Betty Kyallo finally speaks after being romantically linked to Joho again (video)

Betty Kyallo was in the headlines yesterday after netizens contemplated whether she was back together with a certain governor from the coast.

The Flair by Betty owner was the subject of speculation after a photo emerged of Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed flying together in a private jet.

Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed
Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed

That the two who were in a plush and glitzy private jet amazed many Kenyans but what truly took the cake was a certain handbag in the photos distributed online that became the subject of so many conspiracy theories.

Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty’s salon relaunch and her relationship with Okari

Spotted on a plane, Joho was in the company of Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed as they took off to see former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga in Dubai following his recent surgery.

The conjecture was that former K24 presenter Betty was the owner of the bag as she had been pictured before in the past with it.

Joho, Betty Kyallo reactions 1 Joho, Betty Kyallo reactions

The rumours swirled online and it became a trending topic until Betty had to come clean on the issue. She wondered how one minute she was in her salon at Kilimani and the next, she was purportedly on a flight to Dubai.

“Hey…wassup people! I hear I’m in Dubai. Eh! You Guys! I’m not in Dubai. Actually I’m going to have some delicious nyama choma mahn…owkay? Yah! I love Kenya baby!”

She also explained that she had no time to be globe-trotting as she had just re-launched her beauty parlour also dismising claims that she wasn’t in the business of hoping from man to another like most Kenyans think of her.

“You know…I have a business to run! I can’t be galavanting everywhere. Like you guys…I’m not in Dubai. So chill!”

And Betty was vindicated after another photo of the trip emerged showing the true owner of the bag. It is below:

Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed in the private plane
Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed in the private plane

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Betty Kyalo’s sister Mercy addresses supposed feud with Tv personality



I know you have been asking yourself, ‘what happened between Mercy and Betty Kyallo? Are they beefing?’We have had the same question after seeing Mercy miss eventful occasions in her sister’s life. From the launch of the new Flair to Ivanna’s sixth birthday party.

In-laws want to know what really is going on between the two and Mercy in an exclusive interview with Kiss100 was open and honest. Siblings go through highs and lows and this is the sisters low.

“I was at the Flair launch is spirit. There is so much help and support that you can give in so many ways especially in the family dynamic. There is a lot of support you can give that might not be in the public. But when the time is right I will definitely give my two cents.But I do support her. We have walked together from the beginning of the journey so yeah.” Mercy said

Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! Lisa Gaitho lectures Anita Nderu

Betty Kyallo with Mercy Kyallo in the past
Betty Kyallo with Mercy Kyallo in the past

So is she in good terms with her sister Betty Kyallo?

I am wife number 5! Esma Platnumz says as she reveals she dated husband for 2 months

“She is my sister so obviously we are in good terms but at the same time I will always say we are sisters and sisters go through highs and lows just like friends. It happens you just need to learn how to maneuver around life together as a family.Yes Mercy and Betty are just like other siblings. We fight, we love each other we get back into fighting. Wakosanao ndio wapendanao.I know our life is very public and that is why so many people want to know but then there is so much that goes on under the public eye that people do not know.” She added

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo
Mercy and Betty together

Things may be shaking between the two but she is forever grateful for the marketing and modeling support Betty has given her when it comes to Yalo Leather.

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Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty’s salon relaunch and her relationship with Okari

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Mercy Kyallo might be much less popular than her but that doesn’t mean that her movements aren’t closely monitored.

Mercy, who not only closely resembles her older sister, also has a stubborn and fierce personality to her that compliments Betty’s calm and bubbly demeanor.

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo
Mercy and Betty together

The two are as thick as thieves and know intimate details about each other that I think would make some blush. But that isn’t the point of all my blathering.

What is? Why wasn’t the Yallo Leather CEO at her niece Ivanna’s birthday or the re-launch of Betty’s star-studded salon launch? That is something that keen observers noted and wondered whether the sisters were beefing?

Don’t go chasing marriage! Mercy Kyallo tells trolls hounding her

During a recent interview with Massawe Jappani, Mercy came clean saying that support was given in various ways that the public might not be privy to

I was not able to come. But at the same time, support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family dynamic. I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know.

