Why is a post endangering Juliani’s life? Lilian Ng’ang’a asks Mike Sonko

Yesterdaym Boniface Mwangi started a bloody war on Twitter.

He posted a photo with the new couple; Lilian Ng’ang’a and singer Juliani looking happy.

He accompanied the photo with a heavy message to unknown people.

Life is short, don’t let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you’re loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again.

Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love.” 

Bonny added, “I’m here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions.

Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn’t make a man, manners do.Pesa bila tabia ni sumu,”

‘Violence should never be tolerated,’ says Lilian Ng’ang’a

Juliani with Lilian Ng’ang’a

The photos and his message left the subjects in the photo trending on Twitter for the better part of Saturday and today. Former Nairobi Governor reshared the photos saying that by posting such a message, they are putting Julian’s life in danger.

Lilian in a quick rejoinder asked the governor to explain why the post was endangering Juliani’s life.

“My main concern from Governor Mike Sonko’s post is WHY he would think I am endangering Juliani’s life. The photos as shared yesterday by our friend Bonnie were not IN ANY WAY meant to hurt anybody.

Would sentiments be the same if it was the man who was now dating someone else? I am 100% sure it would not.
Society MUST be fair to women.
If you read this post and do not see the MAIN ISSUE that requires discourse, you are failing your sisters, your daughters, your women friends.”

Check out comments from her followers;

‘Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,’ Boniface Mwangi on Juliani’s relationship

Activist Boniface Mwangi has currently been speaking about relationships and how couples should live.

In his recent posts on his social media Platforms, the father of three advised couples to normalize walking away or divorce if a relationship/marriage doesn’t work.

He has now given an example with ex-lovers Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani, saying people should ‘go where they are loved’.

“Life is short, don’t let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you’re loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again.

Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,” Boniface Mwangi wrote on Instagram.

Zari responds to a fan who accused her of taking photos with people’s car

Juliani with Lilian Ng’ang’a


Boni further added;

“I’m here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions.

Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn’t make a man, manners do. Pesa bila tabia ni sumu,” Bonny added. 

The activist is a huge supporter of Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a’s relationship.


Boniface Mwangi advises couples in troubled relationships to walk away

Media personality and Activist Boniface Mwangi says that he will always advocate for divorce and separation once love dies in a relationship.

The father of three advised couples and people in love to normalize walking away when they don’t feel safe in their relationships.

Boniface Mwangi’s thoughts come at a time when record-breaking runner Agnes Tirop was allegedly killed by her husband.

“I support divorce and separation any day, everyday. If someone doesn’t feel safe in their marital home, they should leave. If s/he is violent once, they will do it again.

If “god” hates divorce, he can marry that abusive partner but the abused/mistreated spouse should leave,” he wrote.

Gabrielle Union had a list of men to date after her 2006 divorce


He added that the vows of ‘till death do us apart’ have made many people stay in abusive marriages.

“The vows of ’till death do us apart’ have made many people stay in abusive marriages. A couple of friends of ours made a vow to do life together until they can’t do it anymore.

Don’t let society pressure you to stay in an unhappy relationship. Leave. Prioritize your happiness, not vows. Even if you don’t fall in love again, you will be alive and safe. Don’t be a statistic of abusive marriages.”

Boniface argued that Athlete Agnes Tirop would still be alive today if society hadn’t forced her to reconcile with her abusive and jealous husband.

“Kids brought up in abusive marriages grow up with wounds. So even staying for the children doesn’t help them. Athlete Tirop would be alive today if society hadn’t forced her to reconcile with her abusive and jealous husband. 

If you have ever left a relationship because of an abusive partner, it could be emotional or physical, please share in the comments and give someone the courage to walk away.”


Fearless: Boniface Mwangi celebrates his daughter as she turns a year older

Photojournalist Boniface Mwangi and his wife Njeri are proud parents after their daughter Naila turned ayesr older.

The former activist shared a heartwarming message to her daughter describing her as their favourite.

Naila turned 11 years yesterday.

The father of three shared details about her daughter.

Explaining about the origin of her daughter’s name ‘Naila’, Boni as refered to by many said it means an ‘attainer’.

Her daughter is also a lover of music and in most videos shared by her dad, she is always singing or challenging her two brothers.

Boni said that her daughter takes after his mum although he did not name her after his mum.

Mother of slain Kianjokoma brothers says she makes sons’ beds every day

Boniface Mwangi in school
Boniface Mwangi in school

Check out the heartwarming post;

“I call her Mama because she is named after my mum. My mum’s name wasn’t Naila Sifa but her attributes were. Naila has Arabic origins, meaning the attainer, the achiever and the successful one.

Sifa is Swahili for praise. My mum was an achiever and well praised.

