Check out celebrities who have ventured into the beauty industry

Everyone wants to look like Beyonce or the next Idris Elba with a pint of class, elegance, good hair, expensive nails, and everything designer right?

Well some of these celebrities are making work easier for you.

They have ventured into  the beauty industry and they are not only acing this industry, they are doing it big.

Beauty is good for the soul and the mind and it runs down from the hair, faces lips, skin, nails, knees, to your toes

The Beauty industry is a hard venture especially if you do not know how to manage and market it, but they are not only making great moves, their beauty parlors are also booming.

Here is a list of celebrities with high end beauty parlors.

1. Sheila Ndinda

Sheila Ndinda, one of the most celebrated hair enthusiasts in Kenya and she just launched her parlor Spritz Hair Studio.

It targets all natural hair enthusiasts and it provides the best styles, tips, tools and products to help you navigate your natural hair journey.



2. Susan Kaittany

Just like the name suggests, Posh Palace is a very posh classy state of art spa and beauty spot for both men and women and to get pampered.

For all hair, nails and spa moments, they give high end  and exclusive make overs.


‘Please hire beautiful masseuse’s for your kinyozis’ Kenyan men beg owners

3. Vera Sidika

Nairobi’s socialite-cum entrepreneur Vera Sidika opened her beauty parlor in 2018 and if you think you have seen it all when it comes to anything glamour, then you need to check this place out.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor is not her only hustle. She also sell detox tea, Veetox Herbal Detox which has been in business for a year since the official launch in May 2017.

The parlor gives professional looks from hair, to make up, to massages, that will make you crave that glow even more.


3. Betty Kyalo

The elegant news anchor Betty Kyalo introduced us to her beauty parlor Flair by Betty in 2018 and boy does it look posh!



The most outstanding over the top looks from the Met Gala

5. Muthoni wa Mukiri

Muthoni wa Mukiri revealed her hairline which goes by the name Mukiri Hair Hub.

The Inooro TV anchor has a hairline that comprises of anything you would want on your hair, could be weaves or wigs.

Her hairline is definitely hitting the top as she gets celebrities to purchase her hair.


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Inaweza? Kenyan celebrities who should consider starting a reality show

Reality TV shows are the latest trends not only in Kenya but world wide.

Celebrities like Bahati,Janet Mbugua have already jumped onto the band wagon.

Here are more celebs who should consider starting reality shows.

1. Eric Omondi

He was recently nominated as the funniest man in Africa. He mostly shares his funny video clips on his social media pages maybe it is time he considered starting a reality show.


2. Willy Paul

He calls himself ‘Heaven Material’, he is loved and hated in equal measure, and don’t you think his reality show would be a hit?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Akothee

The self Proclaimed president of single mothers lives by the mantra ‘My life your entertainment.’ and what better way to entertain us than to start a reality show.


4. NJugush

He keeps his fans entertained with funny videos online but as you might already know Instagram limits large videos hence the best way to maximize on his talent is to start a reality show.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

‘I learnt after our honey moon that my new wife had robbed a bank of Ksh 700K, ‘ City man confesses

5. Nameless

He and his wife Wahu are considered among the darling celebrity couples in Kenya and we all know why. Unlike other celebrities, this couple is rarely caught up in drama.

Starting a reality show would be a good step given that they would help their fans by giving them advice on what keeps a marriage going.

wahu nameless

6. Diamond

He is considered among the most sought after artistes in Africa and with a huge fan base.

A reality TV would help build his brand even more given that his fans love keeping tabs on his love life.


7. Zari

She has millions of followers on Instagram, so what better way to maximize on this than to start up a reality show.

Love her or hate her, she is a force to reckon with not only in her country but in Africa as a whole.

8. Betty Kyallo

Her life is a reality show ever since her marriage to Okari broke, and details of her life emerged. She can give us a glimpse into her life through a tv show.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Betty Kyallo

9. Vera Sidika

Her life is too dramatic in a rather entertaining way. Imagine a reality show dubbed ‘Keeping up with Vera’ si inaeza kua moto?

