Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee joins Kenya’s Taurus Muzik

Lady JayDee’s Kenyan fans will be very interested in this latest piece of news.

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee could be leaving her manager for a Kenyan based company.

“I Would Never Go Back To My Ex-Husband” Lady Jaydee Confesses To Maina Kageni (Audio)

The sexy singer is said to have recently signed on to Kenya’s Taurus Muzik, and are gearing up to release new music soon.

Her manager Seven Mosha is also behind heartthrob Ali Kiba, and has been managing these two bigwigs.

Well, rumors from bongo land suggest Lady Jay Dee has parted ways with Seven Mosha to link up with Taurus Musik. It will be interesting to see how things go forward with this change.

A source close to the artiste was interviewed on Tanzania’s Bongo 5, where it was suggested she had done so.

Bongo singer Ali Kiba pictured with his manager Seven Mosha

She now joins Kenya’s Dela, Kagwe Mungai, Alicio Theluji and Urban hype from Zambia who are signed to the label.

Breathtaking: Lady JayDee And Her Husband Release A Steamy Music Video Together As A Couple


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Gospel Singer Christina Shusho Shared Her Thoughts About Ali Kiba’s Love Song ‘SEDUCE ME’ And Was Swiftly Dragged Online

Is secular music off limits for gospel artistes? One popular gospel musician Christina Shusho has found herself in the eye of a storm after making comments about a love song that is currently trending on our airwaves.

Ali Kiba’s new song Seduce Me has now hit over a million views in less than a week since its release. The love ballad elicited mixed reactions with some expressing disappointment that they didn’t expect such from the bongo star.

Well, Tanzanian gospel singer Shusho shocked many with her comments concerning the song, after saying the song could be mistaken for a worship song.

“Leo unaeza kuta mtu kaitwa kanisani aongoze wimbo wa sifa halafu akalianzisha seduce me….eeh jamani Kiba we noma. – Wimbo ni mzuri sana Professionally in Boss ruge ‘s voice. – “

She went ahead to thank him for avoiding nudity in his song

“Hauna picha za aibu , naeza watch na familia, though sijui maana ya SEDUCE ME. #teamkigoma

Here is the most talked about song:

‘Ni Ndugu Tu,’ Diamond Platnumz’s Sister And Singer Queen Darleen Denys Ever DATING His Frenemy Alikiba

We all know that two of the biggest Bongo artistes Ali kiba and Diamond Platnumz don’t see eye to eye for years now, and it all has to do with music.

The two singers were once the best of friends, especially when Diamond was new in the industry, Alikiba was one of his mentors and idols in terms of music, and at some point, they worked on a song together, but it didn’t go so well.


Ali kiba, real name, Ali Saleh Kiba once accused Diamond Platnumz of stealing his musical ideas and then releasing the song they had worked on together without crediting him.

Have They Kissed And Made Up? Diamond Platnumz Ends Beef With Long Time Archenemy Alikiba By Doing This

Well, a few years back, Diamond Platnumz half sister, Queen Darleen, who is now signed to his Wasafi Classic, and Alikiba were some of the top singers from Tanzania, and were also very good friends and even did a song together dubbed Wajua.

At some point, the two were rumored to be dating, rumours Queen Darleen has come to vehemently deny. But the two never had issues until Diamond rose to fame, and that’s when things went South.

With the supremacy battle, Darleen decided to take her brother’s side and even has several songs under Diamond’s music label, WCB.

Is It Payback? Alikiba’s Brother, AbduKiba, Could Be Joining His Frenemy Diamond Platnumz’s Camp Soon


In a recent interview with EATV, she decided to clear the air on claims that she once had a thing with Alikiba, but insisting that they are still friends;

Sio kweli, Alikiba hajawai kuwa bwana wangu. Alikiba ni ndugu yangu na tuna heshimiana sana zaidi ya sana. Unajua mimi watu mpaka leo hawajui mwanaume wangu nani, kwa hiyo hata wewe naweza nikazunguka nawe wiki mbili halafu watasema ni wewe.

Alikiba ni ndugu kabisa, ni mshikaji wangu na ndivyo ilivyokuwa tunazunguka naye sana. Ikumbuke kipindi kile nilikuwa nazunguka na Ali tayari nilikuwa mjamzito kwa hiyo kwa mantiki hiyo basi yule mtoto angekuwa wa Alikiba.

