knows their spouse 100 per cent.

That as marriage years continue, we all discover little secrets about our spouses that may hurt really bad.

‘My in-laws forced me to be a lesbian’ Admits 51-year-old Nairobi preacher

Picha inayohusiana

In a recent interview with Classic 105, a young man expressed how heartbroken he was. ‘My girlfriend cheated on me with my own blood sister,’ he said.

He had been dating this lady for three years hoping for marriage at the end of it. All that changed when he found out that the lover was dating his sister behind his back.

‘I feel I am in season 5 of my life’ Makena Njeri responds to cheating scandal

 It could have been better if i found her with a man but not a girl, my own sister. I never knew she was a lesbian as we has a perfect relationship all through. After some time a friend of mine told me that he had found them together kissing. Upon asking her she denied all the allegations and said them to be rumors. Since I trusted and loved her a lot a give it a benefit of doubt. Then later that week I found out that it was true through their text messages. It hurt me so much since she was my first love and I never saw that coming any time soon. Am I not man enough for you? Is my sister better than me?’ He said this bitterly in tears.

Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine

The girlfriend unfortunately wasn’t remorseful about her actions, blaming him for not being there for her. Furthermore, she told him off saying it’s her life and she will live it as she see’s fit.

She said it was normal to be a lesbian and for one to explore.

Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks

These are some of the challenges that most relationships are facing in this century.

Should people be judged by who they are? Is it normal for people to fall in love with the same gender in this 21st century?

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The things that ladies should avoid while dating

Dating is very different from marriage. When dating there are mistakes that ladies make that mainly leads to heartbreak.

Here is what to avoid.


1. Sharing secrets

This might become a problem in case you two breakup.

No matter how much you love or trust a person, there is some personal information you don’t share.

This period also you might not have learnt the characters of that particular person.

The person may be acting well just to win your heart. Always be careful with the things you share

2. Living together

If you are not married to that person, living together should never cross your mind.

This is because you can either be kicked out anytime because you are not legally together.

There might be an incident of pregnancies and he may deny because you are not a couple.

Moving in should happen if you become legally married.

Khaligraph Jones called out for his ‘terrible’ parenting by netizens

3. Sharing your personal information

This includes things like passwords and bank details.

This should be for your own knowledge and not anyone else.

This can be dangerous because one can take that advantage of taking over your life, for example, hacking your phone and all that.

4. Being too comfortable

Do not be too comfortable in a dating relationship.

If there is no marriage ring in your finger then it means there can be someone else that is not you.

When you get too comfortable then you, later on, get dumped, it can really hurt you and get you emotional.

When you are legally married you can get a bit comfortable thereafter.

Robert Burale and his Instagram Brother finally meet (photos)

5. Being a house wife

Do not give the man you are dating all reasons to think that you are his wife.

This includes doing laundry for him and doing his chores.

All this should be done when he marries you and become the wife.

This is because you may be actually doing all the good stuff for you yet he has another woman which may break you once you find out.

6. Telling your friends about your relationship

Always keep your friends out of your relationships.

Not everyone is your friend and happy for your progress in life.

Involving your friends in your relationships can actually lead to your breakups especially if they decide to turn against you.

What you have between you and your partner should remain a secret between the two of you.

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How To Get Over Someone You Are Hung On

We may have found love from the best man/woman on earth who made us feel alive like no one else ever did. This person changed our world and made us see things in such a different light. Things happen and we break up, we try as much as we can to move on but it seems impossible. It’s true that our past stays with us in one way or another, but if we wish to one day feel alive again, we must shift our focus to the future. We must focus on action.

Here are some tips to help you move on:

Give it time – Time does heal all wounds. How much time however, depends on the individual. If this is someone you never imagined yourself moving on from, then you’re probably going to need more time than you imagine. Don’t rush it. Don’t rush moving on. Don’t rush into another relationship. Just slow down a bit, and let time pass on by for a moment. Breathe.

