Remove my songs from your App!-Willy Paul orders BoomPlay

Willy Paul is one of the most prolific musicians in Kenya with a portfolio only matched by the controversies that normally dog his career.

The man who started out as a gospel musicians has recently been doing secular music and has released an impressive repertoire of songs with musicians such as Nandy and Bien of Sauti Sol.

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Check in!

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But it seems all his hard effort is coming to naught! This according to the singer who compalined bitterly about BoomPlay.

In a long rant, Willy Pozze lamented that the streaming platform had offered him zero support, despite approaching them on several occasions with over 15 proposals.

“…. @Boomplaymusicke needs to look into this matter because wasaniii wanabewa ufala. From today henceforth I’m taking down all my content from @Boomplayke they don’t care about the artist. They only care about the money…wajinga. Take down my content with immediate effect. My album is going to be a success, I have genuine fans and they are gonna make this album a success. Nyambeni uko watiaji nyinyi,” read part of Willy Paul’s post.

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Let God do His work

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He added that he had seen favouritism from the streaming app with other artistes getting a lot more support than himself despite being the most streamed artiste in Kenya.

“This happening in this industry is just too much. Kuna ukabila na who knows, so I’m just here thinking. I’m not perfect yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll just sit and watch fools disrespecting my hard work! Some of you have seen my music on @Boomplaymusicke and even seen my music topping their longest time… and ever since I signed with them, they’ve never acknowledged shit. We have shared business ideas, asked them for sponsorship but all in vain.

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“For close to 3 years they’ve been asking us to send them proposals, which we’ve been sending…but they always look for ways to delay us only to tell us that the proposals don’t touch on the things they want. The company has been turned into a family business where kuna watu wanasaidiwa and kuna watu wale ni taka taka kama mimi. This people made me delay my album #SongoofSolomon and still turned Us down.”

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“But watu wengine wakienda wanapewa sponsorship but kama ni willy Paul hakuna pesa. So far we have complied with everything walikata.”

However, Willy Paul has since deleted the post from his Instagram page.

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