Vera Sidika

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Single mom’s club! Kenya’s celebrity single moms who are thriving (photos)

Single parents are heroes in the society for being able to raise children or a child alone. The work can at times be overwhelming but they still soldier on, trying to provide the best for their children.

Here are some of the Kenyan single moms who are thriving,

1. Betty Kyallo

‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

2. Wilbroda

3. Mwende Macharia


4. Pierre Makena


5. BettyBayo


6. Sharon Mundia


7. Akothee

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Betty Kyallo readmitted in hospital for the second time after minor surgery

Days after being released from the Nairobi Hospital after undergoing a minor surgery TV presenter Betty Kyallo is admitted again after experiencing excess pains due to the after effects of the surgery.

According to her sister Mercy Kyallo the presenter was admitted on Sunday 1st July after experiencing much pain.In a recent post Betty wrote of how much of a hard time she was having eating and talking ,She wrote

“Happy to be home after a successful surgery to remove my tonsils. Finally did it after being scared to do so after many years yet I kept suffering with tonsilitis almost every month. 😫 And as much as the recovery process is tough i’m looking forward to better days.


Happy dance!💃 now to the hardest part which is eating and talking… but that Special ice cream diet so far 😅 is dope. Thanks to God for a successful procedure. Big thanks to my fantastic doctor, all my friends and family who were right by my side and the amazing team at Nairobi Hospital. Blessings to you.”

According to very well health there are various repercussions of having inflamed tonsils which include frequent infections, difficulty breathing or swallowing and sleep apnea.

‘We can’t allow life to beat us down’ advices music producer Dr Eddy

There are also different methods of surgery(below) to remove inflamed tonsils and the choice of surgery depends on the agreement and his patient and the risks involved

  • Cold knife dissection: This is the traditional method of having your tonsils removed, using a scalpel. The tonsils are completely removed, and there is minimal bleeding.
  • Electrocauterization: This method burns the tonsils and surrounding tissue in a way that prevents a lot of bleeding. Unfortunately, this method can cause more pain during the post-operative period.
  • Harmonic scalpel (ultrasonography): This method uses energy from ultrasound to vibrate the blade. This results in a clean cut that also cauterizes the tissue. This method allegedly causes less damage to the tissue than electrocauterization.
  • Radiofrequency ablation: This procedure can be performed in a doctor’s office under sedation. It is not a one-time procedure, but rather gradually shrinks the tonsils using radiation after several appointments. This procedure is only recommended for enlarged tonsils.

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Betty Kyallo celebrates her beautiful daughter Ivanna as she turns four

KTN presenter Betty Kyallo is a proud mum as her beautiful daughter Ivanna turns four, a journey she can’t help but celebrate.

Ivanna is born to Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari and she is the apple of her mother’s eyes given that she is the only daughter. Her birthday comes a day after music producer Tedd Josiah celebrated his daughter’s birthday as she turned one.


Love Hurts! See What Betty Kyalo Had To Say When She Heard Dennis Okari Has A New Bae

Tedd is a role model as he is a widower who has brought up a beautiful young girl up months after her mum passed away.

Betty Kyalo with her daughter
Ivanna with her mum Betty Kyalo

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo were among the best power couple in town and their break up left many in shock as it was unexpected.

Since the breakup Dennis, has kept off the limelight while Betty moved on with her life venturing deep into the business world.

Betty has flourished with her business Flair by Betty which offers hair services to high end clientèle.

Betty Kyallo’s daughter is as beautiful as the mum, after all it is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree. As she turns four, here are a few photos to celebrate this beautiful princess.


Betty Kyalo's daughter
Ivanna Kyalo

Is Betty Kyalo hinting at new lover with her new post?


KTN presenter Betty Kyalo and her daughter Ivanna

Betty Kyalo gives us weekend tips as she spends Madaraka weekend zip lining



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Betty Kyalo gives us weekend tips as she spends Madaraka weekend zip lining

It was a long weekend as Kenyans marked Madaraka Day, and TV presenter Betty Kyalo wasted no time having fun as she explored the Ngong hills.

The word “Ngong” is an Anglicization of a Maasai  phrase “enkong’u emuny” meaning rhinoceros spring, and this name derives from a spring located near Ngong Town.


Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy Kyalo spending some time with their friends at the Ngong hills
Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy Kyalo spending some time with their friends at the Ngong hills

Betty Kyalo decide to end the weekend in style as she and her girlfriends took the daring step of zip lining for some adrenaline rush, all the while enjoying the magnificent view of Ngong. She took to her instagram to share her experience with her fans as she could not hide her excitement.

Girls road trip. LIFE! Kenya you are so beautiful. My home my country. AFRICA! THIS IS #KENYA, THIS IS #AFRICA. It’s Beautiful and we ain’t bragging. It is what it is!

Guys! Today I did it! I did the zip line! How cool!!! This was like 100metres off the ground! And funny enough I enjoyed it soooooo damn much… and by the way the zip line is 190 meters long… talk about adrenaline on another level! @kompassatngonghills you guys are great fun loved your food, ambience, scenery and activities. Will be back very very soon. #ThisIsKenya


Betty kyalo zip lining at the Ngong hills

Here are more photos of the girls trip.

From left :Mercy Kyalo,Betty kyalo and their friends at the Ngong hills


Left :Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy chilling at the Ngong hills

Betty is among local celebrities who decided not to spend their weekend indoors. Citizen TV presenter Lilian Muli spent her time going for a pedicure which she needs as she looks forward to the birth of her baby.

On the other hand Sheila Mwanyigha spent her time enjoying some breath-taking views at the Great Rift Valley en route to Nakuru for  a concert dubbed#ConnectWithGreatness

Sheila Mwanyigha enjoying the amazing view of the Great Rift Valley
Sheila Mwanyigha enjoying the amazing view of the Great Rift Valley







All the amazing things you didn’t know about Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is one of the most outstanding TV presenters around. The multi-talented KTN presenter is among the youngest media personalities in the country who has accomplished a lot.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunts Victoria Secret handbag

Betty is barely 30 and she has already created a name for herself. Well, below is a list of things you didn’t know about Betty Kyallo, go through:

  1. CEO

She owns one of the posh salons in Kenya. Her salon is located at the iconic Mirhab building in Kilimani.

 2. She is a mother
Betty is a mother of one. Her daughter Ivanna is four-years-old.
3. Bold and courageous
The sexy TV siren is never afraid of talking about the scars she bears on her neck.

On the 6th of August 2005, I nearly lost my life after being hit by a matatu in the CBD. I sustained serious injuries having broken my jaw, collarbone, 4 ribs, punctured my lungs, broke my left leg and worst of all scarred my face and neck. That matatu was clearly meant to kill me. I stayed in hospital for 2 months and underwent 8 corrective surgeries.


I learnt how to walk again like a child and had to deal with the scars which was the hardest thing as a teenage girl. My dreams were crushed, lost my self esteem, pitied myself and cried every night. However because of God’s grace, love and mercy I pulled through. I am still here and I’m grateful for life. For my mom Julia Ngii who went through it all with me, felt my pain, even offered to give me part of her skin to correct my face through grafting. Spending hours by my side holding my hand and encouraging me to soldier on.

Being strong when I clearly saw the pain and distress she was going through. Mum I love you tonnes for getting me through it. My great friend and brother Brian Kyallo-Msafiri my sweet sister Mercy Kyallowho were there for me charming me with jokes although my jaw wouldn’t let me smile or laugh. My friends who visited me everyday of my hospitalization.

Doctors who literally worked on me. Kenyatta National Hospital Private wing nurses, who were caring and never got tired of my calls for assistance. I say a big warm thank you to you all, I’m still on my journey because of something you did. I now continue pursuing and living my dream after it was once crushed. I couldn’t have imagined I would live to see my daughter. I am more than happy, more than blessed. I’m still here. Life is precious.”


4. Second born

The young CEO is the second born in a family of four. Her younger sister Mercy Kyallo is a professional marketer and PR personnel. Mercy is also the CEO of Yallo leather- a leather goods manufacturing company that designs and produces quality leather products.