Understand why you two aren’t going to work out and get closure – Closure is understanding why you two aren’t going to work. Regardless of whether you were dumped or were the one doing the dumping, if you’re still hung up on this person, then you’re going to need to do some reasoning with yourself. He’s bad for you. You’re bad for each other. You missed your chance. The timing was just never right. Or maybe, you just don’t have it in you to keep on trying. Find the reason you need to let go, and hang on to that instead.

Shift your mental focus from him or her and onto yourself – Minds drift, so we need to be sure to catch them and recenter our focus. Remember that you are the most important person in your life. That’s the way it was since the day you were born, and that’s the way it’s going to be until the day you die.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find someone in your life who’s equally as important, but it does mean you need to let go of those that are hurting. Get out of your head for a little bit. Don’t do something stupid, but do something. Don’t let your thoughts drown you; focus on the physical world.

When you begin to lose hope, focus on the numbers of it all – While time does heal all wounds, it can also form new ones. Letting go of someone who meant the world to you isn’t a simple task. Getting yourself to the point where you’re ready to seriously date other people is difficult. But what’s even more difficult is realizing that finding someone worthwhile isn’t as easy as you expected it to be.

If your ex was an amazing person, you’re not going to be capable of settling for less. You’ll need time and luck to meet another great candidate. The loneliness will surely kick in, but just remember that while there are billions of people on this planet, there are tens of thousands of potential candidates for the average individual. The odds aren’t too bad if you’ve managed to take great care of yourself since you broke up.

Understand that it’s all part of the learning experience – To live is to learn, so as long as you’re doing that, you’re doing a good job. You need to try and find some comfort in that. Be your story’s superhero. Be your champion. Do the things you want to do, and live life the way you want to live it. In the end, it’s up to us to make something both of ourselves and of our lives.

Give time, time so that it may work. Healing takes time so you should allow it to happen at its own pace. Don’t rush it.


Three Reasons Why A Man Would Dump A Good Woman

There are couples we know who are perfect and good together, they date for years and then out of nowhere they break up when you least expect. Everyone around them is left wondering what happened yet everything seemed so perfect.

Such stories are common and many wonder why a man would dump a good woman. Here are some of the reasons:

1. He felt there was too much competition in the relationship. A man feels incapable and emasculated if he has to compete with a woman for control of a relationship. Men naturally want to lead and when they feel like it’s a constant race against the woman in their life, they will end things.

2. He feels he’s constantly disrespected. A man can never build his life around a woman whom he knows has little respect for him or his opinions. Your respect makes him feel great, showering him with acceptance makes him want you by his side always. But a woman who constantly puts him down and questions his decisions is one that no man will want to be around, so he will simply end things.

3. He felt there was too much emotional pressure in your relationship. Maybe he felt like he’ll never be good enough for you and decided to walk away from it all. Or you pressured him into doing things without necessarily agreeing with him on how to go about it.

Here’s Why Men Leave Good Women

When breakups happen especially when you least expect, it could send you crashing. Several women who have split from their partners say they never saw a breakup coming and were in fact surprised at the turn of events.

Every thing they built around their partners came crashing down once he said ‘it’s over’. It’s not that these women aren’t great, in fact they make the best girlfriends.

But the truth is, your man may be dealing with certain issues which keep him from fully expressing himself and may bolt as a result of the pressure of bottling it all inside.

First of all, understanding the problems behind your sudden break up would help you get over your heart break or at best, reconcile with your ex.

Here are 3 secret reasons men leave good women

1. He felt there was too much competition in the relationship. A man feels incapable and emasculated if he has to compete with a woman for the control of a relationship.

2. He feels constantly disrespected. A man can never build his life around a woman whom he knows has little respect for him or his opinions. Your respect makes him feel great, showering him with acceptance makes him want you by his side always.

3. He felt there was too much emotional pressure in your relationship. Maybe he felt like he’d never be good enough for you and decided to walk away from it all.


Four Things To Keep In Mind After A Break-up Or Divorce

 When a romantic relationship comes to an end, it can be a very hard time emotionally. Many people take months or even years to heal. The period is normally rough as one is bombarded with thoughts and a whirlwind of emotions.

Most of the time we will find ourselves relieving the memories and hoping that the moments would come back. Unfortunately we end up resenting our exes and in the moment think about what we could have done right or what we could have done better.

