Oya! Betty Kyallo to bless moral police with bikini vacation pictures

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo is about to bless fans with pictures of her new year vacation.

Betty is in Malindi, and at the Airport, shared a picture where she teased haters to expect a bikini pic, so that they can do the thing they do.

Anytime Betty is on vacation basking and soaking her curves near a pool, KOT do that thing of covering up her body in altered images. The moral police, as they are called, troll not just Betty but other Kenyan ladies leaving us wondering should they wear pajama’s to the pool?

‘Mnajua Mimi Sipangwingwi 🏝nawaekea bikini shortly mnivalishe Nguo OYU OYU’

She takes it with a good heart because trolls will be trolls. We love you Betty, do you, they will talk regardless.

And FYI, we have complete FOMO. It’s njaanuary and you can take a vacay?

Betty Mutei Kyallo

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Betty Kyallo’s beautiful message to Diana Bahati about rap career


Diana B was hosted on several tv shows Friday night December 3rd where she performed her new songs.

She was on the Trend on NTV with Amina Abdi.

Earlier she was also on Kiss FM, where she told off Will Paul. She told that ‘ willy Paul is hating on Just because am getting more views on YouTube than him. I joined music industry 3days ago and my first song has surpassed 1m views while him has been in industry over 10yrs na ngoma yake “aheri mama” has 191k views on YouTube in 6days,and that’s where hate comes from!!!’

Diana B’s first rap song has hit one million views days after announcing her entry into the music world in an exclusive event this past week.

She has also released a second song that is also doing quite well.

Her boss moves have caught the attention of media personality Betty Kyallo who had some very encouraging comments to her to push on inspite of the noise.

Betty wrote tagging Diana Marua that

‘You go girl, never listen to the noise You can chase any sunset and choose your horizon. I love it!’

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I used to run the streets! Betty Kyallo’s first car was a Subaru


When Betty Kyallo was officially confirmed with her first official job at KTN, she bought her first car – a Subaru- that she says has sweet memories.

She told about the blue Subaru while reminiscing about the good old days.

Aki imagine today I saw my FIRST CAR ever🤩 Oh my I bought this car when I was confirmed after internship at KTN☺️☺️ Oh my goodness so many great memories. I was a “Subaru Girl” gosh I used to run the streets with this girl!!! Her name was “Berry Blue” Whoosh! It was loud and it had the cool black bucket seats. Growth is Just so beautiful! Also the current owner has maintained it so so well. I don’t know why it feels like it’s still mine though! 😂😂😂😂Oh my. Anyway sweet memories!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Betty Kyallo’s supportive boyfriend joins her at Sarkodies listening party


We love love.

Betty Kyallo last night attended Sarkodies No pressure album listening party and boyfriend Nick Ndeda was by her side to show his supportive side.

Nick and Betty spent cute moments together gushing about their love before Betty went on stage as the host.nick nded gush (1)

Betty paid glowing tribute to Sarkodie saying

‘he is so cool actually really cool so we are at his listening party and yeah let see’


The rapper’s media tour in Kenya is part of promoting his recently released 7th studio album, “No Pressure”.

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“Didn’t think I was that Interesting” Betty Kyallo says on hitting 2.8 Mil IG fans



A google search result released on Wednesday August 11, named Betty Kyallo among most searched people in Kenya over the last 15 years.

And to prove this popularity, the former KTN news anchor celebrated hitting 2.8 million Instagram followers.

She thanked people saying ‘she didn’t think she was that interesting’

Betty added that “Thank you Instagram friends, fans friendly fans, in laws Instagram silent watchers, pseudo handle lovers and haters Instagram angry people category plus everyone else  (which one ar eyou by the way). Lets get tit ot 3M Thank you for also searching me on Google Didn’t think I’m that interesting Aww”

Her boo Nick Ndeda congratulated her “Congratulations babe well done”

She responded thank you honey” Here is the list she was referring to:

Top searched Local People, past 15 years in Kenya

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Raila Odinga
  3. William Ruto
  4. Miguna Miguna
  5. Mike Sonko
  6. Babu Owino
  7. Betty Kyalo
  8. Bob Collymore
  9. Kanze Dena
  10. Jeff Koinange

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Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda savagely tease fans about vacationing together



As far as dating is concerned Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo have ben alleged to be secretly dating.

An amused Betty to stir the pot, tagged Nick on social media asking him if he is ready, and we went wild. Who could have imagined? First of all where is Somali bae?

