3 signs you can’t fix a toxic relationship

How many time shave you heard someone say that you should fight to keep your relationship?

That anything you are going through can be fixed?

Toxic relationships cause feelings of low self-worth, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, paranoia, and even narcissism.

Fighting to keep this relationship won’t change anything because one or both people have emotionally moved on. Perhaps they were never really there in the first place, or not in the way you needed them to be anyway.

Even worse, if your relationship is toxic, you will be more and more damaged by staying in it.

Fighting to hold on to something that is not fighting to hold on to you will ruin you. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to let go with grace and move on.

Here’s how tell you can’t fix it:

  • moodiness, anger, unhappiness become the norm
  • you avoid each other more and more
  • work and relationships outside the toxic relationship start to suffer

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4 relationship habits most people think are normal


Read about these habits that we mistake as healthy but are actually dangerous patterns we develop in our relationships.

1. Keeping score of who’s doing what

Some spouses find petty ways of upsetting their partner to justify complaining about the others behaviour.

Because it shows that you two are not comfortable communicating openly and clearly with one another. A person has no reason to be passive-aggressive if they feel safe expressing any anger or insecurity within the relationship. A person will never feel a need to drop “hints” if they feel like they won’t be judged or criticized for it.

2. Holding the relationship hostage
Blackmailing your partner to stay in a relationship is pretty common behaviour that people don’t think alot about. When one person complains and blackmails the other person by threatening the commitment of the relationship, that is a problem.


It’s emotional blackmail that brings about alot of unnecessary drama. Any small challenge in the relationship is used as an opportunity to tell the other person they are not committed. This ‘crisis’ results from negative thoughts and feelings that are not being communicated to each other, and so make it out to be a threat to the relationship.


3. Blaming your partner for your own negative emotions
Let’s say you’re having a bad day most probably from work related stress, and your partner isn’t exactly being sympathetic or supportive at the moment. Yet you want them to pay attention to you.

So you lash out at them for being what you call insensitive.


4. Displaying a loving jealousy
When your spouse or partner gets mad when you talk, touche, call, text, hang out, with others and then takes the anger out on you, and attempt to control their behavior. This often leads to taking extreme action like hacking into your partner’s email account, looking through text messages while they’re in the shower or even following them around town and showing up unannounced when they’re not expecting you.

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‘I want to keep my romantic options open’ – mans reason for not posting wife’s photos


If your boyfriend never posts pictures of you on their social media, would you be concerned?

It’s embarrassing to admit wanting public validation from the person with whom you’re already the most intimate with, but a little ego boost from your partner boasting about you on social media can feel really good.

A man who won’t post pictures of his wife on social media, has a pretty selfish reason for not doing so.

He wants to keep his options open in case they break up.

The man told Maina Kageni where the topic was being debated that

let me ask you what is the difference if I put or don’t put you on my social media, why should I comment on her posts, if I just like it, what else does she want? Those people who post their spouses, then later when they break up they have to delete? What is the point of sharing her picture on social media? The kids will remain mine even if we divorce, but her she will go. This chick things can go wrong then I have to start deleting pictures, what time do I have for that? To even start explaining what happened? So I would never post her.

What does it mean when your bae never posts pictures of you?

couple pics
couple pics

Are we reading too much into people’s posts on social media?

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam, are we overreacting to something that should be no big deal?


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Woman reveals fiancé delayed wedding ceremony for side chick


Moments leading to a wedding ceremony are tense, with the couple hoping it will kick off on time and without a hitch.

Sadly, this was not the case for one woman who recalls her anxiety waiting for her fiancé to receive her at the alter.

He was nowhere to be seen as family and friends waited to witness their vows.

She wrote of the humiliating moment as it finally dawned on her why he was late.

Actor OJ explains how alcoholism and depression caused his wife to leave him (Video)

The woman identified as Twitter user Lihle Zondi wrote  that

I discovered during my marriage that the reason my Ex husband was late to the ceremony of our wedding was that he went to see the women he was cheating on me with. He’s grooms men (friends) knew about it they waited for him inside the car while he s33 and made me wait.

