Exclusive: Having a famous sister has really helped me – Mercy Kyallo

Mercy Kyallo is setting the trend when it comes to digital marketing with her ‘Yallo’ Brand which mainly focuses on men’s clothing and accessories.

The business is purely an online shop. Mercy, who is sister to TV queen Betty Kyallo recently opened up about the reality of coming to terms with the fact that she has become a celebrity.

“I did not want to be a celebrity. I did not sigh up for it, and not so many people get famous because of their siblings but I am just one of those people who did.

I am very authentic and I do not pretend to be anything I am not  that is why when I feel like dressing casually I do when I want to wear official I do.

Having a famous sister has helped me so much.”

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Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

‘My wife dumped our 6 month old baby in my office’ Cries city man

She further advice’s the youth to explore the opportunities before them

“You need to look at all the opportunities around you and explore every things especially if you do not have capital to start up.

Determine where you can showcase your work who can give you the capital, where can get the best explore all the opportunities before you.

For one to experience growth you need a good team you are not super man. You are who you are.

Mercy Kyallo

Back in high school I was not good in mathematics but I have ensured I have people who are good in maths and they crack the numbers for me.

When you are staring your business you can do somethings on your own but also get people who are dedicated to help you realize your goal.”

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Exclusive: Dennis Okari FINALLY proposes to his girlfriend (photos)

NTV’s investigative journalist Dennis Okari on Saturday proposed to his current girlfriend identified as Naomi Joy at Eka Hotel, Nairobi at exactly 9:40 PM.
In a short speech before his friends and family, Dennis said;
“What I am going to say is not scripted or rehearsed but it is coming from the bottom of my heart. I have no written speech.
Dennis 3
I never planned for this but what I know is that this day was ordained by God to be around this lovely people. This is going to be a special day for me an you because you are loving and God fearing person and I know that all the nice thing I can get are from you, so today I wanted to just share this special moments.
The answer that I will get today will be etched in my memories for as long as I live.” 
Dennis 5
“I will love you with all the wisdom that God will give me and not just to love you but also to love Him as well and to serve His people,” Dennis said.
This comes after a top secret Ruracio that was held in Ukambani in October last year.
Everyone was calm as they waited for the man of the day to do his things.

Dennis went ahead to pop the question.

Dennis 6
“I can’t wait to do life with you, and I can’t wait to start the journey if only I get the answer that I am expecting. So before all these lovely people, family, friends and our parents here.
This ring is just a symbol of my commitments to the covenant that we are going to make in one of these fine days.
So I want to ask you, Naomi Joy, with everything that I have and everything that I am will you marry me?
Overwhelmed by joy, she said yes and passionately, they hugged each other.
Check out more photos;

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics

Khaligraph Jones has been bashed by a section of Kenyans after he posted a video of him singing to Betty Kyallo a song many consider disgusting.

This comes only days after Jones blasted Kenyan media personalities for not promoting Kenyan music, causing an online war.

In the video that went viral, before the Mazishi hitmaker pulled it down he can be seen and heard rapping a few rhymes from his Stick song, while the TV girl is seen blushing.

‘He dumped me after 8 years, immediately married someone else’ (Audio)


‘He dumped me after 8 years, immediately married someone else’ (Audio)

Part of the lyrics from the song read;

“Nakuja kukupiga miti, I know you are yearning for this, ju sa ishapita ka wiki. Usijali mambo itakuwa fiti.
Nakuja Kukupiga stick, Nakuja Kukupiga miti, iyo siku usidunge hata Pant** JUU nakuja na njaa Ya fisi.”

Betty Kyallo hanging out with Khaligraph Jones
Betty Kyallo hanging out with Khaligraph Jones

The song is basically talks about pleasuring a woman and what happens behind closed doors when adults meet.

Many have condemned Khaligraph’s song saying it’s demeaning to women and some even terming it as nonsensical. His supporters are praising him for being creative.