So Betty and Nick took off for a vacation in Nakuru and on the way at the View Point, shared a drink together and tagged each other. They laughed and captioned how gorgeous it is. Their love or the scenery? Please tell us.

In a follow up video, Betty sings inside the tour van, but doesn’t show Nick again, only arriving at the destination to take fans on a tour of their room.

The bed is decorated in flowers in a heart shape, as wine is set up for the couple. See images below of what will be their romantic getaway.bk 1 (1)

bk 2 (1)

bk 3 (1)

bk 4 (1)

bk 5 (1)

bk 7 (1)

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Betty Kyallo among top 200 influential African women on Twitter


Betty Kyallo is celebrating being named among the top 200 influential women on Twitter in Africa.

Betty shared a snapshot of the list placing her at number 8.

Other influential Kenyan women named in the list include Martha Karua, Esther Passaris, and Anne Kiguta.


The consumer market research impressed Terry anne Chebet who agreed wholeheartedly, writing a sweet note to Betty.

“you never say s5op mami Always proud of you and your achievement . Keep inspiring many to keep going  Mapenzi tele!”

Betty a few days ago attained 1.1 million followers on Twitter and fans were elated she is making major boss moves.

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Eric Omondi defends Betty Kyallo and himself from claims he conned Kenyans

Comedian Eric Omondi has defended the Big Quiz show that he hosts alongside TV queen Betty Kyallo. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Eric said that they do not owe the winners of the game any money since they are only employees.

Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

“That show does not belong to Eric Omondi and Betty Kyallo. And anyone who has to be paid is paid by Big Quiz Limited. We are hosts, Betty and I were contracted to host the show. There is a confusion, nimeona people are saying Betty and Eric scammed Kenyans of millions. We are employees, we have not chickened out, all our phones are on,” Mr. Omondi said.

He responded to these claims after some anonymous Kenyans reached out to blogger Edgar Obare, accusing Betty and Eric of being cons.

Comedian Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since his ‘Wife Material’ show began

Some of the winners of the Big Quiz show alleged that they had not received the millions of payments promised on the game.

The show has since been halted, but Eric said that it will be back in no time. “Itarudi tu, it had some technical issues. the show is live, people are playing live. It will be back sooner than you think,” he said.

In the interview, Kalondu Musyimi also asked the comedian if he had recovered his pairs of boxers that Shakilla had taken during the shooting of Wife Material Season 1 show.

“She stole my boxers. She said it has my warmth and her warmth. Boxer yenye Shakila amevaa na hajafua, naweza buy ata 300k. They are expensive because mimi na Shakilla tumeivaa.”

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“I can’t be a housewife!” Betty Kyallo declares

One thing that’s as sure as the sun rising among celebrities is the sure smile that one will always find with media personality, Betty Kyallo.

The mother of one might be going through a bad patch but one would never know as the entrepreneur always has a smile, whatever and whenever the time.

In a recent interview, Betty reminded us of this admirable trait while speaking about her hopes of ever getting married, admitting that her hopes of getting married again are low.

Speaking in a recent interview, the KTN TV game show host said she is nowhere near getting married. Betty Kyallo explained that she still has a lot of personal goals to achieve before considering marriage.

“Mi nakaa kuwa wife material? Hiyo maneno ilinishinda kabisa, acha ningangane kiviangu. I can’t be a housewife and just sit there. I also have things I want to achieve,” she said.

Kumbe! Betty Kyallo finally reveals why she always hides the men she is dating

Speaking of wife material, Betty was also expected to feature in Eric Omondi’s reality show. She explained that the show just wasn’t for her.

“Eric is my friend and I watched the show, but do you see how those girls dance? I do not know how to twerk. I also have a job to go to, a kid to take care of, so acha ningangane kiviangu,” she said.

This recent admission is a marked difference from her earlier stance in an interview she gave on her Instagram live in May last year.

“For a long time I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, but I think I know what went wrong and I know I can be better and I know what I need to look for in somebody. So I’m starting to warm up to the idea of marriage because for me it was a no,” she stated.

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Kumbe! Betty Kyallo finally reveals why she always hides the men she is dating

Betty Kyallo is one of the most followed celebs in the country. And that makes sense as the mother of one is always encouraging her fans with her positive and bubbly nature.

But while she loves reaching out to fans through her popular Instagram page, Betty is still wary of sharing too much, especially as far as the men she is dating goes.

The 32-year-old media personality mostly shows just a watch, or shoes; she doesn’t reveal too much detail. A few years ago, Betty was rumoured to be dating former Somali Ambassador to Kenya Alinur Mohammed, however, the ‘Somalian bae’ said he is a happy family man and that Betty is just a friend.

