Exclusive: Size 8 on why Boniface Murage’s story is the saddest thing ever

The story of Boniface Murage, a man arrested for smuggling his newborn daughter out of KNH using a carrier bag, is still trending.

The 22 year old first time dad said he did it to avoid paying Sh56,000 hospital bill which had been accrued at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Among those who were touched by the story is gospel artiste Size 8 who is a mother of one.

Speaking about the issue during an exclusive interview she says

“I really pity that guy its a very unfortunate situation no matter how you look at it. It’s a sad story. Imagine not being able to pay your child’s bill.

You will feel sad because you want to take your child home and the hospital also wants to make money, everyone is in a dilemma.

It’s a sad story.”

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Boniface while appearing in court

Boniface was handed a suspended sentence for three months.. This means he is free but should not commit any offense in the three months or he will serve the sentence.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko came to his rescue and cleared the hospital bill, an action that warmed the hearts of many Kenyans.

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A police officer who was identified as Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh also gave Boniface Ksh 56,000 after he found out that the hospital bill had already been cleared.

“I decided to sacrifice my few moths salary to help Boniface. I found out that the bill had been cleared so I decided to hand him the cash.

I did this because despite the bill being paid I had already made a decision to help him and I was not going back on my word” Tamooh said during an interview heard by Classic 105

Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh

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