Nimeambiwa na watu wengi bwana angu hadi Dully Skyes wakati ni ndugu. Kipindi hata Nasibu (Diamond) anatoka tukawa tunazunguka naye kumsapoti, watu walisema tena bwanangu.Tukikutana tunaongea tunapiga stori, ila kila mtu kwa mitandaoni nakuwa ana biashara yake.




Remember That Kid Who Sang “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama”? Look How Grown And Masculine He’s Become (PHOTOS)

Bongos star Siaka Nasor popularly known by his stage name Alsay is one of the most prominent young artistes in Tanzania.

The 21-year-old Swahili singer came into the limelight with his massive hit song back in 2012, dubbed Nakusema, which was one of the greatest tracks in East Africa.

Aslay rose to fame since then, unlike some kid stars who come into the music industry and disappear after a while due to mismanagement, lack of funds or simply due to the pressure of focusing on academics first.


The super talented young lad is now one of the most sought after young Bongo artistes and over the years, Alsay has grown to be a very hard working young man, both musically and also as a person.

Sadly, just when his musical star was shining very bright Aslay lost his mother back in 2015, one of the most painful and heartbreaking moments of his life, but on a brighter note he bounced back with time.

The young man is now the lead singer of famed Tanzania all boy group by the name, Yamoto Band, which is making strides in music and is known for smash hits like; Nitakupwelepeta, Basi, Niseme, Mama, Nisambazie Raha and many others.

Back then, Aslay was a cute innocent looking boy, with a very petite body, and short hair. The singer is now a grown hunk with a noticeably matured body.


Aslay is really doing well in the Bongo music world and there’s no doubt that he’s going far . Besides working with the Yamoto Band, the heartthrob still releases singles every now and then.

Have a look at Aslay’s recent photos below. He looks nothing like he did back in 2012.



Abomination! Rose Muhando Reveals How a Pastor Wanted Her To Do ‘Dirty Things’, Debunks Rehabilitation Rumours

Renowned Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando has faced a lot of controversy over the last couple of months, from accusations of being a drug addict to being involved in witchcraft.

The Nibebe hitmaker has over the years become a household name in the East African gospel industry, is known for her electric performance and songs that inspire people from all ages and backgrounds.

However, Rose Mhando has been rumored to have been on a music hiatus as a result of drug abuse a few weeks ago, rumors she later dispelled, revealing that it was her industry rivals who were tarnishing her name.


The Swahili singer has been confronted with several personal issues over the last 2 years, from undergoing surgery back in 2014, to falling critically ill leading to rumors that she was on her death bed.

Tanzanian Gospel Star Rose Muhando Denies Allegations That She’s On Her Death Bed And Quitting Music

The Bongo artiste has admitted to being ill, but not to the extent of the sickness being fatal, and just when we thought that the dust had settled down, there are new reports appearing to suggest that managers from a popular rehabilitation center ‘Safe House’ were looking for her.

This came after a source revealed that she had run away from her home in Dodoma after experiencing hallucination from drug addiction and other reports that a pastor was to settle the rehab fee.


Indeed the pastor had made a request for Muhado to be admitted to the facility but to Muhando, however, revealed to E Daily that the pastor had bad intentions, claiming that he wanted her to do dirty things with her but said she would give the details at the right time.

When asked whether Sober House was looking for her, Rose Muhando revealed that she was not hiding and that being a superstar, she wouldn’t be able to hide. She went on to add that she was at her home practicing with her choir members in preparation for her music video.

Muhando claimed that nothing will break her spirit, even the false stories will not hold her back at all.








Meet Alikiba’s Extremely Gorgeous Female Manager (PHOTOS)

Most people know Alikiba for his amazing talent and breath-taking voice, but they have no idea who is the force behind all his successful musical career.

Even though he is a public figure, Ali Kiba’s manager maintains her life in the most private manner possible.

The beautiful lady, who is identified as Seven Mosha, has been behind Ali Kiba’s musical success for the longest time now.

Who would have thought that Ali had such a hot and sexy manager? Well, just like her, Ali too prefers to keep his life off the public radar.