Today, Naila turns 11 years old. If we have been challenged as parents, Naila has been that challenger. You can’t threaten Naila, you talk to her.

She has pushed us to the wall, but we love her to bits. We are blessed and fortunate to be her parents and we look forward to raising her to become a world changer.

The above video was shot when l was campaigning. Naila used to come with me on the campaign trail. She was only 7 years old.

He added;

“Naila is the person l go with to Police Stations to bail out friends. She doesn’t have any fear in her. She walks around asking the police if they have ever shot anyone.

At airports she will ask strangers if they can pay her to sing for them. Here is to wishing Naila a happy 11th birthday. I’m proud she is my daughter and l love her today, and forever.

Happy Birthday fearless Naila, or as we boys (myself, Nate and Jabu) call her, “the favourite.” She is our favourite trouble maker at home, then Mama Bear. @njerikan #PendaFamilia.”

He is such a joy! Boniface Mwangi celebrates firstborn son as he turns 14 years

Award-winning photojournalist and Activist Boniface Mawangi first born son is 14 years old today.

To mark his 14th birthday, the father of three shared photos of all grown son and captioned;

This amazing young man was born today, 14 years ago. Yaani, he is such a joy to the family. I love him to bits.

In the comment sections one fan sought to know how old Boniface Mwangi was when he became a dad.

“14?!! Eish. Kwani Bonnie umekomaa hivi ama ulianza ninio mapema? Happy birthday to the lil homie.”

Bonnie replied saying he got married very young.

He said he was 23 years when he got his first born child.

“Nilianza ninio mapema. I was 23 when this kaboy was born.”

I will come to you if you don’t come back,’ Nyota Ndogo begs her ‘Mzungu’ husband

Boniface Mwangi with his son

In a past post, Boniface said on his 24th birthday and the anniversary of their first date, he proposed to his wife Njeri.

Just beforehand I had travelled to South Africa and visited Mandela’s cell on Robben Island. I shot the video of me proposing in that cell. Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 prison years confined to that small space. The floor was his bed and there was a bucket for a toilet. I proposed from the shadows of a man I had grown up celebrating and admiring.

‘My children will never go to boarding school’ Boniface Mwangi shares wife’s experience

Activist Boniface Mwangi says his children will never go to a boarding school.

The father of three, through his tweeter account shared photos of his wife Njeri while still in school.

Njeri went to boarding school at the age of eight years and according to Boniface, she was miserable.


‘They have bewitched me not to get another child’ Akothee regrets sharing her dreams


He wrote;

“I suffered so you must suffer” is stupid reasoning! My wife went to boarding school at 8 years old. She was a miserable,little boarder.

Njeri boarded in primary,high school and university. We promised our children that they’ll NEVER go to boarding school.That pain ended with us!”




A fan commented saying

But Daystar boarding was fun, in which Boiface responded saying;

“She had a good time there and our children will definitely have a choice to board in campus, they will be happy to leave home and we shall be happy to let them go.”

Boniface Mwangis wife in school
Boarding school

Love yourself and love for others will follow, Boniface Mwangi celebrates himself

Boniface Mwangi turned 37 years old and he has shared valuable lessons learnt for his journey of life.

Taking to social media as he turned a year older, the human right activist and father of three stated that self-love is critical.

“I am 37 today. Feels great. As l get older, l have learnt to be kind to myself, to choose my friends wisely and to LOVE me. I have to live with me, and that means ME must be prioritized and treated with care. Love yourself and love for others will flow automatically. BE LOVE,” he wrote.

He added;

“Thank you for your LOVING birthday wishes. I appreciate you. You can spread more LOVE by;

1. Donating blood

Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service

2. Donate to

Defenders Coalition

who protect and safeguard grassroots activists.

3. Donate to a political party l believe in

Ukweli Party
Young Boniface Mwangi

Boniface is known to be a vocal Kenyan who speaks his mind on the social injustices happening in our country.
He is married and has three kids.
He also vied for a parliamentary seat in 2017 but lost to Charles Jaguar.


Successful African celebrities brought up by single mothers

No one sets out to be a single mother, but along the way life throws us into this path either by divorce or the death of one spouse.

The question on whether women can bring up successful and responsible sons has been on the table with many arguing that it is not possible.

While some people opt to remarry after such circumstances some make a personal choice of bringing up their kids single handedly.

But here are men who have been brought up by single mothers and they are doing well for themselves.

1. Maina Kageni

Maina is among the most sought after and the best paid radio presenter in Kenya,

Apart from being talented  and commandeering on radio he is  a trend setter and his love for the fine things in life is undeniable.


