We did it! Sauti Sol’s Bien and his wife Chiki celebrates first marriage anniversary

Sauti Sol lead vocalist Bien Aime Baraza and his wife Chiki have marked one year after they got married.

Bien wedded the love of his life, Chiki Onwukwe, in March 2020 in a civil union at the AG’s office.

The couple was given three hard copies of the marriage certificate for them and their witnesses to sign.

A celebration was later held at Pallet Cafe in Lavington thereafter.

To mark their first anniversary, Chiki recounted of how their first year has been bearing in mind that the country was put on a lockdown one week after their wedding.

Check out her post;

‘1 week after we said ‘I do’, the country went into lockdown. The entertainment industry, that we are both a part of, got a severe hit. We lost gigs, a lot of them. We had to make tough decisions about the staff we hire. We moved house. We got a new dog. I left radio. You launched @pace.sol, I launched @thedanceshagz_ .

She added;

‘But most importantly, we did it ALL as a team. Happy 1 year anniversary. Its a testimony to our partnership that this year has left us stronger than ever.’

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Bien on the other side shared a similar photo and captioned;

‘Happy 1st Anniversary to us. At the very place my life began. I love you. I’m so happy doing this thing called life with you. ❤🥂💯🍄🍑🫂🍆🎵😍🥰😘.’

Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

Sauti Sol’s famous guitarist and producer, Polycarp Otieno aka fancy fingers, is officially out of the friend zone.

He is married to Lady Mandy, a fashion stylist. Earlier this year, Polycarp had a traditional wedding ceremony at his wife’s home in Rwanda and during the weekend they tied the not at the Fairmont Kenya Safari club resort.

These are some of the celebrities in attendance,

1. Karen Kaz Lucas


Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

2. Anyiko Owoko


3. Annabel Onyango


4. Chiki Kuruka and Bien-Aimé Baraza


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10 times Sauti Sol has killed it with their unique fashion and style (Photos)

Sauti Sol, our favourite afro-pop band is not only known for their awesome music but also their style.

They’ve had successful tours in Africa and Europe, topped Kenyan charts and gained international attention with shows in Europe and the US.

They are always mesmerizing us with their new and fresh looks from time to time.

And always dress to impress and here are some of the looks they’ve been spotted in.






Nigerian-born Taofeek Abijako becomes the youngest designer to ever showcase at Men’s New York Fashion Week (Photos)






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Lucky Guy: Bien’s Stunning Girlfriend Chiki Shows Off Her Toned Abs In Sassy Gym Clothes (PHOTOS)

Celebrated Sauti Sol vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer Bien-Aimé Baraza is not just very talented with an ear-soothing voice, but he’s also handsome with a body that drives lasses crazy every time he performs on the stage.

But only one woman has been able to have all that.

Away from music and the everyday hustle to make it big in life, Bien is a remarkable boyfriend to his Kenyan-based Nigerian girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka, who is a dancer, fitness instructor, and model.


The two have dated for a while now, but before they officially revealed that they were an item, they had actually dated for a year, though many people came to know about their romance at the end of 2015 after they made it official publicly.

Chiki and Bien have been inseparable and always display public affection whenever they are together, and there is no doubt that they are indeed happy despite their busy work schedules.


But a few weeks ago, there were claims that the two had fallen out after a nasty argument, and that Chiki had even moved out of the house they lived with Bien. The two were also not spotted together during Annabel Onyango’s baby shower.

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

The lovebirds then came out to refute the breakup claims, with Bien telling off his haters with funny videos and photos;



“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!

Since then, Chiki seems to be showing off her toned body, and you can be sure she has a hot one because of her dance workouts and training, and sometime back, she even shared pics from a recent photoshoot.

She recently shared some sassy photos in tight gym clothes and let’s just say, Bien is one lucky guy, Check them out below. Isn’t she lovely?



Fan Makes Bien Aime’s Day After Making This Comment About Him

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime is a people’s person and when it comes to his fans, he’s more than willing to engage with them in conversations, but don’t get used to it because he also has to work.

