7 simple yet effective tips for maintaining braids


I can never quite keep my braids on for longer than two weeks, but for those of you who can more power to you sis.

Here’s how you can make them last longer should you choose to:

Keep your scalp moist: Do this at least two to three times a week, using a leave-in conditioner.

Wash braids bi-weekly (This is usually the minimum recommendation)

Reduce up-do’s

Avoid pulling and high manipulation

Redo your edges after 4 to 6 weeks

Don’t wear braids for too long

Protect your hair at night: Wear an extra large silk or satin hair bonnet. While you don’t have to worry about dryness issues if you’re wearing extensions, you can avoid frizz and shortening the life of your braids if you protect them at night.

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Brandy Norwood is the undisputed queen of braids (photos)


Brandy has all of us swooning over her fashion style since she burst onto the scene.

Her trademark hairstyle has always been braids, and mostly the long ones.

Brandy just turned 40, and in an interview with essence magazine told

I didn’t love myself when I was in my so called prime. I used to think my life was a gift and a curse…I didn’t find my way until recently at 39 and now 40

She starred in the iconic black sitcom ‘Moesha’, and also later joined Queen Latifah in the TV series ‘Star’.

For six seasons starting in the late nineties, young Black girls watched in awe as Moesha lived a carefree life dancing, reflecting on her crazy high school days and nights  in her journal while keeping her family in check.

I sucked in the beginning…Everybody thought I sucked.

But that is all behind her. We take a look back at her iconic looks through the years:












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