This heart-warming tribute to the late Big Kev from a long time friend will leave you in tears

The CEO of TRUE BLAQ Entertainment, Kevin Ombajo commonly known as Big Kev succumbed to death on 29th July 2017, after a long battle with a benign tumor which was diagnosed for the first time in 2010 after a grand mal seizure.

The tumor was located at the right side of his brain and through a surgery, it was removed when it was about 5 cm but grew back within 8 months.

Kevin lost his sight in November 2016 and decided to go back to the hospital in January 2017 due to an infection in his skull. In May 2017, he was discharged and allowed to go home and two weeks later, his vitals were very low and was admitted at Nairobi Hospital where he passed on.

A memorial service was held yesterday at The Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road which saw his peers in the entertainment industry attend the service including his friend, Maurice Okoth former MCSK Boss.

Maurice paid glowing tribute to the late with a moving message. Read it below;

“Legend has it that Big Kev’s great grandfather was a warrior who in one act of bravery was chasing a whole army of soldiers battling with his community before they turned around to realize it was a one man army chasing after them. Big Kev’s great grandfather did not spare a thought of whether or not he had backing with him…he just  ran after the enemy in defense of his community. Such is the heart of the legend that we are celebrating today. We had within us as his friends the privilege of living with a legend” Maurice said.

Maurice further said that Kev was such a fearless and selfless person and was always seeking to help others in need and not always as a warrior but by his many good deeds which many of them attested to.

“Keva is an inspiration to many lifting many of us when we were down, lending his shoulder to many that needed a shoulder to lean on, embracing us with his bear hug and ‘trump’ hand shake that reassured you of his presence and never ending support. His kindness is unmatched. his wisdom unprecedented for his age. His charisma charming. His humor natural. With all the virtues possessed by Big Kev, as we fondly referred to him, the humility with which he carried himself is simply awesome. We celebrate you as a legend. You have touched the lives of so many who will never forget you. You will never walk alone” Maurice Okoth concluded.