Thinking about this will not get you anywhere. In fact it will l;eave you stressed which is not good for you.  Here are four things to keep in mind when healing after divorce or a breakup:

Healing takes time and patience – It may take months, or even years to fully recover and heal. Time is different for people and you should not beat yourself about it, it’s all perfectly normal. Everyone has their own unique process that happens in their own unique way on their own unique time. Give yourself the time and space to cry it out whenever you need to and heal. Don’t get under someone just to get over your ex, it will only mess you up emotionally making things worse for you. Take your time and let the pain go away before you start dating again.

Analyzing and replaying what happened isn’t going to help or change anything – It’s completely normal for one to recall a few moments from the past. We rethink all the things we didn’t like about our ex. We rethink all the things we loved about our ex and miss about them. We rethink all the things that we wish we would’ve said and done instead of what we did.

This is not a very healthy route. When we rethink these things over and over in our minds it can really wear us down physically because the body then thinks that we’re experiencing the same thing over and over again. So try to catch yourself if you fall into the habit of re-analyzing what happened and draw your attention back to what is going on for you right now.

Forgiveness is huge – The thing about forgiveness is that it sets us free. It may be hard to do but for your own peace of mind do it. Forgive your ex, but also forgive yourself. We have to put forth the effort to forgive and forgive often whether we are going through a breakup or not. We have to focus on forgiving constantly.

No relationship ever fully ends, it just changes form – When we go through a divorce or breakup, we find ourselves upset over what we have lost. We are upset because what we had in the past we no longer have now and that our dreams for the future are now completely gone.

But, it’s reassuring to know that no relationship at any time ever really fully ends. Rather it only changes form.

So even though you are no longer married or dating it doesn’t mean that you no longer have a relationship with him. It just means that you are no longer married. Just as if you are no longer talking with your ex, it doesn’t mean that you no longer have a relationship with him. It just means that you are no longer communicating. The relationship simply continues to live on in a different form, where it is a bit more of a spiritual/ psychological  connection rather than a physical one.


Five Ways To Cope With A Breakup

Breaking up is never easy for anyone so don’t listen to those who said it wasn’t that hard to move on, that will definitely depend on how long or how much you cared for the person.

Moving on from someone you deeply cared about is going to be tough, keep in mind different people have different ways of handling pain so there’s no standard way of getting over a break up.

Here are five things that can help to remedy the pain and withdrawal of a breakup.

1. Listen to music that captures how you feel – Sometimes, crying is what we need to make us feel better. Music makes that process not only possible, but oddly empowering.

Hearing words and feelings painted by others through song enables us to feel empathy in the face of terrible rejection and loss. Simply hearing these kinds of familiar melodies and lyrics helps to remind us of the real, shared and universal human pain that follows the loss of someone we care about.

2. Accept that relationships are 50/50 – Any personal relationship, romantic or not, requires equal parts effort from both parties. In addition, it stands to reason that meshing two different personalities will inevitably result in two different approaches to any relationship.

You set yourself up for failure and disappointment when you expect others to follow through, make decisions and act as you’d expect yourself to in any situation. You control 50 percent of any relationship you’re in. You control your own thoughts, emotions and actions. You cannot and will not control those of your partner.

Remember that anytime a relationship does not work out, you’re only 50 percent of that puzzle. This way, if a potential flame burns out with a member of the opposite sex, you can rest easier knowing you will always be only 50 percent of a puzzle that takes two to assemble.

3.Blame love – This is a very important point that will save you a lot of heartache. Don’t blame any person, including yourself, no matter how tempting it may be. Instead, if it’s any consolation, blame it on love. Try to personify the love. You will find coping easier and more understandable, rather than trying to analyze the deep-seated complexities of the relationship.

Love did not choose to continue its path for you two. Love did not rest the same way in another’s heart as it did in yours. Love left, for whatever reason. But, love will return. Rest assured, with time, love will return to you.

4.  Focus on you – As clichéd as it may be, the truth is developing a stern focus on bettering yourself in light of a hurtful breakup is a wonderful and positive way to channel terribly negative energy.

