‘They told me to leave Sol Generation, Crystal explains why she stopped working with Sauti sol

Sol Generation first lady Crystal Asige has told her side of the story regarding her exit from the Sauti Sol-owned record label.

Speaking in a TV interview on Switch TV’s ‘Chat Spot’, the talented vocalist said the label’s management kicked her out in November of last year.

“Back in November they told me that they wanted me to leave, they don’t want me to be in the group anymore and so I left. That’s the beginning and the end of the story,” Crystal said.

In a previous interview with Classic 105, Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime that there was a dispute that led to Asige’s exit.

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Bien added that the break was amicable.

“We are not working with crystal anymore and this came with a lot of complications. The dispute was amicably solved and we are glad we worked together for the one year and at least people know Crystal now,” he said.

“I think she got a platform where she can grow.”



Asige is back on the music scene with her first solo project of 2022, an awe-inspiring gospel song dubbed ‘Safer’.

Inspired by Psalms 119:105, the song seeks to offer acceptance, patience, trust in the process, the audacity to dream big, playing the long game rather than instant gratification, authenticity, and a “we won’t stop” attitude.

Asige was the first female to be signed under Sol Generation. She featured in their hit Extravaganza alongside BenSoul, Kaskazini (a Kenyan urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya and Israel) and Nviiri.

Bien then said they are looking for proper artistes and not replacements.

Bien of Sauti Sol speaks of tough childhood as he prepares for Kenya Yetu Live Concert

Bien Aime Sol of Sauti Sol recently spoke on the YouTube channel Engage Talk about his childhood before his rise to fame. The man had a deep and interesting story to tell.

The lanky musician revealed that there was a time when he and his siblings had it rough when his family suddenly moved from grace to grass.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

He said that his family was well to do for a better part of their childhood, eating life with a silver spoon in Nairobi’s lush neighborhood of Kilimani, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who, because that was their standard life.

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That was before his father who was the man with the connections and money with many people in the neighbourhood going to him for bursaries or handouts.

But things fell apart with his father losing his prestigious his job in 2000 and his mom getting retrenched at the same time.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

This resulted in a general lifestyle change for him and his sister losing their jobs, their family downgrading to a smaller house and a change of what they ate with the food they ate becoming the likes of githeri.

During this whole period, his parents were still sending job applications that were sadly unsuccessful so much so that they eventually stopped trying.

His mother who had been lived a life of grace and ease now had to light firewood to boil maize and beans for her family every evening.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

But despite it all, Bien said that the experience shaped him as a man. Some of the life lessons he learned was that he was to keep his circle small, to save as much as possible, to love back those that love him and to work hard.

Bien and his band Sauti Sol will be participating in the biggest virtual concert, Kenya ni Yetu Live that is taking place on August.

The event which is sponsored by Stanbic Bank and powered by Media Owners Association of Kenya will be the biggest live show since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Some 30 artistes will be performing.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Sauti Sol (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Sauti Sol (1)

The show will be broadcast in all major TV stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, KTN, K24, Switch TV, Kass TV, Family TV and Three Stones Media.

It will also be aired on all the top radio stations in Kenya, including Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, HomeBoyz, SMooth FM, Capital FM and Hot 96.

Kenya Yetu poster
Kenya Yetu poster

The concert will also be streamed live on www.yetulive.com.

Check out his speech below:


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Sauti Sol’s Bien under attack after bold statement on Raila’s health trip to Dubai

Sometimes an artiste has to take a stance that can either tarnish his image or varnish it.

Bien Aime Baraza just did that this morning after making a controversial post on his Instagram page.

The artiste came out to call out politician Raila Odinga after it was reported that the ODM party leader had gone to Dubai for surgery.

Bien Aime' Baraza
Bien Aime’ Baraza

Bein posed a rhetorical question to Kenyans, comparing the gap that exists between the common Mwananchi and influential leaders who can fly outside the country for specialized treatment any time.