5. God fearing


Betty Kyallo has been sharing godly quotes with her followers and her most common catch phrase is ‘favoured by God.”
“I’m not going to say I’m the most wise woman or perfect in any way but I feel an impression on my heart to say this. I feel like the world today has so much hate, so much spite, so much anger and this has nothing to do with anything that has been said about me(trust me I’m a tough woman who’s favoured by God and that’s all that matters) but it has everything to do with the kind of people we have become. Hateful. As you sleep I pray for love and happiness in your life. I pray that you will find joy in something in your life even if you are struggling with something it could be sickness of a loved one, unemployment, a hurtful break up, a business Deal gone sour, a death of someone you were close to. It could be people who don’t see the greatness in you and shun your abilities and talents. Look for positivity in your life, look for the ones who truly love you and believe in you.

Continue reading “All the amazing things you didn’t know about Betty Kyallo”

Betty Kyallo at her new salon treating customers like Kings and Queens

Betty Kyallo is no joke when it comes to salon business.

Betty Kyallo

From Posh Palace, which has since been closed down to Betty by Flair, the sultry KTN presenter is a smart-indeed, businesswise. Betty Kyallo’s new salon is one of a kind and from the comfy seats, decorations, sound systems, to equipment, it’s a classy one.

Her salon was officially opened on Saturday, received tens of customers thronging the luxury beauty spa located at Mirhab building in Kilimani. Customers were treated like queens and kings as Betty Kyallo went round distributing yummy queen cakes for everyone.

Betty Kyallo

The management previously told Mpasho that the salon was open to anyone including the common mwananchi.


Betty Kyallo, who’s excited about her new business shared a strong quote with her followers which read:

“If you have a heart beat there’s still time to achieve your greatest dreams. Never give up. Keep going, hustle hard, keep positive people around you and most importantly Pray. Love and light to you dreamers. Mad respect.”

Check out the photos of Flair by Betty


Betty Kyallo


Betty Kyallo


Betty Kyallo serving a customer
Betty Kyallo serving a customer


Betty Kyallo serving customers

Also, read:

Betty Kyallo serving customers


Flair by Betty



Flair-by-Betty staff


Flair by Betty
Check out the speakers


Boss moves! Betty Kyallo launches own salon as Posh palace shuts down

Not so long ago, Betty Kyallo revealed that she was no longer at Posh Palace. Betty left after she fell out with her business partner Susan Kaittany.


The KTN senior presenter has been away from the limelight and yesterday, she surfaced to launch her new salon Flair by Betty.

On the other hand, posh Palace has closed down and according to a former employee who sought anonymity:

‘We (25 employees) resigned on Tuesday and yes we’ve been paid but not all our dues. Posh Palace in the past few weeks hasn’t been doing well as the number of clients had gone down. The beauty industry is very competitive and one has to showcase of their skills coz you never know maybe one day you might land a job to work style Lupita and you gotta be at your best,” he said

Posh Palace
Posh Palace closed down

Adding that:

“Posh Palace has not been receiving clients like when it started and we decided to move to a better place.”

Flair by Betty was launched yesterday and will be opened this Saturday. Betty Kyallo took to social media to announce the great news and she wrote:

“God Over Everything. Winners never quit,” adding that:

“Happy and blessed. Always be kind and remain humble. @flairbybetty”

Betty Kyallo
Inside Flair by Betty salon

Other former Posh Palace employees could not hide their joy and took to social media to express their interest in Betty Kyallo’s new business and one of them by the name Racheal posted:

“I am humbled to work with a beautiful soul @bettymuteikyallo God’s favor be with you always. Flair by Betty is my new office.”

Betty Kyallo
Their clients were also excited to move. Mercy Kyallo, Betty’s younger sister, who also launched her business a few months ago, has always been supportive to her sibling.

“You have come from so far sis! I cannot wait for everyone to see what you have built! @flairbybetty @bettymuteikyallo,” read her message.

Unconfirmed reports say Susan Kaittany is rebranding her salon next week.

Betty Kyallo


Betty Kyallo Dazzles At The World Cup Trophy Dinner [Photo]

She is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most stylish media personalities. Betty Kyallo is one of the few selected media personalities and influencers who participated in the Kenyan leg of the World Cup Tour.