He has howver given them a response urging them to go to the police if they feel like doing so

“Stick Ni ile ile 😂😂😂-🔥🔥🔥🔥 wenye shida endeni mureport kwa polisi museme Khaligraph anawapeleka mbio hamjawai ona, haters tukutane Comment section

World’s richest man Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ steamy text message to lover revealed after announcing divorce

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Below are some of the responses

dannydaniels196: Betty well respected lady but untuangusha sasa…Mara utapingwa miti

kelvohn: You failed me this time round @bettymuteikyallo

steve_letoo: Reeeeaaaaly!!!!!! This is a total demeanor to the ladies and our mothers!!!!!

massawejapanni: How do I even back announce this song on-air???? Support Kenyan music activists leteni opinions na mawe.. @bettymuteikyallo what’s there to dance to?

ephymaina: Yet some are complaining media station do not play local music. Content????? Any sober radio/tv

governorrivera: Naona kutoka kwa punch lines za kupiga miti na kugusa mat#t# now you are Trippin’

Revealed: Here is where Betty Kyallo got money to start her salon

Susan Kaittany and Betty Kyallo were the proverbial friendship goals. The two redefined the hair and beauty business when they launched Posh Palace.

Their partnerships did not last after Susan broke off their partnership

After the public break up, Betty started her own brand dubbed Flair by Betty across the street from Susan’s salon.

Betty explained in a recent interview with Parents how the journey has been, adding that its not been easy.

“Starting out on my own was not easy. The previous business was a partnership where things did not work out, just like anything in life. I realised the best thing to do then was to pick myself up as fast as possible and move.”

Many of her fans and haters alike wondered how she got financing to start the luxury hair and beauty brand.

It hurt : “We were molested by a family member” R Kelly’s brother confesses amidst R Kelly’s child molestation charges

Betty revealed her source of wealth, saying

“I’m not afraid of saying I got asset financing from a local institution but I also used a good chunk of my savings to start the business. It was a big risk because part of those savings were meant for my daughter but it was definitely worth it.”

Asked about breaking up with Susan and how that was like, Betty said,

“Breaking up with a best friend, who is like your sister, is not easy. It is unfortunate that it happened but that is how life is. Nothing is set in stone. It was so heartbreaking to the point that I have very few close friends now – about three – and it is intentional.”

Gory details of how former Ruaraka OCS killed a miraa trader in the cells

Susan Kaitanny
Susan Kaitanny

In an interview with The Star, Susan’s response of a possibility of there being any reconciliation with her former BFF was:

“I doubt it. But I wish everyone’s business flourishes. I did not think it would end up like this. I’m just a businessperson who got into this situation and now I just want to live my life the way it was before all this drama.”

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Planning on marrying Betty Kyallo? Here is one meal she can NEVER cook for you

In a naughty banter with her sister Mercy Kyallo, Betty Kyallo revealed that if she is dating you, the one thing she will never do, is cook eggs.

This is because

“I don’t like the smell” adding that “funny enough I don’t like avocado either.

Unless I’m eating the avocado with sugar” and that will obviously not do if you are eating that mixture with kale (Sukuma wiki).”


Many especially those who love eggs might be disappointed by this but you can’t have your cake and eat it, sometimes one has to compromise.

Funny enough Betty is not the only one who hates avocados. In a past interview Nameless also said that avocados are a NO NO.

‘She’s only 15 but tempts me so much by sending me her nudes, I am tempted to give in and smash her’ Cries city man

Adding that he does not understand what the fuss is about.

“I  don’t like avocados, I did not even  know avocado is such a big deal. I used to see my wife enjoying it so much but I could not understand what the fuss was all about .

Till I went to social media and found every one saying avocado is bae.

I  used to think she is weird till I  realized that it’s more like a movement. After seeing that everybody likes it I decided to give it a try but I did not find its taste appealing.”

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Here is how some of your favourite celebrities celebrated Jamhuri Day (photos)

The 55th Jamhuri day is a national day in Kenya set aside every 12th December to celebrate Kenya’s independence. Many people do not go to work on national holidays.