But what would be life without a little fun? So the next time you want to say how men brought up by single mothers are lazy and mama’s boys just look at how successful Maina is and just zip it.

2. Otile Brown

His good looks aside Otile has come so far in terms of his music and we hope he will not drown in all the female attention and forget where he has come from.

During his early days before the money and the fame, Otile had to sell changaa to make ends meet but he is now smiling all the way to the bank.


‘I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive’ Otile Brown on selling chang’aa

In an earlier interview with Daily Nation  he opened up on how hard it was

“Appreciate and love your mama…feeling kinda emotional tonight. Wish she could be here so I can spoil her, My mom died when I was about to turn 13. I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone. Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,” 

Even though his mum passed away, she would be proud of how her son has turned out.

3. Mike Mondo

His captivating voice on radio attracts women’s attention  and it is undeniable that he is God’s gift to women.

Mike Mondo who runs a radio show on Classic 105 was brought up by a single mum after his dad passed away when he was only 13.

“My dad died when I was 13 years and today I am 36 years. However my mum did not get another man to call a husband. I had a conversation with her and asked her why she decided to live alone for all those years since my dad passed on.”


‘I once slept on newspapers for lack of a mattress in Umoja’ Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opens up on childhood struggles

4. Diamond Platnumz

He is Tanzania’s finest. His music is not only celebrated in Tanzania but in Africa as a whole.

Born to Sandra Dangote, Diamond has made a name for himself as an artiste and as a business person despite being brought up by a single mother.

He  has collaborated with international artiste such as Neyo, Morgan Heritage and Omarion, he is a true definition of hard work.

mama diamond

‘I forgot my wife was in church with me and I drove this girl to a hotel and got intimate with her, nimerogwa? Immoral ‘Christian’ man asks

5. Boniface Mwangi

He is an activist-cum-politician brought up by a single mother.

Mwangi had earlier narrated how he got his then girlfriend pregnant, leading to him being thrown out of the church.

The main issue was that he was being brought about by a single mother who didn’t deem it fit to talk about s#x.

 “I was brought up by a single mum and my eldest brother didn’t bother telling me what sex was and its context. The church told me you will discover what it is when it happens. Unfortunately, the church didn’t see it fit to tell us that in case you found yourself tempted, you could use a condom.”


Read more

Five things to know about Boniface Mwangi as he turns a year older

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi is never afraid of speaking out his mind. The politician, who unsuccessfully vied for the Starehe constituency parliamentary seat turned 35-years-old today.

However, the outspoken personality will be spending his day in court, facing charges of leading a protest outside Parliament buildings using pigs back in 2013.

Well, yesterday in his social media Boniface stated that he will gladly celebrate his birthday in court because he is on the the right side of history.

He posted;

Tomorrow I turn 35, instead of celebrations, l shall be in court for being on the right side of history.
Our (Kenya’s) hope for a renewed leadership quickly disappeared after the 2013 election. Two months after new Members of Parliament were sworn in, their first action was to award themselves a hefty pay rise, making them some of the highest paid in the world. We decided to paint pigs with the names of the greedy legislators who were leading the push for higher pay. The message for the day was greedy Mpigs occupy the bloody Parliament. On May 14, 2013 we delivered the pigs to parliament.

We provoked an uprising against the collective greed of MPs. Although police used teargas and water cannons to disperse us, the pigs did not move an inch.
17 of us were beaten, arrested and arraigned in court on criminal charges. We moved to court to challenge the constitutionality of the charges. In August 2014 a high court judge ruled, dismissing the constitutional reference case, essentially holding that our fundamental rights were not violated.
Tomorrow, Tuesday 10th July at 9:00am at the Supreme Court in Nairobi our case will be heard by a bench led by Chief Justice David Maraga.
Kindly join us at the supreme court in solidarity.

Boniface together with other activists  staged the ‘Occupy Parliament’ demonstration using 31 live pigs to protest greed among MP’s for demanding a pay hike just a few months after being elected to office. You all remember that.

boniface pigs in parliament

Just to remind you, read below more about him;

He loves books;

Boniface Mwangi is the author of his book Unbound.

His love for books started way back when he sold books with his late mother. And just because of his reading culture and knowledge it has exposed him to new things and places. He is now reaping the fruits of his hard work and love for books.

“Because of self-education, and following my life’s passion, I have given talks across Kenya, Ethiopia,Tanzania,Uganda, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Congo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, USA and at the United Nations. My work has taken me to South Africa, Rwanda, Peru, Belgium, Sweden, France, Canada and Scotland. My TED talk, “The day I stood alone” has been watched by over a million people.

My close friends know that you can never go wrong gifting me a book. The former Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga, sends me books and articles to read, whenever l share my ignorance on social media in a subject that he believes l need to read more on.¬

What’s my point? Books changed my life.”