Budesko! Meet Betty Kyallo’s alleged bae (photos)

Many have wondered why Betty keeps her men hidden with the same secrecy as the one Coca Cola uses for it’s secret recipe.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Betty explained that the last time she showed her man on social media, things didn’t go well.

Ladies inboxed her man to confuse him. For now, Betty says she won’t show the man she’s currently with. She has also advised women to do the same. Additionally, Betty says she’s not planning to be married soon.

‘Siwaonyeshi juu ile siku niliwaonyesha ya mwisho, wacha madem waende kwa DM ya budesko. Ati mi ni mrembo kumshinda Betty. Madem wa Kenya by the way wachunge. Wakijua wako ni nani wanaenda kwa DM yake wanasema, ah, niangalie…. Unaachwa.”

Adding, “Usiwaonyeshe mtu wako. Onyesha mkono, onyesha saa, kanywele kidogo, mguu, socks… mwisho. Waonyeshe vile akona kiatu kubwa.”

Damn! Nairobi is no joke!

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“Bring it on” Betty Kyallo announces for her 32nd birthday

Betty Kyallo needs to tell us what she is drinking or eating because babe cannot be 32-years-old.

As she prepares to celebrate turning a year older, she took to social media to alert her followers that she is accepting any form of gifts.

 “It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Turning 32 on MONDAY! IT LOOKS GREAT ON ME! I am open to everything. Dinners, Gifts, Parties, travel, hangouts, late nights and a lot of champagne! Bring it ON. I am ready!”

Betty, who announced her comeback on TV has been sharing photos of her sexy self on social media and we are loving it.
This Sunday though I do not know who will host the show with her as the last time we checked Eric Omondi was arrested.

She recently, launched a clothing line ‘BK Closet’ after launching two other businesses ‘Flair By Betty’ and ‘After Shave’.

Turning 32 is clearly a blessing for the mother of one.

As we know she likes to do things big or go home. Now that she has a be let’s see what Monday will hold for her.

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‘I prefer dating a divorced man,’ Betty Kyallo reveals marriage plans

Media personality Betty Kyallo has described the type of a man she is looking to get married to and start a family with.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Betty says she prefers getting attached to a divorcee.

You all remember that she has gone through divorce and that is the very reason she wants to marry one.

According to Betty Kyallo, after her divorce with ex-husband Dennis Okari, marriage was a no for her but it’s something she has been thinking about. She is considering getting married again and get another baby

She started the conversation saying all the hustles she is doing are for her daughter.

“For all people who say that we have sponsors, broo we hustle hard. I am out here hustling for Ivanna. I dont think am out here hustling for myself, coz me nimekula life and that is what we are here for, we go through life and then at the end of the day, is about our kids. Na nataka kengine so if there are potential bachelors,” she said.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Betty added;

“I am not sure if I actually would want a divorced guy, a single man or a widower. I am always pulling on that direction of a divorced guy because I think tunaelewana. Because I have been through it. I feel like when you have someone divorced is almost like they know when things go wrong and so they try and avoid them. But I know there are nice guys as well. But tutaona tukiendelea,” she said.

My biggest mistake was getting married too young – Betty Kyallo reveals

She then paused a question to other divorced mums asking who they would rather go for.

“A widower would try to replace you with their wife. A new person, will have so much expectations, nataka unipikie, sahii nimetoka kwa nyumba, I will be late back. And a day like on a Friday, will be working upto 10:00 pm, what time will I cook? I think a divorced guy, tukielewana we will be like usinichezee. You are a guy what do you think?

Tunatafta so guys come leteni applications,” she concluded.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Previously, Betty has always pointed out that she knows the things that went wrong in her previous marriage and she knows what she needs to look for in a partner.

“For a long time, I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, but I think I know what went wrong and I know I can be better. I know what I need to look for in somebody. So, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of marriage because for me it was a no. But for now, I find myself thinking okay, inaweza,” she said.

Adding that she would like to have more children because she wants her daughter Ivanna to have siblings.

“I want more kids because if I don’t give Ivanna another brother or sister atakuwa like yeah mommy talk to my hand because my ears ain’t listening.”

My biggest mistake was getting married too young – Betty Kyallo reveals

Betty Kyallo is one of the most popular celebrities we have in Kenya. The two reasons I can think of for that are her high-flying career and her personal life that has kept tongues wagging since she entered the spotlight.

