So touching! Kathy Kiuna opens up about her son who was born pre-mature

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are no doubt one of the most celebrated church leaders in Kenya, leading a huge flock at their Parklands based mega church, JCC.

The couple is blessed with three children, two beautiful daughters, and their last born son, Jeremy Kiuna.

Well, their son who was born prematurely at 6 months and only weighed 1.1kg by the time, is turning 18 years over the weekend.

Jeremy has never let anything get in the way of his happiness or life and despite the hardships that came with it, he has still managed to live a normal life and is the happiest kid in the family. He will be joining university next year and the family is so proud of him.


‘I Needed Surgery To Be Able To Walk,’ Kathy Kiuna’s Son Speaks Out On Operation

Ahead of his birthday, his mother has shared a heartwarming message for him;

A real tbt. When you see me dance and rejoice in God ‘s presence it’s because I know how awesome He’s been in my life. My son was born prematurely at 6 months at only 1.1kg. He was anaemic and went through a blood transfusion in his tiny frame. He was covered in pipes from his head all the way down and we couldn’t see his face. Looking at his little body there seemed to be no hope. He was born a fighter thou and no matter what was thrown at him he always fought back and surprised all of us including the doctors. Jeremy’s story cannot fit in one book. He rose against all odds and today he’s such a joy to our lives. He has a heart that can fit the entire universe.

kathy kiuna son


He loves deeply and is extremely sharp. So informed that you can engage him in any conversation and he’ll take you on. Straight A student that graduates and goes to university next year. He turns 18 this weekend and for me to say happy birthday without giving you a little background of why you should celebrate with us would be unfair. So I don’t just wish you a happy birthday as a cliche my son. It is from the fiber of my being. I know God has amazing plans for you and that your life will impact the world in a great way. Keep fighting because indeed you are a winner by nature. May the joy of the Lord always be your strength. I love you more than words can say. You mean a whole lot to us as your family. May you live a long satisfied life changing life.

Read some comments from her post;

annymallkitonga Happy birthday to him…he is a blessed n favoured young man 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

lydiathebeautician Hallelujah 🙌 God is great and faithful in all seasons and there is no place for argument. Happy birthday to the Champion, Man of God.

vickykitonga This is the most inspiring story I have heard this Year 2018. I think I should start Men without Limits then host him . May the Good Lord Preserve him . May the Lord use him mightily .

nyathamawanguiI love this young man to bit. For sure he is a true testament of faith, hope and joy. Happy happy birthday Jeremy. You are amazing, exceptional and outstanding!

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Pastor Kathy Kiuna gives tips on how to strengthen your relationship

Pastor Kathy Kiuna is a woman who knows how to balance her family, business and Christian life.

Every woman wants a husband that includes them in planning the future, encourages them to grow as an individual and provides time for his wife to pursue her own personal interests.

Well it seems Kathy Kiuna found the perfect husband as she went on social media to share  tips to encourage those in a relationship and even those joining the club.

kathy kiuna

She wrote;

Ways to strengthen your relationship;

1.) Show up:
Be sure carve out time that allows for you and your partner to connect one-on-one without the prospect for interruption. Put your phone away and set boundaries that allow you to be attuned to your partner.

2.)Open up:
A thriving relationship requires a sacrificial act of opening up. Be free to love and receive love by becoming vulnerable.
3.) Fess up:

Anyone who is in a successful relationship has mastered these two words: “I’m sorry.” Disagreeing, making mistakes and working through challenges are not only normal, but healthy. At the end of each day, take inventory of your missteps and apologize before you turn out the lights.
4.) Listen up:

When speaking with your significant other, actively listen to them. When they share with you, engage. Ask them to further explain the details of an event that happened in their day. Did they have a difficult phone call with their sibling? Ask them how it made them feel. Don’t cut them off or check out.
5.) Speak up:

We all know well that love is a two-way street, traffic will flow both ways. Failing to voice your true feelings in a loving way is a disservice to yourself, your spouse, and the relationship you share together. Bottling up how you really feel is not an act to be carried out by married people.