Kenyan woman gang-raped and left for dead on wedding day speaks out

Adding that

I literally had everyone waiting I began freaking out because everyone wasn’t answer my calls Including he’s friends, im thinking the worse. Than they show up and lie that the car had a breakdown meanwhile he was out cheating.

All the while, his groomsmen were in the know but kept quiet because of this thing called bro-code

Those asking how I found out it was actually he’s brother who told me this i was so angry with myself I felt naive for not questioning things my divorce almost sent me into depression the whole thing was hard I’ve only stay strong through supportive people and praying.cheating on phone

People have responded to her tragic story with kind but cautionary words. Read below:

Guys are taking this bro code too extreme man!!!! It also in the bro code to correct your friend when he is about to do something stupid

Ladies, check his circle first

Here is something you ladies probably won’t like to hear, cheating is normal for a lot of men. It might not be right, but that’s what men do. The fact that he is marrying you doesn’t mean he will ever stop. It just means you’re the main chick.

Guys and nonsense bro code…no wonder they wouldn’t want their friends to date their sisters

Size 8 speaks for the first time after Dj Mo’s cheating allegations emerged


My friend told me the other day hes been cheating on his gf, all his friends have met and chilled with the new girl. They having sex on the gf bed and even the neighbours are aware. He was bragging that the gf will never believe anyone who tells her the truth 🤯🤔

Most men have their side chicks coming to their weddings, they even come to the main table to greet and congratulate you

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11 people reveal their funniest and weird first date experiences

There are so many ways a first date can go horribly wrong.

We all have our fair share of cringe-worthy horror stories from bad dates.

Here are 11 of the worst date stories told by women and men. There is simply no better way to describe these experiences, so just read through:

1. Met this cute white guy at a party. we went on a date to dennys and on the way home he told me his life story & almost crashed the car when he broke down crying hysterically about his best friend who committed suicide. I comforted him but I was honestly scared for my life.he drove 30mph in a 50mph speed limit because he said he enjoyed my company so much. asked me to say nigga. told me he liked my “african american hair” asked me if I wanted head and he didn’t care if I shaved. never again

2. Planned to take shorty out, she instead suggests we chill she cook and watch movies. Cool ima get some. I get there she dragged one of the park benches to the crib…she had no other furniture. Disturbed but she fine AF. She offer me a drink and go upstairs. No furniture up there.Bed on floor. I’m like how we gon watch movie, she said I got a computer. Still wanted to beat lol. We laying on bed and she start smoking but gets up to stuff a towel down at another door. I ain’t pay it no mind. Bout 10 min later her son come out he like 5.


3. Went on a date with a guy, I arrive to his house he says we are taking his car, but throws me the keys Cause his license is suspended (red flag 1) ,overlooked it & begin to drive only to get stopped by a girl w/a baby, asking through the drivers window when he coming back.We ain’t even back out the parking space yet and this girl seems aggressive, We leave and drive to the seafood place , there I ask “ Was that your sister?”, he replies naw sorry my baby mama be tripping

4. Met this dude on twitter, he asked me out. I had to pick him up bc the day of the date he decided to tell me he didn’t have a car. Ok, cool. Go to pick him up he gets in the car smelling like raid roach spray, I kid you not. The date turned out pretty good. We went to dinner then.Went to the levee and smoked a few, watched the sun set. Pretty fucking great. Then I went to take him home, we pull up to his house, he was constantly attempting feel on me, even tried to put his hands in my pants. I kept saying stop he wouldn’t so I grabbed my gun.


5. We met for coffee & I was already feeling a NO in my spirit but I was trying to be nice. He showed me pictures of his daughter and asked if I had any kids. I said no so his response was “How many abortions have you had because you’re too pretty for no one to knock you up.

6. Once I went on a date in college and it went nicely, but as he was dropping me off at home he locked his key in the car. I called Triple A & gave him a hanger to try to get the key out himself. He had a meltdown and beat his car with the hanger. I watched from a window inside.