Betty, who is rarely ever in a sad or down mood, has a persona that draws Kenyans to her – something that contributes to their desire to learn a lot about her life and the life lessons she has learned as a result.

Betty Kyallo smiling

Yesterday, the K24 anchor who has been offering anecdotes about her life, dished out more information that showed the self-reflection that she must have done about her life.

‘I definitely want more kids’ Betty Kyallo opens up on marriage and future plans

Betty revealed one of her biggest regrets in life during a question and answer session on her social media pages. The mother of one had been asked by a fan what she felt was her biggest mistake in life?

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

She responded by saying it was getting married at a young age. “I think it was getting married a bit young. I was 26 and I think I hadn’t seen my full potential, I hadn’t lived life, I hadn’t explored life by myself and there is no issue with that.”

“It wasn’t a mistake, mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life, probably, I would have waited a bit. I should have chilled, I should have waited,” she added.

Betty Kyallo in green

Betty, however, decided to allay any fears that because hers didn’t work out did not mean others couldn’t.

“These are things for me. If you want to get married at 26, I mean, do you. I think now I’m more mature, I am more in touch with myself and now it’s easy to let in somebody because I have understood who I am,” she continued.

Betty Kyallo in blue
Betty Kyallo in blue

Miss Kyallo previously married to NTV news anchor Denis Okari but their union lasted for only six months.


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I call my exes when I get tipsy – Betty Kyallo reveals (video)

Betty Kyallo has been revealing some juicy details concerning her life during this COVID-19 period. The tea she is serving will surely get the tongues wagging as the K24 presenter isn’t pulling any punches.

‘There is no shame in breaking down…’ Betty Kyallo encourages fellow single mothers

In an Instagram video she posted yesterday, the always bubbly personality revealed some interesting habits that she engages in when she gets tipsy.

Betty Kyallo smiling

And shockingly Betty disclosed that she drunk-calls her ex-lovers among other people in her life. And what do they talk about?

“When I get it tipsy, I normally call people. I call my mum, I call my ex-lovers, I call my friends who I don’t like. They are not friends but are people who act like friends but I don’t like them.”

Betty Kyallo smiling
Betty Kyallo smiling


“I call my exes. I have called a couple of them. I am like ‘Hey Pete, what is up?’ And it is like 1:47 a.m. and I tell them that the way we broke things off was not the best,” she adds noting that if one doesn’t work, she tries another.

Dennis Okari, the NTV anchor and a certain powerful politician are among the people that Betty is rumoured to have been involved with.

Betty Kyallo smiling

She added,

“First I call my mum and I am like ‘Mummy, thank you very much for birthing me.’ Mum is like, ‘Betty, it is 12:47 a.m. and you are waking me up?'” she narrates.

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo

That is when she moves to the friends she does not like’ but claims she did not have the courage to tell them the truth before.

Check out the video below:

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I was depressed for 2 months-Mercy Kyallo reveals after she lost her job

Mercy Kyallo is famous for being Betty Kyallo’s younger sister and also one of her most staunch defenders. But what many might not know about the vocal chocolate lady is that she has her own story to tell that isn’t attached to her more famous sister.

‘No negative energy’ Betty Kyallo shades haters after Dennis Okari, Ken Mijungu drama

One of those interesting anecdotes is that she was depressed for almost two months after losing her job. In a video she posted on her Instagram page Mercy explained how she had been in a fix after she had lost her job.

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy seating on a bench

The Founder of Yallo Leather, an online brand that deals in leather goods, the CEO revealed that before she lost her job, she had a collection of twenty-three bags that were stocked in a shop in Village Market and she had only sold one at the time.

“I remember that fateful day I packed my things and I went home and I was depressed for like about two months not understanding where to go, what to do next…and even though I had done my first collection of 23 bags which were stocked in a shop at the Village market, I had only sold one, I had known the leather business and I was selling in the office one and one here and I did that all came to a stop when I lost my job. I was home and I was so depressed,” said Mercy in the video.

But Mercy wouldn’t let herself dwell in misery and started learning a lot of things from YouTube, the first one being finding a market where she would sell her goods.

Mercy posing
Mercy posing

The gritty woman was full of determination and advised upcoming business people to be open-minded and avoid having self-limiting beliefs that could hinder them from achieving their goals.

“You can have the best idea, Capital, you can have all the things you think you need to start a business but as long as those self-limiting beliefs still exist in you, you might never make a move towards those desires and to achieving your dreams. It started by me believing in myself, I believed in the thoughts I had, the dreams I had, the way I wanted to see my life and the future of the country and the continent . You can be a victim of your circumstances or a master of your destiny” added Mercy.

