Here’s How Emmy Kosgei Inspires Us To Celebrate Our BFF’s This Weekend

Singing sensation, Emmy Kosgei is revealing details of why she has the most enviable friendship yet.

It’s not many celebrities who take to social media to hail praises on their close friends, and so gospel singer Emmy Kosgei deserves our praise.

What we do know about celebrities is that they are always posting photos of themselves, or hanging out with the who’s who in society. so when one of them comes out to publicly praise a BFF we don’t know, we get excited.

Peep out Emmy Kosgei and her BFF interaction below, and tell us who else you think has an enviable friendship.



Life lessons on friendship:: Some friends come and go some stay for a season and go, some leave footprints .. some are brought by God for a reason in a season,some stay while some graduate from frienship to family .. to soulmates .. to destiny helpers…!!!! dont hold or get offended when they go may be they have finished their assignment.. may God give you discerment to know when to hold and when to let go! #happybirthday @vickykitonga #sisterforlife #birthdayreflections (sic)

She responded;

vickykitongaI’m humbled that I’m a true friend who has stayed . I’m here to stay for life . Here to defend you , to support you, to keep your secrets, and to encourage you to discover where you ought to be … I love you too much …. thanks for the surprise this morning

Emmy replied;

emmykosgei@vickykitonga love you always hbd





Here’s The Ultimate BFF Bucket List

Friendship is a beautiful thing, it starts right at home with your siblings, cousins and neighbors. Then as you start school you get more friends as you lose others. When you are much older, there are a set of close friends that you will have. The kind that will always be there for you, your bff your ride or die.  That friend who happens to be close like a sister, you fight, disagree but still keep the friendship years on. Before life gets too hectic, busy and what not, here is a list of things you need to do together:

1. Take an epic road trip

2. Pull an all-nighter together

3. People-watch at a park

4. Talk in different accents for a day

5. Volunteer together

6. Get matching tattoos

7. Marathon a TV series

8. Spend a holiday with each other’s families

9. Travel abroad together

10. Get manicures

11. See an embarrassingly sexy movie

12. Cook a fancy dinner

13. Take underwater pictures

14.Go on a spa day

15. Prank call friends

16. Spend a whole day shopping

17. Carve your initials into a tree

18. Give each other makeovers

19. See your favorite musician in concert

20. Take a beauty or fashion risk together

21. Go on a camping trip

22. Throw a surprise party for one another

23. Go on a booze cruise

24. Learn a language together

25. Try an extreme sport

26. Swap identities for a day

27. Read the same book together

28. Go out wearing coordinating outfits

29. Make a time capsule

30. Create special playlists for each other

31. Plan out your futures

32. Try a new DIY or craft

33. Play hide-and-seek in a big store

34. Go gambling

35. Sing at the top of your lungs together

36. Buy best-friend jewelry

37. Ride a roller coaster

38. Build a blanket fort

39. Attend a music festival

40. Take an exercise class together

41. Go wine tasting

42. Make up a dance routine

43. Laugh until you cry

Signs Your BFF Has Fallen For You

We all have friends of the opposite sex that we are just pals with, no strings attached and before you say anything it is possible, although many people don’t believe so.

Sometimes things get abit “weird” and your BFF behaves as though they want to be more than friends but you aren’t sure.

If you want to be certain they want to be more than friends, here are the signs:

Always wants to partner with you: Whether you are in school, at work or even just walking down the street, if he is into you, he wants to constantly partner with you. If he is constantly asking to be your lab partner, looking for ways to become your partner on a project, he is into you. Trust me ladies, this tip is a dead give-away!

Asks you to hang out: Do you constantly feel like you are the one that has to ask your guys friends to hang out? Well, if he is into you, he’ll be the one to take the first step. Now, I’m not saying that every single guy that asks you to hang out is potentially into you, but if you notice that your guy BFF is constantly asking you to hang out – it’s a sign!

Teases you: It’s that old saying that when a guy likes a girl, he is constantly mean to them. That doesn’t mean that your BFF has to be mean to you, but he probably teases you right? What about a little sarcasm? Trust me, if he takes it a little far, he really likes you and wants to see your reaction to his true sense of humor!

He stares: Do you catch him staring at you constantly? Does he constantly look away when he’s caught? That’s a sign ladies, he’s totally into you! So play coy, flirt a little – if you like him like that of course!

Sits really close: Is there barely an inch of room between you two when you sit down? Does he constantly want to sit next to you as opposed to his guy best friends? It’s a sign ladies!

Ask for your help ALOT: If you know anything about guys, you probably know that they have a really hard time asking for help. Does your best guy friend constantly ask for your help? Homework, cleaning advice, relationship advice even if he isn’t in one? He might want to be in a relationship – with you!

Listens and takes notes: Did he remember your birthday? What about that thing you said you wanted last week? If your guy friend really listens to you, he is into you, without a doubt!

Makes you laugh: Guys love to make girls laugh. It’s totally one of their favorite things in the world to do and if your BFF makes you laugh all the time, it could be a sign that he’s absolutely into you!

Shania Twain slams BFF for marrying her ex husband

Shania Twain  just told off her former bff and the woman who had an affair with her ex husband on an interview.

The country superstar, was put in the hot seat last night on “Watch What Happens Live” – where she talked about what led to her extremely messy split from Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Her then-husband of 15 years had an affair with one of her assistants/best friends, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

Once she split from Mutt, she became close with the Marie-Anne’s equally-betrayed husband, Frederic Thiebaud … who Shania later married.

In her book, Twain says she ran into Marie-Anne only once after she found out about the affair, but had a “panic attack” and couldn’t find the right words to say to her.

Asked what she would say when if she were to meet her again, she said ‘I wish I’d never met you”

That don’t impress me much was one of her greatest songs.