7. Me and this chick went for dinner when all of a sudden her ex popped up. He came in being wild disrespectful, calling her out her name so I punched him in his face!! She had the nerve to get mad at me for defending her!! I left both they ass there!! didn’t even pay the check

8. Went on a double date with my bestie and the guy she hooked me up with was fiiiine..so his phone keeps going off im like oh here we go i say “you gonna answer that”? he says “nah im good..she in labor but ion know of its mine anyways”.

9. Went on a date with this guy & everything was nice & sweet until he made a stop by his “homeboy” place. Long story short he had me waiting in the car for like 2 hours. I saved the location & googled his ex address the next day. This KAKA had me outside of her house.


10. Went on a first date with a guy, who invited his “best friend” the proceeded to ignore me and talk amongst themselves for 30min. I left midway through didn’t even eat the food I ordered. The fool called me 3 days later to ask me why I left.

11. Our first date was dinner and a movie. After the movie, she points up to a billboard and asked, “when are you going to give me one of those”. The billboard has a baby on it.

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Would you marry your spouse if you had to do it all over again asks Maina

Would you still marry your significant other if you had the chance to do it over again?

Maina and Kingangi debated this very interesting topic and the resounding answer was a NO.

I regret wasting years of my life with my exe

Read on for some candid reflections on what makes men say they will never contemplate such a move.

Most male callers would not do it all over again.

One man started it all off saying without a shadow of a doubt, he would never do it

gody mc jnr..
No no no …..I dint know I married a devil.this pple are nice mwanzoni but the time they give birth sijui pembe xinatokekezea wapi.kama si watoto huyu tungemalizana kitambo.tunaumia kimoyomoyo
Clr. Ja-zine Flag of Kenya..
A thousand times. God gave me a woman of my type. I appreciate her so much.

i’m secretly planning to leave my husband of 27 years

Wanjiru Kinyanjui..
85% of guys complaining just want to be with their side chick but the second they step out they wanna be back. I’m sure if the guy re-evaluated he’d see the problem and change his approach…happy wife happy life bro! Remember the move “Why Did I Get Married?”
Elseo mwavula™(mambea)..
Maina kile unatutafutia hutokuja kututeteea 99% hawataoa walionao kwa sasa tumechoka hii usisome maana jioni naeza pata pumziko la ugenini
Okie I don’t like being married but if I was to go back and marry again I would choose my wife all over again

Boy Child: 5 things to do to prove you are a real man


If its marrying the same woman, reke nemwo,
I’ve been assaulted by the woman I married not once but twice.
We are going through pain, but speaking it out makes us seem inferior and overpowered.
I rather be single.
Josh Njoroge..
Okie I don’t like being married but if I was to go back and marry again I would choose my wife all over again @ItsMainaKageni

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‘Stop giving our wives marital advice’ man blasts single women


No person loves giving unsolicited marriage advice like single women, an angry man told Classic 105’s Mike Mondo.

The bitter man reflected upon this when he called Classic 105 to complain about how single women are giving their married pals advice on how to handle marital disputes.

The angry man insisted this habit is ruining Kenyan marriages.

Do you agree with him? He said

These women join a chama, or some group, and she goes there discussing about you and in that group there is one person who will tell her what to do, married women are poisoned against their husbands

Is it wrong for a married woman to seek advice about her relationship from a single woman?


Others responded to Mike Mondo’s query said single women have bad intentions.

They blasted them urging single women to keep off.

‘Kenyan women ask for advice from each other about relationships instead of coming up with solutions, and there is always that one woman who will tell you to leave that ka man

Another echoed this same thought

She is poisoned against her man by her single friends who do the bad mouthing.

Ladies is this true?

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Suicidal man sends wife ‘fed up’ text message before jumping to his death


“Take good care of our children…God will give you another husband who will love you as I did.”

These were the last words of 27-year-old Samuel Njenga from Magomano, Kipipiri, to his girlfriend Zipporah Njeri, 25, moments before he drowned himself in the swollen Malewa River on Tuesday evening.

