Mbosso is lying – The late Boss Martha’s sister says about baby claims

Boss Martha suddenly died this week and unconfirmed allegations swirled around about her. One of those allegations was that she had a baby with Mbosso, but one of Martha’s relatives has refuted the claim.

In an interview shared on Instagram by Bongo Five, the deceased’s elder sister, Pendo, said the family was shocked to hear Mbosso claiming that he had a child with her sister.

Boss Martha
The late Boss Martha

She said the deceased did not have a baby and had never given birth to any baby;

It hurts us so much for Mbosso to leave this place and then go around saying such stuff. He knows as a family we are mourning and we are in agony for losing our younger one, it is painful especially for our mother if she comes across such allegations. Martha did not have a baby and had never been expectant. 

Mbosso reveals terrible news that late comedian Martha was his baby mama

Apparently Martha had just been staying with her relative’s children since she had never conceived. Another family spokesperson has, however, come out to say that Martha’s child had been living in the village with the grandmother – the same information that Mbosso shared on his post.


The ‘Hodari’ singer had earlier told the media that he was on several occasion visiting his baby mama at her home, where he could spend a good time with his son.  He also said the baby was about four years old.

However, the information given by Mbosso about his son with the deceased was scanty. He claimed Martha wanted to keep their communication away from their baby.

So who is telling the truth?

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