Boniface Mwangi

It is just amazing how books can transform ones life to a whole new level. His love for books has passed it on to his children. How amazing is that!

“The reward system in our home is books. My son read his first John Grisham novel at the age of 8. As a family, we have more books than clothes.”

He loves nature;

As a photographer, his photos in scenic places can prove that he loves nature.

Do you remember his viral photos with a monkey?


boni 5_Easy-Resize.com(1)

boni 4_Easy-Resize.com(1)

He is a family man;

Throughout his activism journey, Boniface has always involved his family and even during the last election campaign, he would be accompanied by his children and wife to the ground.

He even goes for movies with them.

boniface family




Boniface Mwangi was kicked out of church for something we can all relate to

Politician and human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has left many shocked after he revealed that he was kicked out of church after he had sex for the first time.

The award-winning photographer has narrated how he impregnated his wife Njeri, who was his girlfriend by the, was chased away from the  Christian organisation she was working at the time.

Boniface Mwangi

Just like many are taught, Boniface Mwangi grew up knowing sex was a taboo and the term was only used by sinners and prostitutes.


 Read Mwangi’s article about sex

“I had sex once, and was kicked out of church!

I just finished photographing and interviewing 70 people between the ages of 18-70 from across Kenya. I posed two questions to them: how did you learn about sex, and what’s your family planning method?

Growing up, sex was a taboo subject and it was amazing to learn that people born 70 years ago had the same experience. When I turned 14, I got circumcised. Culturally, I was now a man. I assume my mother told my elder brother to talk to me about sex, but all he mumbled was that women are dangerous, and that was the end of my sex education!


But you see, my parent (I was brought up by a single mum) and my eldest brother didn’t bother telling me what sex was and its context. The church told me you will discover what it is when it happens. Unfortunately, the church didn’t see it fit to tell us that in case you found yourself tempted, you could use a condom. My girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, also grew up in church. She sang in the choir and wore a chastity ring until the day two young Christians, burning with passion, had sex without understanding its consequences.

Njeri got pregnant and was subsequently fired from the Christian organisation she had been working for, while I got kicked out from serving as a youth deacon. My church pastors didn’t even attend my wedding and my wife’s church presided over the service. Yet if we had received better sex education, we might have had sex with a condom.

Sadly, we aren’t talking about it. Scheaffer Okore tells me she was taught that sex was for wayward people. It was a dirty word, for sinners and prostitutes. If you talked about sex, or engaged in it, you would contract HIV and die. What I find stupid about this approach is that sex education isn’t about children having sex. It is about understanding sex because left in the dark, it is curiosity that ends up killing the young cats.

Personally, It I don’t think anyone should have sex in their teenage years. It doesn’t add value to their lives and in any case they lack the emotional and monetary ability to deal with its consequences. But we are not helping kids by pretending that sex does not exist.

In 1962, Kenya had 8 million people and we are at 50 million people today. We have been having sex, lots of sex and it shows because our population has exploded. We need to talk about family planning. Men, in particular, must be more responsible. We cannot continue leaving family planning to women. I am part of this campaign, #FormNiGani which is getting young adults to talk about sex and family planning freely.


Boniface Mwangi’s confessions have ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments.

Mutwiri Alex: Sex is so much overrated, the source of misery, & the fall of big men and women.

Raphael Njagi: Now this is s good piece man kudos I guess its time we engaged freeely with the young ones about sex, It’s time too for proper sex education in our schools

Paul Mwanyolo Mwazala: It’s funny when people make sex a taboo. To me, sex is such a beautiful thing. It’s the only way our bodies can really show our feelings towards our partners. So when someone tells you it’s evil to have sex, then something is totally wrong with them. At the end of the day, without sex, the humanity will sieze to exist. That is why Maslow saw it fit to categorize it as a need.

Dennis Kimani: Same script different heads. We need to talk especially in the church. What you went thro has happened to u, me and many others who whither in silence.talk is now.we need to know now

Ganga Putra Bhishma: Sex in a conservative society is taught as an abhorrent thing that must be saved for that one person you really like. Good people, use condoms and pills. Stop this population explosion until you have means to sustain it.

