Cancer warriors: Prominent Kenyans diagnosed with cancer (List)

Cancer cases have been on the increase in Kenya,the sad fact being that it affects people of all social standings and all ages leaving families in anguish.

Below are prominent Kenyans whom you might not know are battling cancer

1 .Chris Kirubi

City tycoon Chris Kirubi recently joined millions in encouraging those battling with different types of cancer and he tweeted:

“I look forward to a day when this world will be cancer free, Lets beat cancer together”

Kirubi has been battling acute cancer of the colon. He is still under medication even as he fights to regain back his good health.


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2. Bob Collymore

Speaking during a television interview with Jeff Koinange, Collymore divulged that by the time it was diagnosed, doctors told him he had it for 6 months.

“I went to London and they told me I had acute myeloid leukaemia- a rare kind of blood cancer that is curable.”


Bob Collymore

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

3. Kenneth Okoth

Kibra MP Kenneth recently opened up about his battle with stage four cancer,The admission came as a shock to many even as millions took their time to wish him good health.

God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass. This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life,” Okoth said on his facebook wall.

Ken Okoth

4.Nderitu Gachagua

Former Nyeri governor the late Nderitu Gachagua was battling Pancreatic cancer before losing his life while receiving treatment at Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

5. Big Kev

Kevin Ombajo the CEO of Trublaq and former Capital FM employee had been battling brain cancer which left him in and out of hospitals.

Sadly he lost the battle  almost 2 years ago but before his untimely death he had under gone more than 10 surgeries with the last on e leaving him blind .

He was diagnosed with optic atrophy a condition that leaves its sufferers blind after the optic nerves dry up.

Big Kev

6. Anyang Nyongo

In an article dubbed ‘My journey with Prostrate Cancer’, Nyongo narrated how the diagnosis came about adding that receiving the news was not easy.

“In June, last year (2010), although I was not due for my annual medical examination until July 29 that year, I decided to have the check-up a month in advance, as I was not comfortable with the constant rise of the PSA.

The result of the medical exam revealed that the PSA was still rising; hence possibilities of cancer could no longer be ruled out. The doctor ordered a biopsy, which revealed prostate cancer that was rather aggressive in its progression.”

Lupita and Anyang Nyongo

He adds

“The news was, no doubt, not very easy to take. My urologist decided to put me immediately on hormone therapy. This is an injection that drastically reduces the production of testosterone, a male hormone, which acts as a fertilizer for the prostate cancer cells.

When testosterone is removed or drastically reduced, the cancer cells go into shock, and some of them actually die. Hormone therapy is therefore a good emergency measure to stop the growth of the cancer while a more lasting solution is being sought.”

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Celebs whose death Kenyans have yet to come to terms with

Kenyans are still grieving the death of this list of celebs.

The entertainment industry has been hit hard in the last few years after the death of artistes who were at the prime of their careers.


Nancy Nyambura known as Jastorina the funny house help on Citizen Tv program Jastorina breathed her last on Saturday 26th July.

She succumbed to menengitis which she had been fighting for sometime. She left behind two sons.

Nancy Nyambura Jastorina


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Salim Junior

He was loved by the young and the old  for his great hits which he sang in his vernacular language, Kikuyu.

Salim Junior, born Paul Mwangi, died in August this year while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Memorial Hospital. According to his family, the entertainer had not been in good health for some time.


The late Salim Junior’s siblings are also renowned Mugithi artistes. They include: Mighty Salim, Sarafina Salim and their last born, 25-year-old Salim Young.


Emmanuel Makori Nyambane known to many as Ayeiya breathed his last in April this year after a road accident.

On the fateful day he had just completed a Churchill Live Recording at Carnivore Restaurant and was headed back home when a road accident on Langata Road happened.


The accident occurred near Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). He died on the spot.

He was traveling in the company of his wife, actor Maina Olwenya, comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu and a friend.

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Big Kev
Event organiser Big Kev, born Kevin Ombajo, died after a long battle with a brain tumour that did not respond to numerous surgeries and treatment.

Big Kev, who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in 2010, died on July 29 at the Nairobi Hospital where he was admitted since February, 2017.


Prior to his death the founder of True Blaq Events had undergone 14 surgeries to remove the tumor, with one of the surgical operations performed in India in October, 2016.

The last surgical operation performed on him was at the Nairobi Hospital on February 3, 2017.

Maureen Wanza

In late September, Kenyans woke up to the news of the demise of popular Kenyan actress Maureen Wanza.

She played the role as Sasha in the Swahili program Sumu, and also cast in Almasi including several operas that have aired on Kenyan TV.

‘People have wished that my daughter was dead’Conjestina’s mum cries


Wanza died at a Kilifi hospital while giving birth; her baby also died in the process. All this during the nurses strike that lasted 100 days.