When it comes to his girlfriend, Chiki Kuruka, he’s never shy to show her off because she’s his. On a number of occassions, they’ve taken photos together and posted on social media. Furthermore, it’s their personal accounts and they can post right about anything they want.

bien and chiki

Well, in the midst of appreciating love, Bien posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend with a caption of a love emoji. One thing’s for sure, they looked great as always and his fans went ahead to comment on how good they look together.

But one fan’s comment was the highlight of the day and it sure did make Bien laugh.

Bien and Chiki

The fan said, “You look the lovechild of Wesley snipes and Eddie Murphy 🏋🏾‍♀️🔮🏆you going all the way to melanin heaven if you keep taking care of yourself.”

This comment sure did touch Bien’ heart as he went ahead to reply saying, “@lebogangrasethaba 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Leboooooooo. Miss you man.”

From the look of things, these two know each other and a little humour wouldn’t hurt anyone, now would it?

Hopeless Romantic: Bien-Aime Spoils His Hot Dancer Girlfriend Chiki With These Expensive GIFTS, And They Ain’t Fake (PHOTOS)

Celebrated Sauti Sol singer and songwriter Bien-Aime Baraza and his stunning girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka are one of the cutest and most loved celebrity couples in the local entertainment scene.

Bien and Chiki have been dating for almost three years now and are still going strong despite being in the glaring eyes of the media. Recently their relationship was rumored to be on the rocks.

Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)


It all started when Bien attended a baby shower for his manager Marek Fuchs wife Annabel Onyango, without his girlfriend Chiki, then a close source to the couple revealed that the two were no longer together after a nasty quarrel.

Other than that, the two had not been seen together for a while and had even stopped sharing photos of each other on social media, raising speculation if all was well.

The lovebirds would, later on, come out to address the rumours, denying claims that they had broken up by sharing a video where they hang out and made fun of rumomongers.

“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!


When contacted by Mpasho, an irritated Bien refuted the claims, “WE ARE OK, WE ARE CHILL, DON’T CALL MY WIFE AGAIN ASKING HER STUPID QUESTIONS.”

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

Well, that was then, and the two have since been spending more time together despite their busy schedules. Sauti Sol has gone ahead to prove that he is a hopeless romantic by getting his stunning girlfriend genuine Puma and Vans sneakers.


Chiki made sure to reveal that the shoes are not fake, with this caption; “When you bae spoils you with sick Pumas and original Vans.”

The Puma shoes cost around Ksh 6,800 while the original Vans are about KSh 6,200. Bien must have gotten her the amazing sneakers when he recently visited the US with his fellow band members.

Check them out the sporty shoes below. Nay or Yea.




“Babe, How Are You Feeling Since Our BREAK UP?” Bien And Hot Girlfriend Chiki Post Cryptic VIDEO For Haters After SEPARATION Rumours. Watch!

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza is a bitter man after allegations that he had broken up with his dancer girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe.

The rumours started when Bien attended his manager’s wife Annabel Onyango’s baby shower without his better half, raising eyebrows since they are always seen together in events more so if it’s a friend’s ceremony.

Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Other than that, the two had not been sharing photos of each other on social media for a while, fuelling the claims that they had called it quits.

Reports had revealed that Chiki, a dance and fitness instructor, had moved out of the house she was living with Bien, after a nasty quarrel but the couple has come to rubbish the claims.


When Bien was contacted, he was infuriated about the whole drama, saying that he and Chiki are very much together and chilling. He breathed fire telling our reporter Liz to leave him and his ‘wife’ alone;

We are okay, we are chill, don’t call my wife again asking her stupid questions.

This was before he went to social media to post videos so that he can irritate his haters and rumour mongers who came up with the gossip, making it clear that they are very much an item.

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

In the video, Chiki takes a video of a shirtless Bien, sarcastically asking him; “How are you doing after our break up.” A happy looking Bien then gives this cryptic response; “I’m so sad since we broke up.”


The lead singer then dances to their latest song, Love Again as Chiki films on, then shares the video with the caption that reads; “Watasema mchana, Usiku watalala. This shit still lit.”

In another video, Bien films Chiki as she walks around the house in a t-shirt, then they flaunt their love all cuddled up and grinding on each other as they sing along to the same song.