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo
Betty Kyallo and Mercy in the past

As regards the massive war between her and Dennis Okari and his friend Ken Mijungu, Mercy said that it had been some time since she talked to him but clarifying that everything has since settled.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to him in such a long time. But there is no bad blood. I’m happy to see him in our lives and the life of his child and it is obviously so encouraging and beautiful.”

Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna
Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna

Wrapping it up, the entrepreneur was quick to affirm that despite the rough times a family might face, they will always find common ground and move on.

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‘I will be back’ Betty Kyallo announces TV comeback as she opens new headquarters

Betty Kyallo is having a renaissance month. The veteran journalist might have left K24 a few months ago but that doesn’t seem to have dulled her funk.

This past weekend the always bubbly Miss Kyallo launched her salon Flair by Betty at its new headquarters. The event was graced by the who’s who in Kenyan society with even Ida Odinga making an appearance.

Betty Kyallo with Ida Odinga
Betty Kyallo with Ida Odinga

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that that wasn’t the only great news that transpired this past week. The 32-year-old has revealed that she might be making a return to our TV screens.

I had to be perfect! Betty Kyallo explains the huge pressure she had at KTN

After staying off air for almost 3 months, the mother of one revealed this while on an interview with Mpasho where she spoke of a possible return to a station near you!

“I took 3 months off air. I know my fans miss me but I’ll be back like I never left. But first I want to focus on Flair. I was made for TV. I love being on air as it’s my passion. That’s my first love. Ivanna too comes first.”

Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna
Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna

She also gave additional details about her Flair saying that she spotted the 2 story building and saw it as the perfect fit for her salon. Since it had been vacant for so long; she walked in with her manager to help secure the building.

Flair by Betty headquarters
Flair by Betty headquarters

The rent was an issue at first but Betty explained that the landlord was understanding enough and she managed to raise the money needed in 2 weeks;

“I knew I was going to take a risk but I was ready to do it especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I came here in a Monday with my manager (This place had a rent sign for like a year but no one had seen it) I met my landlord and he asked for 3 months deposit to be paid within two weeks but I didn’t have the money. However later on she learnt that other clients came in with blank Cheques hoping to rent the house; but the landlord chose to wait for BK who later returned with the full amount!”

Betty Kyallo posing
Betty Kyallo posing

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Toka nitoke! Check out siblings of your favourite Kenyan celebrities

Some Kenyans celebrities have always hiddwn their family members from the public eye.

Well, while most do so, there is always a season that comes and they open them to the public.

Example is during birthday parties or when they have weddings.

Many have, however, kept their family connections a little quieter and even though they have come out time and again to acknowledge each other, not so many people know that these Kenyan celebrities have siblings.

Check out some of the celebrities with their siblings.


Njugush has a younger brother, his only sibling. He introduced him to the public during his birthday last month.

Ngugi Ndegwa is his name, a poet and script writer. Well, the two bear such a striking resemblance that one would be mistaken to think they are twins.

Check out his photo;

njugushbro 6

‘Please send me…’ comedian Eric Omondi begs Akothee

Betty Kyallo brother

Media personality Betty Kyalo first introduced her look alike sister Mercy Kyallo and later her younger sister Gloria Kyallo.

Most of the times, the three sister post photos of themselves hanging out together.

Well, Betty has an elder brother, Brian Kyallo whom he rarely talk about.

Check out his photo;

bet bro
Betty Kyallo with her brother Brian

Size 8

Gospel singer size 8 is one of the prettiest mothers in our celebrity list.

Well, while most of us know a lot about Size 8, very little is known about her sisters, some of whom also happen to be powerful women in the showbiz industry just like her.

The mother of two shared a photo of her lookalike baby sister wishing her all the best in her new year. “My little sister @mmunyali DJ 7 birthday. Happy birthday. Love you,” she wrote.

She also has other sisters,, Gladys Munyali and Risper Munyali

Check out DJ 7’s photos;


Victoria Kimani

Popular female artist has a brother known as Bamboo whose real name is Simon Kimani is also in the music industry. It seems that the two were truly born for music.