“She bled to death. Unfortunately, her baby also died minutes later,” said Ashiners Films, CEO Ann Hamburg

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‘Oh The Tears I Have Cried In 2017’ Wahu Kagwi Looks Back At How Her Life Has Been In 2017

2018 is here, finally. We have all waited for the year to end, having gone through so much in 2017. We have signed deals, lost loved ones and also met the most amazing people in the world.

Just like any other normal human being, Kenyan female singer, Wahu Kagwi, has had her own fair share of tears and joy in 2017.


But we are turning a new leaf and Wahu is more than happy to share how her 2017 has been.

She took to social media to share with her fans her journey through 2017.

She wrote, “2017….. What oh what a year. We saw an electioneering season that put alot of strain on the country. I lost my dear friend and brother Big Kev after a long battle with cancer…. My husband spent 10 days in HDU after being diagnosed with a brain haemorage. Oh the tears I have cried in 2017! I will not miss the tears and pain. I’m ready to leave those behind. on the flip side however…. 2017 …. You presented me with a beautiful opportunity to seek first the kingdom of God. To seek my Fathers face fervently and with everything I am and have. To give my maker His rightful place in my life as Lord and King over everything that I am. 2017…. You’ve been a roller coaster. I choose to leave all negativity behind…. And carry forward only the good. 2018… IM READY FOR YOU! My Father. Reign over my year. Let my destiny and purpose come into full bloom in 2018. Go before me father . Go before my husband. Go before my friends. Go before my country. And bless us! Happy new year!!!! 🎆🎆🎆”

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This heart-warming tribute to the late Big Kev from a long time friend will leave you in tears

The CEO of TRUE BLAQ Entertainment, Kevin Ombajo commonly known as Big Kev succumbed to death on 29th July 2017, after a long battle with a benign tumor which was diagnosed for the first time in 2010 after a grand mal seizure.

The tumor was located at the right side of his brain and through a surgery, it was removed when it was about 5 cm but grew back within 8 months.

Kevin lost his sight in November 2016 and decided to go back to the hospital in January 2017 due to an infection in his skull. In May 2017, he was discharged and allowed to go home and two weeks later, his vitals were very low and was admitted at Nairobi Hospital where he passed on.

A memorial service was held yesterday at The Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road which saw his peers in the entertainment industry attend the service including his friend, Maurice Okoth former MCSK Boss.

Maurice paid glowing tribute to the late with a moving message. Read it below;

“Legend has it that Big Kev’s great grandfather was a warrior who in one act of bravery was chasing a whole army of soldiers battling with his community before they turned around to realize it was a one man army chasing after them. Big Kev’s great grandfather did not spare a thought of whether or not he had backing with him…he just  ran after the enemy in defense of his community. Such is the heart of the legend that we are celebrating today. We had within us as his friends the privilege of living with a legend” Maurice said.

Maurice further said that Kev was such a fearless and selfless person and was always seeking to help others in need and not always as a warrior but by his many good deeds which many of them attested to.

“Keva is an inspiration to many lifting many of us when we were down, lending his shoulder to many that needed a shoulder to lean on, embracing us with his bear hug and ‘trump’ hand shake that reassured you of his presence and never ending support. His kindness is unmatched. his wisdom unprecedented for his age. His charisma charming. His humor natural. With all the virtues possessed by Big Kev, as we fondly referred to him, the humility with which he carried himself is simply awesome. We celebrate you as a legend. You have touched the lives of so many who will never forget you. You will never walk alone” Maurice Okoth concluded.

‘Without Big Kev, I Wouldn’t Be Me’ Prezzo Mourns Long Time Friend (EXCLUSIVE)

Kevin Ombajo alias Big Kev died last weekend after a long battle with a brain tumor. The CEO to True Blaq entertainment was one of the pioneers in the entertainment industry who stretched his hands out to aid many celebrities.

One of those celebrities is Prezzo who has come out to say that Kev played a big part in his music career.

He exclusively talked to Mpasho:

“Big Kev, My mother, Big Tedd and I sat down from the word go when we were planning to put prezzo out there internationally. Big Kev really really helped me. I believe without Big Kev there would have been no Prezzo, he made an impact on my career”

He pointed out that in 2003, Kev was among the people he thanked in his song dubbed Mafans for his great impact.

“I did a song called mafans, there is a part where i go like ‘Big Tedd True Black na Big Kev, thanks to y’all manze your boy is breaking great.’ This is a song that i wrote in 2003. That goes to show you how deep our bond was. May his soul rest in peace. He made a very big impact in the music industry.”

Big Kev’s memorial service was held on Thursday afternoon at the Nairobi Baptist church from where Mpasho streamed live on Facebook.

He will be laid to rest on Saturday at his home in Gem, Kisumu.

