‘I Couldn’t Even Move’ – Betty Kyallo Narrates How She Ended Up In Hospital Because Of Fatigue

Betty Kyallo is a hardworking female journalist who has constantly proven to us that women, too, can make it in whichever field they decide to venture. But with all the hard work, sometimes our bodies shut down. Furthermore, we are not robots; we constantly need to rest just to be able to function properly.

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Well, Betty has finally learned that her body needs to be taken great care of after she had to go to the hospital after suffering from extreme fatigue. We are every now and then reminded that fatigue can actually kill someone but we take the situation lightly. Well, thank God for in this situation, Betty rushed to hospital and got the right medication.

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She took to social media to express that she’s feeling much better and how she has learned from her situation that we have to take things slow and take good care of ourselves.

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She said, “Feeling much better after recovering from extreme fatigue. Yesterday I left work for hospital a few minutes to my bulletin after it caught up with me proper and I couldn’t even move. Learnt that sometimes you have to slow down from the hustle and rest.”

She’s Too Extra: Betty Kyallo Throws Shade At Haters After She Was Nominated For An Award

Betty Kyallo has come out blazing hot after what she terms as haters came for her and she sure wasn’t having it. She has been nominated for the Media Personality of the Year award category for Soma Awards, 2017.

She had initially asked her fans to vote for her even making fun at presidential candidates.

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She said, “Winning isn’t everything but it sure feels good😉😉 So after you leave the Instagram app, head straight and text 2C to 21195 or visit Soma.or.ke to vote for Beats for Media Personality of the Year Award💥💥 na msinifanye kama presidential candidates wa 2013, popular kwa internet lakini hakuna vote kwa ballot😂😂😂😂😂 haya twende kazi ❤️.”

Betty Kyallo Addresses Her Haters In This Cryptic Message

Well, she’s not really happy with those who are hating on her for being nominated for the prestigious award and she’s definitely not about that life.

She took to social media to shut them up making it clear the haters got the wrong girl, because the hate comments weren’t going to bring her down.

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She said, “Just seen a screenshot of hateful comments about my nomination as Media Personality of the year. All I can say is if you think your words can shoot me down, I’m sorry but you got the wrong girl.”

Of late, Betty has been serving too much saltiness and it’s got everyone by surprise.

This Is How Betty Kyallo REALLY Makes Her Money

German Machines! Here’s The Expensive SUV Betty Kyallo Drives (PHOTOS)

If you call yourself a celebrity and you don’t even own a Toyota Probox or Vitz, you should be worried or rather ashamed of yourself. Cars have become a necessity to celebrities and no celeb should lack one. How do you go around bragging how you’re the big deal yet you can’t even afford a bicycle?

Instead of spending all that money you earn from endorsement deals or MCSK on alcohol, women and buying fake watches, second-hand bags and clothes to flaunt on social media, why can’t you buy yourself a car?

TOUGH COOKIE! 10 Photos That Prove Betty Kyallo Is All Grown, Sexy And Bada**

Kenyan female celebrities are giving their counterparts stiff competition in the local showbiz industry. They are trendsetters. These hardworking women are living the life while their counterparts are struggling to make ends meet. Lillian Muli, TerryAnne Chebet, Betty Kyallo, Talia Oyando are some of the celebrities driving expensive machines. They are classy dames; not typical women.


Well, Betty Kyallo who is always the trendsetter in the local showbiz industry is rolling in a  2017 Porsche Cayenne. The price of this SUV is estimated at $71,255 approximately Ksh 7m; money which can buy you acres of land in Kitale.

Money Talks! Betty Kyallo Takes Time To Unwind And Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday In The Most Amazing Way (PHOTOS)

Betty Kyallo is always giving her counterparts a run for their money. Tumia pesa ikuzoee! Here are the photos of Betty’s car


Money Talks! Betty Kyallo Takes Time To Unwind And Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday In The Most Amazing Way (PHOTOS)

Betty Mutei Kyallo is currently one of the most popular and celebrated media personalities in Kenya, and she seems to get better by the day.

The KTN news anchor known for her Friday Briefing show has come a long way, but her hard work has definitely paid off.

Other than being a top TV personality, Betty Kyallo is also a businesswoman after she recently opened a top of the class salon and spa, Posh Palace, where popular public figures and celebrities go for grooming.


Betty Kyallo is also a mother to the most adorable baby girl, Ivanna, who she got with her ex-husband Dennis Okari. The couple was one of the most loved and cutest in the media industry but sadly, they broke up about 6 months after their wedding.

Natural Is Beautiful! Betty Kyallo Reveals Why She Prefers Her Natural Hair To Weaves

The breakup took a toll on both celebrities but Betty Kyallo seems to have picked up the pieces and is doing well financially and physically.

Betty Kyallo has been sharing stunning photos on her social media, looking younger after losing some weight, while dressed in expensive clothes and shoes, not forgetting her high-priced weaves.


All in all, she seems very happy and at a good place in her life, and when it comes to time to unwind, she spares nothing to make sure she has the time of her life.

‘I Would Like To Introduce The Man In My Life,’ Betty Kyallo Shouts

The sassy journalist is currently on holiday after deciding to take a break to celebrate her birthday, which is on the 14th of March. She has shared a few photos during her trip and I have to say, she must be having a blast.

Check them out below. Ain’t she a lucky girl!