‘My husband’s side chick just gave birth to his child’ Cries betrayed city woman

A Kenya woman is still in shock and is disgusted after finding out that her husband’s side chic recently delivered his baby.

This is despite the fact that they have been married for less than two years.

I just found out my husbands side chic just had a baby by him.

The problem however is that my baby is not even a year old yet and our marriage is not two years old and now he has a baby outside already.

I have been crying since I knew and he’s begging that I forgive him and I shouldn’t tell any of my family members .

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Nelly goes on to add that she does not know how to handle this betrayal.

I asked if he intends to marry her and he said he doesn’t know yet.

I’m really confused and disappointed,  I do not know whether to break up with him or not.

Please advice.

Below are some of the comments of Kenyans advising her on what to do.

He doesn’t know if he intends to marry her?? But he’s already married to you? I’m I missing something?

Please tell both your families. This wasn’t a mistake. How can you even want to stay with him? This is so sad.

Most people here will tell you to stay and work on your marriage. But this isn’t a marriage. It’s a shame to stay than to leave.

Another adds,

She’s not just a sidechick this one is residential chic. She has been in the picture before and after you.

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Types Of Marriage Betrayals We Overlook

People think that cheating in a relationship is physical infidelity only. But according to  marriage therapist Christine Wilke there are other less obvious ways spouses can break their marital bond as reported on the Huffingtonpost. Many are just as damaging as affairs. 

Below, Wilke and other relationship experts share seven ways you may be betraying your spouse without even realizing it. 

1. You always put the kids first Who comes first in your life, your spouse or the kids? While you should prioritize your kids’ needs, putting too much focus on them could cheat your spouse out of your energy and full presence, said Otto Collins, a relationship coach .

“You think focusing on your kids and other obligations will strengthen and make your relationship better but instead the exact opposite happens,” said Collins. “You and your spouse end up becoming strangers who pass each other in the hallway and passion and connection withers and dies. You may love each other but you’re not ‘in love’ anymore largely because you’ve neglected the relationship without even realizing it.” 

2. Confiding in someone else – Your spouse should be your emotional confidante, the sounding board you turn to when you need to share just about anything. If you start emotionally opening up to someone else — especially someone you’re attracted to — you could be well on your way to having an emotional affair, said Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Foojan Zeine.

“When a partner begins to give that special place of friendship, closeness and intimacy to another person, we feel cheated,” she said. “Your spouse shouldn’t take the place of your best friends, but he or she needs to have the security and openness of being the person you turn to the most. To foster a close emotional relationship that goes over and above what you have with your partner feels like a betrayal.” 

3. You’re glued to your phone all day It doesn’t matter if you’re sifting through important work emails or texting your buddies about fantasy football picks, spending an excessive amount of time on your phone when you’re in the company of your spouse sends a clear message to him or her: I could be spending my downtime with you, but I’d rather be on my phone. 

“Everyone needs downtime and these activities help us to decompress but they become troublesome when they are substitutes for meaningful interaction with your spouse,” Wilke said. “Ask yourself: Am I spending more time perusing social media than talking to my spouse?” 

4. You cheat financially Those secret credit card purchases you’ve been making behind your spouse’s back are bound to come to light eventually — and when they do, it could spell major trouble. A 2011 study conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 68 percent of the time, financial infidelity had a negative impact on relationships, with 16 percent of marriages ending because of it. With-holding financial information breaks your partners trust.

5. You spend more time with your friends Having hobbies and interests outside of your marriage is important. But it’s a problem when your spouse feels as though they have taken a back seat. Putting close friends before your spouse creates distance and mistrust between the two of you, which could harm your relationship.”  

 6. You rant about your spouse to others You may think venting to friends about your husband’s annoying grooming habits is harmless, but a small betrayal of trust occurs any time you say something to friends or family that derides your spouse, said relationship coach Susie Collins. “Many people think it’s healthy to ‘unload’ or just connect with friends by revealing their partner’s innermost secrets or sins but it always backfires. Even if your spouse never finds out what you said, it creates coldness between the two of you that you may not even be aware of.”

7. You stonewall your spouse Stonewalling your spouse — becoming defensive and withdrawing from an interaction or argument instead of talking it though — can be extremely harmful to your relationship, said Zeine.

“Withholding thoughts, beliefs and emotions contradicts the purpose of our intimate relationships,” she said. “When a spouse gives the silent treatment or says ‘nothing is wrong’ when there is something wrong, you feel powerless against the wall that is put up. You feel cheated by your mate having the power to shut you down and close any ways of moving closer.”

“The passive-aggressive silent treatment gives our mate the space to interpret whatever they want about us.  In times of hurt and anger, the assumptions and interpretations are usually very one sided and self-serving,” she said 

Oliver Mtukudzi’s Publicist Betrays Him in new tell-all book

One of Zimbambwe’s greatest artists, Oliver Mtukudzi feels betrayed by the controversial tell all biography written by his former publicist, Shepherd Mutamba.

The book titled Tuku Backstage talks about the artist’s secret life. Shepherd Mutamba unravels all Mtukudzi’s secrets including those he had never told his family that happened while the musician was on tour. The book also talks about his love life and children.

According to a report by Sowetan, Mtukudzi describes the book as filled with sensational lies focused on ruining his reputation. His former publicist however argued that he interviewed Mtukudzi’s wife and children before writing the book and they wouldn’t lie about him.

Tuku Backstage talks about Mtukudzi’s extramarital affairs and denying partenity of a child fathered through infidelity.

“I felt betrayed by a man I had trusted so much and brought into my inner circle,” Mtukudzi said in a statement released by Drum Magazine South Africa.

The book’s cover