Njeri said  on Monday evening, Njenga sent her a text message indicating he was fed up with life and the only option remaining was suicide.

This happened after she called him asking his whereabouts since he had been missing for two days.

Njeri spoke to the Star on Saturday afternoon at River Malewa where Njenga’s body is still being sought.

She said after the message, she and Njenga’s brother tried to talk sense into him but “he had made up his mind though we did not take him seriously by then.”

Njenga had disappeared with Sh8, 000 belonging to a bar operator at Jilet township in Kipipiri.

On the material Tuesday, he called Njeri, who was at her work place at Jilet Township. He requested her to meet him at Magomano near the bridge along Huhirio B road, accompanied by his brother, so that the two could accompany him to return the money to the owner.

Zipporah Njeri (second left) with some residents at Malewa River on Saturday

Zipporah Njeri (second left) with some residents at Malewa River on Saturday 
Image: Ndichu Wainaina

She could not find Njenga’s brother hence she went to meet him alone. As she approached the bridge she saw him leaning on the barriers and upon noticing her he went to meet her.

Together they walked back towards the river where Njenga repeatedly said he was fed up with life without revealing much.

As she approached the bridge she saw him leaning on the barriers and upon noticing her he went to meet her. Njeri said when she pressed him he told her he felt ashamed and feared going back to Jilet township since he did not know how he would explain why he went away with the money.

“I told him that was not a reason enough to take his life and insisted that instead, he could stay away for some time as things calmed down, but he insisted his end had come, “she said

A few metres to the raging river, she said, Njenga embraced and kissed her, and asked her to take care of their two children aged 7 ½ years and five, a girl and a boy. She asked him with whom will he leave her with even as she takes care of the children.

“He told me God will give me another husband who will love me just as he did.”

He then let go of her and made huge steps towards the swollen river, without looking back. It was at that moment that it dawned on Njeri that he was serious about taking his life. She ran after him and pulled him from the back pleading with him, but he insisted it was his time to die.

At some point, he appeared to calm down and she loosened her grip on his clothes intending to move in front of him so they could talk face to face. But within an instant, he shoved her to the ground, in the mud, and plunged into the raging waters which swept him away. “The incident will live to haunt me as it happened in my full sight.

“His last words will remain painful. Things will be difficult as we loved each other so much and we never fought or quarrelled,”she said.

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‘My husband washes me, plus my soiled knickers’ wife reveals

When you walk down the aisle, you take a vow to stick together through thick and thin.

It’s something we say but don’t really ponder for long because our wedding day is supposed to be happy, right?  So, what does it really look like to live out this vow?

That is exactly what one Kenyan man is doing, to the outrage of many.

He told Maina Kageni on Monday that he even washes her inner wear, especially when she wakes up late in a rush to scrub her panties. He says when he finds them when he get home before her, he will wash them for her, and put them outside to air. because she forgot to wash her panties, he helps her washing it. She cleans my boxers so why not?


In another scenario, a female caller shocked listeners on Wednesday with her tale of what her husband does for her that is so romantic.

She narrated

I have a man. He washes my panties, I don’t tell him to do it, he just wakes up washes his and mine, and when I’m cleaning the house he also helps. I hate ironing clothes, so he does so and even for our daughters, he doesn’t complain.

Cleaning floor using rag
Cleaning floor using rag

Even when I’m sitting down at home, he cleans, this is a man I really appreciate I don’t have to tell him to do stuff. He also washes my panties, you know at times ladies soil their panties but he washes them. It’s not a matter of being controlled, there are men out there who are good, even when I’m sick he washes me, he takes a basin puts hot water, scrubs me and will serve me any food in bed.

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My husband and I have blocked each other on Whatsapp

Feuding couples do the most to each other in anger.

A Kenyan couple has blocked each other on whatsapp. They have not taken a small break from each other, noooo, it’s permanent.

The wife disclosed the intimate details on Classic 105 where she claimed that they have a strained relationship.