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

What a testimony!

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One happy family! Mercy Kyallo launches shop with father, mother and sisters in support!

Mercy Kyallo, the founder and CEO of Yallo leather opened a physical shop at the Rosslyn Riviera mall. Yallo, which is best known for handcrafted leather bags held an exclusive private launch at the premises yesterday.

The event saw the presence of media personalities media, influencers and guests. Mercy Kyallo together with her team cut the ribbon to officially open the shop.

Mercy Kyallo bag store launch 1
Mercy Kyallo bag store launch 1

What fascinated me about the launch however was that Mercy was able to get her whole nuclear family to come for the launch. That means her father and mother, including her two sister’s Betty and Gloria came for the launch.

Mercy Kyallo bag store launch 9
Mercy Kyallo with her whole family at the bag store launch

For those who don’t know, Mercy’s father and mother don’t live together anymore after splitting up sometime back. In a past interview, Mercy narrated her relationship with her father, saying,

“My dad went Abroad to look for greener pastures. That is when they parted, we struggled for a while but I thank God because He sustained us. My dad is still alive and I still talk to him despite him and my mum breaking up.” 

So for her to get them to come and support her together is a mean fete I would say. Check out more of the pictures of the launch below:

Betty Kyallo bag store launch 2 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 3 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 4 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 6 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 7 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 8 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 10 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 11 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 12 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 13 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 16 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 21 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 20 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 19 Betty Kyallo bag store launch 18


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I have tried to be celibate! It’s hard-Betty Kyallo comes clean

Former K24 News Anchor Betty Mutei Kyallo is one of the most outspoken and open celebs in Kenya, something I like about her.

The mother of one isn’t afraid to reveal personal details about herself that some others would blush about even speaking about.

This week the bubbly celeb disclosed something that showed how real the Flair by Betty CEO is when she told her fans and followers to be celibate.

Maybe it was because she was speaking to her own sister Gloria and that’s why she was comfortable stating this private detail.

The two were playing the Hot Wings challenge game, where Gloria asked Betty,  “Do you ever get a dry spell? Answer yes or No Tumalize,” asked her sister Gloria, to which she responded saying, “Dry spell ya doo si sana… I have tried to be celibate, It’s hard.”

Does that mean she stopped trying to be celibate? And if so, I wonder who the lucky individual that she is knocking boots with is?

Why is Betty Kyallo posting more images revealing more skin this past year?

But that was not all, Betty also came clean on whether she would date someone younger than her saying, “age is just a number”.

She explained her answer by saying that in Hollywood, people get married to spouses who are even 20 years younger than them, and she doesn’t mind making her little Hollywood.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number… maturity is a choice. I think I can date someone younger… maybe we can leave each other with like two, three, four, seven years. There are people in Hollywood who get married to guys 20 years younger than them. I’m not saying this is Hollywood, but we can make our kind of Hollywood,” said Betty.


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She hasn’t aged a day! Fans say as Betty Kyallo shares throwback of herself

Betty Kyallo is one of the most beloved women in the country.

The celebrity has established herself as a premier journalist and is now working her way in the world of entrepreneurship with her salon Flair by Betty.

But while some might now only see the well-coiffed and power suit-wearing image that Betty presents, that doesn’t mean that the mother of one hasn’t come from far.

Betty who always has a happy-go-lucky smile has been through a lot before she established herself at the top of her game.

The curvy Miss Kyallo who was once a video vixen isn’t afraid to share tidbits with her fans and followers, showing them that the journey to fame and fortune is littered with struggle.

I always felt that I was not good enough, I was intimidated – Betty Kyallo opens up

The former K24 presenter recently shared an image of herself when she was young and on the come-up and boy, she hasn’t aged a day!

Her hilarious caption read, “Before the world did its thing😅didn’t have money😂❤️ twenni twenni we came to ?…..”

Her fans were ecstatic with many praising the lady who was formerly married to Dennis Okari exclaiming that she still looked as good today as she did in that photo.

Some of those comments are below:

Thought it’s Tia or Tamera Mowry

Waaa. Kweli people come from far. What a transformation

This looks like a 90s video album cover.. so pretty 😍😍

Enyewe sina haraka ata😂😂😂😂😂❤️

Betty you give hope ….kama huyu n wewe

🔥umetoka mbali

You’re always cute queen B🔥🔥🔥🔥

Just beautiful 😍

Wacha mungu aitwe mungu😂😂😂😂

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