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‘He raised me from scratch’ reveals Kathy Kiuna about her husband

Many look up to Pastor Kathy Kiuna as a woman who knows how to balance her family, business and Christian life proving just committed and determined she is.

Every woman wants a husband that includes them in envisioning the future, encourages them to grow as an individual and provides time for his wife to pursue her own personal interests.

Well it seems Kathy Kiuna found the perfect husband as she went on social media to share a beautiful message about the husband.


“God has been so gracious and kind to us. He brought us together then caused my husband to see a calling in me that I had no idea was there. He raised me from scratch and I thank God for him. So patient, so loving, so kind, so gentle, so considerate and I just want to say thank you my love. You are simply amazing. Love you to the moon and back. It’s awesome doing life with you.”

Her love life is something else as she and her husband work together and still find time to appreciate each other whether on social media or when she’s preaching in front of her congregation.

A while back she was teaching about love and she took to social media to send her husband Allan Kiuna a beautiful message.

“Romans 13:8. Love is a law. Love is not a feeling . When you come to a red light on the road the law says you wait for the green light in order to drive. The feeling may be different coz your in a hurry, but you can’t drive by feelings, you have to follow the law. Feelings keep changing so if you bank on them for the success of your marriage your looking for trouble. The reason why relationships are failing is coz people have misconceptions of love. When you love you fulfill the law. Laws are not driven by feelings otherwise every country would collapse. People are leaving each other based on “IM NOT FEELING YOU” Love is a choice. When you make a choice to love someone, you love them with their imperfections coz guess what, your not perfect either. When out of billions of people you chose that one without a gun being held at you, you must love the choice you made. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Love is a commitment. When you commit, you don’t back out. You allow God to take center stage and help you navigate through every challenge. Every challenge makes you grow. Don’t run from commitment coz of challenge. So three important lessons. Law, choice, commitment. These are some things that have kept us strong and helped us get closer as years go by. Your welcome 😜”


They are just goals and we wish them all the happiness.

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Marriage Flourishes When The Couple Work Together As A Team! Kathy Kiuna Advices Married People

Marriage is a union between two people who are in love. It entails tolerance, patience, understanding, perseverance and most of all love because it forms the basis of marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

Marriage is an institution that was ordained by God and that is why a woman was created out of the mans rib to be a companion and a helper to him. Through marriage, people multiply and fill the earth and the children always look up to their parents with how they relate and how they make their marriage work out.

Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is a personality to look up to because she inspires many who are in the marriage institution and even as a family person. Her family is so adorable and many would say she and her pastor husband are a power couple.

Kathy Kiuna

On her instagram page, she wrote to advise married couples on how to make their relationship work out. Here is what she said captioning a picture together with her husband:

Kathy Kiuna

“Marriage flourishes when the couple work together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score. Good marriages don’t just happen. They are a product of hard work. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage. Their is no perfect man/woman anywhere, team work of couple make them perfect match. The Lord will give us the spirit to tolerate ourselves in Jesus name!”

Here are reactions to her post:


djmokenya: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have to steal this one – thank you Dad and Mum

pst.mercy: That’s a seminar right there, my Mum you could charge us for that great wisdom. Thank you Mum and Dad you have modeled it to us.

nimo: love you mum n dad… u hv changed me to who I am… God bless

johnstone: Thus correct and in order, May GOD bless you as you Love each other

wambuisila: Thank you my mentors…Hello to Papa Kyuna we love you to the moon n back

minebenet:Amazing msgs and am definitely banking this asap


Its Never Too Late To Start! Reverend Kathy Kiuna Advice To People

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is one beautiful soul that always takes her time to bond with people. Being a family person, she always has her way of balancing her family life and serving the church.


Kathy is always an inspiration to many with the words of wisdom she keeps sharing on her social media pages teaching people the way to follow in life and things not to do.