She flew off the handle at his behaviour and has no regrets about blocking him.


What triggered this drama? She blames it all on not posting each other on social media.

We have blocked each other on whatsapp, he doesn’t even have one picture of mine and next year we are marking 8 years of marriage, he has never taken a picture of me, we have never taken a picture together on his phone? It hurts but unazoea tuu, unajibamba tuu na watoto wako

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some out of this world things you have heard about couples. Drop your comments below.

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My man won’t post me on social media, Kenyan woman tells Maina


Posting photos or moments with your spouse is a big deal to Kenyan women. More so when marking a milestone in your relationship.

One city mum cried out to Classic 105’s Maina Kageni that her husband never shares her pictures on his social media platforms. Maina shared her emotional story

She asked him sweetheart please post this for our anniversary and he said ‘No’.

It’s not a small deal to a lot of women, it’s a big deal.

Maina explained how pained she was by the ‘diss’ from her hubby of nine years.

‘She felt insulted, undervalued and said inauma sana (it’s so painful).

She felt this thing in her that was so painful and asked me if I think the husband is ashamed of her.BLACK-COUPLE-FIGHTING-640x415

Co host Mwalimu told her nto to be so consumed with doubt because that is something many husbands don’t do.

‘Zamani there was photo album, kwani anataka atangazwe kila mahali? That’s private property which shouldn’t be posted. That man is protecting her. If your man is not interested leave him along, if he posts with his boys, leave him alone its his social media.

But here’s the thing. If we’ve been dating a few months, you don’t have to share anything, but nine years and I get nothing!!!


It would be a good idea to ask him in person, and see if his answer is something reasonable. See if you can trust what he says. Let him know that the social media aspect is important to you. See if he’s willing to address your concerns and make modifications. If he doesn’t budge, then you know the answer.

Circumstances vary. There are couples who don’t post much stuff on social media. I think it would depend if he’s the type of person who is very active on social media or not as active.

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4 celebrity couples whose relationship drama is playing out on social media


Way too many celebrities are airing their marital drama on social media, and we are here for the tea.

While many of you may want to be rid of the drama, we aren’t. So KOT, here’s the drama that has been playing itself out on social media before the year ends.

‘Your death is unfair’ Mans final goodbye to wife

Still shaking your head in disbelief? Here’s our rundown of the moshene

  1. Rayvanny:The singers wife has accused him of having a fling with a video vixen, something he has vehemently denied.He shared screenshots of the conversation blasting her

    “Nimekua nakuheshimu miaka yote tuliokua pamoja kuna mengi tumekoseana na tumesameheana na most of the time umekua ukitamani maisha ambayo kila siku nakwambia hayatakusaidia.

    “Nakuheshimu na naiheshimu sana familia yangu. Ikiwa umeamua mwenyewe kuondoa I won’t blame you. Still love my family. Nakutakia maisha mema.”


    She told him off with a message about ‘being dead to him’. Was it a publicity stunt? This is because they have since reunited.

    ‘It hurts me to the core’ sister shares mans bruised face after domestic quarrel

  2. Ray J and wife Princess Love: In a since deleted message, Ray J’s wife alleged he left her stranded with a one year old child in Las Vegas, to go cheat. His wife is 8 months pregnant and caused a racas on social media with the message. Fans are speculating the online drama is to promote their TV series Love and Hiphop. princess oveShe accused Ray J of abandoning her to party with strippers and escorts and said she planned on filing for divorce (their wedding was filmed for the series back in 2016).
  3. Justin Timberlake:Justin Timberlake was spotted getting cosy with his co-star Alisha Wainwright during a night out. Alisha, 30, was seen touching the knee of singer and photos captured the moment.justin timberlake
    The duo was spotted once again again in Louisiana on Monday filming the new drama “Palmer” after setting the rumor mill ablaze with their seemingly flirty behavior over the weekend. He was accused of being inappropriate with his co-star.
  4. Omarion: His baby mama has been slandering his name on social media, since revealing she is dating his band mate. He has taken the high road and remained silent for a long time, and fans praised him. omarion 11But he has now broken his silence on the controversy surrounding his B2K bandmate Fizz dating his ex-girlfriend Apryl Jones. “If they’re happy, then they should be happy,” Omarion explained.

