Blessings galore: Njugush left in tears over Kambua’s pregnancy

The news of Kambua’s pregnancy has been celebrated by many. Even her husband Jackson Mathu was not shy to flaunt his excitement.

Here is his message to the love of his life.


Jackson Mathu's message to Kambua
Jackson Mathu’s message to Kambua

Here are encouragement messages from her fans and celebrity pals.

alicekamande: Ooh dear! 😭😭 God is amazing. He surely is amazing. In his time , he makes all things beautiful. He is not a man that he should lie. Looking so lovely siz 😍

sowairina: Look at the Gorgeous Mama🧡Congratulations once again Sweety😘

blessednjugush: Congratulations. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭bless you.

aminaabdirabar: This is such wonderful news!! Congratulations 🎉🎈

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump


revkathykiuna: Aririririririririririririririririri with the loudest voice. Jehovah reigns. He alone is worthy of praise. Ewooooooooo. I’m jumping right

ciikuwasoxxy: In His time, he makes everything beautiful. And look at you.. Congratulations mummy!!

jackyvike: 😫😫😫 Gorgeous!!! Welcome to Motherhood Hun, sooo happy for you ❤️❤️❤️😘

alekyemumo: See God… aaaha 🥳🥳🥳 Mwiyai ataiwe. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉

caroline.mutoko: Yaaasssss!! ❤❤❤❤💃💃💃💃

lilmuli: Yay….congratulations beautiful I’m so Happy for you

truthslinger:Congratulations Kambua. Eish. Unakaa vibesht sana.

judymuriithi: Chills!! I can’t recall being so happy for someone I have never met. This feels so personal 😩. Congratulations Kambua. Godspeed to you and your growing family ❤️

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‘Once you go Kamba…” Njugush explains why he loves his wife, Celestine Ndinda

Comedian Njugush is not one to shy away from talking about his love for his wife, Celestine Ndinga.

The funny man terms himself as “lucky” as he celebrates his wedding anniversary with the love of his life.

Taking to his instagram he penned a sweet post about all the dreams they had together as they celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Once you go kamba you dont Kambak….hapa stoki…2016 was a good year and the years after have even been better. Sharing the same saltshaker and the same TV (well remote ni yako)been really cool… havent regreted, ever. @celestinendinda asante kwa kupika btw hapa nilikua vizii…shukran za dhati pia zimfikie huyu kinyozi alitafuta hairline kweli kweli…Now lets chase those college dreams….tuanze na Range,hao na tugis playmate (hii inaweza fanya nilale nje leo).Everything we have always been specific about always comes to pass. Im so lucky to have by my side, your support so priceless see how far we’ve come…….anyway @celestinendinda come na salt kama uko kitchen…#happyanniversary my weakness.”

Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her


Celestine also penned a message to the love of his life

“Happy anniversary love @blessednjugush I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!! I thank God for the far He has brought us, Indeed He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask for.Cheers to more years!!!! Love you tim.”

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Viral Kings! Top online comedians to watch out for in 2019 from Kenya

The world is moving to a digital era and these comedians are also moving with it. Not only do they appear on our TV screens or perform live shows, they have also put their content on social media which has pulled a lot of viewers making them even more famous.

They are the viral kings.

This year was wonderful for some of the comedians who posted their content online as some of them have even won awards.

AS a result they have garnered truck loads of fans. Will 2019 bring more foryuned for them?

Below are some of the online comedians who we foresee to have a great 2019.

1. Eric Omondi

Vera Sidika adopts a new look that has got us drooling (photos)

2. Paul Kimani aka Jusper Murume

3. Henry Desagu

Kenyan Actors you didn’t know had quit TV forever (photos)

4. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush

5. Vines of Africa

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Kenyan Actors you didn’t know had quit TV forever (photos)

Quitting something does not mean it is the end of everything. But rather, it is a start of new wonderful beginnings.

These actors took the bold step of quitting some famous local shows because of personal reasons but we have seen them grow in their different fields and others even winning awards.

Below are the Kenyan actors you didn’t know quit TV shows,

  1. Timothy Kimaini aka Blessed Njugush

Njugush quit the Real househelps of Kawangware show after the writer and the director of the show, Abel Mutua quit, he said a lot changed and he was not comfortable with the new writing.

This however became a good turn for him as we have seen him grow his own comedic brand.

Kenyan celebrities you didn’t know have twins (photos)

2. Ian Wainana

Ian wainaina quit Machachari which airs on Citizen TV and moved to the UK for further studies.

3. Sarah Hassan

She quit Tahidi High which aired on Citizen TV and relocated to Los Angeles, USA for further studies but moved back to Kenya recently to work on a new project with Nigerian director Lowla dee.

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This what your Favorite Kenyan Comedians were doing before they became famous

Nobody wakes up and just makes it in life. You have to work hard and smart to get what you want. These Kenyan comedians have really hustled their way to the top although some of them still don’t believe they are there yet.

Here is what some of your favourite Kenyan comedians were doing before they were famous,

1. Paul Kimani Njoroge aka Jasper Murume

Immediately after he finished high school he started selling oil and was also a boda-boda driver. He later came to Nairobi to audition to be in Churchill show but lost it twice. He then went back to practice sales and marketing.

