Aki Yaooo! 5 Times Maina Kageni Made Kenyan Men Die Of Jealousy (PHOTOS)

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni  has set the bar really high in his career in radio which is what keeps listeners tuned in and entertained.

The Classic 105 radio host has been in the Kenyan media industry for more than a decade and is still going strong years down the line.

How he maintains his youthful looks is a secret he needs to tell us.


The renowned radio king is loved by many and in a recent study, it was revealed that he’s among the list of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya.

TBT! Maina Kageni Is Almost Unrecognizable In This Old Photo

The Manchester United diehard fun recently hosted the Grammy award-winning all-girl group, Sisters With Voices popularly known as SWV and boy band Blackstreet in Kenya for their mega pre-Valentines show at KICC last weekend.


American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Maina Kageni who was the main host of the event, had full access to the R&B superstars, which means he was interacting with them one on one and from the photos we have, the lady singers loved him and really enjoyed his company.

When Maina Kageni shared a photo with SWV surrounding and cuddling him, after their exclusive interview on Classic 105, male fans responded with envy after the attention the radio presenter was getting from the bevy of beauties.

The Proposal Of The Year! How Maina Kageni Made It Happen (PHOTOS)

Other than the studio, Maina Kageni also got to spend quality time with SWV later on and their chemistry made him the envy of every Kenyan man who wished to get the close and flirty with the beautiful and stunning American singers.

Check out these 5 photos that made Kenyan men die of jealous.









The Biggest Valentine’s Concert Went Down At KICC With SWV & Blackstreet (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

So this happened…..the Sisters With Voices (SWV) and Blackstreet rocked the stage at KICC last night. And of course, we were there to catch all the action.

Singing hit songs such as ‘Weak’, I’m So Into You’ and ‘We Right Here,’ the crowd couldn’t get enough of these beautiful ladies. Singing along to their old school tracks was the name of the game and Blackstreet’s performance was on fire with their hit track ‘No Diggity‘ leaving the crowd in a state of euphoria. Let’s just say that when ‘Money Can’t Me Love’ was performed, a lot of so called lovers realised that it’s true in the sense that you may love someone or just love their money.

Well, without further ado, check out the exclusive photos below;



Sauti Sol’s Bien Calls Visiting American Stars ‘Foreign Bullsh*t’! (SCREENSHOT)

He is known for making his opinions known. Loudly. Whether it is popular or not, he doesn’t care. He has said his piece and that is that.

I’m talking about Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza.

A while back he lectured a blogger for writing an opinion piece alluding to the fact that Polycarp Onyango is a not a productive member of the all male group.

Bien did not spare his bundles, he wrote  long winding post calling the writer, a “stupid journalist”.

Now, he wants to make his feelings known about the visiting RNB mega stars, SWV and Blackstreet.

Chek out their arrival video.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Bien insulted Kenyan fans of the Ol’skul acts and in the same fell swoop, called the American artistes “Foreign bullsh*t” and all round “trash”.

He wrote in his post,

“Kenyans are such superstars,. We make foreign songs bigger here than they are in their countries of origin,” adding clapping emojis, “Happy dustbin for foreign bulsh*t day. Hope you smell the trash soon.”
Bien Aime Baraza Sauti Sol

No Diggitty – SWV Is In Kenya! Exclusive Photos…And Let’s Not Forget Black Street

SWV  is in Kenya, and in case you didn’t know, they are the Sisters With Voices, and to make it even super awesome, they are accompanied by Grammy winners,  Blackstreet.

These ladies are known for releasing best-selling RnB selling hits during the 90’s  and Blackstreet is joining them. These ‘boys’ are known for their singles ‘Don’t Leave’… 

It’s sure to go down at KICC tonight!

As usual, we’re on top of the game, and photos are a must…

Check out these awesome pictures of the legendary artists while on Kenyan ground…;


Karibu Kenya! American R&B Group Blackstreet Profess Their Love For Kenya To Maina Kageni (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

The joy and thrill Maina Kageni felt when he finally met and interviewed American R&B female group SWV, was out of this world.

SWV had a successful career back in the 90s and as of 2015, the group had sold more than 25 million records, making them one of the best-selling girl groups in the world.

The stunning singers were hosted by sensational Classic 105 radio presenter, Maina Kageni on the morning of 17th February, where they looked fresh and excited after flying in the previous night.

They’re Right Here! Watch As American Group SWV Is Escorted By Their Entourage In Nairobi

During the interview, the Weak hitmakers revealed a lot of stuff we didn’t know about them, and of course, they mentioned what to expect in their much-anticipated post-Valentine event at the KICC.


The concert is dubbed Valentine’s Throwback Concert will be one of the biggest shows this year, with Blackstreet also performing. This comes after last year’s mega concert where American R&B singers; Mya, Genuwine and 112 graced the occasion.

The bubbly ladies talked to Maina Kageni as they revealed a lot we didn’t know, including their secret to looking so young and pretty years down the line.