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Ruth Matete was aware of husbands ex wife


Gospel star Ruth Matete has said she was aware that her husband John Apewajoye, aka Beloved John, had been married before they hooked up.

John was previously married to Juliet Aihinomo Idehen who is based in Nigeria and they had two children.

‘I look forward to doing life with you my love,’ Ruth Matete celebrates bae

Matete told Word Is on Monday, “Tell her to provide proof they are still married. I am aware that John is her ex-husband but they are not married anymore. I know the children because they are my husband’s kids.”

She walked down the aisle with John on November 22 at a private wedding. “The wedding was successful, we thank God,” she said.

Ruth Matete with her man
Ruth Matete with her man

Previously, Matete, who is the daughter of Selina actor Abel Amunga, has opened up about growing in an abusive home.

“My mum got married to another man and later she introduced me to my biological father. I had never been to school I was always at home doing house chores,” she told Ebru TV.

Meet the man Ruth Matete will be marrying tomorrow(exclusive)

“My stepdad was not so good to me and my mum. He was a drunk and he used to beat me a lot. She sensed it was time for her to go as she was always in and out of hospital.

“My dad used to tell me that even when my mum was pregnant with me she was always sick from being beaten. He was a drunk and he used to beat me a lot.

“My dad was also married and his wife was not so good to me, she would beat me everyday when she wanted to solve issues with me.”

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‘It hurts me to the core’ sister shares mans bruised face after domestic quarrel


A South African man is nursing injuries after he was scalded with hot water in a domestic quarrel.

The mans photos have been shared with his permission, according to a post seen by Classic 105 on social media.

He was scalded with hot water by an angry wife, eliciting sharp reaction from angry twitter users who scolded the wife for handling the domestic quarrel in the wrong way.

Here is the tweet the mans sister shared below.


The post has elicited lots of reactions with many expressing concern and sympathy for the mans safety:

I agree, maybe he should first find a surgeon to do a debridement on him, this is to remove the dead skin, and after that he can continue with the dermatologist treatments. When all this is done your brother will be back to his handsomeness. Good luck to him. 😓😓

They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

Let hear her side of the story before we judge. For now wishing your brother speedy recovery

Is she behind bars already? Flip, shes ghetto and danger to the society.

I once said” we have plenty of Men who are abused by women but we are quite because of so called Manhood and being afraid to become police, media and community laughing stock

‘I miscarried at 5 months’ Wendy Kemunto speaks out after rape ordeal by rugby players

And everyone doesn’t take it serious because it’s done by a woman,, if it was a man who did that the whole media and politician nkabe ba etsa lerata,,, even the women league would have head to police to open a case,,, crime is crime

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‘Your death is unfair’ Mans final goodbye to wife

Saying goodbye to your soulmate for good is not an easy thing to do. We have all witnessed it in one way or another, be it family or friends.

A man has moved many to tears after penning a heart breaking goodbye to his dead wife on Twitter (see post below).

His fond farewell according to social media, has restored faith in love.

He began by writing

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, on Wednesday I lost my love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. I lost my wife and my unborn child. Two years ago you held my face when we got married, today I held your face when I went down in the grave with you. My heart is broken

He continued

I cry for the future we lost, but grateful for the past and the memories we had. You completed me beyond words, I pray you get the highest place in jannah and that I will be reunited with you again. You had a life full of people who loved you but you had the biggest heart

The emotional post has captured hearts of social media users who have also paid tribute to her.

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Why do crowds look on at someone in distress? Maina asks after Eastmatt assault video

Are we a nation of bystanders?

This past weekend, Kenyans were shocked at a video of a man slapping around a female employee at Eastmatt supermarket in Kajiado, as she sat behind the till.

The man is seen violently pushing her around, and the owner responded saying he has been suspended, following the assault.