Celebrities were not left out, they took this day to celebrate it with friends and family.

Below is how some of your favorite celebrities celebrated Jamuhuri day,

1. Betty Kyallo

After making her come back to Media in K24, the media personality was spending ample time with her family during this Jamhuri day celebrations.https://instagram.fnbo5-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/78f66d1b820205154a5fbee3fe9e5e58/5CAFE09A/t51.2885-15/e35/46411720_2320420214688833_7217621878229864347_n.jpg?_nc_ht=instagram.fnbo5-1.fna.fbcdn.net

2. Amina Abdi

The beautiful all rounded media personality is not one to show off her family on social media but on this day she was spending quality time with her son.


3. Sarah Hassan

After announcing her pregnancy on social media, Sarah Hassan has continued to share her journey with her followers. During this Jamuhuri day celebrations, she was accompanied by her husband in what looks like a vacation to Lamu.


4. Janet Mbugua

The ever dazzling and recent mother of two was honored with the invitation to the Jamuhuri Day Garden Party at the State House. She was accompanied by her husband, Eddie.


5. Kagwe Mungai

The Kenyan Musician and Producer was In Cairo, Egypt on a work trip but he was sure to represent his motherland during the special day by wearing a Kenyan Jersey


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‘I had seven surgeries’ Betty Kyallo tells of her near death experience after being trapped under a matatu

Betty Kyallo has opened up about her near death experience after she was involved in an accident that left her traumatized for life.

Most of the people on her social media have been asking what happened to her because she has a very visible scare on her neck.

She finally narrated her story and why she had been hiding it for the longest time. The local Kenyan news anchor said that she was knock down by a Matatu at Railways as she walked.

“When i was in form three back in 2005, i was 17 years, I was walking in tao and then this matatu came, hits me hapo Railways, i was underneath the matatu and it was moving, the left part of my face got scrapped off by the road. All of it, I was white up until my neck.”

Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)


After being rushed to the hospital, she stayed there for months and underwent surgeries.

“I stayed in hospital for about two months because i had seven surgeries. I was in a really bad state. For like four months i was scared of walking on the streets because people would look at me and be sorry for me.”

Betty Kyallo

‘This right here is a victory trip!’ Rev Kathy Kiuna celebrates hubby’s birthday

Adding that:

“Slowly by slowly, my skin started coming back. though The scar on my neck didn’t completely heal.”

Betty says that she no longer hides the scar that was left on her neck but rather embraces it as a sign of where she has come from.

“So for a long time, even after i went on air, i kept on wearing high collared shirts to hide the scar, until one time i was like I have come from so far, this is not a scar, its a jewel, it reminds me of where i’ve come from.”

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Looking for a partner? Here are the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya

Christmas is around the corner and men are under pressure to get married, many might say all good women are taken but that is not the case.

We look at some of the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya at the moment, and if you think your game is good then get ready kurusha mistari.

1. Lupita Nyongo

Though a private person she was rumoured to be dating Nigerian stylist and a fashion editor at GQ style magazine Mobolaji Dawodu but the 35-year-old never confirmed it.

She is daughter to Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo.


2. Rev Natasha

Natasha once told The Nairobian that, “I’m waiting for God to show me the right man.If you think you are the right man for her then go for it.


3. Betty Kyallo

Currently divorced the 29-year-old mother of one is ripe for Mr Right.


4. Vera Sidika

She just broke up with Otile.


5. Eunice Njeri

She was once engaged to longtime fiancé and gospel rapper Isaac Bukasa, but they broke up in November 2016.


6. Dj Pierra Makena



7. Victoria Kimani

Victoria, 33, after breaking up with Nigerian boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu, is single.

victoria kimani

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Chills for who? This response by Betty Kyallo to an online troll proves she is the queen of clap backs

Betty Kyalo is slowly taking over as the queen of clap backs.