He died at the age of 43.

Here is an exclusive interview we had with Prezzo:

SLEEP WITH THE ANGELS! This Is How It Went Down At Big Kev’s Memorial Service (PHOTOS)

Big Kev’s memorial service was held on Thursday afternoon at the Nairobi Baptist. The event was graced by the big names in the entertainment industry among them Big Ted, Kidum, Sauti Sol, Wahu, Jalang’o, Chipukeezy, Nameless, Kalekye Mumo, Gabu, Viviane among many, many more.

Truly, Big Kev was a man of the people.

The event saw family and friends send their messages and he was described as a strong man who fought his battle with courage.

His daughter Shana described him as a man who was more than a father. She was so emotional reading her tribute that the crowd was moved to tears as they listened to her speech.

Kev’s wife Tracy spoke of their times together as she remembered the good old times.

Among those that performed were Kev’s best singers Mercy Masika and Kidum. Kidum revealed that he sang the song Nipe Nguvu six times in Nairobi Hospital for him where he was moved to tears.

Big Kev’s funeral will be on Saturday.

At his death, Kev was 43 years.

Here are photos of his memorial service:








‘Would You Stick With Your Spouse Through The Worst Moments And Sickness?’ Kenyans Speak Out (AUDIO)

We all know of the sudden death of top events organizer and founder of True Blaq Events, Big Kev, after battling brain tumor.

If there’s one person that we need to appreciate the most following the death of Big Kev, is his wife Tracy.

She has been by his side for the longest time, through all his sickness, and there’s no doubt that she is indeed a very strong lady.

This morning, Larry Asego decided to talk about such kind of women, who stick with their husbands through thick and thin, during the most difficult and challenging times.


I’m just wondering how many of us would stick around? When we are taking our vows we say for better or for worse, but do we really think about it seriously?” asked Larry Asego.

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, not many have the patience to stick in a relationship for better or worse. He says the minute a man loses his job, the wife gives him ultimatums, while others jump up and leave.

So, ladies and gentlemen, how many would stick around if you saw your spouse at their worst?” questioned Larry.

Many listeners called in, with most of them appreciating people who have been there for them, as others proclaimed that they would stick around through the best and worst times.

But there was a particular man who said that women will only stick around if there is money, or if they are profiting in a way. Is this true ladies. Listen to the audio below for the details.


Celebrities, Fans Mourn Big Kev After His Death

Kenyan celebrities have joined Kenyans have expressed their sadness at the death of Tru Blak founder and CEO Big Kev who passed away last night.

Kenyans have reacted with some saying they know him as a mentor, others remember him as a soldier and fighter.

The death of Big Kev has left everyone in shock, as many had hoped the ailing star would recover.

See tributes below. May he RIP;

Redsan..There’s no mistake in Gods work. we have to believe that God has a better plan for all of us. I pray that your family finds patience in this hard time. We will miss you big kev

dj hypnotiq.. So sad my brother. Thank you for all the endless opportunities you gave me through my dj journey. Words cannot express how heart breaking this is. RIP bro 😢

kristoff…RIP strong man,, may u rest with the angels

bigpin..You fought a good fight…..See you on the other side…..R.I.P

dr ofweneke…It is well……..R.I.P Sir!

Nonini…Mola Muweke pema peponi…True soldier and fighter! Inspiration to many…my deepest condolences to the family.

Tallia Oyango..In my going out and coming in … ❤💔🙏

Dj Krowbar…Big Kev founder and CEO of Tru Blak events went to be with the lord. See you in heaven sir..

Gidi Gidi..RIP Brother till we meet again

Dj mistadru..Rest well Big Kev. My condolences to family and friends. May God comfort you during this trying time. It is well

Rest In Peace: Big Kev Passes Away After Battling Brain Tumor

Kevin Ombajo, popularly known as Big Kev is dead. The event organiser was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2010 and has been battling it until he met his death on Saturday, July 29.

It is reported that he passed away 8pm at Nairobi Hospital.


Big Kev was admitted at Nairobi Hospital from February and friends and relatives made as much effort to go visit him as they could.

In October last year, Big Kev lost his eyesight after undergoing an operation. He fought a good fight and we will forever remember him for never giving up despite going through so much pain.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Wahu’s Birthday Message To Big Kev Will Make You Wish You Are Friends

Singer Wahu has posted the sweetest birthday message for ailing celeb pal Big Kev. She has never really held back sharing how she feels about him and her husband Nameless too has shown his support for Big Kev.

So if you’re looking for friendship goals, Wahu is a breathing example. What really struck me about Wahu is that during his fundraiser, she and her hubby made their support and friendship with Big Kev very visible. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear that right?