Boniface Mwangi’s International women’s day love story will make you cry

Boniface Mwangi, an award-winning photo-journalist, political activist and a parliamentary aspirant was just 23 when he knew without a doubt that Njeri was going to be his wife.
He proposed to her on her 24th birthday in front of her close friends and family and got married on March 8, 2008 on International Women’s Day.
Today on International Women’s Day he posted a heart melting message telling his love story and how he got to propose to his beautiful wife.
“On July 10 2007, to celebrate my 24th birthday and the anniversary of our first date, I proposed to her. Just beforehand I had travelled to South Africa and visited Mandela’s cell on Robben Island. I shot the video of me proposing in that cell. Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 prison years confined to that small space. The floor was his bed and there was a bucket for a toilet. I proposed from the shadows of a man I had grown up celebrating and admiring.
She wept as she watched the video and when it ended I went on my knee and proposed. This was in the presence of her parents, her close friend and my workmates, as they were celebrating my birthday with me. Maybe the video was a sign of the direction my life would take – a determination to fighting injustice.
Incidentally, Njeri had sworn that she would never marry a journalist, a politician or a younger man. I was a journalist who wanted to join politics and slightly younger than her. On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2008 we were married. My wife is the fire that keeps me going.
Happy International women’s day.”

The politician, in his latest article has talked about tribalism, corruption among other issues affecting Kenya. He argues that as long as we still think and act along tribal lines, we’re not going to see any change soon.

Read More


Pure truth! Boniface Mwangi talks about tribalism, says it’s killing us

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi is never afraid of speaking out his mind. The politician, who unsuccessfully vied for the Starehe constituency parliamentary seat, in his latest article has talked about tribalism, corruption among other issues affecting Kenya.

Boniface Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi argues that as long as we still think and act along tribal lines, we’re not going to see any change soon.

Below is Boniface Mwangi’s letter to Kenyans you MUST read

“I was born a Kikuyu. I didn’t choose where to be born. My grandparents were freedom fighters. My grandfather was in Manyani prison for six years, while his wife was in a British internment camp. She used to cook for the Mau Mau and the British burnt down her house for it. My mother was circumcised. So, I can proudly say that I am as Gikuyu as Gikuyus come. I come from the same area as Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi and Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai. I speak fluent Gikuyu and I am circumcised. That’s what tribal Kikuyus use to claim superiority over others.

Boniface Mwangi slams Kenyan twitter bigwig calling him a disgrace after doing this

Kikuyus did fight for freedom, but they couldn’t have succeeded without the help of other communities. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga refused to become Kenya’s first Prime Minister and demanded that Jomo Kenyatta be released to lead Kenya.

I have consistently fought tribalism, and I am not my tribe. My first child was born in May 2007, before Kenya’s post-election violence and my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I, had agreed to give our children names from other communities. Three children later, we have kept that promise.

Mwangi Boniface

Some Kikuyus behave like Kenya is God’s gift to them, and them alone. Kenya belongs to all 44 tribes. I don’t speak Kikuyu in front of non-Kikuyus. I refused to ask for votes in Kikuyu as I campaigned for the Starehe MP’s seat — as long as there was one non-Kikuyu present. I refused to align with Uhuru. I also refused to align with Raila Odinga. I am tired of tribal alignments. Shallow people align tribally.

Today, some of the poorest people in Kenya are those whose sons have led this country. From Gatundu, where running water is a problem and unemployed youth drink cheap liquor, to Baringo where bandits and cattle rustlers reign supreme. Kambas have had a vice president, but running water is an issue in Ukambani as well. Luhyas had a vice president but are often referred to as the community where you get cooks and watchmen. Maasais had a vice president for a long time, but that didn’t stop them from losing their land. The bottom line is that tribalism is a creation of the elite for their personal benefit.

They incite you, they benefit. In terms of population, Kikuyus are the majority, and that has translated to more Kikuyus in slums, prisons, or as squatters, hawkers and prostitutes than any other community. So, Kikuyus may think they’re free and running Kenya, but it’s a lie. Uhuru Kenyatta’s family has large chunks of land, that they virtually acquired for a song.

Also, read:

‘Stick To Photography If You Do Not Have The Balls For Criticism!’ Fan Tells Boniface Mwangi After This Message To His Critics

Kikuyus often boast about being in power. You and who? Unemployment, insecurity and bad governance will still affect you. The bank will not give you a cheaper loan simply because you’re Kikuyu. The cost of living doesn’t have a tribal discount. Transport and food won’t be cheaper because your fellow tribesman is the president. In the struggle for independence, 1.5 million Kikuyus were detained, according to historian Caroline Elkins, and over 100,000 were killed or died in detention. So, it’s a historical fact that Kikuyus paid the heaviest price in the fight for independence, but only a few have benefitted. Kikuyus, you’re being played by sons and daughters of homeguards. They say you’re in power, but you’re the ones squatting in other counties, living in fear of being evicted.


Kikuyu militia, be it the Nairobi Business Community, or the people who blocked the Nairobi-Nakuru highway earlier this week, are foolishly blind. Don’t start an economic war with other communities; you stand to lose more than any other community. The government has allowed you to protest against NASA, or the lorry that was burned in Kitui, but I dare you to protest about the Ndung’u Report on land grabbing, the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report, grabbed playgrounds, or unemployment and you will quickly learn who is really in power. Human values have no class or tribe.