Check out the video below which was definitely meant for haters who started the rumours. But this looks like a cover up for something that had happened because a close friend of theirs confirmed that they had major issues in their relationship.



‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

We know him as one man with great vocals…But there is a part we are missing!

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien is an angry man. News of his breakup with hot lass Chiki has been going viral.

What catalyzed the rumours was the fact that the two have not been seen together displaying their usual PDA.

Furthermore, Bien graced Annabel Onyango’s baby shower alone. That was proof enough that the two are undergoing a rough patch.

As always, we called the Kuliko Jana hit maker for a comment who revealed that he and Chiki were together denying that the two were having problems.


We first called his girlfriend Chiki and on introducing ourselves, a livid Bien snatched the phone from her retorting to request for comment.


We now made another call to Bien himself who shot back angrily at the rumours of their breakup saying,


He went on to say,


From what he said, it seems the two have finally patched things together and are about to prove the Internet wrong. Did they sleep in the same house?


Expect to see Bien and his girlfriend Chiki together in public very soon.


Kenyan Boy Band Sauti Sol Send Out A Sincere APOLOGY To President Uhuru Kenyatta After This Happened (PHOTO)

Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol have over the years proved to be the best in the game after a successful musical career since it’s formation back in 2005.

The BET nominess may however might have found themselves on the wrong side of the government after their lead vocalist Bein Aime Baraza shared his views on a recent project launched by the government, dubbed Studio Mashinani.

According to Bien, the group were the initial brains behind the major project which was launched a few days ago by renowned Jamaican stars, Etana, Richie Spice and Luciano.

Sauti Sol

Studio Mashinani was launched by the Ministry of ICT to provide modern recording facilities for talented youth to record their music and other creative products in terms of entertainment, film or showbiz.

According to Bien, the group had presented the idea to President Uhuru Kenyatta back in December 2015 as a way of introducing music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service.

They were further instructed to give the project to former YouthFund Chair, Bruce Odhiambo and together with other industry players, they embarked on the logistics and then sent the proposal to the involved parties.

On December 29 2015 I had the honor to meet with His Excellency The President in Statehouse Mombasa. The agenda was Kenya Music Industry and Youth. Myself and my @sautisol brothers shared a proposal called STUDIO MASHINANI with His Excellency. It was an extensive project involving Music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service. We were further instructed to give the proposal to Bruce Odhiambo who was at the time Chair of the Youthfund office. We teamed up with Raphael Obonyo @raph_obonyo Cedric Kadenyi tighten the whole proposal with budgets and standard operating systems for the project. The Proposal was sent to the relevant parties. Only to wake up today a year and some months later to see the project being launched countrywide by a JAMAICAN ARTIST!!!!!! NOT EVEN A KENYAN!!!!!I am not in any way implying that The President has a hand in this because he deals with millions of things and this may just be one of those that he delegated. I feel so robbed. I plan to make everything public soon. Just so that the ones who want to can learn from it.”


Bien’s rant elicited mixed reactions from fans and fellow musicians, who rallied behind him, but now, it looks like his voice was finally heard as it turns out that the band is in talks with the State over the Sh80 Million project.

But first, Sauti Sol had to apologize for any offensive remarks Bien had made about the government and more so, President Uhuru Kenyatta. Check out the press statement below.




Wife Material! Bien’s Girlfriend Proves That She Actually Cooks For Him (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Sauti Sol has become one of the most celebrated and popular bands in Africa, and we can all agree that their songs are on another level, celebrating the African culture and at the same time keeping it pop music.

One of the group’s lead vocalists Bien-Aime Baraza is the most loved and popular member of the group, known for his breathtaking voice and dance moves. He always has his abs on display when dancing on stage making women go crazy for his masculine body.

KUMBE! Did You Know Them Mushrooms Band Discovered Sauti Sol?

Bien is also a songwriter and guitarist with amazing songwriting skills and has occasionally written songs for other artistes in Kenya.


A while back he admitted that one of the inspirations for this is women and that his thought process equates songs to women. Every Kenyan lady would wish to be Bien’s woman, but only one was lucky to be his woman.