Learn to cook, fish or try a new hobby, point is do something fresh and new. Bettering ourselves post-breakup in one way or another will eventually help to spark and keep the interest of someone new. Down the road, we will find someone who is attracted to our new tastes, the new body we’ve sculpted, and our commitment to our work or our passions.

5. Give yourself time before dating again – Allow for the quick passage of time to do its work and bring someone new into our lives. Never lose hope and never let your faith waver: You will love again.

It’s simply a matter of where, when and how that next love will choose to come into your life, sweep you off your feet and show you what it means to say those three words once again.

-Michael Becker -ED

Questions to ask yourself before you break up

Sometimes in a relationship it gets to a point that we feel like its the end of the road for us. However in some situations it’s possible to salvage the case while in others it is the final straw.

However before one calls it quits, there are questions you need to ask and the answers that you get will determine whether you will stay or go through with the break up.

Do we still laugh?

Healthy relationships necessarily need to contain elements of humor. Without laughter and joy, there is little to balance the bad – such as moments of anger and frustration. And so ask yourself: Do we genuinely have fun when we are together? Are we still able to laugh with one another and somehow find the silly? If your answer is a resounding no, this could be an indication the relationship is over.

Do we still have enjoyable sex? – Sex in and of itself isn’t the most important aspect of a relationship but it does rank fairly high up there. Provided you are not buying into many of the common sex myths, the both of you should find moments of intimacy enjoyable – and meaningful. It won’t be the “orgasmic” every time but there has to be some amount of snap and crackle going on (at least on more days than not).

If time alone in the bedroom seems robotic, like a chore – or worse – isn’t happening, it may be a negative sign.

Do we have similar goals for the future? – Relationships that grow and thrive are involved in the constant process of setting and then reaching goals. Examples include planning for something minor; like a quick weekend trip during the fall. A major goal might be jointly saving for the down-payment on a new home.

If there is disagreement on goals, that’s OK because at least there is dialogue taking place. If, however, one or both parties in the relationship are indifferent about the future and not talking about a shared vision – it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Do we have healthy dialogue?- The occasional disagreement is going to pop up from time to time in a relationship. That’s the nature of the beast. But if the relational dynamic is in a suspended state of fighting, something is wrong big time. In healthy relationships, both people make an effort toactively listento one another and resolve problems together. Is latter happening with you?

If there is no effort to engage in meaningful dialogue that somehow takes into account the other person’s feelings, make a checkmark in the “not good” column.

Am I care-taking? – Healthy relationships strike a balance where both people involved in the romance help one another in a number of ways. For example, if someone cooks dinner, the other offers to wash the dishes. In unhealthy relationships, there is often aco-dependent dynamicwhereby someone assumes the role of caretaker. If you are doing all of the work, paying all of the bills or engaging in all of the relational maintenance, you are effectively acting as that person’s parent. If it feels more like you have become your mate’s mom or dad instead of being their girlfriend, wife, husband and so forth – consider this a major problem.

– Psychcentral


Woman curses out at boyfriend after a break up (video)

Break ups will always hurt no matter how simple or how complex they are.

In a viral video that shows a woman slapping and cursing at her boyfriend, it makes you wonder why one would want to get physical after a break up.

However in this case after what seems to be a nasty breakup, the guy send out a text to show the world that they have overcome this issue.


The authenticity of the text cannot be confirmed.

The art of breaking up “nicely” according to science

No matter how amicable, breakups are not fun because someone will be hurt. Wouldn’t it be great if ending a relationship with someone could be a little less painful? It turns out that a dose of compassionate love can help ease the pain.

Compassionate love refers to the concern and care people have for the well-being of others, especially when those others are suffering; because it promotes support, understanding, and tenderness.

In a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers identified people who had recently initiated a breakup or had been in a relationship that mutually ended.

Participants first answered questions about how much compassionate love they experienced for their ex-partner when the relationship was at its best, and also on their compassionate love for strangers and people in general.

Participants were then asked about how they broke up with their ex. They indicated how much they used the following strategies:

1. Withdrawing and avoiding the partner (e.g., ‘‘I avoided contact with my partner as much as possible.’’)

2. Manipulating the partner (e.g., ‘‘I became unpleasant to my partner in the hopes that s/he would make the first move.’’)