For the dinner, which was held last night, she chose to rock a Satin dark green gown, did minimal makeup and avoided too much jewelry.

The World Cup has not been in Kenya since 2009, and only the President was allowed to touch it.

Love Hurts! See What Betty Kyalo Had To Say When She Heard Dennis Okari Has A New Bae

Other attendees included football legend Joe Kadenge, Carol Radull and Esther Passaris.

Check out her dress:

betty k

And here are some comments from fans:

o.d.a.b.a At times yu just brighten my days..nasiuongo cute betty..
eachicas_ beautiful
milksmbugmail.com_ Lovely lady
tianchirasa looking like a ģ
tianchirasa godess
ole_mathenge I love you
mwendemercy995 Burifuuul
rankingizzoh254 Lovely 👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😍😍
anusuvincent Beautiful
martinmutua9904 You’re super extremely cute Betty
koech5700 Good work schatz
dvdkiragu waooohh beautiful
rynash_ Cute
cecile_lee_baibe Awww 💑💑💑💋💋
wanguipetty This world cup trophy imekugurahisha mno
rugsandcarpetscentre_ke 😍😍😍😍😍
ken_mwa254 Proud of you mun
freshamore 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💞
samantha.mdee Eish 🔥🔥😘
gibbscliantosomigo I respect tha lady

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Fashion At The Kalasha Awards Was Iconic And Breathtaking, See How Your Celebs Faired

The Kenya Film Commission hosted this year’s Kalasha Awards at Crown Plaza.

The celebrities stepped out in their best attires complete with their face beat. The organisers also pulled all the stops to ensure it was a night to remember. There was a performance of the national anthem by Afro Benga star Dan Aceda. He also performed some of his popular hits.

Dubbed the Kenyan Oscars a slew of celebrities were awarded for their efforts in various productions.

This year, the awards registered the highest number of entries ever received since the inception of Kalasha, with the submission of 237 films, an affirmation of the credibility of the Kalasha over the last 7 years!

Kalasha International brought under one roof a film festival, a film & TV Awards and a film & TV market.

Filmmaker Mbithi Masya said, “I am grateful for this award,” as he walked away with the best director gong for his award winning Kenyan film, Katikati. It also bagged the best DOP award that was presented to Andrew Mungai and the best special effects award.

Other winners were Best original screenplay award that went to John Kararahe of Kidnapped, the best feature by a student award was Detox and Catherine Kamau bagged the  best actress award.

Uyu ni Mwariguo bagged the best short film award, Louiza Wanjiku walked away with the best editor, the lifetime achievement award was given to Joseph Kioni while Gifted Soul won the best documentary by a student.

Best lead actress in a tv drama award was bagged by Catherine Kamau for her role in the TV drama Sue Na Johnnie. While, Martin Githinji cast  bagged the best lead actor in a TV drama.

Neomi Nganga who was nominated posted a message after the glamourous gala saying, “Hey hey hey 😊😊… What a night at the Kalasha Awards Gala night. Special thanks to everyone that voted for me in the awards. Sad that we didn’t manage to win but we will definitely come back stronger. Congratulations to all the winners. 👏👏👏. We keep rising!! #Kalasha2017.”

Naomi may not have won on stage but she won many hearts on the red carpet. See how the other stars performed on the fashion front.

‘Good Marriages Are Created’ Popular Gospel Singer Pens Down Inspiring Message On How To Build A Successful Marriage

They say that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.  But at the rate that Kenyan marriages are breaking up, perhaps we could question this saying.

Examples of celebrity marriages that lasted less than 12 month include Kenya’s no 1 hype man DNG and Yvette, Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo and Prezzo, Eunice Njeri and Izzo among others.

They are an example that all that glitters is not gold.


Surprising enough some marriages do work and should serve as an inspiration to us.

Popular gospel songstress Evelyn Wanjiru is one of few who are enjoying the fruits of a happy marriage. She recently took to social media and gave out tips on how a happy marriage is created

In a marriage the little things are the big things.
It’s never being too old to hold hands
It is remembering to say I love you everyday
It is never going to bed Angry at each other
It is speaking words of appreciation
It is demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways
It is having the capacity to forgive and forget
It is giving each other a safe place in which to grow
It is not only marrying the right person,it is being the right partner.