Sauti Sol’s Savara

The Sauti sol member also has a brother who is known as Hilary Mudigi.

He is quite tall compared to Savara, it seems like he took all the genes for height.




First photos together in years! Okari and Betty Kyallo enjoy daughter Ivanna’s birthday

Yesterday was an odd coincidence for Dennis Okari. The Nation TV anchor spent Father’s Day on the same day he celebrated his daughter, Ivanna’s 6th birthday.

In images shared on Betty’s Instagram page, one could see the former couple serenade their daughter Ivanna as other guests looked on.

Ivanna, Betty Kyallo's daughter
Ivanna, Betty Kyallo’s daughter

Dennis and his ex-wife Betty Kyallo spent yesterday together as they took part in their daughter’s birthday party. The two haven’t been photographed in the same vicinity since their acrimonious split close to 5 years ago.

‘I want a man who can jump on the table and grind for me’ Betty Kyallo

So this sighting was a first for the ages as the co-parents made nice and spent time with the fruit of their short-lived marriage.

One could see the joy on Ivanna’s face as she celebrated her 6th birthday with her two famous parents. The event was graced by many of Ivanna’s friends with the birthday girl clad in a pretty pink tracksuit.

Dennis Okari with his daughter Ivanna
Dennis Okari with his daughter Ivanna

Many of Betty’s fans commented on the photos with most focusing on Okari’s presence in the photos considering that was the first time he was seen on her page;

rachaelmasika This was the perfect family
mainvocal47 Hiyo smile unakuaga Umeicram kweli🔥💯✅
shonella_luogirl Okari tunakuona 😆😆
steven_chegeh Is that Dennis Okari?This is beautiful.Happy Birthday Ivanna
esthersyombua68 Pale chit chat tunahubiri hii couple irudiane
ezekielwangusi Am looking for Denis Okari… Where is he?
kenyatta_123 @dennisokari is the man..Its good when dads take role in the growth of their kids,whether directly or indirectly

The change in relations between Betty and Dennis is quite fascinating considering the cold war that was waged between the two earlier this between their proxies.

Betty’s sister Mercy and Okari’s friend Ken Mijungu went at it on social media after Betty failed to thank Okari after her daughter left the hospital after a long stay.

Dennis Okari with Ivanna at a previous date
Dennis with Ivanna at a previous date

Mijungu pointed out that Okari had been an integral part in financially and emotionally supporting his daughter during her hospital stay.

It seems that those days are long gone and peace is upon us. Good for them.

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I had to be perfect! Betty Kyallo explains the huge pressure she had at KTN

Betty Kyallo and K24 might have parted ways last month but that doesn’t mean the celebrity has been mourning since then.

In fact, Betty has gone hard on her new YouTube channel revealing a lot about her life and capitalising on Kenyans infatuation with stars and making it one of the most followed online.

Betty Kyallo smiling

This past weekend, Betty dropped a video explaining the pressure that she went through trying to maintain an image of perfection.

‘I want a man who can jump on the table and grind for me’ Betty Kyallo

Betty explained that when she started at KTN roughly 8 years back, her lifestyle had to take a drastic turn, saying that she had to dress up every time she walked out of her house. Why? Because there was a brand she needs to protect.

Betty Kyallo smiling

During the show, Betty recalled her first days of training as she prepped to appear on KTN.

“Wasee wa Ronga walikuwa wameningoja. It was so scary. Because you don´t want to make a mistake. Before I went on air, I had this boss who scared the t* out of me. He always said ´you know now you are not Betty anymore, you´re a KTN brand so don´t walk out there in slippers and pajamas. You always have to look good.”

Since then she had to maintain that picture-perfect image despite the mounting pressure to always look like a magazine cover. That is why she will always look good even when doing something that might be seen as innocuous;

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

“That´s why sometimes even leaving the house for me is a lot of work because I have to put in a lot of work on myself. At first it used to be hard for me but now I am used to it. Even when I´m out jogging, I want to always look good because it became part of me. I´ll step out of the house, go into the mall and then meet my fans and they want to take a selfie but if you don´t look good, KoT will bash you for not being beautiful in reality.”

