Chosen Few: Here are members of Nyashinski’s boys club who might be in his wedding line up

Nyashinski recently officiated his union to Zippy Betty and one thing to note is how his buddies came out in large numbers to support him.

Have you ever asked yourself who your friends are? Well here are  Nyashinki’s boys club members. Some might be in the wedding line up.


Bien Barasa a member of Sauti Sol is a member of Nyashinki’s boy’s band.

He is that tall dark and handsome guy who lurks every where.

Juma Jux

Jux and Nyash may not be BFF’s but they are definitely friends. They have collaborated in the jam ‘In-case You Didn’t Know’.

They have maintained communication and if Nyashinski was to wed today we are sure he would consider inviting Jux.

Juma Jux,Maina Kageni and Nyashinski


Nameless and Nyashinski have been buddies for as long as we can remember, when the Kenyan music industry was still crawling they were still there to support each other.

Now that they are house hold names they are still buddies.

Nyashinski and Nameless

Big Pin

Chrispin Mwagale was best known in the 90’s when he launched his music career. He is known for songs such as Talk To You, Benteba among others.

He has recently collaborated in ‘Wakilisha’ alongside Nameless ,Jegede and Stivo Simpo Boy.

Big Pin and Nyashinski

Meet Zippy the woman Nyashinski is set to wed, plus photos of their ruracio


For those born after the 90’s Roba is Nyashinski’s BFF, More like a brother.

Before going solo Nyashinski was a member of Kleptomaniax which comprised of himself, Roba and Collo.



Savara is definitely in Nyashinki’s boys squad.



Chimano is the icing of the cake when it comes to the boy’s squad. In-case you are wondering he is a member of Sauti Sol.


Maina Kageni

The prominent radio personality should officially declared a BFF to everybody. He is approachable and the kind of friend you can go to.

If Nyashinski does not invite him to his wedding we will definitely riot.

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

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2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

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3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

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6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


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Celebrated artiste Big Pin rushed to Aga Khan Hospital after minor cardiac arrest

Big Pin has every reason to be thankful after surviving a minor Cardiac arrest on Monday prompting for him to be rushed to Aga Khan Hospital.

Born Chrispin Mwangale, Big Pin collapsed at Hall mark Offices and was rushed to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Big Pin in the ambulance

Speaking to Mpasho, Big Pin’s brother Philip said,

“He was having a board meeting in Hallmark. Then he collapsed and was taken to Aga Khan. From there he was put on an ambulance and taken to the main Aga Khan hospital.”

Big Pin in the ambulance

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Medics termed his condition as a minor Cardiac arrest

On inquiring how a young person as Big Pin could suffer from the arrest, his brother pointed out that its a condition that runs in the family.

“It runs in the family. It is genetic.”

The musician has collaborated with musicians such as Amani, Patonee, Sanaipei Tande and even though he is no longer in the limelight his songs still remind of the good old days.

His cardiac arrest comes days after gospel artist Papa Dennis survived a grisly road accident which left his car completely damaged.

Gospel artiste Papa Dennis involved in grisly road accident

Before then, music producer Dr Eddy survived an accident after he fell from the 4th floor of where he lives

Despite the horror of it all he has his life to thank God for. We wish Big Pin well as he recovers.

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Where Are They Now? Talented Kenyan Musicians Who Vanished From The Music Scene

The Kenyan music industry has grown tremendously, with upcoming artistes giving legends a run for their money. While some of the older crop of musicians are still in the game others have simply disappeared without warning.

The music scene is like a jungle where only the fittest survive. I have compiled aa list of musicians who either disappeared for good and those who tried to make a comeback but failed, and have again disappeared.

We wonder where they are!


The Mombasa-based musician came into the limelight for his song ‘Amka Ukatike’ but before he could even celebrate his milestones, he mysteriously disappeared almost 10 years ago and has never been seen since.Wherever he may be let him keep in mind that we miss his music.



The duo captivated us with hits like Vuta Pumz, Piga Makofi among others. A decision to relocate to the US came as a career suicide since not much is heard from them nowadays.With the current rise of artistes like Willy Pozee, we wonder if they would be able to keep up.


Harry Kimani

He was among the top afro fusion musicians in Kenya, with his captivating voice and smooth melodies Harry won many hearts with his Song Haiya which was in Kikuyu.

He disappeared from the scene and although he tried making a comeback, he failed miserably.


Meg C

This beauty captivated us not only with her singing prowess but for her beauty as well. Meg C came into the limelight for her song ‘Nipe’ but before we could let all her beauty intoxicate us, she disappeared without looking back.



The Banjuka Tu hitmaker came, conquered and disappeared. He later dropped Maswali Ya Polisi, and converted to gospel, then once again disappeared, just like he came. In-case he decides to comeback, let him know we are waiting.



The Nyundo Yangu hit maker disappeared from the music scene before we could get enough of him. If he was to make a come back, he would have to fight for his space with artistes like Timmy Tdat, Kenrazy among others, the question is, will he ever regain his glory?



Like Nyashinki says “Sikukaa siku nyingi mpate nafasi ya kuckoka na mimi”, Kendi came conquered and decided to let us enjoy her music,  but the wait has been too long.

Kendi was among top female artistes with the likes of Avril, Amani and Size 8 Reborn but she made the exit early before sunset.


  Big Pin

The ‘Beast From The East’ captured ladies hearts with his collaboration ‘Talk To You’ with Amani And Patonee, among his other hits include Why Lie which he collaborated with Nameless, Benteba and Tera Moss.



Like his name suggests, he is pepper when it comes to  music, and he is famously known for songs such as Kamata Dame, Nina Morale, Ukimwona with the late Lady S among others.

Whatever his reason for leaving music is, no one can deny he was a talented musician.



BLESSINGS GALORE! Kenyan Rapper Big Pin Is A Proud Uncle, Welcomes a Baby Girl (PHOTO)

You may probably remember him from his hit songs like Natafuta, Tera Moss, Big Pin and East from the Beast, but this veteran rapper has been off the limelight for a while now.

Big Pin, real name Chrispin Mwagale was one of the biggest rappers back in the day, and though he may have taken a musical hiatus, he still remains one of the most respected artistes in the country.


The rapper-cum-singer was signed to Ogopa Deejays and in December 2004, Big Pin won the KORA Award for Best Male Artiste in East Africa for his smash hit song Natafuta.

Well, after leaving the music industry to focus on other endeavors, little is known about what Big Pin’s been upto, but word on the street is that he’s doing well after settling down.

What we do know is that Big Pin is officially an uncle after he revealed that he had been blessed with a cute niece, a baby girl by the name Erica.

The Nairobi Party hitmaker took to his social media to show off the newborn, expressing his joy and excitement at finally being a father, as he cuddles her in his arms and lovingly gazes at her;

Now this deserves color welcome to the world baby 👶 #Erica

Congratulations to the rapper and his family. We hope he will share more photos of the little angel soon.