The TV beauty has personal life and relationships play out alot on social media, where cruel followers don’t spare her with nasty remarks.

Recently, she took to her twitter to invite people to her beauty parlour. It was one of those run of the mill tweet but it lead to so much drama.

“Good morning, friends, family and frenemies I hope to See you later at @FlairByBetty … I bet you could do with a haircut, manicure or pedicure. See you later? Great!”

‘Anakazana, Kamiti is not a joke!’ Joe Muchiri says after visiting Jowie in Kamiti on his birthday

‘Anakazana, Kamiti is not a joke!’ Joe Muchiri says after visiting Jowie in Kamiti on his birthday


One of her followers innocently asked what services they could get for Ksh 50;

“Ni service gani naezapata na chwani apo @FlairByBetty?”

Betty responded with an image of an old cellotaped Sh50 note, and used the term Crimino – associated with nominated Nairobi MCA.

It went downhill from there as someone else replied to her tweet stating;

“Siku hizi uko idle aje hadi unaengage masmallwigs huku? Kwani 001 anarudia KCSE ?”

‘Shikwekwe didn’t have to go that low’ Fans blast Vera Sidika for airing Otile Brown’s ‘wanting’ bedroom skills in public

 Betty had a bomb reply that brought the little game to a drastic end. Thanks to her clap-back.

She tweeted:

“Niko kwa bank nangoja pesa zihesabiwe… wewe je brathe? Nguo zimekauka ama jua kidogo shida? ”

Below are some of their tweets

Betty Kyallo

image-2018-11-21(11) Read more

Team natural! Here are your favorite celebrities without makeup (photos)

Makeup is used to enhance a look, but these celebrities have proved to slay despite the extra layer of makeup. We do understand why once in a while, you need to stay away from makeup. It is very important to remind the world of the beautiful natural self you are.

Here are some of the celebrities who look good without makeup.

1. Teacher Wanjiku


Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

2. Catherine Kamau aka Celina


3. Betty Mutei Kyallo


Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

4. Pierra Makena


5. Vera Sidika


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Betty Kyallo savagely responds to Dennis Okari’s secret wedding

Betty Kyallo has responded to a fan about the ongoing claims that her ex-hubby, Dennis Okari got married secretly.The Nairobian dropped the bomb saying that Okari said, ‘I do’ to a Kamba beauty.

A source told Heads Up:


The TV news anchor took to Instagram to remind her fans and mostly haters that she actually has serious matter between her ears.

Betty wrote, “Kwa wale huona kazi yangu ni-kuSlay hapa Instagram 😅😅😅 nimeenda shule wadau. #TBT.”

This post was accompanied by a graduation photo.


betty kyallo fan

Betty’s response was witty, she said:



betty kyallo fan


betty kyallo fan

Here are more reactions from fans from the post.


msichanamwafrica: Kizungu yako ni poa😊😊 …it tells it all. I loved your program back then how stuff works. I was amazed at how you explained how big machines work. You are beautiful too.

mrembomweusi: Why are your posts full of negative vibes? You worry too much about how people see you, if you keep talking about haters, you also ignite the drama ooo…tulia kaa wenzako

jeddy_marleen: Betty you are a pure heart 😊a smiling machine 😆 a mentor to many and above all an intelligent person unapendwa mingi mingi 😊my mentor

kanisa_nyakundi: @t.h.o_m_a_s 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’ve been waiting for you here @bettymuteikyallo meet your fan who is my boyfriend but loves you more than he loves me😭😭😭😭.

balozson: Kuslay ni haki yako mama, hujakazia yeyote kufanya vivi hivo..besides, you got what it takes to slay. Nini tena????

real_nicklee: Congratulations. I’m one of them. I’m sorry. Do you forgive people? I’ve always posted ill about you on fb. Forgive me, I changed.

dennoelegido: Many have degrees and masters yet they cannot match 10% of what you have achieved. The haters do not deserve to be proven anything. Keep them guessing.

rosette_hannah_ngendo: Washow 😂😂Proud Daystarian.Keep slaying ❤️. Haters will always hate.

kadzo_ndichu: @bettymuteikyallo Nimeangalia sijaona kitu!! Anyway, endelea kuwa kill na kismile ila Kisii hatuendi tena.