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‘I want a man who can jump on the table and grind for me’ Betty Kyallo



Betty Kyallo has been opening up about the kind of man she wants. She has really been speaking it into existence.

She started off by saying she wants a divorced man and in her latest episode on YouTube she broke down on her love language after Caren asked her about it.

“My love language to that budeskos watching and these potential men, is words of affirmation. I want a man who tells me B, you’re hardworking, you’re amazing, you can gerrit those things that make you feel unachochwa. That is my number one. Like the way when I dress up and come to the living room and you guys cheer me on. A guy just flooding me with kind words. My heart is just pounding.

The second one is gifts.” Betty said

Asking her sister Gloria on what her love language is, Betty was surprised that Gloria attracts the exact opposite of what she attracts, good guys.


“Quality time. We just chill cuddle and spend time together like watching the stars. My second one is acts of service, I had a boyfriend who used to do my homework for me even print and even bind it.” Gloria said

Caren, who is a very close friend to the family also talked of her love language and just as sweet and kind as she is, so are her love languages.

My love language is touch. Those people who touch you the right places. And gifts and it doesn’t have to be expensive

The girls love language got Betty saying that they like the softy kind of men which is not what she likes in a man.

I like my men a bit rough not smooth smooth guys. I want a guy to tell me to stop. I want a man to entertain me. A guy who will jump on the table and grind for me.

All this time, Ivanna was on her phone minding her business and probably thinking this is too much noise for her on a Saturday afternoon.

So dear boodesko as Betty likes to call them, you have all the leakage you need if you want to be her man. Cheza kama wewe.

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Betty Kyallo comes clean on her relationship with her ‘Somali Guy’

Betty Kyallo has been making boss moves ever since she announced that her time at K24 had come to an end. The bubbly and personable mother of one has not only launched her hugely successful YouTube channel but has also relocated her salon this past week. And drumrolls please, she also bought an expensive Sh. 7 million Porsche Cayenne!

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

But despite making those great strides in her career and finances, her fans and followers are still interested in her love life, something Lillian Muli might empathise with Betty on.

Betty Kyallo leaks details of daughters date with Dennis Okari

This past week, Betty opened up on the whereabouts of her ‘Somali Guy’ boyfriend after months of him missing in action. She was been interviewed by a popular comedian called Felix Odiwuor, where she explained that the relationship did not work out between her and the boyfriend who many called the ‘Somali Guy’.

“Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying… Who is your boyfriend you are too beautiful to be single,” asked Felix?

Betty Kyallo smiling
Betty Kyallo smiling

Betty Kyallo said, “It didn’t work out. The thing is, things don’t work out sometimes with people and its okay, it’s fine. I don’t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.”

Ms Kyallo explained that she was staying single and is loving it, and that she has taken a one year break from being in any relationship, because she feels ready to settle down.

Betty Kyallo smiling

“No one is enjoying it. I’m so single right now and I love it. I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I’ve actually decided you know what B, kwanza jipende. So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I’m ready to settle down,” she said.

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Betty Kyallo leaks details of daughters date with Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband Dennis Okari are ow co-parenting. 

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she revealed they recently had a meeting.

Good morning guys. I have a busy day and I’m hoping to accomplish. I’m heading to the new flair by Betty where we’re relocating to. We have to finish by the end of this week because I already gave notice at FCB Mihrab and I’m to move out. After that, I have to go Kijabe street to check out the floorings, then visit a lighting shop, then go to the furniture shop on Mombasa road. After that, I have a meeting with Ivanna’s father (Okari) then meet my brand manager.

She didn’t vlog the part she met with Okari. Speaking to her daughter Ivanna who was busy scrolling through her phone, she asked

Ooh you took photos with your daddy? Daddy came to see you?

‘Yes,’ the little girl responded.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Her fans were happy to hear that she was on good terms with Okari and Abdirashid Abdi wrote,

Meeting with Ivan’s dad wow that is amazing

Recently, Betty Kyallo shared a video, confirming that she and Okari were co-parenting and he has been meeting their daughter.


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‘I do not like it’ Betty Kyallo admits she can’t and won’t cook

The next man who has set his eyes on Betty Kyallo should be aware about something that has to do with wife duties.