No Diggity! American R&B Artistes Blackstreet And SWV Hang Out With Maina Kageni (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Maina Kageni could not help but ask them how they are able to stay together as a group especially that they are a female band, and one of the reasons they mentioned was because they all live in different states.


On talking about what they are thankful for, they revealed that they appreciate each other every day and the love they have for one another has kept the bond strong over the years.

Another interesting thing they talked about was their reality TV show, which is apparently marred by a lot of drama especially from one member, Taj, who is the chaotic one in the program.

The other thing that surprised me was their confession of going under the knife for different procedures to enhance a few parts of their bodies. How about you listen to the audio below to find out all the juicy details about SWV’s private life…




They’re Right Here! Watch As American Group SWV Is Escorted By Their Entourage In Nairobi

America R&B all-girl group SWV (Sisters With Voices) is one of the most successful duos from back in the 90s.

The celebrated female band is currently in Nairobi, after jetting in on the Thursday 16th February, and are set to rock the town with their popular love songs along with male group Blackstreet.

SWV is known for of the best R&B songs in the 1990s, with their mellow and catchy voices. Some of their best tracks and love songs include; Weak, Right Here, I’m So Into You, You’re The One, Anything, It’s All About U and many others.


The stunning singers visited the Classic 105 studios, where they were hosted by renowned radio presenter, Maina Kageni.

No Diggity! American R&B Artistes Blackstreet And SWV Hang Out With Maina Kageni (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

SWV talked about their musical journey, how they have managed to stay as a group for all those years and their love for Africa.

The acclaimed female group at some point disbanded – in 1998- to pursue solo projects and reunited in 2005. As of 2015, they have sold more than 25 million records, making them one of the best-selling girl groups of all time.



When they were done with the Classic 105 interview, they were escorted by their security team as well as their entourage. The singers were very friendly despite being jetlagged from their journey.

Check out the video below as they departed our offices;




No Diggity! American R&B Artistes Blackstreet And SWV Hang Out With Maina Kageni (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Renowned American R&B aristes SWV and Blackstreet are in Nairobi, and where better to hang out first other than at Classic 105 with the celebrated presenter Maina Kageni.

The distinguished groups were hosted by Maina Kageni on his popular morning show where they talked about their music and the much-anticipated post-Valentines show at KICC on Saturday, 18th of February.

Smooth Operator! Top 5 Blackstreet Love Songs You Can Dedicate To Your Better Half This Valentine’s Day

Maina Kageni, who will be the MC for the much anticipated event, was very thrilled and ecstatic when the singers walked in the building, as he happily welcomed them to Nairobi Kenya, for the first time.

SWV (Sisters With Voices) is an all-girls group known for their smooth R&B songs. The members of the band include; Cheryl “Coko” Gamble, Tamara “Taj” Johnson, and Leanne “Lelee” Lyons.


The Grammy Award–nominated vocal trio from New York was formed in 1990 as a gospel group, then became one of the most successful R&B groups of that time.

They had a series of hits, which include I’m So into You, Right Here/Human Nature, Weak, You’re the One, Anything and Rain.

As for Blackstreet, they are an R7B group that was founded in1991, made up of; Chauncey “Black” Hannibal, Levi Little, Mark Middleton and Eric Williams, who enjoyed great success in the 90s.

Blackstreet are known for their all time love songs and mellow hits, including; Buy Me Love, Don’t Leave Me, No Diggity, Before I Let You Go, Joy, Baby Be Mine just to mention a few.

The groups are extremely excited to perform for their fans in one of the biggest shows in Kenya this year and have promised an electric performance.

Check out more photos below as SWV and Blackstreet at the Classic 105 offices, and be prepared to rock to some of their best songs.







Smooth Operator! Top 5 Blackstreet Love Songs You Can Dedicate To Your Better Half This Valentine’s Day

We are a few hours from Valentine’s Day and I can bet so many men are struggling to find the perfect gift for their better halves to mark this special day.

This lover’s day comes only once in a year, and most couples opt to celebrate it by doing something special for each other. Most of the time, however, the men happen to be the ones tasked with that.

But how about just playing each other sweet, soothing love songs from veteran American R&B group, Blackstreet or better yet, you can take your lover to see them live…

Here’s What You Can Get Your Man/Woman For Valentines, According To Maina Kageni


The celebrated boy band is made up of four members; Chauncey “Black” Hannibal, Levi Little, Mark Middleton and Eric Williams and is known for hits such as Don’t Leave Me, No Diggity, Before I Let You Go having enjoyed great success in the 90s.

Blackstreet has been on a musical hiatus for a while now, and at some point, they each took up solo careers but back in 2014, the members announced that they would continue to perform for their fans even without new music.



As we get into the Valentine’s Day mood, how about I share romantic songs from Blackstreet that can warm up your lover on this romantic filled week.

Check out top 6 love songs from one of the biggest R&B groups of all time Blackstreet.

1. Before I Let You Go

2. Let’s Stay In Love

3. Don’t Leave Me

4. Deep

5. Joy

6. (Money Can’t) Buy Me Love