Fisilets poleni!!’Betty Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari ties the knot in secret wedding

Betty Kyallo’s ex-hubby, Dennis Okari is said to have gotten hitched in a secret traditional ceremony last weekend something that we are yet to confirm.

According to Cheptoek Boyo’s column on the Nairobian, the Investigative TV journalist had a secret traditional wedding in Ukambani with his new bae.

A source told Heads Up:

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.”


‘I slept with my mother’s corpse for money, I now feel very bad’ Confesses Nigerian man

Betty in an interview with The Star revealed that she is single.

“I have met amazing people, but I want to package myself as a businesswoman, a mum and a potential partner in life. So that when I decide to get married again or start dating somebody, I’m bringing something to the table,”

Betty advises single women who are between 30-35 years old to take their time. “There’s no pressure. Just do things when you find that person who completes you.”


“And because of that packaging, I’m taking some time off. I have met quite a number of amazing people out there, but nachukua vitu pole pole. I take every day at a time, there’s no hurry. Niko tu sawa. Very single.”

Check out the screenshot of the Instastory below.

‘I am a University drop out’ Vera opens up about dropping out of school over financial struggles

Betty Kyallo

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‘I take everything with grace’Betty Kyallo speaks on how it is raising her daughter alone

Betty Kyallo addressed the issue of co-parenting with her ex-husband,Dennis Okari ,she rarely talks about her daughter but this time she did.

The fan wrote to the TV news anchor detailing how he is also a single parent.

Betty Kyallo

Proud mother: Meet Nyota Ndogo’s all grown first born son (photos)

Touched by the comment, Betty responded:

“I love this. Much love for you and your kids. I resonate with you because I’m all my daughter has.”

On herv co-parenting with Okarishe says

“I would really like to keep that very private. Maybe sooner or later, I will be able to talk about it, but for now, I would just rather not and keep it off the media.”

Betty Kyallo

Speaking about motherhood, Betty added:

“It’s been amazing and I take everything with grace. Being a mother is amazing, and I would wish it to any woman to be one. At times, kids are stubborn, but they do a lot of therapy for us. When I go home to my daughter Ivanna, I feel great.”

These photos of Teacher Wanjiku while off stage can make a pastor fall into temptation

In a past interview, Dennis pointed out that he was not happy with the way his daughter, Ivanna, is being exposed on social media by Betty.

He told Nairobi News:

 “My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” Dennis Okari said.

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Looking for a wife?Betty Kyallo’s sister is up for grabs,see details below

Team mafisi has every reason to celebrate as the year comes to an end after TV presenter and her sister Mercy Kyallo announced vacancies for a tender.

Don’t get it twisted this tenders are not similar to the one of NYS where one is payed to supply hewa this one is extra special because one is tendering to walk away with a girlfriend/wife.

Betty Kyallo took to social media to post the caption below

“TENDER NOTICE!!! The Kyallo govt. is inviting potential bidders for @mercykyallo Registration ongoing. All short listed candidates will be contacted 😂😂😂. @mercykyallo

‘All the savings I had went into my medication’ Former Slim Possible participant narrates struggle with brain tumor

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

Well expect team mafisi to react and here are some of the reactions

allantuwei:Wacha niendee loan china🔥

jd_nzisa:My brother won’t have to pay anything he is such a great deal,cute ,loyal , good hearted such a great deal that you and your family will have to pay us instead.For offering such a deal to you.Beautiful gals

josphatmuteti:Tender ni ya holiday pekee?