Betty Kyallo has said that should she get married again, she would only settle for a man who treats his wife as a partner and not some low life.

According to Betty, it’s unfair when both the man and woman are working late yet the man still expects the wife to cook.

Speaking on her You Tube Channel,she said

‘I work like a crazy madwoman.

Like not, me and my husband have left the house at the same time, then we come back at the same time and we are all so tired and he still expects me to then go to the kitchen and cook? Unless we are helping each other.

Not a man who will read the newspaper and wait for me to do it all.’

Betty Kyallo smiling

She also went on to add that cooking is not her forte and has never been.

“I do not like to cook. I am not embarrassed anymore. I do not like to cook. As in I come here to kata vitu I just don’t like it.

Let me tell you, I promised kina Gloria I would cook for them but since I do not like it they were like, what will this be?” She said

Adding that for her, cooking is only done on special occasions.

Betty Kyallo smiling

I will only cook on special occasions. Maybe if manz buys me something, I will reciprocate but rarely. But I am very clean. So the man will either stand a clean house and no food.

There is a lot of stigma on this cooking thing. These expectations that are put out for us women are too much.

I hope you not cook because women should cook for their men and children.’

Do you agree with Betty’s argument that si lazima mwanamke apike?

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Betty Kyallo shows off new Sh7million Porsche Cayenne days after leaving tv job

Betty Kyallo has gifted herself a new car, a white 2019 Porsche Cayenne SUV.

The car goes for $66,750 (Ksh 7,128,233 million] including the $1,050 destination fee.

 Betty also drives a Mercedes Benz.

Also read;

She shared photos flaunting the car and captioned


Below are the photos



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‘I was hit by a matatu going for a date’ Betty Kyallo explains scar on her neck

Former K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo has a scar on her neck which she wears with pride.

The first time she talked about it was a year ago when encouraging people to wear any scar proudly.

Well, she did not talk about where she was going when the accident happened, all she said is that it was an accident.

Sharing the story on her YouTube channel ‘Betty Kyallo lately’ she revealed that she was headed for a date.

She was in form three.

“I was hit by a matatu near Railways bus terminus. I fell under it and it was still moving. It dragged me on the tarmac road and skin on one side of the face peeled off,” she said.

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

Zero nudez! Tanasha excites fans with her new song ‘Sawa’

She added saying that she broke her jaws, ribs collar borne and her legs were severely injured.
She had to undergo seven surgeries to correct everything.

” I thank God because this scar always reminds me that I defeated something.”

She says that her dreams of being a news presenter died as they would never allow her on air with a scar.

“I would cover myself with a scarf to hide the scars. At times would wear a pull-neck even when it was too hot because I was so embarrassed by the scar. I hated it,” she said.

“When I started my job at KTN, I used to be so cautious. I didn’t want my boss to see I have a scar and deny me a job because I was it’s all about looks but it isn’t.”

She summarised saying that it is all about hard work and all anything else.

“Sometimes, I gained courage and started embracing it so don’t feel ashamed if you have a scar you survived something,” she said.

Betty Kyallo queening
Betty Kyallo queening

Betty Kyallo has since left K24 where she worked for two years.

‘I prefer dating a divorced man,’ Betty Kyallo reveals marriage plans

Media personality Betty Kyallo has described the type of a man she is looking to get married to and start a family with.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Betty says she prefers getting attached to a divorcee.

You all remember that she has gone through divorce and that is the very reason she wants to marry one.

According to Betty Kyallo, after her divorce with ex-husband Dennis Okari, marriage was a no for her but it’s something she has been thinking about. She is considering getting married again and get another baby

She started the conversation saying all the hustles she is doing are for her daughter.

“For all people who say that we have sponsors, broo we hustle hard. I am out here hustling for Ivanna. I dont think am out here hustling for myself, coz me nimekula life and that is what we are here for, we go through life and then at the end of the day, is about our kids. Na nataka kengine so if there are potential bachelors,” she said.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Betty added;

“I am not sure if I actually would want a divorced guy, a single man or a widower. I am always pulling on that direction of a divorced guy because I think tunaelewana. Because I have been through it. I feel like when you have someone divorced is almost like they know when things go wrong and so they try and avoid them. But I know there are nice guys as well. But tutaona tukiendelea,” she said.

