These 2 are Kenya’s most haunted homes according to their tragic history


Warning – Nightmares are guaranteed.

Who ever imagined that a collection of scary haunted house stories could spook so many Kenyans.

The story of a haunted home along the Kisumu Kakamega highway stared trending on Thursday and some daring Kenyans urged netizens to donate money for them to spend the weekend in the mentioned homes.


Then someone else shared a home in Ruiru on Friday that they tried to convince us is also haunted.
Hii story ya Ruiru ime appear kwa TL yangu around 4.20 in the morning imebidii ni switch on the lights bwana usingizi hivo ndivo ili lost adi sasa aii…

Tutasponsor nani aende kwa hiyo haunted house ya Ruiru aingie live mchana then alale huko usiku? Me I will donate 1K for whoever volunteers to go as long as ako hapo kwa gate alreadyhaunted hosue 1

My people, earn your livelihood genuinely. If you oppress folks just to feel good and live, utajikojolea! Even the hooligans in govt, endelea kuibia maskini na wafu.. when you run mad and be beaten by spirits,ndio utajua! Ask the folks from ruiru kiambu and sotik in bomet.

Kuna a 4 storey flat hapa ruiru wataalam that has like 40 1 bedrooms and all are literally vacant.. Why? Ati The tenants are haunted at night.. Raped.. Beaten..choked.. The owner apparently killed someone to get that land

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Nduthi spotted carrying corpse freaks out the internet (Photos)

You will either be flat out amazed or creeped out by this. From carrying five passengers to transporting live goats, nduthi operators can really amaze many with what they are spotted ferrying on their bikes.

A picture of a nduthi operator carrying a corpse is going viral. The photo has been widely shared and many are definitely feeling some way about it.

This may make you have a phobia for nduthi’s, but all the same read on. Apparently, Boda bodas are used to transport corpses to and from the mortuary in DRC and is a very lucrative business.Look at the blue gumboots strapped to the bike.

Check out the photo that has been shared widely. also drop your comments below. What other crazy things have you  seen a boda carry?

nduthi transport dead 1