3. Using an impersonal form of communication (e.g., ‘‘inform my partner of my feelings in an e-mail’’) (

4. Using a positive tone (e.g., ‘‘I avoided hurting my partner’s feelings at all costs.’’)

5. Being open with the partner (e.g., ‘‘I openly expressed to my partner my desire to breakup’’)

Of the five types of breakup communication, the first three are the most painful, whereas the last two are generally respectful and sensitive to the partner. Those people who felt more compassionate love for their partners pre-breakup were more likely to be positive and open with their partners during the breakup, and less likely to be avoidant, manipulative, or impersonal in their communications.

Credits :NYmag

10 awesome break up songs

So you want to end your relationship but you aren’t sure how to say it or may be you are too afraid to do it in person.

Well, its a coward move to break up via text , emails or letters but who said you can’t use a song? Its also a coward move but breaking up is so hard sometimes you need help.

Here is a list of some of the best break up songs:

1. Say Something – A Great Big World

2. Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison

3. When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars

4. End of the Road – Boyz II Men

5. Deuces – Chris Brown

6. Where I Wanna Be – Donnell Jones

7. Better In Time – Leona Lewis

8. Burn – Usher

9. Emotional Rollercoaster – Vivian Green

10. Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan

When weight outweighs love

In most cases when people meet the first thing that attracts them to the other person is their physical appearance.

From the body structure  i.e height, complexion, dressing, the way they smell etc. This varies from one person to another because people have different preferences. There are those who prefer small bodied people and there are those who prefer big bodied people.

Depending on preferences, when most couples meet they are young energetic and in most cases fit and average bodied, sometimes they are slim fit with model-like figures(the women), well chiseled bodies (the men). At this time both parties are happy and enjoy each other’s company. However once the relationship becomes serious people get comfortable and more often than not they gain weight.

At this point what happens when your partner is not comfortable with your weight gain? What happens when you are suddenly unattractive, undesirable and too overweight for your partner? How will you deal with the sarcastic weight comments? For most couples, reaching this point is normally a tough place to be in.

Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anna-almendrala/mixed-weight-relationship_b_2567988.html

How to Break Up With Someone the ‘Nice Way’

The dreaded breakup is a tiny slice of hell for both the one doing the breaking up and the one being broken up with. Most times, that slice of hell is slightly larger for the one being dumped. The end of a relationship can be a very traumatic experience no matter what, even if the one initiating the split is being “nice.” Apparently, to be nice, you have to break up with love, the researchers say. Their point is that you have to drudge up what little love there is — compassionate love, as the experts are calling it — and break it to your significant other softly. This will no doubt come more easily for some. Some people just don’t get compassion. Below are the examples of breaking up that the study in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships outlines.

Withdrawing and avoiding. In this scenario, the one who wants to break up starts to pull back and avoid intimacy with the other instead of just telling the partner what’s going on. So no more kissing, no more sex, no more talking, no more acting like you’re in a relationship, period. This is most definitely not a nice way to break up. Effective? Probably, though it might be a long, slow burn for those who are gluttons for punishment.

Manipulating. This is when the partner initiating the split starts acting mean in the hopes that the other person does the breaking up so he or she doesn’t have to. It’s a total cop out — and it doesn’t always work. It also gives the one being manipulated a complex. SO not nice.

Using an impersonal form of communication. This is pretty self-explanatory — it means breaking up by text, email, on a social media site, over voice-mail, or another “indirect” way instead of in person or on the phone. This one sucks. Don’t do it. Ever. Don’t do it by email, either.

Using a positive tone. You know the saying “It’s not what you say but how you say it”? This apparently works wonders if you can somehow sugarcoat a breakup and not end up hurting the other person’s feelings. I see how that’s nice, but it’s still going to be hurtful even if there is a cherry on top of the knife being stabbed into your heart.

Being open. This is all about being honest. So if you want to break up, instead of telling everyone but your partner, tell your significant other. Sounds “nice.” Honey, I brought home the milk you asked for. By the way, I want to break up. See how well that goes over.