A Kikuyu child will still suffer from the effects of poor education, or healthcare, and in a few years’ time, they will pay for the sins of their parents who protect bad governance.”


Click here to read more

When Is Yours? Fans Beg Larry Madowo To Marry

People are savage. They have zero chills. If you’re yet to encounter such people, ask Larry Madowo, Willy Paul or Size 8. They’re amongst the celebrities who receive all sorts of comments from social media trolls.

Recently, jovial NTV presenter Larry Madowo attended political analyst’s Nerima Wako and Billian Ojiwa’s wedding and he took to social media to congratulate the newest couple in town on their nuptials.

“Congratulations to my friends Billian Ojiwa and Nerima Wako on their nuptials. We wish them every blessing possible and a lifetime of happiness,” Madowo wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Larry Madowo
(L-R) Larry Madowo), Victoria Rubadiri, Nerima Wako, Billian Ojiwa and Boniface vmwangi

But this did not go down well with a section of his followers who asked him to get someone and settle down. They can’t wait to see the kind of husband and father he will be.

Check out reactions from Larry Madowo’s followers

Zak Mjajyz: You attend like 100 weddings in a year na hujawai pata mtu.. Kwani we ni tent?

Wabucha Wa Githinji: Sasa unatumia kizungu mingi tusijue ni harusi? Just keep taking selfies at other peoples weddings na hauoi, utajua watoto hawanunuliwi muthurwa.

Gaddafi Were: You are busy congratulating and attending people’s nuptials… When shall we attend yours? Men’s menopause is knocking at your door

Chirchir McCassey: Larry utaishi ukismile kwa nuptials😩😩 (whatever that is) za watu,.weka yako Ata we upewe smile,sssshh by the way, my sister did KCPE n got 437 less ndo afike 500,.she is good for you,.dowry utalipa Tu in monthly installments,.

Ochieng Ochi: Larry is a gentleman who clearly knows his vision and and he will settle down at his appropriate time, respect him. Larry aim higher brother we will support you as your fans, you inspire many by your career and ability to maintain your professionalism.

Muriithi Ngari: A man who hangs around a beautiful girl and says nothing end up fetching water at her wedding

Coolbrown Ashley: Luo Bae When shall people attend yours and congratulate you? Wiye bith ni, You always hangs around with beautiful ladies, kwani ni mafeelings haunanga? Ama you don’t function? Gileke machalo mar Murkomen

Belinda Jeruto:  If you look keenly utaona every couple have their matching colors for example, Larry na wake have put on orange, the nuptial ones have white while the other couple has blue/navy blue. Tunataka nuptials yako na Victoria sasa😏😏😏

Shikhu Thumbi: Just keep wishing people all happiness but your not in that happiness…it like a priest who preaches but is not even born again..haiyae

Solomon Naftaly: You can’t be serious congratulating Pals on their nuptials, when will pals congratulate you on your spousal?… Bure kabisha

Joseph Kariuk:  Nigga you gonna end up being the transport manager at Victoria wedding ….people from siaya we smooth n swift wewe ni mwitu

Franck Musundi: Larry have you become a tent to attend more than 50 weddings a year?? God is watching you at close range.

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‘Stick To Photography If You Do Not Have The Balls For Criticism!’ Fan Tells Boniface Mwangi After This Message To His Critics

Human rights activist and award-winning photographer Boniface Mwangi is breathing fire. Mwangi, who unsuccessfully vied for the Starehe constituency parliamentary seat has come out to respond to his critics.

According to Mwangi,  no one is perfect and even public figures have a life to live and people should stop poking their noses in things that don’t concern them. Here is what he wrote;

“A few years ago I was having very public drama in my life. I had a chat with the ever-feisty, Caroline Mutoko about what I was going through and she shared how she deals with foolish criticism, “If you don’t fund, feed or f**k me, I don’t give a f**k!” Those three F’s are highly recommended to those of us who have allowed strangers silly comments to dictate our moods. Do you! Just because we have a very public life doesn’t make us superhuman! We have feelings, we fart, make mistakes and that’s life!”

Mwangi’s sentiments elicited mixed reaction and here is what some of his followers had to say;

Michael Ndube: That’s great Boniface, you should borrow a leaf from Raila Odinga, the guy has immunity for such kind of nonsense, smiles and tells them hio ni ka mnyambo ya punda, and life moves on, I’ve never seen him complain..he’s called the enigma..