My biggest mistake was getting married too young – Betty Kyallo reveals

She then paused a question to other divorced mums asking who they would rather go for.

“A widower would try to replace you with their wife. A new person, will have so much expectations, nataka unipikie, sahii nimetoka kwa nyumba, I will be late back. And a day like on a Friday, will be working upto 10:00 pm, what time will I cook? I think a divorced guy, tukielewana we will be like usinichezee. You are a guy what do you think?

Tunatafta so guys come leteni applications,” she concluded.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Previously, Betty has always pointed out that she knows the things that went wrong in her previous marriage and she knows what she needs to look for in a partner.

“For a long time, I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, but I think I know what went wrong and I know I can be better. I know what I need to look for in somebody. So, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of marriage because for me it was a no. But for now, I find myself thinking okay, inaweza,” she said.

Adding that she would like to have more children because she wants her daughter Ivanna to have siblings.

“I want more kids because if I don’t give Ivanna another brother or sister atakuwa like yeah mommy talk to my hand because my ears ain’t listening.”

My biggest mistake was getting married too young – Betty Kyallo reveals

Betty Kyallo is one of the most popular celebrities we have in Kenya. The two reasons I can think of for that are her high-flying career and her personal life that has kept tongues wagging since she entered the spotlight.

Betty, who is rarely ever in a sad or down mood, has a persona that draws Kenyans to her – something that contributes to their desire to learn a lot about her life and the life lessons she has learned as a result.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Yesterday, the K24 anchor who has been offering anecdotes about her life, dished out more information that showed the self-reflection that she must have done about her life.

‘I definitely want more kids’ Betty Kyallo opens up on marriage and future plans

Betty revealed one of her biggest regrets in life during a question and answer session on her social media pages. The mother of one had been asked by a fan what she felt was her biggest mistake in life?

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

She responded by saying it was getting married at a young age. “I think it was getting married a bit young. I was 26 and I think I hadn’t seen my full potential, I hadn’t lived life, I hadn’t explored life by myself and there is no issue with that.”

“It wasn’t a mistake, mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life, probably, I would have waited a bit. I should have chilled, I should have waited,” she added.

Betty Kyallo in green

Betty, however, decided to allay any fears that because hers didn’t work out did not mean others couldn’t.

“These are things for me. If you want to get married at 26, I mean, do you. I think now I’m more mature, I am more in touch with myself and now it’s easy to let in somebody because I have understood who I am,” she continued.

Betty Kyallo in blue
Betty Kyallo in blue

Miss Kyallo previously married to NTV news anchor Denis Okari but their union lasted for only six months.


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‘I definitely want more kids’ Betty Kyallo opens up on marriage and future plans

Betty Kyallo revealed a lot recently in a long video with her fans this past weekend. Apart from disclosing that she calls her exes when she gets drunk, Betty also spoke about her marriage plans.

I call my exes when I get tipsy – Betty Kyallo reveals (video)

The K24 news anchor says that she has been warming up to the idea years after she divorced Denis Okari. The vivacious mother of one explained that after the dissolution of her marriage from Okari, she had discarded the thought.

Betty Kyallo with Dennis Okari on their wedding day
Betty Kyallo with Dennis Okari on their wedding day

But time can heal wounds and Betty said that marriage is something that she had been thinking about and would be okay as her previous experience with Denis had taught her what to look for in a partner.

“For a long time I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, but I think I know what went wrong and I know I can be better and I know what I need to look for in somebody. So, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of marriage because for me it was a no. But for now I find myself thinking okay, inaweza,” said Betty.

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

On having kids

The mother of one said that she would definitely like to have more children because she wants her daughter Ivanna to have siblings.

“I definitely want more kids because if I don’t give Ivanna another brother or sister atakuwa like yeah mommy talk to my hand because my ears ain’t listening,” said Betty.

