Is Lilian Muli taking shots at Betty Kyallo after her car ‘vanished’ with these comments?

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli has called out all lazy women who want to live the life they can never afford. The sexy screen siren has advised women to avoid shortcuts in life and work hard for their money.

Lillian Muli

According to the mother of one, women should not leave beyond their means and also should stop flossing what doesn’t belong to them especially cars.

In an Instagram post that has gone viral, Lillian Muli wrote;

“Take pride in working hard for your own stuff be content with the little you have. That’s your sweat! don’t Live a fake life. Unless the logbook belongs to you darling don’t go painting the town red with borrowed assets. Some men out here giving girls the same car to floss with…smh I Tire.”

Her advice comes barely a week after her fellow TV girl Betty Kyallo announced on Instagram that she had bought a brand new car which is estimated between Sh3million and Sh4million

“If you don’t look back at your car after you’ve parked it, you’re driving the wrong car #RenaultMegane #ridewithme,” she shared accompanied by the photo below.

Betty Kyallo

In the recent past, there have been stories about female celebrities whose cars were repossessed by the owners after falling out and Betty Kyallo was one of them.

The KTN news anchor was the envy of the town when photos of her 2016 Porsche Cayenne worth $71,255 approximately Ksh 7m surfaced.

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A few months later, Betty Kyallo was seen with another car raising eyebrows. The Porsche Cayenne allegedly belonged to a popular politician who took it away and was used during the August campaigns branded with NASA colours.

Were Lillian Muli’s sentiments directed at Betty?

Social media users have echoed Lillian’s sentiments and here is what they had to say;

Betty: 👌very true 👏👏👏

Caroline: Team real

Mutheu: Hahaha, de tell them again oh…

Wambui: Very true

Jeanne: Wisdom will kill you I swear!

Jose: Well put/ spot on @lilmuli

Doreen: Wooow I love this very true 💯💯❤

Lillian: Wonderful message my queen

Tendaimercy: Preach mamii,preach

Veronyakoboke:👊🏾 damn right girl!

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If you call yourself a celebrity and you don’t even own a Toyota Probox or Vitz, you should be worried or rather ashamed of yourself. Cars have become a necessity to celebrities and no celeb should lack one. How do you go around bragging how you’re the big deal yet you can’t even afford a bicycle?

Instead of spending all that money you earn from endorsement deals or MCSK on alcohol, women and buying fake watches, second-hand bags and clothes to flaunt on social media, why can’t you buy yourself a car?

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Kenyan female celebrities are giving their counterparts stiff competition in the local showbiz industry. They are trendsetters. These hardworking women are living the life while their counterparts are struggling to make ends meet. Lillian Muli, TerryAnne Chebet, Betty Kyallo, Talia Oyando are some of the celebrities driving expensive machines. They are classy dames; not typical women.


Well, Betty Kyallo who is always the trendsetter in the local showbiz industry is rolling in a  2017 Porsche Cayenne. The price of this SUV is estimated at $71,255 approximately Ksh 7m; money which can buy you acres of land in Kitale.

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