Ben Obiero: If you don’t feed, fund or f**k me… some words are unwise to put in writing, shows your real attitude…You should stick to photography if you do not have the balls for criticism as you pursue a public service role. True leadership is not measured on how many stones one threw, or how loud one shouted along court corridors, or the number of demonstrations one led, true leadership is measured on the size of fight one puts for what is important for all those who need it most, whether politically, socially and or religiously. At this point when laws are being cannibalised, university students are being abused, at this point when this country is at the edge of the precipice, you are audacious enough to master the only words that summarize the word f**k in two sentences? And the irony is that the intensity is not propelled towards the horrid activities that are currently happening, the purpose is selfish angradizement..Very disappointing.

Rogers Matumbai: The worst mistake you ever made is when you tried to be what you have always been fighting against. Now look what it has made you…. a big boy crying over feelings. Man up and get back to what you do best, fighting injustice against the Kenyan people.

George M. Maina: Wow! What a brilliant leader Starehe lost! The pain of losing…Thanks to your teacher for teaching you euphemism.

Boniface Mwangi

Sam Wa Ukweli: You haven’t yet come to terms with your performance in the just ended elections. That’s the consequences of an inflated ego.

Tommie Rabach: You are one sober person that sees this country from both sides of the coin, the political and the voters’ sides. If called upon any day I would vote for you, again and again, keep the fight

Josephine W. Kinuthia: You seem to have a soft skin. Strange for a man who spent many days criticizing others. And when you put yourself out there you become fair game. Learn to cope.

Mburu Karimi: Man up and take that L bro. The irony trying to join the same regime you were against. I don’t think many people give a shit about what we go through as Kenyans, those are just antics to only benefit y’all a**es.

Adhiambo Odak: You are definitely a fighter who loves his country! keep up the good work! We know that your agenda has always been about justice. One day it will prevail, stay strong.

HILARIOUS: Boniface Mwangi Went To Chill With Monkeys And Kenyans Did This! (Photos)

Politician and human rights activist Boniface Mwangi posted a number of photos of him casually chilling and enjoying the beautiful nature with a few monkeys in one of the parks in Nairobi, and as expected, the internet went berserk!

Boniface Mwangi who unsuccessfully contested for the Starehe Constituency seat, posted, ‘My new friend doesn’t judge me😃 ‘ and Kenyans on Twitter popularly referred to as KOT did what they do best. Turn the photos into a sea of hilarious memes which lit up the internet for the better part of Thursday night.

Below are a number of the hilarious memes which will crack your ribs.






Stunning Photos That Proves Boniface Mwangi Loves Nature (Photos)

Boniface Mwangi is an activist, photographer and the brand ambassador for Team Courage. He is also a husband and father to three gorgeous children. He is never afraid to show off his family and heap praises on them.

Well, today he has posted photos of him having fun in a scenic place after he came back from his book launch in Mogadishu.

Here are the photos that proves he is a lover of nature.

He has captioned it, “My new friend doesn’t judge me.”

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boni 4_Easy-Resize.com(1)

boni 5_Easy-Resize.com(1)

boni 6_Easy-Resize.com(1)



Who Knew? Boniface Mwangi has some pretty solid advice about spending your last coin on your wedding

Boniface Mwangi is one personality who does not fear telling the truth or fighting for justice on behalf of Kenyans. His bid for the Starehe Constituency seat as an MP failed, but that hasn’t dampened his spirit.


He is a photographer, an activist and the brand ambassador for Team courage. He is also a husband and father to three gorgeous children. He is never afraid to show off his family and heap praises on them, unlike his counterparts who hide their loved ones.


Bonnie as he is popularly referred to, has always let his feelings known through his social media pages sometimes winning the praises of KOT, while at times others have hit out at him. What’s not to love about this hunk?

Well, perhaps because of his outspoken nature, one Kenyan has come out to seek Bonnie’s help. The individual wanted Bonnie to ‘changa’ for his upcoming nuptials.

He took to his twitter to advice young people not to start their marriage in debt. Read the request below and Bonnie’s response that is likely to resonate with alot of Kenyans who have had to start life broke because all their money was spent on a lavish wedding.



Here is what Bonny tweeted:

‘Don’t waste too much money on an expensive wedding unless you can fund it. Spend cash on your honeymoon and the new house you’re moving to. As a married man, my advice to all young people don’t borrow or shame yourself to do an expensive wedding. Don’t start your marriage in debt. If you can’t afford an expensive wedding, don’t beg. Go to the attorney general office, have a small ceremony. It will cost you 10k maximum.”


I Stand By The Supreme Court! Boniface Mwangi Defends The Judiciary

Every Kenyan Citizen is eager to know the full rulling of the judiciary after they nullified this years national elections. They want to know the reasons why the court made the verdict and this will give the electoral body a go ahead on what next to do so that the irregularities do not occur again.