Evelyne and her hubby Bwenieve Akweyu walked down the aisle back in 2012 and they seem to be enjoying every single movement of their marriage. Bwenieve also doubles up as Evelyne’s producer and the two own Bwenieve production.

People should at least borrow a leaf from the couple and make an effort to ensure that they work on their marriage. By doing so, perhaps we will see less divorce cases.

Check out photos of the Akweyu’s that will make you believe in love again










‘Block Your Ears From Bullies ‘Advises Celina Of Mother-In-Law

Celebrated Actress Catherine Kamau famously known as Celina for her role in a local show is advising her fans to block all negative energy around them. Continue reading “‘Block Your Ears From Bullies ‘Advises Celina Of Mother-In-Law”

Read Betty Kyalo’s Message To All Dads On Father’s Day

Celebrated TV personality Betty Kyalo was among the many local celebrities who took to their social media platforms to celebrate fathers on Father’s Day.

This is a day set aside to celebrate all the fathers and father figures out there who are present in their kids lives. On this day, Betty decided to celebrate dad’s and mom’s who double up as fathers to their kids due to different circumstances in life.


While some fans on her social media wished her the same, some had no chills to the extent of wishing her ex-husband Dennis Okari happy fathers day instead.

The couple’s break up did not go well with some Kenyans some who still harbor grudges against Betty Kyalo for leaving Dennis. The couple have a daughter together although she is not much in the limelight.

Here are some of the comments after Betty put up a message to fathers out there:


Betty who is not new to controversy, has been bashed severally by her fans, but that does not seem to deter her from living life to the fullest.


Wakenya Hawana Huruma! Betty Kyalo Trolled By Kenyans Online

Kenyans are at it again, KTN presenter Betty Kyalo is having a rough time after Kenyans trolled her online following her nomination for the Media Personality Of The Year Award in the much anticipated OLX Soma Awards.



This is not the first time that the presenter has felt the wrath of Kenyans who have a tendency of keeping tabs on what goes on in her life and giving their opinion about it. Kupenda udaku nayo!

While a few were in support of her nomination, most people were against and expressed themselves online.

This is what Kenyans had to say

Chester Robinson We don’t vote for players ..Ill mannered

Odhiambo Anne Personality my foot, can’t KTN see she people abusing her

Joan Atima Walking out of abusing relationship doesn’t mean you rename your sister badly, come on have mercy on her

Lesedi Leila We Kenyan ladies are the most jealous in Africa. bt this lady is a Iron lady..shes idealistic too.

Awour Christine she deserves it. You get served what you give,how comes have never seen Janet or Amina being thrown such s**t??? Because they behave themselves and let me see no one telling me i should not trash my fellow woman. she’s trash herself,will not support mediocre for the sake of it. You made your bed betty now lie on it

Ava Onyango Kenyans never forget waaah. I guess to win a personality award Kenyans feel you have to be a role model somehow. Those comments were painfully scathing!

Tina J Nicholas Waaaah,Aki she won’t gerrit. Unfortunately

Buxton Muchiri Mbaki She deserves all that venom, Unless Dennis Okari comes to her rescue, Kenyans will never forgive her.

She has however gone out to defend herself and this is what she had to say to her haters.

“Just seen a screenshot of hateful comments about my nomination as Media Personality of the year. All I can say is if you think your words can shoot me down, I’m sorry but you got the wrong girl😎 To all my beloved fans, text 2C to 21195. Let’s win this. See you later on Friday Briefing. Peace”


“Anyone who thinks their words can tear me apart. So sorry but you got the wrong girl. So just hate silently don’t waste your bundles. Peace,” she said.

I guess to survive in this industry one has to have a tough skin and girl…Betty proves that she is made of steel.


‘I Would Like To Introduce The Man In My Life,’ Betty Kyallo Shouts

Betty Kyallo almost caused a frenzy at her Pre valentine’s party when she made a captivating confession.

During the launch of her high-end beauty spa, Betty Kyallo gave a speech about what inspired the business idea. For the very expensive business venture, she has partnered with her best friend, Susan Kaittany.