KOT were angry and Classic’s Maina on Monday morning wondered why most of us stand by watching as couples or people fight in public, rather than help.

It turns out that the man is the supermarkets supervisor and is always beating employees, and a frustrated IT person leaked the video as revenge.

Maina and co-host Mwalimu Kingangi debated the matter saying it’s a habit Kenyans have to watch rather than help.

Maina said

what annoyed me was the way those men, they were just standing staring tuu, and you can’t do anything and why are Kenyans like that?

Mwalimu pointed out that people even take out their phones and record incidences to post on social media, to which Maina responded

You are seeing someone being beaten you and recording a video not helping, seriously! That’s a horrible habit.

Why don’t we help, was the question posed to listeners.

KOT have shared their experiences of being robbed, beaten in public and not one person came to help.
Whoever came up with this “kila mtu apambane na hali yake” ndio alitukosea. People should help each other… @ItsMainaKageni

@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni I once went to rescue a woman who was being beaten by a man and I told him I have volunteered to be beaten on behalf of your wife… Beat me #MainaAndKingangi He was a coward taking advantage of weakness of a woman

Maina nowadays you don’t put your nose on other people’s business..you rescue and you become the victim..kila mtu apambane na hali yake..
Lusava Alfred

Maina, we are a rotten society, we don’t help. I once got a knife stab for helping someone been mugged #MainaAndKingangi

I’m just shocked people walked on by without a care in the world.
We’re becoming inhuman,,,, so wild humankind is turning.

@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya I was robbed of my Phone and some 4K in a moving Forward Travellers bus along Juja Rd at 3PM.
That bus had more that 30 people mostly Men and they all watched as some young fools placed knives on my belly. We need to change!!

One day we are in a bar drinking, a policeman we knew him very well, he started assaulting a lady, we almost beat him up, but we didn’t allow it, we made sure he left the club alone #MainaAndKingangi

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Dj Krowbar gushes over wifes clothing line that she’s shy to show off


Dj Krowbar is using his social media platform for a good cause, unlike some of his counterparts.

The Dj and music producer is celebrating the work his wife has put in to bring in the benjamins.

It turns out his wife is a designer and has some pretty good clothes according to him.

A list of the real names of Kenyan male Dj’s that will delight you


He gushed over her clothing line saying

My wife is a very talented designer. She is not the kind of gal to fill up her timeline with her work… So today I decided to post two couple pieces she has done… You can always DM her 📲 @wanjiru_karumba

His wife recently celebrated turning a year older and he admitted the one thing a husband should do to his wife. He wrote cheekily that

I will be honest here… I love grabbing my wife’s butt. Today is her birthday, speak a blessing so that I can grab her many more years to come… I love you babe, this is going to be your best year yet!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY



She looks like that at 38! DJ Pierra stuns many in tiny crop-top

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I gave my husband Sh240,000 for a college degree


In many marriages or living situations, spouses go the extra mile for their loved ones.

It is not uncommon to hear a man or woman say they paid for their spouse to get a better education. The motivation being that things will get better financially for the family.

A female breadwinner revealed on Classic 105 that she put her husband through University, but he is ‘ungrateful’.

She explains her predicament

When I met my husband we both had diplomas and were employed in the same place, so when an opportunity arose for him to go to school, I supported him to go to campus.

She worked hard to support her husbands through school

I was paying fr his campus, I gave him Sh240k lumpsum money, coz he was going for regular courses to cater for fees and accommodation, so when he finished campus and he came back home, he wanted a better paying job.

He wanted to move into another job, and once again the loving wife helped him out

There was a job, but he didn’t get through, so he asked me for a favor to get it. I helped him get the job. In his former job he was earning 30k but the new offer was 170k,

The strategy of supporting her man did not work in her favor, as he soon showed his true colors

and the thing is when it was my turn to go to school, he didn’t support me, he didn’t even attend my graduation, but we are still together, I still love him, and now we are even building a house.

Girls, do you expect a big pay off later when you help your man?

what has been your experience, share below.

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