Boniface Mwangi, who vied for a political seat to be the Starehe member of parliament and lost to Charles Jaguar has decided to pour his heart out after seeing how the judiciary is being attacked by politicians.


His love for justice has seen him get into so much trouble but like he says he is just trying to protect the rights of the common mwanachi in the best way he can.


Posting a picture on both instagram and facebook with the two presidential candidates, Boniface who is a photographer captioned the photo saying:

“I have been following the attacks on the Supreme Court by Jubilee Party and l am shocked. If the Supreme Court Judges were bribed, President Uhuru would have made the transactions public and investigations would have commenced. President Uhuru has access to the military, the National Intelligence Service and Kenya Police Service. If money exchanged hands, it would be very easy for them to track it. If there is probable cause, a search warrant can be issued and the houses of the mentioned Supreme Court judges searched.

The hashtags and street protests are just sideshows and unnecessary distractions. They’re a nuisance and they will end up dividing Kenya even more. It’s also shocking to see how the police are treating Jubilee supporters with kid gloves. When NASA supporters exercised their right to protest, they were teargassed, beaten and some shot dead. Jubilee supporters lit fires on the Naivasha highway and harassed people while police stood by protecting them.

In 2014, I was accused by the government, through the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), of receiving money to overthrow the government, but my bank account contained no such funds. That story ran in the media, even though no evidence was produced, and my reputation was discredited. As a victim of fake news and false accusations by paid bloggers, l stand by the Supreme Court. What Jubilee bloggers and paid media are trying to do is discredit and intimidate the Supreme Court Judges before the election petition judgment is read in a few hours. Pure propaganda.

I don’t belong to either NASA or Jubilee, but l believe we must defend the independence of the judiciary. Our courts aren’t perfect, but they deserve our protection from angry, self-centered politicians. The independence of our courts is enshrined in the Constitution and in the recent past they have exhibited this independence by refusing to be swayed by self-seeking politicians.

The Supreme Court upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election in 2013, so is he implying that he bribed the Judges to get that favourable judgement? Or is it bribery only when the judgement doesn’t favour him? President Uhuru has every right to disagree with the ruling, but trashing the court publicly is immature, shameful and demeaning the office that he occupies. CORD, now NASA, also attacked the Supreme Court after the 2013 decision, but their attacks weren’t as malicious and vengeful. Jubilee politicians have threatened to reduce the powers of the Supreme Court. A few misguided politicians even want the Constitution, a posterity document serving 48 million people, amended just because they’re upset by one ruling.

And the attacks don’t stop there. What’s more shocking is the case filed in court by a private citizen against the Supreme Court Judges. As part of the alleged evidence mentioned in this case are call logs. How did a private citizen manage to get access to call logs? Everyone has a right to privacy. Neither the government nor your mobile service provider have any business meddling in your life without probable cause and a court order. That petitioner is a lackey. The CEO of Safaricom, Bob Collymore, should explain how private call logs ended up in the hands of a citizen without a court order. That’s criminal. Either Bob Collymore denies the call logs’ legitimacy, or admits he has allowed the state and thugs to unlawfully access personal call data. We know, as a fact, that Safaricom refused to hand over call logs to the ICC when requested to do so. You may see this as a partisan issue, but unless we protect our privacy, the precedent set spells doom for all of us. We go back to the dark days of the Nyayo era.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are past their prime age. 70% of Kenya’s 48 million people are under 35. We shall outlive both Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. We must protect our future using TRUTH, not TRIBE. Defending the Supreme Court, as an institution, from bullying and harassment is ensuring respect for the rule of law and, one day, our children’s children will fully trust the courts and live to see the mighty and powerful jailed.

I wish Uhuru Kenyatta had used the same energy he is using against the Supreme Court to fight corruption and impunity. #TeamCourage.”

Here are reactions from fans:

David :  After you’ve protested all your life without any success ! Now you’re furious Kenyans are doing it on their own & successful !

Javan :  That’s the truth… This Kenya is ours … This is not a jubilee investment to do wat favours them.. Judiciary is free.

Jeff :  Going through the comments and just shaking my head. Guys you just don’t have to support mediocrity because you are kyuk or luo. If something is wrong it’s wrong. The demonstrations yesterday were uncalled for and an independent judiciary is the best thing that can happen to this country. Problem is our (mis) leaders are used to people bootlicking them for favours and it pisses them that CJ Maraga is a man of integrity

Eric : Bonny you’d rather shut up and leave we Jubilee supporters to follow up this matter closely
you can take your activism elsewhere or wait till 2022 tukuangushe tena Starehe