Kathy Kiuna

She posted a picture with her husband captioning,

Kathy Kiuna

You can have the best academic credentials and never rise beyond clerical work. You can be the best preacher and never pastor a church. You can be the most outstanding beauty and never win a beauty contest. You can be a wonderful writer and never write a book. You can even be a great singer and never sell an album. You can be a marriage counselor and ruin your own. Reason for most of this is lack of personal leadership. Leading your gift and taking charge of your life. Commanding your life and not allowing free fall. Taming cravings and releasing potential. Unfortunately many tame potential and let their cravings run amok. If you don’t fight for your potential you will live a life of regret. Feeling bad about those who chose to unleash their potential because they remind you of what you could have been. Here’s my take, ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. Stop playing games and take life with the seriousness it deserves. You will thank me later it’s ok😜”

Here are reactions from her followers:

Jayne: This one should be on a billboard! Profound-am delivered rait here.

Pascal: Points taken. Thanks mum

Bengutu: Power packed message. 👍👍

Christabel: well said you can saay it again and again,,Lord help me.

Bella: Hapo kwa taming pleasures umenipata… Important words!

Joan: I love this. Great admonishing

Foscakomuhangi: Thanks lovee…more blessings


Kathy Kiuna Pens Down A Great Message To Her Departed Dad

Reverend Cathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) is one of the great ministers in Kenya.

Kathy, who is also a visionary of the Daughters of Zion ministry at JCC Parklands has penned down a great message that is so touching.

Read her message below:

The greatest gift God gave me and my siblings. Amazing parents that have nurtured us well. I’m forever grateful to have had the most loving father. He was present and always providing . Did homework with us and showered us with love. He dropped and picked us from Sch. He always told us he loved us and we were the best. He told us there was nothing impossible for us to achieve in life. He believed in us. He led from the front. He didn’t tell us to do what he didn’t portray coz kids learn more by watching than what you tell them. He was so strong and protective that to touch us you had to go through him, so that was an impossible mission. He would put me on his shoulders and take me shopping. To me, there could never have been a stronger man on earth. No book can fit the story of my daddy. He shaped my understanding of love and no man could ever abuse me. If men could understand the mark they leave on their children, they would pray to do better. Daddy we miss you sooooooo much. You were the greatest dad that ever lived. I will never forget your last words. You said in a mono tone “I LOVE YOU”.. My mother is a strong woman. She has never lost a battle and she doesn’t see any mountain. To her every mountain can be flattened. She’s a go getter and doesn’t see impossibilities. When dad went four years ago she taught us to soldier on until the end. She cried then wiped her tears and said to God be the glory. He does all things well. She prays for us always. Honor your parents and your days shall be added. The only commandment with a promise.


‘There Is Nothing Posh About Not Cooking Because You Have Nails!’ – Kathy Kiuna Advices Women

Kathy Kiuna her husband Allan Kiuna have a beautiful family. She is one person you would love to look up to from her words of encouragement and to being a role model to those who have families.


Her youtube channel, Women Without Limits, is  based on educating women and interacting with them to let them know that they have a special place in this world and they play a major role on matters concerning marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

She has a way of teaching women about God and encouraging them to be strong. Despite being a pastor, she always spends time with her family and one of her skills that you don’t know is that she is the best cook in her family and one of her daughters attested to that while they were making some dishes together in the kitchen.


Here is what she said:

” I always put garlic and ginger in my food because garlic is an anti biotic. It has healing components and very healthy. Ginger is good for every cold so I put ginger and garlic in all my foods because it makes food tastes good and its healthy for you. I don’t know why women hate cooking yet its the best thing that ever happened. Cooking is fun and lady like. There is nothing posh about not cooking because you have nails. We have some nails but we cook. Cooking makes you a woman and anybody can learn cooking. Its never too late. If you want to enjoy your food, let the onion cook well. Don’t be in a rush.”

Check out the yummy recipe:

Here are the reactions:

Pastors Allan And Kathy Kiuna Welcome Their Second Grandchild (PHOTOS)

City pastor Rev Kathy Kiuna is a blessed woman. She has all the rights to stand on top of the world and broadcast what the Lord has done to her.