Betty is very family oriented and her mum was also present at the launch. Check out the details below;

Betty Kyallo’s Mum Breaks Down And Cries At The Launch Of Her New Business (Video)

Three months after the launch, Betty’s business seems to have flourished, big time. This was so successful, they even hosted a post pre-Valentine’s party for their customers telling them “Asante sana”.

Betty Kyallo

As the night wore on, the party that was hosted at the rooftop of Sifa Towers, came to order when Betty started addressing the crowd. She introduced her business partner then went on to talk about the benefits of becoming a platinum member of the business. As a member, the fortunate few would be getting discounted prices for trips to exotic holiday destinations as well as expensive dress shops etc.

Anyhow, that is not my point. During her speech, she paused and said,


This caused a frenzy among members of the press to say the least. They were all jostling and shoving to get a photo of this new man.

After a few very tense moments, Betty finally pulled the man into the limelight, and lo and behold…it turned out to be her brother.

Mcheeew! What an anti-climax.

This is him by the way, and to his credit, he’s quite easy on the eye.

Oh My! KTN’s Betty Kyallo And Her Sister, Gloria Kyallo, Are Worlds Apart, Find Out Why (VIDEO)

It’s Honey Moon Phase 2 For Newest Couple In Town Dennis and Betty Okari

They say that the good things in life are better with love and the newest couple in town is proving this statement right. Betty and Dennis Okari walked down the aisle last Friday in a beautiful ceremony held at Marula Manor in Karen before flying down to South Coast for their honeymoon phase one.

They spent 2 days of their honeymoon at Swahili Beach which was the place Dennis proposed to his new wife. “Phase 1 of honeymoon was beautiful!!!! Spent first 2 days of it at the beautiful Kenyan South Coast, Diani… candle lit dinners and cosy warm nights in the exclusive gorgeous room at Swahili Beach,” Betty shared on her Instagram page

The couple flew to Mauritius for the second phase of their honeymoon for a reported ten day visit. This is not all we should expect from the celebrity couple as it turns out they are expected to also visit Dubai and Malaysia in their next phase of the honeymoon.

Betty and Dennis are clearly having a good time in Mauritius and they posted these photos of them walking with lions. Betty even got the opportunity to serve her husband in-flight thanks to Emirates.

Here are the photos


dennis5 dennis2 dennis dennis3 dennis8 CQ3H4esWgAIwHZp





5 Curvaceous Kenyan Celebrities Who Know How To Dress Their Bodies

One of the most important style tips for curvy women is knowing your body shape and creating your look around it while showing off your best assets. Whether you are curvy or straight, not following trends blindly without knowing what works for you is also key. But this article is not about style tips for the well endowed woman rather showing our top 5 celebrities who know how to dress their curves

1. Grace Msalame

The curvaceous Grace is among the best dressed Kenyan celebrities. The former TV presenter who is the brand ambassador for Vivo Activewear knows what works for her and will not stop flaunting her curves. From her various Instagram photos, Grace is not afraid to experiment. She will rock a body con in the right fit, pants, Kaftans and still look stunning.

GRace Msalame


2. Muthoni Njoba

Muthoni Njoba is a professional make-up artist and Lead Brand Ambassador, Official Make-up Artist of Maybelline New York, Kenya. Muthoni doesn’t shy away from trying out new things in her wardrobe whether midi skirts or maxis as seen below.



3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga is part of the sensational band Elani. The singer, songwriter and advocate is undeniably one of the most talented musicians in Kenya. Talent aside Maureen really knows how to dress her curves.




4. Catherine Kamau
Top actress Catherine Kamau known for the popular show mother-in-law also knows how to dress her curves. The actress turned TV presenter will be spotted wearing figure-hugging dresses in the right fit highlighting her curves. Whether midis or floor length…..she does look stunning.

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5. Betty Kyalo
Top TV presenter Betty Kyalo also makes it to our list of curvy women. The proud mother of one is set to walk down the aisle early September and we cannot wait for her wedding. She may not experiment much with her official wardrobe but she sure knows what fits her curves.

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