illahkevin:@bettymuteikyallo as members of team mafisi we would like to knw whether its a short term contract or permanent…also provide us with the link where we can download the application forms…looking forward to hear from you soon.thnks…cc @mercykyallo

bayusuf.ahmed:Niweke kwenye hiyo kinyanganyiro….anti corruption kando..🖐

‘From going on vacation, visiting the church’ Here are things Jacque Maribe should consider doing now that she is no longer in remand

richie_yulemmoja:This is unfair all this beauty in one package. You can acknowledge my application even if its regrets

mr._big.stuff:Mercy is giving Betty a run for her money these days. Impossible to love one without loving the other. ❤😍😚

cowambo:I thought this tender i already won.. @bettymuteikyallo hii ni conspiracy gani sasa…sitakubali *forms commission of inquiry*

digitalinvestment:Just placed by bid and was told, “While your qualifications were impressive, we regret to inform you that we couldn’t accept you since we we targeting bidders with specific qualifications” 😭😭😢

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Parenthood 101! Here are your favorite media personalities and their kids

Some choose to live away from social media while others just cannot live without it, showering us with their pictures and videos.

Besides their frequent appearance on radio and television screens most keep away their kids from the limelight.

Below are some of the media personalities and their kids

1. Robert Burale


When the daddy tries to look cool and young but then you realize age is catching up with you 😂😂😂😂😂……movie day with my daughter

2. Lulu Hassan


     When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children 😚.

3. Julie Gichuru


Just thankful.

4. Shaffie Weru


Feeling like a SuperHero right about now!!!

5. Caroline Mutoko


Mother- daughter escapades.Heading out to find sunshine.

6. Kanze Dena


In an earlier post Kanze took to her social media to celebrate her son’s birthday,penning this sweet message for him

Thank you all for the birthday wishes to PRE TEEN… Thank you for the encouraging words on following the Terms and conditions of this New season.. All I have to say in my defense “Nilikubeba tumboni mwangu for 9 months.. wewe ni baba/baby Forever’…( isn’t that every mothers best defense line/blackmail line.. 😂😂😂)..
But I will support your new season ili usije kusumbua mtoto wa
wenyewe in future.. 😂 …” Mbarikiwe wapendwa… Happy Sunday.. Lots of love”

7. Betty Kyallo


My inner child with my child❤️


Hustle ni lazima!!Kenyan celebrities who have side hustles. It should inspire you in these hard times

Kenyan celebrities are spreading their wings by joining the business world as a side hustle to keep their finances in check  given that the music industry is not paying as much as it should.

Despite some of this artistes being in the game for more than a decade they still chose to test their entrepreneurial strength by starting up this ventures which are worth millions

1. Wahu

Apart from being a performing artiste, Wahu runs her own Salon known as Afro Siri, which is located in Westlands, She joins other musicians who have ventured into other businesses in addition to the entertainment industry.


2. Betty Kyallo

Betty is not only a TV presenter, but she is also a business woman who runs her own salon Flair by Betty which is located in Kilimani.


Kenyan celebrities who are parents to teenagers: Photos

3. Akothee

The self proclaimed president of single mothers knows how to hustle hard, after all she loves only the finest things in life and to be able to have that then she must put in the effort.

She owns Akothee Safaris which is a tour and travel company, which she runs with the help of manager-cum boyfriend Nelly Oaks.


4. Susan Kaitany

Susan has created a name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry not only for being a model but also for being the founder of Posh Palace which offers high end services to clients.

It is located in Kilimani.

‘My girlfriend goes as far as travelling to my village to go assist my parents just to impress me, it’s irritating’ City man laments

5. Jimmy Gait

Jimmy is known for being a gospel artiste but he also runs his own businesses: the ‘“Make it or Make it” campaign which encourages top industry players to come through to motivate and encourage youngsters to be the best and push their limits because in this life one has to ‘make it’ by all means.

He recently launched ‘Hisia’ to fight against cyber bullying


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Here is the best way for Betty Kyallo to get over her break up with 001

Betty Kyallo has been on everyone’s lips for the last week after a story was published on how she was left licking her wounds after being dumped.