Allan Kiuna_Kathy Kiuna

The co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna have become grandparents again for the second time within a year. Their second-born child and daughter Stephanie Kiuna and her mzungu lover have welcomed a baby girl.

Stephanie Kiuna

This comes barely a year after Kathy’s eldest daughter gave birth to a cute Baby Nia Kovac, who is causing tremors online.

Although we’re not sure if Stephanie and her lover held a private wedding before welcoming their baby or will do one soon, the flamboyant pastor took to social media to share the good news with her followers.

“Yeeeeeeey. What a Mighty God we serve, angels bow before Him, heaven and earth adore Him. He has done it again. Blessed us with a second grandchild baby AMANDA. David was so blessed until he asked God “is this Your usual way of dealing with man.” I can understand him now coz God has blessed us yafu yafu,” Kathy Kiuna posted.

The excited mother of three who seems to be besotted by her newborn grandchild added another post which read;

“Check baby Amanda. If that’s not my double chin and nose please tell me what you mean 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. What shall we say unto the Lord. Thank you Jesus,” she added another post.

Here are the photos

Kathy Kiuna


Kathy Kiuna

Daughters of Zion led Kathy’s followers in congratulating their sister Stephanie and showered ‘Mum’ with lots of praises. Check out the comments

Mercydlai: Wow…This is beautiful.Congratulations..Mama Amanda you are so blessed and your family is blessed too

Bymo: Aww congratulations to your daughter and to you @revkathykiuna ..children are a inded blessing and even more to see your babies have babies..your are blessed!

Pstpeterkanyi: Beautiful and adorable. Congratulations Mum!!

Rahab: Congratulations mama n to Steph shosh manyanga to two lovely Angels i bless God for that

Njambi: Indeed you are a fruitful vine. Your seed blessed. Congrats Steph.

Eunice: Wow, beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

Joyce: Awwwwhh congratulations mum @revkathykiuna our God is truly faithful

Katungwa: Ohhh this solo beautiful. God is faithful. Welcome Toto Amanda

Eve: All coz of supernatural increase……. congratulations dad and mum @revkathykiuna @bishopkiuna the Lord bless you and your growing family

Julie: Adorably beautiful. When the heavens bring blessings we bow down to him congratulations again

Esther: Come and see God of worders, Jesus is the lord, what a beautiful an blessed family

Makena: You deserve this kinda blessing Mum Kathy bless you some more

Kamil: Wooooop wooooop 🙌🙌🙌 welcome to the family Amanda, so blessed and so adorable, God is surely faithful and Amazing. Congratulations Steph. Shosh double double 😍😍

Jeremy, the only son of the power couple is also seeing someone and rumor has it that he will be walking down the aisle very soon

Awwww!!!! Bishop Allan Kiuna Meets TD Jakes, What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart

The Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) is one of the famous churches in town. Bishop Kiuna and wife Kathy Kiuna are also among some of the well-recognised people of God in the country.

Recently, Kiuna met his longtime mentor TD Jakes, a pastor, author and filmmaker. He is the bishop of The Potter’s House,Nondenominational American Megachurch. The two met in Dallas during the pastors’ and leaders’ conference, as Kiuna revealed that Jakes has been his mentor for 25 years.

‘I Needed Surgery To Be Able To Walk,’ Kathy Kiuna’s Son Speaks Out On Operation

kathy kiuna(1)


He wrote:

“Fantastic encounter with the amazing Bishop’s TD Jakes that has inspired me for the last 25 years. His ministry has raised the standards in excellence and his love for people is beyond doubt. Am humbled to sit at his feet and feed from his wisdom! Am blessed.”

Before meeting with TD Jakes, Kiuna was at the JCC Atlanta, where he fed the flock.

Maisha Ndani Ya Yesu! Here Are The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pastors Allan And Kathy Kiuna

Here is a photo of the two;

allan kiuna