Betty Kyallo with her daughter 1
Betty with her daughter

Earlier this year Okari’s friend, Ken Mijungu dropped the bombshell that Betty was going out with a Somali guy – a man the anchor kept hidden, nary speaking about him. This shocked many as she had been linked with a certain Indian businessman’s son.

Is this Betty Kyallo's Somali guy
Is this Betty Kyallo’s Somali guy

At the moment, Betty has not been seen with any man and one wonders what happened to the man. Whoever she ends up with may she have her forever after.


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I call my exes when I get tipsy – Betty Kyallo reveals (video)

Betty Kyallo has been revealing some juicy details concerning her life during this COVID-19 period. The tea she is serving will surely get the tongues wagging as the K24 presenter isn’t pulling any punches.

‘There is no shame in breaking down…’ Betty Kyallo encourages fellow single mothers

In an Instagram video she posted yesterday, the always bubbly personality revealed some interesting habits that she engages in when she gets tipsy.

Betty Kyallo smiling

And shockingly Betty disclosed that she drunk-calls her ex-lovers among other people in her life. And what do they talk about?

“When I get it tipsy, I normally call people. I call my mum, I call my ex-lovers, I call my friends who I don’t like. They are not friends but are people who act like friends but I don’t like them.”

Betty Kyallo smiling
Betty Kyallo smiling


“I call my exes. I have called a couple of them. I am like ‘Hey Pete, what is up?’ And it is like 1:47 a.m. and I tell them that the way we broke things off was not the best,” she adds noting that if one doesn’t work, she tries another.

Dennis Okari, the NTV anchor and a certain powerful politician are among the people that Betty is rumoured to have been involved with.

Betty Kyallo smiling

She added,

“First I call my mum and I am like ‘Mummy, thank you very much for birthing me.’ Mum is like, ‘Betty, it is 12:47 a.m. and you are waking me up?'” she narrates.

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo

That is when she moves to the friends she does not like’ but claims she did not have the courage to tell them the truth before.

Check out the video below:

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Is this Mercy Kyallo’s mystery man keeping her warm during quarantine? (Photos)

Mercy Kyallo is very open about her business and her love for her family-topics she hasn’t shied away from exploring on her Instagram page.

Mercy Kyallo posing
Mercy Kyallo posing

But one area that she has kept fans and followers guessing is about her private life-particularly the man/men she is/has dated.

In that area, she has been as secretive as a spy. But recently Mercy decided to share a video of herself dancing with a hooded man that put the sleuths into action.

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How did you celebrate in your household?

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Some of those Kenyans(who most likely have nothing better to do, because of quarantine manenos)  have a theory about who Mercy might have been dancing with.

Although many have tried to pry this precious truth from her she hasn’t been forthcoming. Don’t forget Mercy and Betty her more famous sister have a knack for keeping the men in the lives hidden.

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo

As if that wasn’t enough to whet people’s mouths, the Yalla CEO is seen dancing with a man who is in a cap and makes sure to look away from the camera. Her caption for the photo was the highly used and abused line, “Hii Quarantine tumekuwa gym partners 🙆🏾‍♀️.”

That set off a torrent of back and forths between her and her sister Gloria who inquires if that man was the reason she wasn’t going home, with Mercy defiantly declaring, “@gloria_kyallo sikujiiii!!!”

Mercy Kyallo shuts down the internet with these revealing viral photos

But there are some Kenyans who should seriously be working at the DCI and DPP cause they would uncover(and prosecute successfully!) all the corruption this country has gone through in a week!

Mercy posing
Mercy posing

One curious Kenyan went back into old photos of Mercy-way back in 2018 and using Egdar Obare as their trumpet showed images of the man they presumed to be Mercy’s mystery man.

In one photo Mercy had apparently posed in a photo with some guy who was roughly of the same height with the current one.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

Also slimmer, darker and taller just like the guy in Mercy’s recent videos.

Also during her birthday in September 2018, Mercy was spotted sitting next to this particular guy, as she sipped some wine.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

And in yet another post, the curious Kenyan posted the same guy seating next to Mercy while at Kiza Lounge in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

Is he the man she has been dancing with? Go figure, only she knows and she ain’t telling.

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