His caption read;

Bien’s statement comes hours after Oburu Odinga who is the spokesman for the Odinga family confirmed that the former Prime Minister had flown to Dubai for a minor surgery.

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The post was met with mixed reactions. Raila (as many other politicians), is a darling to many Kenyans and can do no wrong and many asked the singer to focus on his music while others agreed with his general sentiment.


Some of the comments are below;

ritzkotut But you went to SA to shoot your videos and we have producers here? What’s your point? Decry police brutality, poor governance and push for better healthcare, don’t always look for a scapegoat for the poor choices Kenyans make at the ballot.
a.l.v.i.n.___ I hope one day y’all will start blaming your government for your problems, and stop blaming private citizens aka “rich men” for public problems. The government (aka the president) collects your taxes, not rich men.
valrain Start using local producers, talents and creatives as well. Shoot your videos in Kenya. Hire Kenyan models and actors promote from within as well. Empower locals too. Ya’ll are always in SA taking money there instead if using it at home where it is most needed.
kizazimavazi Very bold statement but true.. it takes balls to speak your truth freely.
owuorlorna “The rich man” has nothing to do with police brutality whatsoever.. Gwachana na baba priss. Hiyo lesson iko Civics form 3:)


Bien Aime Baraza on set
Bien Aime Baraza on set

esalimba_brian What else should we expect we voted for the wrong leaders and tolerate the imputy so accept whatever happens till 2022.
kijanayamungu Wachana na baba wewe.
theeventskahuna So sad 😞
dennis_nk Situation imekuwa chafu kwa ground. Kweli Kenya has two tribes the haves and the have nots😢
_creisy The kenya we live in today😢,,,it’s time for a revolution
cherotich_ramadhan Bitter truth
psalms91guy The game is always fixed bro..they will always win and the other team will always lose..we are our own cheerleaders.


Bien Aime Baraza seating
Bien Aime Baraza seating

There are two schools of thought when it comes to entertainers speaking about politics; They are either urged to totally abstain from the process or they are encouraged to use their platforms for change.

Bob Marley is an example of a musician who used his music to speak about social and political ills, while Michael Jordan is the direct contrast-a sportsman who has abstained from making political statements.

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“You too old!” Chiki Kuruka urged to marry Bien immediately

Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka have a relationship that many netizens admire. The couple normally share snippets of their intimate love lives on their social media pages.

Some of the videos normally showcase the impressive dancing skills that the two share, with one seeing the love and enjoyment the two have together.

Bien with Chiki
Bien with Chiki

Yesterday, Chiki posted an image of herself in a topless pose. The image was meant to convey the theme for her year with the caption reading,

I’m starting this year stripped bare. A new year. New challenges. New achievements. New decade.

Chiki Kuruka topless
Chiki Kuruka topless

Despite the woke message that the author was trying to portray, there were some who wanted another question settled, when the dancer and her fiance were getting married?

‘It was Chiki’s decision,’ Bien talks on why their wedding was postponed

One of the comments by a certain lady read, ‘There was an engagement somewhere the previous decade.’ Chiki wasn’t in a playing mood and viciously responded to the comment with, ‘And there was also open-minded women somewhere there too? Maybe they will both make a return this decade.’

Chiki Kuruka
Chiki Kuruka

Another poster called Maya was less diplomatic saying, ‘Olewa mamaaa you tooo old😂😂😂’

While another poster called Ken dissed the dancer saying that she should get married soon as he could see some wrinkles on her body!

Chiki responded coolly to Ken, sarcastically apologising for posting her ‘old a$$ back.’

Chiki Kuruka workout
In dance clothes

Chiki and Bien got engaged in early 2018. Bien went all out, proposing to his then gf at a theatre.

Bien kissing Chiki
Bien kissing Chiki on their engagement day

While I understand the questions about the prospective wedding date, I dislike the harassment she is getting on her page for her deeply personal pictures. But that is the age we live in; the age of the KEYBOARD WARRIOR.

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