“I Don’t LIVE With My MOTHER” Maina Kageni Makes It Clear Once And For All (AUDIO)

Radio presenter Maina Kageni has come out to reveal that he doesn’t live in his mother’s house after fans insinuated that he’s still under his mom’s roof.

As is the norm, Maina Kageni starts his day with discussions on his popular breakfast show. This time round, his on air topic was about young adults and when or if they should move out of their parent’s homes.

The topic came up after a judge from Spain was quoted in the press as ruling out that young adults need to move out of their parent’s houses at the age of 22. This is after a 24-year-old lady sued her parents, claiming that they need to continue supporting her financially.

maina kageni

Maina Kageni was of the opinion that parents should not let their children move out to face the harsh realities of the world when they are not ready or don’t have a way of earning an income.  He argued that they’re unable to fend for themselves soon after college or high school, but not everyone agreed with him.

As is customary Maina Kageni asked listeners for their opinions, with some responding through studio phone calls and on social media, revealing how they were chased from their homes before they were even 20.

Then suddenly, a Kenyan on Twitter by the name Boniface Atanasi decided to blast Maina Kageni, saying that he’s had things easy because he still lives with the mother; “Watu watoke wakae independent, wawache kukaa kama Maina, amekatalia kwa mamake.”

That’s when Maina Kageni decided to finally address the rumour, and trust me, he made it clear that he doesn’t live with his mother.

Listen to the audio below as Maina Kageni finally clears the air on this matter.