Not only was she dumped but according to a source who whispered to The Nairobian, Betty was thrown out of the house after the split and she had to beg the governor to atleast let her have the furniture.


Joho who is also knowns as ‘001’, went ahead to also reposes the Porshe Cayenne.

The car was later spotted on the side of a street, covered in the official’s campaign poster for the governor. The number plates are one and the same as Betty’s former ride.


As much as she’s the talk of town, the stories doing round about Betty don’t seem to shake her. She is definitely a girl on fire.

SONGA by Safaricom has the perfect playlist that would help Betty ignore all the things that are said about her.

Here’s the playlist;

Despite the story being published in the Nairobian Betty has not come out to deny nor accept the claims thus we do not know where the truth lies.

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Kenyan celebrities who swiftly moved on after parting with their husbands

Couples envision a happily ever after tying the knot with their better halves but marriage is not a bed of roses so sometimes divorce creeps in.

Below are some Kenyan celebrities whose relationships did not work out for one reason or another, but the have chosen to look at the brighter side of life and picked the pieces and swiftly moved on.

1. Betty Bayo

Betty, who was married to the famous pastor Kanyari, divorced the man of God after he was exposed for pretending to perform miracles yet he wasn’t.

The gospel artiste known for her hit’11th hour’ had distanced herself from her prophetic husband and she has now moved on despite the fact that the two have a daughter together.

Shock as 24-year-old man kills 3 kids, wife and mother-in-law and keeps the dead bodies for six days before being found out

2. Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro and her longtime husband Congolese preacher Eric Omba parted ways over infidelity allegations.

Sometimes back, they had a colorful wedding at PCEA Nairobi West and later on after 5 years, they renewed their wedding vows at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.

She narrates how her pastor husband was busy chasing women instead of being busy winning souls

“I always knew he was cheating on me and friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. Idid not want outsiders, but God to sow me the truth . In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through.”


3. Sharon Mundia

When her now ex bae Lonina proposed at Lake Michaelson at the slopes of Mt Kenya, we all envisioned a happily ever.

But sadly things did not go as we would have loved as the couple parted ways, to the extent of the hubby deactivating all his social media platforms.

Sharon is moving on with her life as she recently started her own talk show on a local TV station.

Mbarikiwe! KBS Bus driver and conductor save a woman’s life after diverting bus to take her to the hospital

4. Betty Kyallo

When Betty said ‘I do’ to Dennis Okari her now ex husband, the invited guests wished them happiness and a long life together but it seems that was never to be.

Six months later the couple had broken up after holding a fancy invite only wedding ceremony that was held in Karen at the Marula Manor.

The couple have a daughter together and despite the fact that the relationship did not workout, something beautiful came out of it.

Image result for betty kyalo and dennis okari5. Lilian Muli

Her wedding day was like a day created out of a fairy tale. The media personality tied the knot in a colourful ceremony held at the Windsor hotel.

Years down the line, the couple broke up and Lilian finally talked publicly about moving on. She recently became a mother with her second-born with her bae Jared Nevaton.

6. Idah Wanyoike-Oliver

She was a darling to many for her acting role in the local show ‘Mother-in-law and when she walked down the aisle we looked for a happily ever after but sadly kitumbua kiliingia mchanga.

She married her now ex husband in 2013 in a colourful wedding but she later broke up with him and has found love in a foreign country.


In an earlier post, she had hinted that she wanted to trash her wedding dress, but later decided to sell it to make another woman feel  beautiful.

“I was going to trash my dress … go paintballing with it tomorrow but someone asked me to sell it instead. For a moment I refused but … I thought of how pretty I felt in it and how happy I was to find it. I would like to share that feeling with another special bride. So whoever calls and gets this gown … I can’t wait to meet and at least share a cup of coffee with you as I let go of one of the most expensive things I’ve ever worn. In fact, I think it is the most expensive. Lol … Wish you all the best.”

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