Bien’s girlfriend goes by the name Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka a Nigerian model and fashionista and the two can’t get enough of each other after he came out to reveal that they were dating.


Chiki is also a trainer and professional dancer who recently opened a dance studio.

Bien Of Sauti Sol Rants About Sh150 Valentine Gift From A Corporate PR Person

But what does their private life at home behind all the spotlight look like? Does she cook for him or are they the take away kind of couple? Chiki proved that she’s a wife material by sharing a meal she had cooked for her man.

The sumptuous plate of food consisted of arrow roots, some greens, and pieces of meat. Check out the photo below. How sweet!




Bien Of Sauti Sol Rants About Sh150 Valentine Gift From A Corporate PR Person

Sauti Sol’s lead man, Bien Aime Baraza is the talk of town.
He took to social media to blast a PR/activations personnel of a company that tried to get social media mileage out of him.
He doesn’t mind posting Thank yous on his social media, but he minds very much when the gift – in question – is not worth that kind of  attention.
The Kuliko Jana star said that he was gifted a Sh150 chocolate and asked to post about it on his social media.
He saw red.
This is what Bien said about the whole issue.
On the morning of Valentines I was snuggled up in bed with the love of my life when my phone rang. A gentleman from a top Kenyan media agency had called to inform me that he had a package for me and Chiki; and asked for my address so he could send a rider over to drop it. I was of course delighted to hand it over. He later called after like 45 minutes because the rider was lost, after which I gave a better explanation of my address. In no time my package was here.
I was excited when I saw the slim envelope. My brain was farting with possibilities and probabilities. I remember debating between a holiday or a dinner for two. I tore it up like a kid opening a Christmas gift. And there it was “A BAR OF CHOCOLATE.” My immediate reaction was to call the watchman and ask him if that was all; after which he confirmed “ndio boss, ni hiyo tu.” I thought to myself “what’s the use of sending a rider over, calling me frantically and me giving out my address only to receive a bar of chocolate?”
Shortly after he called again to confirm receipt. I did and as courtesy calls thanked him for the chocolate. But I could hear in his voice that he expected more. After our very brief conversation he sent me a text message with marketing #hashtags and said he would be grateful if I tweeted a thank-you tweet for the chocolate.
Kenyans!!!! What the flying FUCK! How dare you equate an artists tweets to ksh150 worth of a chocolate bar? Since when did artists endorse brands for a bar of chocolate? Whose ‘BRILLIANT’ idea was that!!! I actually felt insulted more than I was grateful for the damn chocolate which if you ask me I could live without. The trouble they went through to call and deliver it defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.
What is the moral of the story? Art should be paid for. Artists put in years building brands that people associate with. You can’t call an accountant and give him chocolate in exchange for accounting services. Put money on the table. I’m disappointed especially with the fact that an agency doesn’t know this because their business is heavily dependent on art and content. Forgive me for overestimating their abilities to think better for my industry.
PS, Chiki ate the chocolate. I was too pissed to even bring it close to my mouth. Bien-Aime Baraza


Sauti Sol’s Bien Calls Visiting American Stars ‘Foreign Bullsh*t’! (SCREENSHOT)

He is known for making his opinions known. Loudly. Whether it is popular or not, he doesn’t care. He has said his piece and that is that.

I’m talking about Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza.

A while back he lectured a blogger for writing an opinion piece alluding to the fact that Polycarp Onyango is a not a productive member of the all male group.

Bien did not spare his bundles, he wrote  long winding post calling the writer, a “stupid journalist”.

Now, he wants to make his feelings known about the visiting RNB mega stars, SWV and Blackstreet.

Chek out their arrival video.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Bien insulted Kenyan fans of the Ol’skul acts and in the same fell swoop, called the American artistes “Foreign bullsh*t” and all round “trash”.

He wrote in his post,

“Kenyans are such superstars,. We make foreign songs bigger here than they are in their countries of origin,” adding clapping emojis, “Happy dustbin for foreign bulsh*t day. Hope you smell the trash soon.”
Bien Aime Baraza Sauti Sol