‘I am single by choice’ Shouts governor Sonko’s ex son-in-law Ben Gatu

Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy Benson Gatu has confirmed he is single.

This he admitted during a live video on Instagram as he interacted with his fans.

He asked his followers to ask him anything they would like to know about him.

He started by saying,

“There’s so much that has been written about me on social media. Some of it is true and some of it is not.

Everyone has a perception of someone and I’ve given people the freedom to ask me, however stupid a question it is.”

‘People expected me to have lots of money after Tusker project fame’ Josh

Benson Gatu's ex Saumu Mbuvi and her daughter
Benson Gatu’s ex Saumu Mbuvi and her daughter
 He then responded to questions from his fans, including that he was not seeing anyone. “Why am I not dating? It is by choice,” he said.

Actually, the last time I was in Nanyuki was in 2016, and I left there with a girlfriend. That’s when I started dating Saumu, so I’m not coming to Nanyuki anytime soon, at least not now.

Coz I ain’t into that sh** you know.

Saumu and Gatu have a child together. They broke up a few months before their daughter was born.

Another fan asked what happened to his relationship with Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia’s daughter, Rachael Wanja.

“As I said.. just a difference of opinions and priorities. So basically that’s it,” he said

Both Saumu and Rachael have spoken about their failed relationships with Ben Gatu. Recently, Wanja said they broke up because things didn’t work out between them.

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Proud Mama: Saumu Mbuvi Shows Support To Father Sonko As She Flaunts Her All-Grown Daughter (PHOTOS)

Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has no regrets being a mother, despite the fact that she fell off with her daughter’s father a few weeks before she gave birth.

The former JKUAT student is a mother to a cuddly daughter, baby Sasha, whom she welcomed back in March 2016, after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend and a former school mate, Benson Gatu.


According to Saumu, she found out that Gatu was cheating on her with another politician’s daughter, and was only with her for his own political ambitions and vendetta.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

But being the strong girl she is, Saumu Mbuvi made the decision to move on and take care of her child as a single mother, and co-parent with the father, which seems to be working just fine.


Over the weekend, her father, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who is vying for the Gubernatorial seat for Nairobi County, launched his manifesto with his running mate, Polycarp Igathe, and his family was definitely there to show support.

Sonko’s a Happy Grandfather! Saumu Mbuvi Finally Unveils Her Daughter’s FACE To The World (PHOTOS)


Present was Sonko’s wife and Saumu’s siblings; Sandra and Salma Mbuvi, who showed unity for their bread winner. While at it, Saumu shared a few photos of her family and her growing baby girl.

“You are not rich until you have something money can’t buy,” Saumu posted in one of the photos with her daughter. On another picture with her mother and sisters, she captioned; “Family bond 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽#tukopamoja.”

Check out Sonko’s girls below.







Sonko’s a Happy Grandfather! Saumu Mbuvi Finally Unveils Her Daughter’s FACE To The World (PHOTOS)

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has for once shared a lovely photo of her daughter after months of keeping her away from the public eye.

The flamboyant lass has been keeping her personal life very private after breaking up with her baby daddy Benson Gatu, who cheated on her with another politician’s daughter.

The former JKUAT University graduate welcomed her bundle of joy, baby Sasha in March 2017 after revealing that she had dumped the man who was only using her for his political ambitions, and it looks like she’s moving on very well.


Saumu Mbuvi moved back to her parent’s Runda home, where she has been living with her siblings, Salma and Sandra Mbuvi and their adopted brothers Satrin and Gift Osinya.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu can’t get over her daughters cuteness and chubbiness and at three months old, she’s growing up too fast. Though Saumu and her baby daddy don’t see eye to eye, they have been mature about things and are co-parenting well so far.

During a recent interview, Saumu’s father Sonko, who ‘s the Jubilee nominee for the Nairobi Governor seat, revealed that he loves his daughter despite her ignoring his warning about Benson Gatu.


He even confessed that he has forgiven his daughters baby daddy despite what he did to his daughter, and the beef seems to have been buried for now.

Now that everyone is happy, Saumu has decided to share a photo finally revealing her daughter’s full face. Sasha is still very young so it’s hard to tell who she has taken after, but there’s no doubt that she’s very cute.

Check out the photos below. She’s just too cuddly.






Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu Mbuvi is one happy girl, not just because she comes from a wealthy and flamboyant family, but also because two months ago she became a mother to a cuddly baby girl.

The rich kid is the first born to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and at some point, was labeled as the controversial daughter back when she was much younger and hungry for fame

Saumu Mbuvi welcomed her baby girl in March 2017 which was a great joy to her, the family and close friends, but sadly, things didn’t work out with her baby daddy Benson Gatu.


The lovebirds separated after Saumu found out that the political aspirant was having an affair with none other than a daughter of a politician.