It was later that he discovered that there were Churchill show auditions in Meru and he took the next bus to Meru to audition and his big break started when he was invited for his first show at Churchill Raw

Ngina Kenyatta and Nana Wanjiku partying in South Africa (PHOTOS)

2. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush

He was an actor at Kenya National Theater. His big break came in 2013 when Abel Mutua saw a play he had done in 2011 and he called him because he wanted to cast him in a show he was starting called ‘Hapa Kule’. It gained popularity on YouTube before it became a shown on a local TV network.

3. Eric Omondi

While at Daystar University, he was the drama club chairman. He also declared himself the varsity’s unofficial emcee and also did standup comedy when he got the chance. In 2006, he met Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, who at the time was doing Red Corner. Eric was emceeing an event at which Churchill was to give a motivational talk. Churchill discovered Eric’s ability to do comedy, took his number and promised to get in touch.

His big break happened after two years when Churchill called him back and invited him to perform at the Churchill live show. It was at this show that Eric’s rise to fame and success began. He left the show early 2017 to pave way for upcoming comedians.

Parents, here is the criteria being used for Form one intake

  4. Carolyne Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku

Wanjiku started the character of Teacher Wanjiku in a Heartstrings play called 43rd Kenyan tribe in 2007. She received critical acclaim and went ahead to take part in other set book plays and worked on more than 30 plays.

Her big break was when she started doing stand up on her first performance at the Churchill Show in 2013 getting more than 200,000 YouTube views and more offers thereafter.

5.Herman Gakobo Kago aka Proff Hamo

He was in theatre groups where he performed set books and got a chance to do stand up comedy.  He auditioned six times before he finally performed on Churchill on the Road Nakuru Edition.

His breakthrough came in when a performance of his during Churchill show was uploaded on YouTube and it went viral.

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Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

In Kenya, not many Dads show off their children or family on social media. Some even prefer to keep that part of their life private.

However, these are some of the Kenyan celebrity fathers who don’t mind showing off their family and giving advice to their followers and with the look of things, fatherhood is going quite well with them.

Some of them include,

1. Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush and baby Tugi

2. Nameless and his baby girls, Tumiso and Kio

Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy(photos)

3. DJ Mo and baby Ladasha

4. Madtraxx and baby Malaika

5. Octopizzo and with Tracy, Zara and Frederick.

‘You made me smile when the world left me shattered’ pens Ben Kitili’s newly wedded wife

6. DJ Moz and his daughters Zara and Alba

7. DJ Soxxy and his first born daughter Eliana and last born son Ethan

8. Frankie just gym it and his sons Alex and Kai

9. Robert Burale and Daughter Lexie

10. Ted Josiah and Baby Jay Jay

Ted Josiah- Zumi


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Blue ticks! Kenyan Celebrities who have been Verified on Instagram

Being verified on Instagram means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

A verified badge is a blue check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who have been verified,

   1. Avril

    2. Njungush

Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

   3. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’

  4. Sauti sol

   5.Vera Sidika

Utashtuka! Creepy maternity photos that will surprise you

     6. Huddah Monroe

    7. Bahati

     8. Victoria Kimani

    9. Joy Kendi


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Daddy goals: These photos of Njugush and his son prove he is a responsible dad

Many celebrities tend to not show off their kids on social media but Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush could not keep the cuteness to himself.

Njungush is a very proud father who does not hesitate to show his beautiful baby to the world. He is known to always keep his family first as he considers it a blessing from above.

Below are baby Tugi’s photos


Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at the age of 95 after battling a long illness




Men, here are gifts you can buy your woman this festive season



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Nobody is ugly just broke: TBT photos of Kenyan celebs that will make your day(photos)

They say nobody is ugly, just broke. Most of these celebrities have really transformed and you cannot even recognize them unless someone pointed it out.

Here are some of the celebrity throwbacks,

1. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njung’ush


2. Lupita Nyongo with Nick Mutuma


These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Kristoff Barton Namwaya aka Kristoff


4. Fena Gitu and Jay Take a Pic



5. Kagwe Mungai


Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Vera Sidika


7. Bahati

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Haha! This Is The Crazy Thing That Njugush Did To Tracy Wanjiru That Left Everyone In Stiches

While everyone was scolding Eric Omondi for his wild mistake which you may already be aware of, others were laughing their butts off on Njugush’s page. The latter did a super funny skit with fast-rising Kenyan media personality Tracy Wanjiru. The Instavid, which is arguably one of the funniest he has ever done to date features him pretending to be a thug. He is on a call with another supposed thief and he is communicating in Kikuyu.

He goes on to describe how this “white” girl looks like money, especially pointing at the shoes, saying that they might be really expensive. However, at the end of the video, Njugush is stunned to hear Tracy (in character) speak in fluent Kikuyu. That is when trouble becomes real.

Prior to that, most of Tracy’s fans did not know that she speaks in Kikuyu, but apparently, she does. Check out some of the fan reactions:

_roxieross_ @linahmwangi @eurie_eunice

ciiru_tharau …jesu!!!

oliveroli3195 …utajua hujui wee

iambenkartelsnr …Kuja apa @rannia_kimz

kanes_kitchenaffair ..I dropped at ‘giki nikuguithia’

pithbwoy @njeriegitau …hehe

claireshishda ..Njuguna wewe umefanya Eric Omondi awe desperate for attention hadi ana swim nekkid na watoto

samuelkamauwaweru …Hapo umenoa bro

kaymemoirs ..Dead

dantezk95 …ģikìì ñìkùŕùñdà lol

kagzmama_marl @kigogo_snr… Njuguna amejua hajui

murugi_olive @ian.mooner… walalala

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