She posted as he marks turning a year older;

“Better late than never!! Happy birthday to one of the bravest men I know. @bigkevkenya your strength and positivity through this journey is nothing short of admirable. Happy happy birthday my brother. We love you, we celebrate you, and uphold you before the Father now and always.”

For those of you who don’t know events organiser, Kevin Ombajo, commonly known as Big Kev, since 2010, has suffered from brain tumors, and so far, 14 tumors have been removed. This news saw fellow celebrities and Kenyans of good will come out and raise funds for him after he made a public appeal for financial assistance.

Kidum and big Kev

Sadly that wasn’t the end of his medical woes. Big Kev also lost his eye sight describing it as optic atrophy. The legend wrote the news on his Facebook, something that really touched the hearts of Kenyans.

Image result for big kev biography

Kenyan artiste, Wahu Kagwi, reached out to him writing a message recollecting the ‘good old days’ and his biggest dream in life.

This is what she wrote at the time;

“I remember clearing 4th form and falling into this group of guys, amongst them my big brother @bigkevkenya. I remember vividly him showing me a book that outlined his vision for his life. Looking at your life Kev, I’m so proud to say that Many of those boxes have been ticked. one of the things though that is still pending, is you wanted to one day become the president of Kenya. Anyone who knows Kev knows he makes for an excellent leader! This country would be blessed to have you in leadership! So I am vouching for you Kev! for your sake, for your daughter and wife’s sake, for your sisters and brother’s sake and for the country’s sake. Get well soon my broda!”








Big Kev Gives A Heart-wrenching Inside View Of The Agony Of His Instant Blindness And His Agony

Friends and family of Kenya’s top event organiser, Big Kev have been praying and sending good thoughts his way.

Big Kev recently posted about going blind after his 13th brain surgery to remove a tumour.

The Tru Blaq CEO wrote, “It’s dark, very dark. Not all of us can relate but it is like being in a small dark room with no Windows and no doors. I can’t remember the last time I saw my face in a mirror, and I meet people everyday whom I hope to get to see soon. In the last couple of weeks, many of you have approached me to wish me well. These kind gestures give me strength. More so when you mention pray. I know my friend and family are very concerned because this landed on our doorstep. I know that there are many people out here with real challenges and it’s easy to lose hope but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

In a  recent post, Big Kev wrote, “Last night I experienced an unprecedented 7 hours of painfull convulsions. Yesterday my plan was simple, to supervise the production of The Gospel Extravaganza, and hangout with my beloved daughter. It’s now clear to me, that a part from what’s now happening I am involved in heavy spiritual warfare. The bible says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities and the lords of this world.”

He added, “Meanwhile I am already doing what he placed in my heart to do. Hakuna kungoja.”

Celebrities took to his social media to encourage him.

Pinky Ghelani The universe loves a stubborn heart. Your miracle is around the corner.

Mc Philipo Philipo God loves you bro

Jerusha Wambui Barasa I’v been silently following your posts, saying I will pray for you, but haven’t really done so. It is clear that you were put on this earth for a purpose so big that the devil doesn’t like it. Your testimony will open people’s hearts and minds to God’s power and goodness. Standing with you, your family and your team in prayer Kev.

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LIFT HIM UP! The God Father Of Praise And Worship, Ron Kenoly Headed To Kenya This Month

This will be Big Kev’s big project after coming from a major brain surgery. Big Kev is in recovery after his 13th brain surgery.

The events afficionado who is the CEO Of TruBlaq opened up about wearing adult diapers after his brain surgery.

In a very candid and raw post, Big Kev took his fans through the grueling his struggle to heal and take control of his body.

I was wheeled out of Nairobi Hospital on a stretcher on the 5th of October, my left side was completely paralyzed I had been put on a catheter and diapers so that I could travel. My nightmare started when I soiled myself and had to be changed by male nurses in Dubai. On arrival in India I was admitted to the ward and because I arrived in diapers I had to stay in diapers, there were times when I had to steam in my own broth, while waiting to be changed this went on for a few days as we waited to be taken to theatre, during this few days I hit the lowest that I have ever been in my life because I couldn’t help my self, I even came up with a nickname in my mother tongue to cope, which simply meant “the one who cannot help himself”.”

There was a silver lining for Big Kev, he wrote,A couple of hard days with the physio therapist and we achieved this hard goal of seating on the bed which was a great victory as I was now able to be transferred from the bed to the wheelchair then to the bathroom which meant I had bypassed the bedpan challenge LOL after all this the toilet seats in India were to small …
Tomorrow’ RETURN to Kenya.”

Now, he will be organizing a gospel concert next month featuring the godfather of praise and worship music, Ron Kenoly.

Big Kev made the announcement.

“This December at the heart of Nairobi.. we bring you Ron Kenoly. 17th December. As the year comes to an end, what better way than to give back the Glory and Honor to Him who has sustained us.”