Have They Kissed And Made Up? Diamond Platnumz Ends Beef With Long Time Archenemy Alikiba By Doing This


The Bongo star, who is now ruling the airwaves with the remix to the song Aje featuring M.I, has recently revealed that he is doing a music project with South Africa’s legendary songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

MAGICAL! Bongo Star Alikiba And Music Legend Yvonne Chaka About To Shake Africa With New Project

In his works, it is evident that Seven does a lot of work especially with the kind of pressure that comes with Ali Kiba’s fame. So, is she also responsible for the canceled interviews too?

Ali Kiba’s manager truly takes her work seriously, and her hard work and efficiency show through him.


Just so you know, she multi-tasks as she is also a manager to another Bongo heavyweight artist, Lady Jay Dee, who has been in the game for the longest time now.

Seven also handles Baraka The Prince and other artist identified as Navaa and Flyfill. Check out more photos of Alikiba’s elegant manager.

alikibas-manager-4ali kiba manager5ali kiba manager




alikibas-manager-1ali kiba4
ali kiba 3ali kiba manager 2

Is It Payback? Alikiba’s Brother, AbduKiba, Could Be Joining His Frenemy Diamond Platnumz’s Camp Soon

We all know Alikiba as one of the biggest music stars in Africa, but what many don’t know, is that he has a brother who’s also a singer.

Kiba’s brother goes by the name, Abdukiba and is actually an established Bongo artist in Tanzania. He’s best known for his hit songs, Bayoyo and Ayayaa.

Though Abdukiba is yet to get his breakthrough in the East African music industry, he might just be following in his brother’s footsteps, but not with his help.

According to Tanzania’s media, the up and coming Bongo flava is set to join Alikiba’s frenemy, Diamond Platnumz’s recording label, Wasafi.

Alikiba’s Brother, AbduKiba

Speaking to Tanzania’s Planet Bongo, AbduKiba revealed his interest in joining Diamond’s camp: “I am willing to work with them (referring to Wasafi Records) if they put the money on the table. If they want to work with me, I wouldn’t mind working under the label.”

This came as a surprise to many fans because they saw this as a sibling rivalry since Alikiba and Diamond are fierce competitors when it comes to music.

One of the reasons the two don’t see eye to eye is because it’s alleged that Diamond was accused by Alikiba of deleting his lyrics and proudly asserted that he holds in his hands the power to ensure one can or cannot make it in the music industry.

Have it in mind that Alikiba has his own record label Rockstar4000, which he could have signed his younger brother. The ‘Mwana’ singer recently joined Sony Music Entertainment on 20th May 2016.

Well, let’s see how this unfolds and if Abdukiba will actually sign a music deal with Wasafi. Check out Alikiba’s brother, AbduKiba’s new song, Bayoyo below:

There Is Still Hope: Ray C Taken Back To Rehab After Attempting To Commit Suicide

Tanzanian singer Rehema Chalamila aka Ray C was once one of the most influential and popular female artists in East Africa, but sadly, her addiction to drugs ruined her career. It’s claimed that her ex-boyfriend introduced her to drugs.

Ray C’s drug addiction led her to being admitted in a rehab facility back in 2012, after the then Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and other well wishers came to her rescue.

After her recovery, the disgraced singer gained a lot of weight and embarked on a weight-loss journey, in addition to reviving her music career to regain her fans confidence.

Ray C sent back to rehab after suicide attempt
Ray C and Kikwete back in 2012

Ray C managed to shed off some weight and stay away from drugs, until a few days ago.

Last week, a video showing Ray C attempting to strip naked while demanding for a knife  to kill herself emerged before she was rescued on time by the police.

On Thursday June 16, 2016, Ray C was escorted by police after her unsuccessful suicide attempt, while all along claiming that she was being kidnapped.

Ray C sent back to rehab after suicide attempt

The ‘Mapenzi Yangu’ singer is rumored to have fallen back to her old ways of drug addiction, with reports showing she was high on drugs during the incident in Dar es Salaam.

But now, there is hope for the distraught singer, after it emerged that she has been taken back to a rehabilitation centre in Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam.

According to Bongo 5, Ray C was taken to Life and Hope Rehabilitation Centre, commonly known as ‘Sober House’ with hopes of making a full recovery. Check out the video where Ray C caused tantrums in public, below.