Sonko Is a Lucky Grandpa! Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast, Check Out Her Latest Photos

Sonko’s daughter them moved out and returned to her dads home, where she got massive support from her stepmother and sisters.

The family has been a great support for the new mom, with her father professing love for his grandchild on live camera, where he also revealed that he had forgiven her baby daddy who somewhat used her for his own ambitions.


Saumu Mbuvi has since moved on to focus on motherhood and so far, she’s doing very well at it, and other than that, her sisters are also very proud aunts who have expressed their love and fondness for the little angel.

Her second sister Salma Mbuvi likes to spend a lot of time with her niece and in a recent post, Saumu showed how caring her sister is as she nursed the infant, rocking her while taking a morning walk.

Check out the photo of Salma Mbuvi taking her aunty duties very seriously. How cute!


Sonko Is a Lucky Grandpa! Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast, Check Out Her Latest Photos

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko is not just a politician and a businessman but also a proud father of four children, plus his adopted sons Satrin and Gift Osinya.

His first-born daughter Saumu Mbuvi is the most popular and controversial but in the last couple of months, she appears to have reformed and has been focusing on her life after graduating, and more so after becoming a mother.

Saumu has been dating a political aspirant by the name Benson Gatu, whom she met while studying in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture.

A few months after graduating, the two got serious and even started living together despite her father Sonko disapproving of their relationship at some point.


The couple would, later on, reveal that Saumu was expecting their first child together, which could be the reason they had even moved in together.

The lovebirds were happy, and always sharing sweet photos and videos on social media, but things were not as rosy as they made it look and a few weeks before Saumu gave birth, they broke up and she moved back to her father’s house in Runda.

Saumu later admitted they had indeed broken up after she found out that he was only using her, then cheated on her with another politician’s daughter.


The new mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl back in March 2017 and has embraced motherhood since then, loving every moment.

BLESSINGS GALORE! Mike Sonko’s Daughter Saumu Mbuvi Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl (PHOTO)

She’s back on her feet and though she hasn’t yet shown the face of the baby entirely, the little angel is growing fast, if the photos they have been sharing are anything to go by.

Check out photos of Saumu Mbuvi’s two-month old baby below.


Saumu Mbuvi’s Baby Daddy Shows Us His Other Side We Didn’t Know About

Benson Gatu is one of the newest celebrity fathers in the local showbiz industry. The JKUAT graduate who sired a baby with Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu, has proved to be the best dad to his child.

Ever since he and Saumu welcomed their first child, Gatu seems to be besotted with the youngling.

Well, apart from his busy schedule, the Mathioya parliamentary seat aspirant, creates time to be with his daughter. He has been posting photos with his little angel. Unlike other young fathers who have no idea on how to take care of babies and even change diapers, Benson Gatu is different. He is not a deadbeat dad. Below are photos that prove Benson is a great dad to his daughter

  1. Daddy duties

Benson Gatu


2. Gatu changing his daughter’s diapers

Benson Gatu

3. Benson Gatu admiring his daughter’s cute face

Benson Gatu

Mapenzi Tele! Mike Sonko’s Daughter Saumu Mbuvi’s Baby Shower Proves She Is One Lucky Girl (Photos)

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi was previously known for living a lavish and flamboyant lifestyle but that ended when she met and fell in love with Benson Gatu.

Saumu is one of the most popular politician daughters in Kenya, and at the same time, one of the most giving and philanthropic female celebrities in Kenya.

Saumu Mbuvi is the first born of Nairobi Senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, with two other siblings, Salma and Sandra Mbuvi, not forgetting their adopted brothers, Satrin Osinya and Gift Osinya.


After clearing campus, at JKUAT, Saumu Mbuvi officially introduced her boyfriend to her fans, who’s an aspirant eyeing the Juja Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming general election.

According to close sources, the laid back guy is intelligent, humble and down to earth despite coming from a wealthy family.

Love Is In The Air! Mike Sonko’s Daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, Expresses Undying Love For Her Man

There were rumours that Sonko wasn’t keen on his daughter settling down with  Benson, but it looks like those were just that, speculation and hearsay.

Saumu shocked her fans when she revealed that she is expecting a child with her main man last year, proving that there were committed to their relationship and it wasn’t just a fling.


From the look of things, Saumu and her fiancé are very happy and excited as they anxiously await their little one, and she looks set to pop anytime soon.

The Sonko ladies threw a colorful baby shower for Saumu Mbuvi over the weekend, and she was looking stunning in her white and gold gown topped with a flower crown, like a princess.

Money Talks! Mike Sonko’s Daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, To Have The Biggest, Star-Studded Graduation Party Ever!

Saumu was delighted and thrilled as her female friends, sisters and mother showered her with love, as they celebrate her pregnancy before the big day.

Check out some of the photos from the baby shower filled with pomp and colour below.